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0.7.34 Changelog:

  • New Busts: Goo Knight win variants
  • New Item: Pickmentation (allows selecting skin color). It’s quite expensive, as one would expect.
  • “Vava Groom” (new encounter on Uveto) implementation.
  • New shower option.
  • More Foxfire colors.
  • Some tweaks for the “exhibition gains/losses over time” subsystem.
  • Adjustments to level up notices.
  • “More Vending Machines.”

New Since Last Public Release:

  • New Quest: Plantation Quest on Mhen’ga. (Be relatively high level, do all the talk topics, then wait a day or two for an email.) Includes something like 5 new fights, two new items, and a potential pile of money.
  • New Busts: Kane, Quinn, Mabbs, Estraffe, Sylvie, Nessa, Dr. Lessau, Carver, Psychic Egg, Kat, Kaede, and Pippa.
  • New Items: Laquine Ears, Sweat Treat, Muffstick, FizzyFix, Strawberry Shortcake, Holstaria, Lupinoland, and Lemon Loftcake
  • New character on Canadia Station: Mabbs. She’s a drug-dealing rodenian. She’s also immune to Cap’n Steele’s wiles.
  • Rodenian Codex entry added.
  • New Beth’s expansion for working there.
  • Two new NPCs on Uveto.
  • Bubble Buddy Bubbles can now be drank for certain PCs.
  • Various fixes and tweaks.
  • Jacques00 did most of the work to be honest…

Next project: Reviewing & Possibly coding Liamme. Could be in tonight (for backers) if all goes well.

Flahne fanart by DastardlyDevil.

[Backers] Tainted Space 0.7.11


e: The android builds should be available now.

0.7.11 Changelog:

  • A new shark transformation item, written by JohanLitvisk. You can buy it in Jade’s store.
  • New busts: Briget, Ehstraffe, Kirila
  • Various fixes.

Hotfixes (Not Sure If These Will Deploy Properly With Our Code Distribution System, So Might Not Go Live Till Next “Proper” Patch:

  • Fixed a crash in Shark Bites.
  • You can now turn in the Damaged VI Chip for 5 grand with Vi or VKO.
  • Added a bunch of new Lipple Descriptions and adjusted the size descriptions for them to be more appropriate.
  • Omega Oil Price nerfed.
  • Fixed Gills. We have the best Gills. Everyone says so.
  • Some stuff for Vanae/Shark markings to make it easier for coders.
  • “Various Fixes for New Content”

Enjoy! Now to cook some steak and work on a moose… (Also, DCL did up this incredible Kiro/Kally fanart.) Update: The steak was great. The moose didn’t happen due to digging into bugs and stuff. I’ll try to get through more event submissions next week. I’m still not through all the messages I got this week >.>

[Backers] PexigaQuest Upgrade & Upgraded Hardlight Fun

trump_reaha_treatedPublic Build Release Date: This Friday!

0.7.01 Changelog:

  • Staying to help Bimbo Badger with Pexiga uplifting now has a more involved, fun little scene that Adjatha did up, rather than the old two-paragraph blurb.
  • Wrote up a scene for playing with the upgraded hardlight. It has a few variations slipped in there for some oddball scenarios (~2400 words total), but I want to add some more tomorrow for breast-play and maybe a crewmember randomly joining in. Not gonna 100% promise that last one though, as that could spiral out of control pretty fast.
  • Zheniya pregnancy fixes courtesy of Jacques00.
  • Cumflation notices should be less… voluminous.
  • Milodans can be disarmed, and the frostwyrm is now stun immune.
  • Other assorted fixes and typo tweaks.

In other news, we had to make the github repository private. It was being used to generate backer builds for non-backers. I wouldn’t have minded so much if it was just skilled individuals putting their knowledge to work for their own benefit, but when automated builds reflecting every code commit we do are floating around in a bookmarkable archive, I guess I have to do something about it. If you’ve committed code to them in the past and would like to regain access to it, please feel free to post about it on the forums with pertinent details.

Art is a fan-commissioned piece of Amazon-Treated Reaha by an artist who goes by TRUMP.


[Backers] You’re My Dumpling

xiokir_jade_1New night, new build, right? This one is smaller than what I hoped, but two new scenes is still cool, right?

0.6.99 Changelog:

  • Fixed a bug with Milodan Males that could make everything bolded.
  • New Jade scene, courtesy of Altair Hayes. It’s a little strange. It gets sort of food-ey.
  • New Korgonne scene by Zeikfried. It involves the hardlight strap-on, but since it requires the PC to change the size of the hardlight projection mid-way through the scene, I’ve gated it behind an upgrade for now. At least two more scenes requiring the upgrade are coming in the future.
  • Added a new item that automatically upgrades any hardlight-equipped underthings you may wear. It is currently a rare drop from the Korgonne (1 in 10). In a future patch it will likely move to a more appropriate vendor/location.
  • [SURPRISE LAST MINUTE ADDITION] You can now knock up the zil call-girl. And get her a job at the nursery? And potentially get her an apartment? Enjoy!

For the Jade scene – you’ve got to do “intimate” things with her four or five times, then pass time somewhere outside of Tavros. You should get an email to trigger it. If you turn it down the first time, it’ll disable forever. If you go through with it, there’s a random chance after seven days or so that the scene will happen again.

Jade fanart by Xiokir!



fubmistress_rahn_maleI’m still working on the Pexiga uplift quest… It’s a bit of a behemoth. Not only does it have two fights, but they come with convoluted-as-hell mechanics like the ability to have the NPC pump you up with silicone in one of four different places, then suck it out afterwards.

And there’s still another NPC fight to set up, but I’m going to get the first half all linked up and working properly before I dive into the back half. …Then there’s still two massive variations left. It’s probably not going to drop until next week. Tuesday at the earliest, I think.

This is what happens when Fen tries to churn through 100+ pages of complicated content.

FubMistress over on the forums did some AMAZING concepts of Rahn that have chosen to take on masculine appearances. There’s a few variants in the thread to check out!

[Backers] 0.6.87 – Kally & Raskvel & Nerfs


Click for lewd. (by DCLZexon)

Hold onto your butts! This one is a bit experimental.

0.6.87 Changelog:

  • Max trust Kiro can now send players an invite to come visit Canadia Station (Name subject to change) with her, in orbit over Vesperia to meet her sister. (And a new Kiro scene hidden in there if you do the right things). All of Kiro’s Vesperia bar content is not yet written. To anyone with concerns that the area is only accessible via Kiro – there are intended to be multiple unlock routes possible.
  • Kally (Kiro’s sister) is in the game. The most you can do with her at the moment is get drunk, talk, and maybe grope her (consensually, of course. We aren’t running for president.)
  • New scene for Raskvel Females, courtesy of FrankenApple.
  • If you are two or more levels above an enemy, fleeing is now easier.
  • Enemies now have defenses against lust-based weapons and specials based on willpower and level. This is still subject to testing and tuning, but you should no longer breeze through every encounter with max aim and a lust-bow.
  • Tease damage reduces exponentially against enemies who are higher level than you.

I have some more Kally stuff written for bimbos (approx 8 pages). If I get time, I’ll get it in this weekend. Otherwise, Monday. Jacques00 and Gedan have been doing a lot of testing and tuning to the pregnancy content (and adding Sera pregnancy stuff), but we’re holding off on pushing that till it has had a decent amount of eyeball time on it.

…unless Geddy wants to slip it in over the weekend. Up to her!

[PUBLIC BUILD] Trials in Tainted Space 0.6.85

bakuhaku_eradragon_nomi_kuitan_tentacles0.6.85 Changelog:

  • New Story, commissioned from Kotep. Presently it automatically unlocks in the Codex, but once we add an in-game fiction store, that’ll change. It’s a big one (10,000 words-ish).
  • Many fixes and tweaks.
  • Edan is now okay with ladies with penises.
  • [Edit] Looks like Gedan slipped the nursery in there too! Might be buggy.

I wanted to get the reunion of Kiro and her sister (despite not having repeatable content done yet) in for the pubbie patch, but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to cram it all in tonight. So here we are! Better to release now than wait 3 hours for a maybe.

New Stuff Since Last Public Patch:

  • Siegewulf + Drone Tweaks
  • Busky & His Shop (With New Items)
  • Two new items for Gene’s shop.
  • Uvetan Frost Wyrms
  • Reaha can now be cured of her patch addiction (plenty o’ content here).
  • New busts: Your dad’s lawyer, Xotchi, Siegewulfs, Fenris Drones, Natalie, Tamwolf, One-Off Gryvain from an Anno scene
  • Ilaria and her shop were added to Tavros’s residential deck.
  • Improved price display for smugglers.
  • Edan added to “The Mess” on Tarkus.
  • Kirila and her shop have been added to Uveto.
  • An expension to allow for acquiring Inessa’s key.

Not a bad month if I do say so myself! (Fake fanart magazine commissioned by EraDragon and drawn by Bakuhaku.)

Monday Report

adjatha_the_uncorkable_object_vs-_the_unquenchable_force_kiro_scyllaHey guys, hope you all had a great weekend. I got some playtime in with a game I’ve heard lots of raving about – yet never given a fair shot: Free Cities. It’s a pretty cool game about running an arcology with legal slavery and managing your stable of harem slaves. For anyone that likes fiddling with dozens of systems and seeing how they all slot together, it’s a fun little romp where you can make a dairy full of hormone-treated cow-girls with milk-production implants that all absolutely adore you.  Or you could be terrible and just break people, but ol’ Fenny doesn’t play that way.

In TiTS-news, Jacques00 coded in a new type of drone that should be pretty fucking amazing. I’m going to have to give it a whirl once the pull request gets merged into the central code repository. Some adjustments for the Inessa expansion were slapped in as well, mostly to make it read a little better – just small stuff, really.

We also had a meeting to discuss the coming visual novel. Jacques00 is going to start doing draft art of the characters while I finish off an editing pass on the script. SomeKindofWizard is working on doing up the sexy stuff for the NSFW version now, I think. Once Jacques00 has the designs roughed out, we’ll start reviewing our options for BG/CG artists so that we can get that ball rolling. While the script has a fair amount of comma splices that I’ve been cleaning out, what I’ve read so far is really good and actually made me laugh out loud while reading over a bit on Tarkus this afternoon.

Have a good evening, bras!

(Scylla + Kiro is some lovely Adjatha art. It’s an older piece, but it checks out.)

[Backers] 0.6.80 – New Edan

jroy101_tits_penny_fanartI started writing the “Date” with Kiro to go visit her sister on a Vesperian Space Station. Thus far I haven’t gotten to actually entering the bar yet, but it should be fun. But you guys don’t wanna read about that. You wanna see what’s new, right?

0.6.80 Changelog:

  • A new NPC has been added to the Mess on Tarkus! He’s a big, male Leithan for those who like that. Wsan got to experience firsthand what all goes into coding an NPC on this one and probably came out scarred as a result.
  • Jacques00 did the usual raft of bug fixes and refits. There was an update to tooltips to potentially reflect the price change due to smuggler perks. We might broaden them so the show the pre-perk price as well soon.

Jroy101 did some great fanart of Penny as a warmup the other day. Woot!

[Backers] Tainted Space 0.6.77

ucite_anno_design_final0.6.77 Changelog:

  • New Briha scene for those with hardlight-enabled panties.
  • New Emmy scene for those with hardlight-enabled panties.
  • New Taivra scene for those with hardlight-enabled panties.
  • New autofellatio scene for those with the requisite endowments.
  • A bunch of fixes and tweaks from Jacques00.

Big should out to my boy Zeikfried for writing up all these hardlight variations. He did a fucking wonderful job, and the Emmy and Taivra scenes are some of his finest works in my opinion. Probably because they play to things I like. There’s another Del scene in the works for tomorrow’s public build, and Nonesuch has some smaller stuff in the pile I want to bang out too.

Hopefully they aren’t too variation heavy, because my brain is midway through melting.

Anno concept art by Ucite!

[Public build in approx 24 hrs or less, or your money back! (Since you spent nothing for a public build, you get nothing if I fail. GOOD DAY, SIR!)]

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