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[Public | TiTS] Rough Gianna

Well, I got a patch out today, even if I got a fraction of what I wanted in it. I’m gonna go lay down somewhere and lay into fixing bugs for another public patch tomorrow.

Image Embedded Version Available (Note: Requires a stand-alone flash player.)

0.8.142 Changelog:

  • Crew Gianna has a new scene available. It requires Gianna to have a donger installed, the player character to have a vagina, and the player character to be bipedal – because there’s some mating press-style hijinx involved. It clocks in at around 5,900 words of total text with a fair bit of variation thrown in for spice. If I ever decide to write another character with variable breasts, butt, lips, dong, and body temperature, kindly slap the shit out of me. (Note: this scene could probably still use some edits, be on guard for typos and slap ’em in a bug report if you spot ’em.)
  • Sera’s “Tainted Love” expansion by Nonesuch was added by Jacques00. If Sera is your mistress, it’s possible for her to get sick and need your help running the shop. It’s a one-time event, but repeat chances to work the desk are in on a random trigger. Note: you need to be eligible to collect their salary payment in order to trigger it.
  • Gianna got a whole mess of new busts courtesy of Morgore – 16 total with 16 more variants that require some more writing from me before players will be able to see them…
  • Adjatha’s busts for Salacious Sally and Azariah are now live. Check them out on Dhaal!
  • Some fixes for Sylvie pregnancy were added, courtesy of DrunkZombie.

And now I think I’m going to flop into a beanbag chair. G’nite!

P.S. If you like B’s writing (author of Frostwyrm, Paige, Azariah, etc), he’s got a game of his own over on his Patreon called Equivalent Exchange that heavily features asset theft. I’m told he added a new slime-girl and a character customizer, if you’re interested.

Of course, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar!

[Public | TiTS] Crash Landing!

Art by: Adjatha

New month, new content ahoy! Now that the content engines are churning once more, we can plunge forward into really digging into the meat of Dhaal… and some shark-girls (soon…)

Since B’s Frostwrym & Nykke expansion is one of the highlights of this month’s public patch, it’s a good time to mention that he has his own game as well: Equivalent Exchange. Asset Theft is a core gameplay component that I don’t usually go for, but it’s really, really well done. New additions apparently include adaptive bust art, an improved character creator, and a new oral-centric futanari character.

TiTS 0.8.106 Changelog (Image Pack – Requires Stand-Alone Flash Player):

  • A new location has been added to Dhaal: The Crash Landing. Run by a group of somewhat stranded pirates, you can wet your whistle and more besides. Written by Slab Bulkhead and coded by Gena138.
    • There is a mechanic where the staff will warm up to you over time as you become a regular. The game tracks this by measuring visits across a protracted timespan  (~day).
    • This is a huge project (three digit pagecount), so it may come with a pile of bugs to sort out. Slap ’em on the bug report forums, and we’ll get them handled for the next patch.
  • Bug fixes follow: Sabrae actually charges you for implants now.
  • The “safe” square at the entrance to gabtown can no longer proc hostile encounters.
  • Amazona can no longer award you a perk you don’t qualify for (and immediately lose after gaining.)
  • You can no longer visit Thare plantation before unlocking the Zil Codex entry.
  • A number of enemies had attacks adjusted to account for airtight armors.
  • The combat tail now displays on the appearance screen.
  • Prostitute Pro should now properly award the energy gains it displays.
  • A bunch of typos and smaller fixes like properly counting one of Anno’s scenes as a sexual encounter.

New This Month: 

  • New Dhaal NPCs: Rivet, Gwon.
  • A Nykke & Frosty expansion where they can move in together for maximal Frostwyrm fun, including some fun new savicite toy scenes.
  • A Kimber expansion featuring four new stories, four new sex scenes, and a small quest.
  • New threesomes for sleeping with Anno & Shekka.
  • Five new Gabilani Chemist scenes, some with branching endings.
  • Liliana panty gifting event.
  • New Shekka blowjob scene.
  • New busts: Huskar Erra, Rivet, Lewd Frostwyrm, Sydian Cboy, Focalor.

[PUBLIC | TiTS] Naughty Nurses…

Doc. Po has a lucrative side business helping get off hyper-sized wangs! Lines by MrPink, colors by Waru-Geli!

0.8.075 Changelog:

  • New NPC on Dhaal: Narc the naughty nursedroid, purveyor of fine intoxicants. Written by Fr0sty, coded by yours truly. She has three possible sex scenes. Can you figure out how to unlock them?
  • New rare drop on Dhaal: Dhaalian nurse’s outfit.
  • Ula can now be given peanut butter cookies. Careful, they’re quite a powerful snack food!
  • Moira’s art for Reaha should now display more frequently (and be able to be selected as primary).
  • You can now find a fiction story by Kase (but really Night Trap, back in 2018) in his quarters. Apparently I forgot to set the random factor in its proc chance, so you’ll be able to immediately obtain it, no issue for this patch and this patch only. Happy accidents!
  • A pop-up notice for Emmy cumming from the herm harness while you’re in her shop should properly appear now.
  • Bess got a small expansion of her options thanks to Whimsalot’s coding.
  • Two new image pack pictures – one for Po making use of hyper-sized penises and one in the capsule hotel for tail-milking.
  • Crew Kiro can now help with Zheng Shi’s password.
  • Dicksprout should more properly set tailgenital type based on your race.
  • New Busts: Wall Rats, Wall Rat Trap (see Cherry’s on Zheng Shi), Venus Ziltraps (from Penny’s Quest), and Kellah the Easter Zaika (her name was adjusted and made more consistent as well.)
  • Lots and lots more bug fixes courtesy of gena138 and myself.

0.8.076 Changelog:

  • Actually populated Narc’s inventory with her stock.

Imagepack version of the game available on Patreon and Subscribestar!

[Public | TiTS] Night of a Million Tiny Code Changes

Adorable fentaur by ToonNik over on public discord!

Hey guys! New month, new public patch! It’s funny. I’ve been talking about how there’s not enough content for this month, but there’s actually quite a meaty slab of delights to hand off to you guys! I made a ton of tiny changes today, so there’s likely some new bugs to be found and reported. If I stirred up anything game-breaking, rest assured I’ll try to get it later tonight or tomorrow afternoon. Enjoy the new content until then!

And have a wonderful weekend. -Fen

0.8.058 Changelog:

  • I pushed a change that should prevent your first travel to Mhenga from having a chance at ship combat. That happening created a bug where the ship would not be accessible to the player. Hopefully it is resolved now.

0.8.057 Changelog:

  • Image Pack updated! Requires standalone flashplayer to use.
  • Character creation now routes you directly to Mhen’ga.
  • The landing pad elevator in Mhen’ga has been simplified for ease of newbie-navigation.
  • New functions for displaying changes to stats like combat damage have been added.
  • Colors for gaining/losing HP, Lust, Energy, and Shields have been added or updated.
  • Almost all items have been updated to display changes to the above stats more clearly.
  • Approximately half the game has been updated for lust changes. There are a LOT of those to find and change, and I can’t just find->replace them all because they are sometimes placed in places that would flow badly, or as part of log messages that aren’t compatible with this system.

Kally lines by Tsuda, colors by Tisinrei.

What’s New This Month?:

  • New item type & slot: Tents! You start with one, and a number have been added to the game. They let you sleep in hazard zones. Enjoy!
  • New Image Pack Images: Bianca Face Sitting, Kally Appearance, and Poster.
  • New Busts: Celise, Giga-Celise, Drink Cows, Myssah, Female Raskvel, Pregnant Female Raskvel, and Warden Kasmiran.
  • New Ship Decoration: Kally’s hiring post, obtainable from the Kui Country Bar & Grill’s bathroom.
  • New Planet: Dhaal! (with massively incomplete street descriptions…)
  • New Locale on Dhaal: Capsule Hotel!
  • New Locale on Dhaal: a Milk Bar! Indulge in delightfully flavored beverages directly from the cow-girl/tap!
  • New Enemy on Dhaal: The Milk Thief! This Zaika wants milk and doesn’t want to take no for an answer!
  • New Enemy on Uveto: Milodan Futazon Scourge! Comes in two varieties too!
  • New Follower: Bimbo Kiro! She doesn’t yet have all her scenes, but they will be coming!
  • New Items: A swath of weapons now populate Kattom’s inventory on Dhaal.
  • VIP service from Walnut & Chestnut (Zheng Shi Tap-Hall Rodenians).
  • A new scene for Slavebreakers on Zheng Shi: “Rut Fuck.”
  • Crew Kiro now has a threesome available with Mitzi. You can start it from either character’s sex menu. Turns out you can make a goblin airtight!
  • Zheng Shi’s mine section should now be soft-lock proof.
  • Fantasize now gives a report on exactly how much lust it generates.
  • The Codex Sidebar’s visibility has been improved.
  • SteeleTech jumpsuits are now available from Vahn and Synphia.
  • HumpHard Inc has been removed from the game and its products distributed to more developed corporations.
  • Big mimbrane nerfs.
  • ReductPro can now be used on more parts.
  • Tons of bugfixes. Seriously.

[Public | TiTS] A Leaf on the Wind

Kiro’s ship design by Deimacos.

Alright, this is the big boy proper public patch for the month. I got as much of Kiro’s stuff working properly as I could. There’s still other things to add for “standard” follower Kiro, like variations to the Kiro/Kally interactions for if you’ve already recruited Kiro, but those will come in next month’s backer patches. Also, doll-broken Kiro, for those who want to see the galaxy burn.

P.S. I guess I’m gonna make a small public patch tomorrow to catch a few bug fixes and add some busts I didn’t get to today. New content is gonna chase after it in a backer patch. The volunteer coders have at least one encounter almost ready to go, and if I can keep this level of productivity going, doll-broken Kiro is gonna come in hot.

Image Pack(To play the image pack, you will need a standalone flash player. Newgrounds has one, as does Adobe if you know where to look. To my knowledge Internet Explorer still plays flash files as well.

0.8.039 Changelog:

  • Crew Kiro’s “big ball” sex menu has been wired up.
  • Kiro’s threesome scenes should now be compatible with Crew Kiro. Accessed via her sex menu.
  • The Kiro x Paige threesome has a new intro if you do it for the first time with both on the crew. I may tweak this in the future to break off from the threesomes and allow for the two characters to say hi in a way that doesn’t require all three of you to be banging at once.
  • Kiro’s trust now stays locked at 100 after saving her from Doctor Po.
  • Getting Kiro’s help with Zheng Shi should have different text if she’s on your crew.
  • Crew Kiro got an appearance screen that should cover the full range of her current transformations.
  • Crew Kiro got a handful of new talk scenes about a variety of topics. Includes some variations based on how you handled Doctor Po and how transformed Kiro became.
  • Confessing love to Kiro when she’s already your GF should no longer seem so repetitious.
  • The “Meeting Kally Together” event with Kiro will not occur while she is on your crew. I’ll be adjusting that content to flow properly with a recruited Kiro later in the month.

What else is new from last month?

[Public | TiTS] Sexy Shekka

0.8.030 Changelog:

  • You can now catch Shekka (crew only) working on a late Halloween costume.
  • New busts: Vulpatra sexdoll, sexdoll miniboss
  • Ardia’s debug domination options were disabled as they were supposed to be last patch.
  • Fiddled with how [pc.breasts] and [pc.chest] handle male chests. Sorry for anything this might break…

0.8.031 Changelog:

  • Fiddled with chest/breast output some more.
  • Updated Image Pack: here.

[Public | TiTS] We Heard You Like Videogames…

It’s public patch time! And more tomorrow…

So we put a videogame in your videogame!

How many times have I made that joke on this blog? It’s a lot. Definitely a lot. I’d apologize for it, but I’m not sorry in the slightest! I am sorry that having houseguests for what amounts to two weeks has slowed the rate of coding, but I was still finding some time to pound on the old Cherry MX switches and get work done. The new bit for this patch is a 60+ page VR mini-adventure you have to complete in order to proceed during Kiro’s recruitment.

It was slow to code as it required all the transformations to be applied to your statblock in the end instead of during – which also meant a lot of extra work for things like genital routing. I’d have to check “pc.hasCock()” and also things like “flags[“KQ_VR_LLAERWYN”] == 2″ or whatever, since (SPOILERZ!) some of the events can give you additional genitals. The bust artists are going to have their hands full churning out all the graphics for these NPCs, though I’m tempted to use some old Helia art for one of them…

0.8.029 Changelog:

  • A VR adventure now blocks the path to Doctor Po’s lab! This is part of the unfinished “Kiro Recruitment Quest” that can be playtested using the “doll” cheat code. Be aware that this content features a high degree of forced transformation. (Mostly written by Wsan)
  • The VR adventure includes: A male goblin, a sprite, a cursed princess, a salamander, and a demon “boss”.
  • Thyvara’s author has been properly credited as “Redknight910”.

There will be another public patch tomorrow with a bit of late Halloween content from Gardeford and some other odds and ends.

New Since Last Public Patch:

[Public | TiTS] Images out the Wazoo

Delicious thigh sex for Bianca drawn by Octomush

Hey guys, I spent the afternoon putting together a whole mess of new busts and images for the image pack, which has also been updated if you’d like to play with it. I only saw one bug report for the new version show up on the forums, so I cleared that and sent this patch to the compile farm for you all to enjoy!

Coming soon: more backer stuff.

0.8.021 Changelog:

  • New image pack images: vaginally riding jumpers (with variants for each jumper), fanfir wall slut, gabilani wall slut, raskvel wall sluts, leithan wall slut, tura wall sluttery, and lots of Bianca stuff: Bianca Bent Over, Bianca Cunnilingus, Bianca Thigh Sex, and Bianca Working.
  • New busts: Bianca clothed & naked (by No Limit), wall slut busts, Synphia, Zheng Shi spacewalk boss robot, nude raskvel dockmaster bust variant, Perdita, and the Gabilani piloting the LGBT (though nothing yet for the walker).
  • Fixed some typos in Big T and an error in Eitan where it would talk about your prostate getting pounded as a lady.

[Public | TiTS] Have a Thing!

Futa Penny Panties CG courtesy of DCL. The version without a depth of field effect will be in the image pack (and on the backers post.)

0.8.018 Changelog:

  • The Treated Male Zil, by Altair, is now able to found on Mhen’ga, coded by Lighterfluid.
  • A snakeboy can now be met on Extrameet for cloaca fun, penned by Gardeford.
  • Fixes courtesy of Jacques00 and Whimsalot.
  • New Penny image for the image pack. (Available here)
  • Syri’s panty picture should now display with using her panties in the image pack version (Penny’s new pic too).

I’m going to burrow back into Kiro’s recruitment quest now. Wish me luck!

What Else Is New?

  • New hostile ship fight: Star Viper Pilot!
  • Bianca was added to the game!
  • Perdita the smut-writing ausar was added to the game!
  • The SecOps in Zheng Shi got an expansion with new bad ends and and a new scene!
  • New Item: Soak!
  • Mitzi got new options for being given some Soak…
  • New Bust: Mitzi Valentines day edition, Star Viper Pilot,
  • It is now possible to buy items in multiples.
  • Some cheat codes were changed to use less inflammatory language.

[Public | TiTS] At Long Last

Adjatha’s depiction of a rather… T H I C C “wall slut.”

Small patch today, but them’s the breaks when I get stuck reconfiguring my software with a broken macro and a big Windows update that it won’t shut up about. Don’t even get me started the intel driver I had to futz with on my laptop in order to get it to install. After that I mucked about with the bust backlog, and everything appears to be working great.

The next backer’s patch will likely contain a new transformation drug or ship battle. Soon!

0.8.012 Changelog:

  • New Busts: the “wall sluts” (except Tura) and Fadil.
  • Alex’s rework by BubbleLord is live to hopefully give a little more depth and granularity to a very early-game, basic NPC. Coded by Kitteh6660.
  • A few incorrect ‘source’ images in the codebase have been updated to the correct version.
  • Lots of fixes.

New This Month:

  • You can steal the Sidewinder from Zheng Shi! Keep in mind that in order to do this, you have to ditch your old ship… and deal with some consequences of your actions.
  • New Crew Member: Olympia! (Requires stealing the Sidewinder.)
  • In line with the above, Teyaal has a new ship battle with a sexy new bad end.
  • New NPC: Kiona the jeweler, found in Korg’ii Hold.
  • New(ish) NPC: Nykke has returned with a new backstory.
  • Yoma got an expansion!
  • Synphia’s content is fully fleshed out and complete, including ball-sucking and “deep sucks”.
  • Two new scenes for the Frost dragon.
  • Hostile raskvel females can be mating pressed.
  • Amber has new scenes for “draining” her.
  • New transformation item: Areolove (for those who like unique nipples)!
  • New starter race: Suula (the shark-harpy species).
  • A new option for having log notices appear in-line with current scene text is now available. Please note: In some rare instances this may cause log notices not to display.
  • New Cheat: “sjw”. This converts all usage of the word “shemale” to the less objectionable “dick-girl”.

Psssst. I updated the image pack too. Due to a missing a chunk of submitted code, the Image Pack actually includes a face-sitting scene for Anno (by William) that’s not included in the normal release. It’ll be there in subsequent patches for everyone.

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