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[Public | TiTS] Have a Thing!

Futa Penny Panties CG courtesy of DCL. The version without a depth of field effect will be in the image pack (and on the backers post.)

0.8.018 Changelog:

  • The Treated Male Zil, by Altair, is now able to found on Mhen’ga, coded by Lighterfluid.
  • A snakeboy can now be met on Extrameet for cloaca fun, penned by Gardeford.
  • Fixes courtesy of Jacques00 and Whimsalot.
  • New Penny image for the image pack. (Available here)
  • Syri’s panty picture should now display with using her panties in the image pack version (Penny’s new pic too).

I’m going to burrow back into Kiro’s recruitment quest now. Wish me luck!

What Else Is New?

  • New hostile ship fight: Star Viper Pilot!
  • Bianca was added to the game!
  • Perdita the smut-writing ausar was added to the game!
  • The SecOps in Zheng Shi got an expansion with new bad ends and and a new scene!
  • New Item: Soak!
  • Mitzi got new options for being given some Soak…
  • New Bust: Mitzi Valentines day edition, Star Viper Pilot,
  • It is now possible to buy items in multiples.
  • Some cheat codes were changed to use less inflammatory language.

[Public | TiTS] At Long Last

Adjatha’s depiction of a rather… T H I C C “wall slut.”

Small patch today, but them’s the breaks when I get stuck reconfiguring my software with a broken macro and a big Windows update that it won’t shut up about. Don’t even get me started the intel driver I had to futz with on my laptop in order to get it to install. After that I mucked about with the bust backlog, and everything appears to be working great.

The next backer’s patch will likely contain a new transformation drug or ship battle. Soon!

0.8.012 Changelog:

  • New Busts: the “wall sluts” (except Tura) and Fadil.
  • Alex’s rework by BubbleLord is live to hopefully give a little more depth and granularity to a very early-game, basic NPC. Coded by Kitteh6660.
  • A few incorrect ‘source’ images in the codebase have been updated to the correct version.
  • Lots of fixes.

New This Month:

  • You can steal the Sidewinder from Zheng Shi! Keep in mind that in order to do this, you have to ditch your old ship… and deal with some consequences of your actions.
  • New Crew Member: Olympia! (Requires stealing the Sidewinder.)
  • In line with the above, Teyaal has a new ship battle with a sexy new bad end.
  • New NPC: Kiona the jeweler, found in Korg’ii Hold.
  • New(ish) NPC: Nykke has returned with a new backstory.
  • Yoma got an expansion!
  • Synphia’s content is fully fleshed out and complete, including ball-sucking and “deep sucks”.
  • Two new scenes for the Frost dragon.
  • Hostile raskvel females can be mating pressed.
  • Amber has new scenes for “draining” her.
  • New transformation item: Areolove (for those who like unique nipples)!
  • New starter race: Suula (the shark-harpy species).
  • A new option for having log notices appear in-line with current scene text is now available. Please note: In some rare instances this may cause log notices not to display.
  • New Cheat: “sjw”. This converts all usage of the word “shemale” to the less objectionable “dick-girl”.

Psssst. I updated the image pack too. Due to a missing a chunk of submitted code, the Image Pack actually includes a face-sitting scene for Anno (by William) that’s not included in the normal release. It’ll be there in subsequent patches for everyone.

[Backers | TiTS] Kiona + Synphia + Public Bug Fixes

Bizzy is so modest…

Alright, we’ve got a double header coming at you guys tonight: a patch to clean up some bugs in the public patch (because you guys are worth the extra effort) and some new content for our backers (because you guys support us and deserve support back).

[Public] Patch 0.8.003 Changelog:

  • Missing busts should be active again.
  • Some tweaks to the vaginaNoun parser to put it in line with the cockNoun parser. (vaginaNounSimple / vaginaNounComplex both exist now, writers.)
  • PC ships should now spawn with full armor. Previously, they were not spawning with bonus armor awarded by PC stats… which could lead to thinks like your ship being damaged at creation (or purchase).
  • Various other bugfixes courtesy of Jacques00 and myself.

[Backer] Patch 0.8.004 Changelog:

  • New NPC in Korg’ii Hold: Kiona the Jeweler. Written by Lkynmbr24 and coded by DrunkZombie. This adds a bunch of new piercings and adds some as drops to some Uveto NPCs. This should also content for the Battle for Korg’ii Hold and after, as well as a quest to collect a new Uvetan mineral.
    • Note: I haven’t personally tested Kiona’s content, so please peruse her content with a keen eye for bugs and a finger on the bug report forum in case anything is amiss.
  • Synphia’s “Deep Sucks” option should now be enabled, with two orgasm options (but not if you take the venom). There’s a lot going on with Synphia, so let me know if any text seems out of place or wonky in the new content.
  • New Busts: Bizzy the kaithrit camwhore and the Corona Lord “Pyrotech” as I’ve called her in the code.
  • The Lapinara encounter on Tarkus has been disabled, their codex updated, and most mentions of them by NPCs in and around Tarkus eliminated. Why? The team felt Lapinara were one of the weakest encounters on the planet and didn’t exactly mesh well with the rest. Additionally, their scenes tended toward brevity quite a bit more than is expected in the game nowadays. This change will enable us to use them in the wider context of the universe in the future and hopefully do more with them.
    • Fear not! If you liked them as they were, the cheat ‘laplove’ will toggle all their old content back on, even Colenso’s prophylactic.

P.S. It’s 3:30am here. I’m going to sleep.

[Public | TiTS] Part Two: Now With Another Beej

Slyveren primed for fucking by MrPink. Yum!

Did you think I forgot about my promise? I didn’t, but first, let me mention another game I promised I’d give a shout: Cloud 10. I played around with the demo the other day myself, and it shows a lot of promise. It leans into a similar sort of form as CoC, but the way they’ve wrapped its random “explore -> get encounter” loop for sci-fi is quite well done. Nonesuch, a writer who has chipped in exceptional work since the mid-days of CoC, is the lead writer, and it shows. It’s also got some scenes from a small selection of other TiTS-approved writers that I’m not going to try to list right now but that I wish were still writing for TiTS. If it’s to your liking, consider giving their Patreon a few bucks.

Whew. The text game space is getting more crowded! It may be bad for my wallet, but it’s good for my boner. That’s a trade I’ll take most days… as long as bills aren’t due. (And hopefully Nonesuch’s own Patreon-fans can keep convincing him to do TiTS commissions here and there. The man writes tentacles like nobody’s business – except the tentaboners’!)

Now, without further ado, the 0.8.002 Changelog:

  • Synphia can now give “service” to characters with phalli. She has lots of reactivity to: different features, using her repeatedly, and to different levels of output. She also has options for using her venom or not with lots of variations scattered throughout the scene. I wasn’t able to finish her second blowjob “path” for this patch (or the optional ball-teasing). That’ll have to come for backer builds, I’m afraid.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: It appears many of the new busts authored by Adjatha were inexplicably disabled during a merge between branches on git. This will be fixed in the future. The busts are alive and well, and I promise they’ll be back next time.
  • The Image Pack got updated! If you like playing with the ability to peek at higher resolution busts and having chunks of art embedded in some of the scenes, today’s a good day for you!


[PUBLIC | TiTS] Somehow Late on Top of Being Late

Tura CG by MrPink.

By the time I got done with my morning errands I had a plumber and an air conditioning guy coming by the house. Needless to say, I am late, and here we are, and this is part one of the public patch. Sorry for the delay!

More will be coming…

0.8.001 Changelog:

  • We’ve bumped up to 0.8.001 so that Savin will stop asking me when we are going to bump to 0.8.0*. Also, ship battles, customization, and storage are a thing, so it’s fitting.
  • A new scene for getting a blowjob from Nessa has been added to the game. (Written by William, coded by Lighterflud)
  • The hyena transformation item, Cackler, should be available at select vending machines and in Jade’s inventory. (Written by Freed)
  • Various and sundry bug fixes.

What’s New This Month?

  • New Mechanics: It is now possible to purchase ships from a variety of NPCs in the game and customize them with specific upgrades. You can also own multiple ships and keep some of them in storage in Tavros Station. If you’re struggling to find space for your entire crew, the ‘clowncar’ cheat is now available as well.
  • New NPCs: Synphia the Slyveren Mechanic on Uveto, the Dockmaster on Tarkus, Fadil in Anon’s Bar on Tarkus, and Bizzy the kaithrit camwhore.
  • New Scenes: Blowing futa Shekka, Shekka’s extrameet profile, and Kaede’s extrameet profile.
  • New Expansions: Fixing Dr. Badger’s silicone lab, repairing the Doll Maker, pregnancy with Mirrin, attending a wedding with Tessa, and bondage with Xotchi on Uveto,
  • New Busts: Breedwell Matron, “The Servant”, Lurelings & Marions, Una, Zheng Shi’s Mining Robots, the Forgehound, Vark, Ushamee in Canadia, the Tarkus Dockmaster, and the War Alpha from the battle for Korg’ii Hold.

This doesn’t seem like the longest list, but that’s only because I clumped everything together under different headings. A whole lot of fan submitted projects made it into the game this month, and on top of that we’ve had the pleasure of building out the whole new ship sub-system. It may be one bullet point, but if you check the changelogs for the past month, you’ll see a lot of work went into it.

I hope you all enjoy and that next month can be ever better!

[PUBLIC | TiTS] May the Fourth Be With You

This isn’t a huge one, largely thanks to my efforts to clear the submission backlog and real life situations that had me riding the edge of a panic attack for a few days this week (cutting caffeine, back to back days of dental work, and getting a mortgage is tough). The good news is that I cleared through more than four months of piled up submissions and have climbed out of the 2018 backlog and into the 2019 submission pile. Last night I found a great new scene for the Male Punk SecOp, which was quite invigorating after having to reject more than 75% of submissions. Also of note: Mirrin has a huge expansion pack on the way. I’ve green-lit it pending the acceptance of a small mountain of edits.

Next weekend, you can find myself and most of the staff of TiTS and CoC2 at Furry Weekend Atlanta. If you’re in the area and wanna drop by to say hi, we will be putting on a little panel from 10:30 to 11:30 Friday night where we run through the history of how we got here and delve deep into what it’s like to work on these smutty behemoths, followed by what usually winds up being a lengthy Q/A and a “Name That Pokemon”-style game with merch for prizes.

0.7.279 Changelog:

  • A new encounter with a Slyveren toying with one of Rat’s Raiders can be found in the “prefab” tiles of the foundry. The event can only occur once every 4 days and has a few options for how you’d like to interact with it. Written by William, coded by Lighterfluid. Personally, it tickles the old Fenoxo fetish buttons pretty hard!
  • Lots of fixes and tweaks for Roxy.
  • Nova should now slurp you clean when you get covered with juices. This one is relatively untested, so let me know if you hit a bug with it (and maybe attach a save file to your bug report so we can jump on fixing it post-haste).
  • New Bust: Corona Lord Flamer (AKA: Firepup)

May is shaping up to be a great month. I’m going to get 100% caught up on the backlog if it kills me. Expect expansions for existing submitted NPCs, new Transformations, and hopefully me getting to delve into some of my own backlogged waifu quests.

What Else Is New This Month? (For Non-Backers)

  • New character: Roxy the Laquine (Uveto)
  • New enemy: Corona Lord Flamer (Zheng Shi)
  • New enemy: Lureling (Uveto)
  • More Dane content (Zheng Shi)
  • New Threesome: Amber and Celise
  • New Scene: Amber mounting bipeds with the help of taur toys
  • Not in game, but the blog has a new fiction entry by B featuring some imprisoned slyverens that is quite hot. Very hot.

[PUBLIC: TiTS] Roooooooo!

Roo taking care of the PC after an intense round of blackjack by Octomush!

Before I get too deep into it, I’d like to remind you all that CoC2 also had a public patch a few days ago.

Now what’s new in this patch? 0.7.273 Changelog, here we go:

  • [0.7.274 Fix] Roo now stands at 16 while the robot dealer stands at 17.
  • [0.7.274 Fix] Fixed a crash on Roo’s “Table Fuck” scene.
  • [0.7.274 Fix] Fixed an issue with blackjack that would prevent the dealer from hitting to their assigned value if doing so would cause them to win early.
  • New NPC in Zheng Shi’s Recreation Deck: Roo the blackjack dealer. This cute bunny-cat will reward your victories by progressively stripping down and eventually climaxing messily. This no easy feat on its own, but if you can do it repeatedly, she’ll even start offering you sex afterwards. Lady Luck be with you! (Thanks to William for writing her. Here’s hoping I didn’t mangle the coding too bad!)
  • New image pack images added: Roo table fuck and Roo under table lick.
  • You can no longer bet mid-game in blackjack, and the dealer stands at 17.
  • Assorted typo and bug fixes thanks to Jacques00.

What’s new this month?

  • Less joke text replacements during the April Fool’s event.
  • New SSTD on April Fool’s: Cooties. (Use the ’tistheseason’ cheat if you want to experience this now.)
  • New April Fool’s dream for those with Kase on the crew and a penis of their own.
  • New in-game story: Breeding Sylvie.
  • New Scenes: Threesomes with Anno&Amber, Jabbing Haley with Throbb, Sera Milkings, Hyper Kelly BJs, Aliss Frottage+Panties, Scoring Milodan tail with Syri, new Sellera interactions.
  • New NPC Encounter: Dane on Zheng Shi’s Recreation Deck.
  • New NPC Expansion: Luca (the VR parlor owner on Canadia Station).
  • New Locale: Cherry’s Tap-House is now available on the recreation deck with a variety of wall-bound women to play with.
  • New Pregnancy: Laquine, including the PC being pregnant or impregnating the Bored Jumpers.
  • New Busts: Cherry, Milodan Temptress (Shou variant), Ziresh, and Alvella.
  • Ula now properly assumes leadership of the tribe after the Battle for Korg’ii Hold.

What’s coming this month for backers? A new NPC in Zheng Shi and more Dane content in the short term with greater prizes beyond!

<3 you guys!

[Public | TiTS] Korging It Up

I’m pretty sure this bust variant isn’t used in game, so enjoy it~ (Drawn by Adjatha)

Another month and another new content patch! We at least got a pretty decent event to round this one out – the Siegwulf dominance upgrade, but I must once again express my disappointment that I didn’t provide more for you guys. At least my stream went swimmingly for about 9 hours before I finally petered out and pushed this patch. Most of that time was eaten up by coming up with things to populate the recreational deck’s pathway descriptions with or adjusting flags for various body parts to support ear upgrades.

I intend to run another stream for 3-4 hours tomorrow around the same time and hopefully get a few scenes for backers to sample in the evening. I let you guys down a bit, and this month we’re gonna go hard to try and compensate.

0.7.265 Changelog:

  • Image Pack Available. Yes it is still currently only a raw .swf.
  • You can now take your Siegwulf to Dr. Badger for an upgrade. It’ll make her a lot dommier. Big thanks to Wsan for writing and Lighterflud for coding her!
  • New Busts: War Alpha (clothed), Kimber, Zea, Fisianna, Korg Chieftain (included silly mode variant), and Milodan Infiltrator. Good work, Shou & Adjatha!
  • The recreation deck’s main navigational thoroughfares have been fully described. It took me way too long to churn through those 20-odd rooms, so be sure and let me know if there’s any lingering typos hanging out in there.
  • All the ear transformations in the game should now clear flags and set appropriate ones. This took longer than I’d like to admit.
  • Horse tails now have the new “floppy” attribute (same as floppy bunny ears), to indicate its lack of coordination relative to more solid tails.
  • Jacques00 has cleaned up a lot of code related to pumped attributes.
  • Laquine ear effect probabilities have been adjusted.
  • Some fixes to the Ten Ton Gym girls have been added, courtesy of TheRealDrunkZombie.

New This Month:

  • More gloryhole interactions in the bathroom of Kally’s bar.
  • Big additions to the Laquine Ears item, overhauling how floppy ears are assigned as well.
  • A valentines event was added on Valentines day.
  • Some new images for the image pack.
  • New Scenes: Mitzi public fun (by Doots), Mitzi tentacle fun (by Nonesuch), thank you tit-fuck with Nenne and Tuuva (by B).

Remember that if you want to become a backer, our Patreon’s in easy reaching distance.


-That dumb minotaur

[PUBLIC | TiTS] Merry New Years

Doots got me a lovely Christmas Kiro from Son237. Maybe next year we can open the box, if we’re good boys and girls!

So uh… this is turning into a real bear of a month for me. I’m basically going to AWOL this week due to having houseguests for the next five days or so, after which I have some headaches to deal with in regards to immigration. Hopefully by the 10th things will settle down, and I can get back to the grind.

I did some work for the Invasion of Korg’ii Hold quest that I’ve had planned forever – mostly the introduction event and framing for the first optional combat encounter as well as the start of the hold’s siege proper. Since a fair amount of the content is written already, I hope to be fairly nimble in its development and have the whole event finished before the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

0.7.251 Changelog:

  • A new scene for Krissy, written by Thirdgames, is available.
  • It should no longer be possible to proc combat encounters when loading a save.
  • Lots of assorted fixes.
  • Unfortunately, it looks like Jacques00 made the SynthSheath limit apply to the one available from Riya’s Christmas party event… I’m probably going to remove this in a future build. A Christmas event totally shouldn’t be limited in such a way. It’s a present!

There’s at least one decent-sized chunk of submitted code in the pull requests. Hopefully I can slide that through within the next week.

[Public | TiTS] Merry Christmas!

0.7.250 Changelog:

  • A new holiday encounter has been added! Encounter Krissy the reindeer girl, stuck away from her home after a Christmas Party. Are you a bad enough dude to give her a ride home? (I wrote this one!)
  • Various typo fixes and such.

What’s New This Month:

  • The final boss encounter of Zheng Shi is now live. You can face off with the Shock Hopper and L.D.C.!
  • New holiday events: Gwen Christmas (#2), Rat’s Raidersmas, Riya’s Holiday Party, Holidays at Embrys, Femdom Goblin Dream
  • New Busts: Dr. Teyaal, Olympia, and all six Rat’s Raiders,
  • New Event(s): Cow-girl femdom dreams on New Texas.
  • New Event: Showering with Paige.
  • New Expansion: Pregnancy for Quaelle.
  • New Option: Naming pet varmints.
  • New Option: Penny bimbofication and turning in Dr. Badger
  • New Transformation Item: Mousearella Cheese.
  • Probably some other stuff I forgot!

Thank you to all of you: our staff, our supporters, our community writers/coders, and all of you who have had kind words to share about the things we’ve done. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and I’ll see you guys on the other side!

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