0.7.120 Changelog:

  • The Randy Claws event has been added to the game! You should get an email that triggers an interesting dream next sleep – if you know Ciaran.
  • Some fixes to Shade’s event for those with more… complicated relationships with her.

(UPDATE:) 0.7.121 Changelog:

  • Fyn now has seasonal sex scenes for you to enjoy! Four of them, to be precise!

Quick confession – UpcastDrake actually coded Randy Claws in last night, not long after I pushed the last patch, but at that point I was out the door to go to karaoke with a friend. House maintenance ate up most of my time this morning, but I’ve spent some time fixing bugs and am going to code one more holiday thing before rolling back into normalcy. More stuff from this contest will definitely slip in for next year, though!

Christmas Penny by Liliruru.