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Happy New Year!

A bit early, I know, but I have in-laws coming in for a couple days, so my time to smut around is going to be limited at best. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

[Public] Milodan Breeding Solstice – THE FINAL PUBPATCH

0.7.122 Changelog:

  • QuestyRobo’s “Milodan Breeding Solstice” event has been added to the game. For optimal experience, turn on silly mode first (or you won’t see the second half!) Requirements: Low chance of encounter on any combat square. Requires genitals (and an unfertilized womb if feminine).
  • Shade’s event has been reworked AGAIN. Now she won’t send you the email until after you’ve been to her house for the first time on Uveto, and the logic for determining which variations of the scene you get has been simplified. Here’s hoping this solves everyone’s problems with it.

0.7.123 Changelog:

  • Fixed a bug that stopped the female breeding solstice from proccing unless you had multiple vaginas.
  • UpcastDrake slipped in Gwen’s holiday event as well!

That’s it for Christmas unless UpcastDrake winds up doing one of the other events. Leftovers will be held onto for next year. I’m going to go back into “bang out Korg’ii Hold” mode.

Art of Urta, Shizuya (a submitted character), and Risky Boots from the Shantae games, apparently. Drawn by Ber00. Alternates on his tumblr.

[Public] Randy Claws & Fynmas

0.7.120 Changelog:

  • The Randy Claws event has been added to the game! You should get an email that triggers an interesting dream next sleep – if you know Ciaran.
  • Some fixes to Shade’s event for those with more… complicated relationships with her.

(UPDATE:) 0.7.121 Changelog:

  • Fyn now has seasonal sex scenes for you to enjoy! Four of them, to be precise!

Quick confession – UpcastDrake actually coded Randy Claws in last night, not long after I pushed the last patch, but at that point I was out the door to go to karaoke with a friend. House maintenance ate up most of my time this morning, but I’ve spent some time fixing bugs and am going to code one more holiday thing before rolling back into normalcy. More stuff from this contest will definitely slip in for next year, though!

Christmas Penny by Liliruru.

[Public] Myrna the Christmas Korg

0.7.119 Changelog:

  • Myrna the Christmas Korg is now in game. She is a rare encounter in hostile squares in Uveto. Once you meet her, she will appear in a specific square on Uveto. Hint: southeast of town.
  • Some typo fixes.
  • Some under the hood stuff to prepare the .exe version for use.

Big shout-out to everyone who submitted stuff to the contest. I look forward to seeing another entry or two roll into the game. Just like last year, we’ll be holding onto the rest of the results for potential use in the years to come. <3

XXX-Mas Contest Results!

It’s over! (But at least one more patch is coming.) The winners are….

  1. “Myrna” by Lkynmbr24
  2. “Santa’s Little Helper” by Vixen_Vaccine AND (a tie) “Milodan Breeding Solstice” by QuestyRobobobobobobobo
  3. “Holly” by Ess
  4. “Randy Claws” by Night Trap

Once more, I’m going to give 5th the same prize as 3rd place ($100), because something something something giving season, yadda yadda yadda. Also both entries that tied for 2nd place will get the full $250. Authors, please contact me at to claim your fabulous prizes. If you didn’t win but your entry still gets in, please give me a boop on my snoot for your prize dollarydoos!

A link to the full grading document can be found posted in the submission thread for the contest. Thanks again for the effort, energy, and love you guys baked into these. We’re going to code a few more of these then roll back to our regularly scheduled content for a good long while.


P.S. You guys seen this Venture Seas game? They just put out a demo that shows a TON of potential! The guy that makes it did a thing called “Euphorian Tide” that was very CoC-inspired back in the day, and I suppose this is the next step in its progression!

[Public] Merry Festivus!

Happy Holidays to everyone of every faith and culture! If you don’t have a holiday, that’s cool. You get presents anyway. Despite a busy weekend that kept me away from a computer most of the time, I managed to finish grading up all the contest entries from the contest and even code a short event Savin wrote up for the season. UpcastDrake has volunteered to code another good submission, so I’ve passed him Anno’s. I’ll try and update you guys as soon as I have something on that front.

0.7.117 Changelog:

  • A Christmas celebration with Shade has been added! The way I wired it up… it SHOULD be repeatable every year. Due to how convoluted Shade’s encounters on Uveto are set up, it might be buggy. Note: requires Shade to be on Uveto and on good terms with the PC.
  • Jacques00 slipped in a “Twink-Ease” item.
  • Fixed a few bugs with the Candy Rahn.
  • Various other fixes.
  • <3

0.7.118 Changelog:

  • HugsAlright’s Anno Christmas event has been coded by UpcastDrake. Thanks d00d!
  • I fixed a parsing bug in Shade’s email.

I know I said I was gonna stop dumping Servik’s art up here, but I couldn’t turn down a seasonally appropriate Aliss!

P.S. Savin and Adjatha are still finishing up grading. Once they get done, I’ll run the scores through the sorting hat and see who gets to Hufflepuff their way to first place. Thus far the scores have been surprising. Now I’ve got to run – these stockings aren’t going to stuff and hang themselves!


[Backers] Candy Canes and Erra-Tauriffic Content

0.7.116 Changelog

  • Erra and Liamme have had edits to their scenes to better accommodate centaur-style PC’s. Thanks, HugsAlright!
  • After reviewing twelve submissions for the Christmas contest, I coded the first one I graded: The Candy Rahn. She can be found in “the freezer” on Uveto during the holiday season. There are lots of promising entries thus far!
  • Some typo fixes.

A public build will release on the 24th or 25th, depending on how busy things are on my end. The art is one last piece from Servik. I should probably stop fellating him at this point and just get a room!

Difficulties Running The Game

Hey guys, we’re aware of a number of problems people are having running the game. Both Chrome and Firefox are cutting their flash support to a minimum (or out entirely). Because of this, they don’t like to run downloaded copies of the game any longer. As you can imagine, this creates a significant problem for some of our less technologically-inclined backers.


Just something like 60-ish entries to take care of! I’d like to give a huge thanks to everyone who submitted something. I hope they’re all phenomenal pieces that can find their way into the game, and even if they aren’t, I hope the experience remains a positive for you authors out there. These kinds of events always make me proud of the games and community we’ve built together.

I can’t wait to see what we do next!

I also coded some edits to Erra/Liamme by HugsAlright to make them properly support taurs. If he keeps going the extra mile like this, I’m going to crown him top writer!

[Backers] Liamme, Kase, Talking with Ula, and Busts

0.7.115 Changelog:

  • New busts: Myrra(not yet in game), Amma nude, Oggy nude, korgonne males (3 variants), and Erika.
  • New code to make it more convenient to pile more busts into an existing bust display. Previously we had manually track what all busts were being displayed, then clear and display them all at once. Now the game has a system for tossing an extra one in if needed – which will make showing all the NPCs in a bar much easier, for example.
  • Ula’s talk menu has been fleshed out. I may add some more options after the Christmas contest, when I go back to finishing up the hold.
  • Kase now has a random event where you can catch him getting some help from Anno with math.
  • Liamme can be bumped into in Aliss’s shop if you’ve done the exhibitionism scene with him.
  • Liamme now has an option for getting taken with a hardlight strap-on.
  • Various other tweaks and fixes.

I’ve got my D&D game to run tonight (which I haven’t DMed in forever due to being down with the sickness), but later tonight/tomorrow I’m going to dive into grading Christmas stuff and pumping out the best bits for you guys to enjoy. Looking forward to it!

Big thanks to HugsAlright for having some small stuff I could work on adding to the game over the weekend.

I’d also like to once again thank Servik for producing such lovely fanart!

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