I promise. We really aren’t all dying all the time. Most of the time.

Well, whatever the case, we spent some time this afternoon talking about some ideas I had for the ship combat and ship customization systems. Some concerns were voiced. Some were addressed, and some were left unanswered. In particular, concerns were raised about being able to clear “trash” fights by spamming the space combat equivalent of the “attack” button.

That’s not something we want to really encourage, but it is something we want to have available when fighting enemies who can’t possibly stand up to the PC’s firepower and crew. There’s a number of things I’ve got planned out to differentiate space combat from ground combat – range categories for one. For another, the PC’s crew should have significant effects on the course of the combat. Player level should barely matter compared to the skills of the crew and the equipment onboard.

My personal goal this week is to turn the five page document I have into a complete document that Gedan can start turning into proper code, but for some reason I’m writing some texts for the Buttslutinator Mark 2 right now. I can’t help it. My fingers just love to type about booty.