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[Public | TiTS] Happy Holidays!

Today is Christmas Eve in my part of the world, but even if you don’t decorate tree corpses in your living room, I’d like to extend a hearty “Happy Holidays” to all of you and yours.

2020 has been a heckofa year. Travel restrictions, lockdowns, and general Covid-19 precautions have really put a damper on the ol’ holiday spirit in my neck of the woods, and doubtless on most of the world as well. We’ve seen health and family emergencies within our little “studio”. Flash died. You know, flash, the plugin our games have run on for near a decade! It’s kicking the dust, forcing us to rebuild and reorganize a lot.

But we’re still here moving forward. The JS build looks fucking slick. Geddy’s been logging a ton of hours whipping Tavros into shape but also reworking how the game’s data is held and managed in memory, something that is more necessary as it grows in size (over 500MB with embedded images!) In the meantime, we’re still working on the expanded tutorial dungeon. You can get a taste of what it will feel like with the new salvager enemies included in this public patch. I think they came out pretty great for “getting started” encounters. There will also be environmental challenges, tutorials for using a tent (and leveling up), a boss fight penned by William, and more.

I think you’re all going to love what we bring you in the new year, but for now, enjoy this arrangement of Christmas cheer and a small public update (and another one~)!

Azra putting on her Christmas finest to celebrate by Morgore!

Cait snuggling up with a big ol’ bear by CheshireCatSmile37!

0.8.130 Changelog:

  • Vark got a pretty sizeable expansion thanks to Damiekinz’s writing and Gena138’s coding. It’s now possible to fight him, defeat him, and even make him your pet if you like. Merry Christmas!

0.8.129 Changelog:

  • Embedded some CGs by Doxy into Rat’s VR content (accessible via ‘test’ cheat in the image-embedded version of the game.)
  • Fixed a few small typos.
  • (And another patch may follow~!)

THICC Images Version available! (Requires stand-alone flash player.)

[Backers | TiTS] The Cow’s Spooge & Goblins Cum Due

I’d love to tell you that I absolutely destroyed that Azra scene I was working on, but I fell into a pretty funky headspace last night that has persisted through today. Quite simply: I can’t mentally summon the degree of sweetness and care I would need to approximate Azra’s voice in the scenes right now. Instead I spent the afternoon chunking in a simple expansion for Brandy, a new scene from William, and cleaned up some bugs.

(Edit: Like the fucking CLOD that I am… I forgot to mention that Dreghan is in the game now too. Patch notes should be correct now.)

0.8.107 Changelog:

  • Brandy can now be given dicksprout! You’ll need to be at the “Lovers” stage with her to do it, which means having received her letter and spoken to her about it (with the appropriate reaction chosen.) Afterward she will have two new sex scenes (one of which replaces the current exhibitionism scene) and a number of edits to other scenes to make mention of her new endowment. Written by HugsAlright, coded by me.
  • The gabilani chemist got ANOTHER scene from William. This time, you can slap some grav-cuffs on her and take her to pound town – with an optional walk through the streets while you do it. That SHOULD complete her full load of scenes. The WIP/debug message when encountering her has been removed.
  • Dreghan the big bad Korgonne can now be found, written by Freed85 and coded by Whimsalot.
  • Fixed an incorrect dick error in a Tuuva scene.
  • Lorelei fanart by Jinsan on the discord!

    The gabilani cyborg no longer pretends that she won if you defeated her and then walked away.

  • Added trip chance and stagger chance to the combat item stat list in the Codex.
  • Cleaned up a bunch of typos.
  • The Zaika Hydra no longer has 1 leg in the code.
  • It should now be impossible to get both the “Black Latex” and “Wooly” perks at the same time.
  • The Gabilani Chemist’s “Yellow Sticky!” status and two-part epoxy attack can now properly be wiped away.
  • One of the Gabilani Cyborg’s busts should no longer be improperly sized.
  • Various Crash Landing fixes courtesy of Gena and bug reporting players like you!

[Public | TiTS] Easter Buggin’ Out!

Adjatha doodled my suggestion of Kally joining a rahn convent to amazing effect.

Bugs in TiTS suffer the same fate as ants in my kitchen: extermination.

0.8.074 Changelog:

  • Corrected a new bug that was introduced that basically broke all Jumper preg. Sorry!

0.8.073 Changelog:

  • Fixed some bold bleeding in the Easter Jumper.
  • Fixed some bold bleeding in Azra’s fuckable plants if you were under 33 lust.
  • Added resolve stats to the following pieces of equipment: Khan’s Lab Coat, Thermal Underwear, Chit Plate, and Pumpking Armor.
  • Another small fix/adjustment for Easter Jumper preg.
  • Fixed ReductPro’s menu glitching out if you tried to use it on purchase with a full inventory.
  • Fixed an issue with Bianca’s oral where PC’s with single dicks would be forced into the vagina variant for a bit.
  • Mitzi & Bizzy’s scene selection menu now has a back button.
  • Edan unlocks the Leithan Codex if you haven’t already when you meet him.
  • Horn bumps no longer count as all types of horns.
  • Lucifer should now be able to grow demon horns if you have horn bumps.
  • The Next Page / Previous Page buttons for the display window AND menu now have hotkeys displayed on their tooltips.
  • Fixed some Lund issues.
  • Fixed another wonky Kiro trust issue. Will these ever die?
  • Fixed some lingering references to the old tease skill values.
  • If you hit the tease damage cap against an enemy, the next tease attack should cause full damage no matter what part you use (but only the next). (I need to update this to display a proper notification and status effect.)

[Backers | TiTS] Getting Bizzy Doing Shady Events

Ain’t they cute? Fanart by Moe!

The new patch can be described as: Bizzy Expansion, Shade/Amara scene, and lots and lots of fixes.

I also reviewed an expansion for Lumi, the tainted Gabilani Tech on Tarkus by Skom. It’s pretty good, IMO, and clocks in around 10,000 words of new content for her. Hopefully somebody codes it soon, but I gotta dig back into the milk bar!

0.8.066 Changelog:

  • A new event with Shade has been added, coded by LoriJ! If you’ve fought Amara and are lovers with Shade, you can get an email when exploring the Uvetan wilds than leads to some new fun, written by Savin!
    • Note: requires you to fight Amara and be lovers with Shade.
  • Bizzy got an expansion! Includes lots of fun options, like interactions with Mitzi or Sera! Written by Nonesuch, coded by Somebody-Else-Entirely.
  • Lots and lots of small fixes. Someday I’ll make enough headway on bug reports to spend some time working on new content. Today is not that day. There’s still plenty of backlogged reports from February.
  • Milodan Omega Oil submission/bad end SHOULD have the bugs excised… I hope… for what… the third time?
  • Year tracking for Xmas events (Krissy & Randy Claws in particular) has been improved. Previously, if you encountered the event at the start of January, you’d be locked out of the event in the following December since the year is still the same. It should now track and compare against the year it would be during December, though saves with a January year value stored will still face a year of screwiness.
  • Fixed “short” travel events having incorrect transport times. (Really just from Gastigoth space into Gastigoth and one other oddball, but they’re fixed regardless.)
  • Fixed a bug in the logic for penisRouter’s “infinite” max volume option.
  • Fights with a cover mechanic should now display the cover % again. I also attempted to unify the few cover-based fight displays.
  • Fixed some ship gadget use texts referencing incorrect ships.
  • Ardia’s “Escape” option now requires the slaves be set free.
  • Ship HP no longer increases with player statistics in any fashion. Previously a stat change would adjust the maximum value, sometime leading to a message about your ship being damaged slightly despite sustaining no damage. Now neither of us have to deal with that.
  • Fixed Shou’s female rask bust not having a higher resolution variant for the image pack.
  • Fixed some broken buttons in one of Paige’s sex options.
  • You can now donate more than an integer’s worth of credits to Fadil.
  • The Omnisuit shouldn’t spam you with updates about changing at middling libido.
  • The Omnisuit’s maximum sexiness has been adjusted to 11, since it effectively occupies both underwear slots in addition to the armor slot.
  • Goo Armor’s stats have been updated with its shifting effects to stay where they ought to.
  • The Sexy Thinking perk now gives at least 1 sexiness no matter what.
  • The Bounty Bra and Honeypot Bra have had their sexiness/resolve values corrected.

Pssssst… Yo punk, you hear that TiTS is on SubscribeStar too? Patreon hasn’t gone anywhere either!

[Public | TiTS] Night of a Million Tiny Code Changes

Adorable fentaur by ToonNik over on public discord!

Hey guys! New month, new public patch! It’s funny. I’ve been talking about how there’s not enough content for this month, but there’s actually quite a meaty slab of delights to hand off to you guys! I made a ton of tiny changes today, so there’s likely some new bugs to be found and reported. If I stirred up anything game-breaking, rest assured I’ll try to get it later tonight or tomorrow afternoon. Enjoy the new content until then!

And have a wonderful weekend. -Fen

0.8.058 Changelog:

  • I pushed a change that should prevent your first travel to Mhenga from having a chance at ship combat. That happening created a bug where the ship would not be accessible to the player. Hopefully it is resolved now.

0.8.057 Changelog:

  • Image Pack updated! Requires standalone flashplayer to use.
  • Character creation now routes you directly to Mhen’ga.
  • The landing pad elevator in Mhen’ga has been simplified for ease of newbie-navigation.
  • New functions for displaying changes to stats like combat damage have been added.
  • Colors for gaining/losing HP, Lust, Energy, and Shields have been added or updated.
  • Almost all items have been updated to display changes to the above stats more clearly.
  • Approximately half the game has been updated for lust changes. There are a LOT of those to find and change, and I can’t just find->replace them all because they are sometimes placed in places that would flow badly, or as part of log messages that aren’t compatible with this system.

Kally lines by Tsuda, colors by Tisinrei.

What’s New This Month?:

  • New item type & slot: Tents! You start with one, and a number have been added to the game. They let you sleep in hazard zones. Enjoy!
  • New Image Pack Images: Bianca Face Sitting, Kally Appearance, and Poster.
  • New Busts: Celise, Giga-Celise, Drink Cows, Myssah, Female Raskvel, Pregnant Female Raskvel, and Warden Kasmiran.
  • New Ship Decoration: Kally’s hiring post, obtainable from the Kui Country Bar & Grill’s bathroom.
  • New Planet: Dhaal! (with massively incomplete street descriptions…)
  • New Locale on Dhaal: Capsule Hotel!
  • New Locale on Dhaal: a Milk Bar! Indulge in delightfully flavored beverages directly from the cow-girl/tap!
  • New Enemy on Dhaal: The Milk Thief! This Zaika wants milk and doesn’t want to take no for an answer!
  • New Enemy on Uveto: Milodan Futazon Scourge! Comes in two varieties too!
  • New Follower: Bimbo Kiro! She doesn’t yet have all her scenes, but they will be coming!
  • New Items: A swath of weapons now populate Kattom’s inventory on Dhaal.
  • VIP service from Walnut & Chestnut (Zheng Shi Tap-Hall Rodenians).
  • A new scene for Slavebreakers on Zheng Shi: “Rut Fuck.”
  • Crew Kiro now has a threesome available with Mitzi. You can start it from either character’s sex menu. Turns out you can make a goblin airtight!
  • Zheng Shi’s mine section should now be soft-lock proof.
  • Fantasize now gives a report on exactly how much lust it generates.
  • The Codex Sidebar’s visibility has been improved.
  • SteeleTech jumpsuits are now available from Vahn and Synphia.
  • HumpHard Inc has been removed from the game and its products distributed to more developed corporations.
  • Big mimbrane nerfs.
  • ReductPro can now be used on more parts.
  • Tons of bugfixes. Seriously.

Fenoxo Report

Politics drove me to dive face-first into Kiro’s balls on twitter today, and Sulcate immortalized that fact in the best way possible.

Today I crushed out 5,000+ words. It only took me all day and gave me a massive headache. However, that work included what I feel is one of the hottest tit-fuck scenes I’ve ever written, bar none. It’s all work on Kiro’s bimbo variant, and once I have at least three of the sex scenes together, I’ll lump a quick build together so you guys don’t get stuck in a content drought.

I also bring news that William has some new scenes racing toward the game courtesy of DrunkZombie. End5 has submitted some interesting code for a tool that allows for scenes to be written in CoC2-like parser code and ported in TiTS-text. Lighterfluid has been doing some similar experimental work in the engine itself to allow for CoC2-like logic checks to be built into the parser directly, and I have an amazing commission I managed to snag from MrPink during his stream today.

Oh, and I also finished designing my “Milk-Thief” encounter for Dhaal. Why a milk thief? It’ll make more sense when you guys know more about the natives…

The only reason I haven’t posted it is because he’s still finishing it up as I write this, though I think to make use of it in the art pack I’m going to have to have an option to give bimbo Kiro some Throbb down the line…

[Backers | TiTS] Perdita Pens Penis-Packing Pals

This lovely threesome courtesy of Rohezk

Small update today code-wise, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. I got a huge NPC dropped into my lap mostly coded to polish up, so that’ll be on the way for this weekend. I’ve also been working out the details for the boss of Kiro’s recruitment quest and some of the messages you can receive during. There’s still a ton of work to do on that front, but with some of the encounters already written by Wsan, things should move smoothly-ish.

0.8.016 Changelog:

  • New bust: Mitzi’s Valentines Day outfit.
  • New bust: Star Viper Pilot.
  • New feature: Buying Multiple Items from shops at once, as coded by Somebody Else Entirely.
  • The option for in-line notification displays should now prevent the game from eating some of them in certain scenarios (Also by Somebody Else Entirely).
  • Lastly, Canadia Station gets a new resident in the form of Perdita – a half-ausar smut-writer that makes her living on Champeon. This sounds vaguely familiar. She comes with two sex scenes and a massive pile of purchasable smutbooks. Written by SomeKindofWizard.

Long Day in the Code Mines

SIgnirSol did a picture of Shekka that I absolutely love.

I wrote well over two thousand words of huge dicks (too big for vaginas) sliding between big juicy boobs, then spent four hours streaming the code work to implement the latest fight with [rival.Name]’s bodyguard. In my opinion, it’s some of my best writing work since working on the jumpers, though those of you who don’t frequent the discord or my streams are liable to be into a big surprise when I drop the patch tomorrow (nite?).

When the content does drop, I recommend saving before you do it giving it multiple passes to hit all the available scenes, since it’s a one-off encounter that has more to it than Dane’s dick worming up your asshole.


Writing Stuff & Ship Update

Killjoy08 took a more direct approach to getting questions answered by me than most. The short answer is that I didn’t write them and struggle hard enough supporting tail genitals! Still, if anyone wants to write scenes for existing NPCs based around tentacle fucking, I’m game!

I finished writing the traditional penis-based victory scene for the new rival & bodyguard encounter (~3,000 words) and the vagina-based one (~1700 words). Very good day for writing. The first scene definitely spun out a bit longer than I intended it to be. I still want to do one for people that have “too big” endowments (because I’m all about that stuff), after which I’ll be diving into putting the encounter to code.

We also had some discussions about the ship systems which have been sidelined for quite some time as a result of real life being a dick to Gedan and most of the remaining work being UI focused. I made the executive decision (for the moment) to cut the detailed customization and ship part collecting aspect from the systems for now to minimize the amount of UI work that will need to be done in order to push for faster access to obtainable ships – something we really need with Zheng Shi coming to a head.

In place of bespoke customization of parts and rooms, we’re going to have ships come with predefined weapon/equipment loadouts. Later I’d like to have Vahn allow the option to swap them out for some other predefined loadouts in order to maintain some customization until we can get things straightened out on the UI front. For instance, you could have Vahn swap out your CassTech’s loadout so that some of the crew rooms are replaced. Nobody likes building new UIs.

Take all this worth a grain of salt. We had some intense discussion about this during the afternoon, but like all things in development, our goals for the design are liable to change and adjust to the realities of our project.

[Public] What’s the Deal With Public Patches?

They come out every month, but does anyone really notice? They say they do, but do they really?

(You guys do. <3)


  • New Busts: Yoma, Kattom Osgood, Storm Lancer
  • Paige x Kiro now requires 70 trust with Kiro or higher.
  • Whimsalot coded GothPastel’s Yoma into the game.

New This Month:

  • New Mechanic: “Taint,” a stat which functions in some ways like CoC’s corruption. It has its own Codex article and everything. More info here.
  • New NPCs: Stella the ausar beach babe (Available on Tavros Station), Jesse (Available on Canadia Station)
  • New Crew Recruit: Shekka! She comes complete with options for slapping a dong on her if that’s your jam, as well as some new scenes here or there. She can even jump you while you’re trying to get some lifting done at the gym.
  • New Event: Kiro x Paige threesome! This one is a monstrous doozy of flowcharts written by B! Enjoy.
  • New Event: Silly space bear.
  • New Busts: Jesse, Verusha (alternate), Myrna the X-Mas Korg, Jejune Vending Machines, Kiro & Kally (alternates).
  • New Scenes: Feeding Lund PB Cookies, Bad-End for feeding Lund too many PB Cookies, Ula’s appearance screen, Ovispositor PC + Crew Shekka, Futa Shekka breeding the PC, Follower Anno and Shekka having a nerd-off.
  • New Items: Chill Pill, Shekka’s Jumpsuit
  • New Item: Mindwash Visor! Sold from Doctor Badger (or dropped from one of her robots during PexigaQuest). Plays one of 9 random scenes, penned by Adjatha or 25 classic scenes harvested from CoC! The scenes are also viewable from a broken VR booth in Luca’s parlor on Canadia Station.
  • New Pregnancy Type: Raskvel/Shekka
  • Shekka’s aphrodisiac spit-addiction has been reworked.

Art: Steele at a bar in Myrellion, having a good time by Servik.

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