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Guess I best say hello…

AuShouShou here!

Most of you know me, and have seen my live streams, but I’ve never actually posted anything on the blog but livestream announcements. So I guess here I am saying hi, and introducing myself. My job with the team is solely art based, although Savin is trying to make me do writes – we’ll see how that goes. It might take off it might not. Hm. Hmm!


For anyone who wants, the places you can find me are :

As a side note, I’ve also started a small GoFundMe to finally try to replace my old, beat to shit desk that I complain about every time I stream.

Um. I suppose that’s everything? Can’t think of much else. Drop me a line, I Suppose! I love talking to people!

Beautiful pic done for me by the lovely as ever, Vivinspace from our Forums! Check out their thread!

Shades of Shade

Shade Topless (Shou)Something like 14,000 words later, it occurs to me I may have made Shade somewhat more involved than originally intended. For those of you who enjoy roleplaying, I think her little mini-expansion here will give you some meat to chew on if you’ve set yourself on one of her more complex relationship paths. Just about done with it, aside from a couple alterations to her existing talk/sex stuff so that she can be properly moved to Uveto. Also included: an introduction to her daughter Astra, who I’m very much looking forward to seeing in-game.

Once I’ve got Shade wrapped up enough for now, I reckon it’s about time Reaha’s addiction cure path got some love. Assuming I can avoid any more health crises anyway (I’m doing better, by all accounts).

Not much to say other than that. Just figured I’d touch base once in a full blue moon.

Also share a sexy new pin-up version of Shade’s bust, by our resident Shoupup. Kitty momma got back (and a heck of a lot in front, too)!

P.S. Also got some art of the Gnoll Princess from CoC by Cheshire, post some incidental TFs while adventuring. Was saving it for last week, but I somehow avoided bad-ending myself in Adjatha’s game! Try, try again I guess.

[Backers] Tainted Space 0.6.56 – Vaginal Tweaks

cheshireCatSmile37_hawktaur0.6.56 Changelog:

  • The function to describe female anatomy has been overhauled with a number of tweaks and improvements for noun and adjective selection.
  • New scenes for parasitic tails for: Zephyr, Vanae, and losing to Mimbranes (with more on the way), courtesy of Frogapus and Zeikfried.
  • Kui-Tan vaginas now have proper description nouns (and a bit more special flavor to them!)
  • ‘Nuki Cookies now fully transform vaginas.
  • Toys for Inessa and Lerris’ shops should no longer be duplicated between the two inventories.
  • Added a new toy to Inessa’s shop – the SukMastr 2000. You may recognize it from a certain Kiro scene.
  • More adjustments and tweaks to the Gray Goo armor.

I’ve got some busts I need to throw in there too, but I do believe it’s bedtime for now. You guys will get to see all that new hotness soon enough.

Pictured at left: a bust I snagged from CheshireCatSmile37 for a character I intend to write on Phaedra II, my planned post-apocalyptic world. Not pictured: a Kiro bust with ginormous boobs AND balls from Adjatha. Expect to see that if I can ever get around to Kiro’s follower expansion/quest.

Overwatched and Underworked!

Big surprise: Overwatch came out and I played it too damned much yesterday. With that said, I did finish up the scene for using the SukMastr 2000 on yourself to pump up your pussy. So yay, stuff still got done!

I’m probably going to be only get 5-6 hours of work in a day this week while I burn myself out on what I consider to be Team Fortress 3, the sequel to a game I banked 1,300 hours in. But do not despair! For one, I’ve started overhauling vagina descriptions (and I intend to work on dick descriptions). One of the goals is to add more variety (thus, special flavor adjectives for bimbos and bros, among other things – like the pussy pumps) and to cut down on descriptions that aren’t ‘fun’. For instance, if your vagina is neither loose nor tight, why bother throwing out a word for it? If your pussy is bone dry, why say anything at all? Also, why bother throwing the word “terran” out ten goddamn times every other scene simply because you like to play human?

I’m trying to address all of these issues with the current systems and more. For example, the vaginal wetness descriptor will base itself off the PC’s lust score. If you are under 33 lust and get in a scene, it’ll describe you as if you’re one level of wetness below your character’s normal wetness rating. Similarly, being above 66 will have the opposite effect. IMO, 3 base wetness is going to be the best spot, since bimbos with lust above 100 can get it to display as if they had the maximum wetness of 5 (being over 100 lust is +2 wetness). Another fun thing is all vagina descriptions will have fun flavor words for bimbos, regardless of who they are on. I need to do the same thing with dicks so my bimbo PCs can look at Penny’s “yummy-looking horse-cock.” (I guess we need NPCs with customizable pussies so this feature can get some use…)

Did I mention the pussy pump yet? It can permanently swell up your pussy through two tiers of description. Ever wanted a chubby pussy or a lewdly swollen cunt? You can get them. Not sure when we’ll get a way to reverse that (aside from Dr. Lash), so you’ll want to use it with caution. Also includes a brief line in the appearance screen as well. The only real downside as far as I’m concerned is that when you reach the maximum level of pumped up, you can’t use the machine anymore since your pussy fills the cup. Well, that and that there’s no scene for using it on multiple vaginas at once. Maybe I can con someone into doing something like that down the road, but I don’t think any of my usual suspects are into that sort of thing.

One thing on my to-do list is setting up the appearance screen so that genital descriptions will be reliable and simple rather than flavorful. So I’ve got that on my plate as well. You might see a patch for backers before I hit the sack for bed tonight – we’ll see. I’m going to put in another 20 minutes or so, and then get dragged off to shoot folks.

Cya, bras!

[Backer Release] Tainted Space 0.6.55

cheshireCatSmile37_emmy_dof_nudePATREON ALERT: I can’t post the game on there right now because the posting dialogue appears to be borked. I’ll try again in the morning – gotta get some Z’s. The Patreon build is up!

Gedan has been super busy working on trying to get us a better way to distribute the builds to Offbeatr and Patreon supporters alike, so there haven’t been as many hands in the code as of late. That said, we still have some new content for you guys to play with!

0.6.55 Changelog:

  • New scenes for the dryad and male zil for those with female parasitic tails.
  • New busts for: the pexiga, Terensha, Anno, Horace Decker, Female Lane, Nayna, the bathing Myr Honeypot, and the group of gold myr bathers.
  • Add a mysterious item that makes butts bigger. For now, I threw it somewhere on Uveto, but it’ll move to some mad scientist’s lair down the road.
  • Gryvain members have been added to the D.Designer.
  • Added a bad-end to the Nyrea – don’t lose too many times in a row.
  • Probably a few other tweaks here or there.

Emmy can’t fit all this awesome in her panties (by CheshireCatSmile37!)

Progress Update

b6I’m terrible at working at what I say I’m going to work on. Instead of working on ship combat stuff, I’ve been working on the “buttslutinator mark 2,” a device which makes the PC’s butt super big, super sensitive, and causes them to heal from anal cumshots with enough uses. It also causes a bad-end if used too many times. That’s the part I’m writing now.

The other day I put together a small flash in an hour while watching Sherlock with my fiancee. I have far too small of an attention span to merely watch television. The ol’ brain is always ticking along on something! Anyway, Snao did up a lovely set of breast and penis expansion images that I saw on my twitter feed and felt compelled to turn into a simple little flash. Be sure and check out his tumblr and patreon if you like ’em.

Edit: Finished the bad-end. It clocks in about 1,500 words. Gotta edit it tomorrow then whip it up into code along with some bounty board stuff!

Werk It

Anno Clothed (Cheshire)(I’ll be honest I’m mostly making this post because aaaaahhhh oh my god new Anno busts yay)

*Ehem* So I’m going to try and ease back into work and streams this week. Medication and sleep deprivation are leaving me feeling a little weird still, but the smut train just ain’t got no brakes. Can’t promise how much I’m going to be able to get done in the immediate future, but barring any more unfortunate incidents, I’m hoping to have Shade’s mini-update done on the writing front sometime next week. Thank you all for the many, many well-wishes and stories on my last post. I really do appreciate them.

Art credit to Cheshire, who has done a bunch of busts and stuff for us lately.

We Aren’t All Dying

I promise. We really aren’t all dying all the time. Most of the time.

Well, whatever the case, we spent some time this afternoon talking about some ideas I had for the ship combat and ship customization systems. Some concerns were voiced. Some were addressed, and some were left unanswered. In particular, concerns were raised about being able to clear “trash” fights by spamming the space combat equivalent of the “attack” button.

That’s not something we want to really encourage, but it is something we want to have available when fighting enemies who can’t possibly stand up to the PC’s firepower and crew. There’s a number of things I’ve got planned out to differentiate space combat from ground combat – range categories for one. For another, the PC’s crew should have significant effects on the course of the combat. Player level should barely matter compared to the skills of the crew and the equipment onboard.

My personal goal this week is to turn the five page document I have into a complete document that Gedan can start turning into proper code, but for some reason I’m writing some texts for the Buttslutinator Mark 2 right now. I can’t help it. My fingers just love to type about booty.


EDIT: Oh wow, thank you guys so much for the outpouring of well-wishes. You guys are the best <3

Well that was probably the worst three days of my life.

Savin here. As you might have picked up if you read our twitter feed, I was sent to the E.R. on Tuesday night. I am home now, in stable condition (though not what my doctors would call “good”). Will probably be taking the rest of the week off to recover, but honestly I feel more or less fine and should be back in working order in a couple days.

For those interested in likely boner-wilting details, read on after the break. Everybody has been asking, so I might as well write up a response in one place. Otherwise, see you guys next week.

[Backers] Tainted Space 0.6.54

shou_shekka_sidebar0.6.54 Changelog:

  • XP bar should be fixed.
  • Fixed Kaede’s Uveto encounter looping.
  • Celise can now be gifted bubbles.
  • Flahne can now be gifted bubbles.
  • Vaande can now be gifted bubbles.
  • Many other bugs fixed (and probably some new ones introduced!)

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