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Where Fen?

I’m still working through reviewing Mirrin, but at least I’m well past the 100 page mark. There’s a few factors slowing me down:

  • Dealing with a lot of stress related to trying to buy a house. Turns out that banks hate people with all their bills paid off and no debts, which has me scrambling to provide them with various bill payment paperworks and still trying to get a mortgage approved. (I currently live in a medium-sized apartment and would rather not empty the TiTS bank for my own personal house :P)
  • Tomorrow I am having some dental deep cleaning done which will require a fair amount of pain killers and whatnot.
  • The day after tomorrow I’m having the other half of my dental work done. Supposedly I’m not cavity riddled – there’s just a lot of tartar buildup to deal with around/under the gum line.
    • Protip: get your regular cleanings, folks.

I’m gonna try and do some more reviewing now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t get that far. My nerves are basically shot. Thanks, anxiety, you bitch.


[CoC2 | Backers] Triple Threat

We figured we’d round out April with a solid chunk of new enemies for you to play with in South Harvest. Some of Master Tollus’s cultists now guard a river fording, barring access to South Harvest Valley, where you can now find slimefolk, gnoll warriors, and Lusina’s new home. Brint and Garret have gotten a little love too!

For those of you who didn’t catch my post on Patreon: next month is Mayternity, which means a bunch of pregnancy content on the horizon for those interested (plus at least one of the ready-to-code dungeons should get in for the rest of us)! For my part, now that OrcQuest is done, I’m going to be tackling a cute harpy waifu you can make some eggs with, as well as an egg-laying TF item. I hear there’s a good bit of new Kiyoko content coming too…

0.1.19 Patch Notes:

  • You can now access South Harvest Valley by fording the river; there’s a special fight that occurs when you attempt to cross one way or the other. (Written by SomeKindofWizard)
  • Slimes can now be found in the south-eastern portions of the valley, near the lake. (Written by BubbleLord)
  • Gnolls can now be fought throughout South Harvest. (Written by TheObserver)
  • Lusina the Moth-girl is now exclusive to South Harvest.
  • New Brint talk scenes. (Written by Wsan)
  • You can now be Garret’s submissive bitch if you meet his specific requirements. (Written by TheObserver) A lupine TF will be coming shortly, for those interested~
  • Edit: Hotfix is out to help with birth scenes crashing the game, and allows you to ford the river back north even if you lose against the cultists.

Big thanks to Balak for coding the gnolls and Garret’s bitch content! If you want to dig into the update, you can get backer access here!

Art of Infrith, one of the Kervus tribe priestesses from the upcoming quest, by DCL.

[Story | TiTS] Then That’s What That Meant

Fen Update Note: Still reviewing. Latest reading project is a 170+ page expansion for Mirrin. Almost caught the last submissions from the end of 2018.

By: TheLetterB
Tags: F/F, Cunnilingus, Tribbing, Power Bottoming, Mind Control, Hyper Breasts, Role Reversal

It had been a couple of days since the U.G.C. had intercepted that one shipment of slaves bound for known pirate territory.

They had received an anonymous tip from someone claiming to have been to the asteroid known as ‘Zheng Shi’ that a ship containing slaves bound for the pirate base would be at a very specific set of coordinates.  And it was true: an unmarked cargo ship was in the area, travelling in that direction, and onboard were more than three dozen captured slaves of all races, from humans to Ausar to Saurmorian and everything in between, detained and placated by their Slyveren captives.

Last Avery heard, the U.G.C. were still sorting out the slaves and helping them get back to their home territories.  She, meanwhile, had the ‘pleasure’ of processing the Slyveren.

Sometimes, she felt like she should consider it a gift: you’d think being a guardswoman in a place like Gastigoth would be full of tension and drama.  It’s a prison! That alone should be enough to make some of the more hardened veterans balk at the idea of working there. But Gastigoth wasn’t just any prison – it was a space station, meant to detain only the most hardened of criminals!  Even if one of them got out of their cells, where would they escape to?

But that was just it.  Gastigoth was an impenetrable bubble of a prison: once you’re in, you’re not getting out.  None of the inmates had the balls to try anything untoward, and even if they did, the prison had… methods to keep them docile.  You had the occasional rough-houser, of course, but generally they were all either too smart, or too doped up, to try anything stupid.

It made being a guardswoman at such a high-profile prison boring.  Can you imagine that?  Being a prison guard was boring!

Luckily, she had the ‘pleasure’ of booking the Slyveren that had been detained in the raid.  It was a break from the monotony, maybe, but it was also paperwork. And none of them even put up a fight.

There was one Slyveren in particular that Avery kept thinking about, though.

[Backers | CoC2&TiTS] Double Patch Monday

Hi friends! CoC2’s backer patch has a new enemy I wrote long ago (salvaged from Fall of Eden, rest in puppers). More importantly, it’s got a significant combat code refactoring — mostly under the hood changes to let things like on-hit effects and ripostes work properly. Drake worked hard on it, so give it a spin!

CoC2 0.1.18 Patch Notes:

  • A new enemy is encountered in Harvest Valley — the Moth Girl Thief!
  • Garret can now be challenged to drinking contests (by Tobs)
  • Kas has a new victory option in her 2nd encounter for giving her a blowjob. Don’t get TOO overzealous in worshiping her…
  • Combat code refactor is in. Please direct bugs to the bug report section.

If you want to rub on some moth-tits early, grab your backer status here!

Fenoxo here! Those sniffles I had last week? They ain’t shit. I actually got a good amount of project reviewing done, though there are still several months of submissions to surf through before I’ll be happy with the length of the review queue.

TiTS 0.7.278 Changelog:

  • New Character: Roxy the Laquine. She can now be encountered at Uveto’s racetrack (though only at certain hours). Written by: SheepPun & William. Coded by: Drunk Zombie.
  • Typo fixes.

Classic Fensick

After an incredible run of good health, I’ve finally gotten hit in the face with a sickbat again. Dodged the con crud (was just sniffly for a day) only for a classic fenoxian sinus infection to settle in this morning.

It’s either going to go away in a day or two… or plague me for like two weeks. Fingers crossed.

Update: Big naps today. And also reading the ~60 pages of B’s “Lorelei”. Some nice stuff there.

[Backers | TiTS] Lureling Dane Love

Short splash for this one since CoC2 just dropped their latest public patch (and I don’t want to Steele their thunder. Dohohoh!) If you wanna see what’s new in TiTS, you’ll just have to click…

[Public | CoC2] Pony Up!

The next phase of Harvest Valley’s story is here in the form of a deliciously chunky pony: Ahmri the centauress, daughter of the corrupted chieftain and precious snowflake that must be protected.

Note: The Windows Download version is up and working again. Also Savin is a big dumb, OBVIOUSLY SIGNED BY FENOXO.

0.1.17 Patch Notes:

  • Ahmri, daughter of the centaur chieftain, can be rescued in Harvest Valley. You’ll need to encounter the centaur packleader three times before you can encounter her (written by Gardeford).
  • Berwyn has a couple new sex scenes by Hugs! You need to have buttfucked him once (in this patch, not earlier) to access one of them.
  • Kiyoko has a new random scene if she has 4+ kits and you have a meal with her.
  • A new dream featuring a centaur and a wyld elf. You’ll need to have lost vaginal or anal virginity, fucked Sugo, and met Ivris. Thanks to Bubble!
  • Garret’s titjob scene no longer accidentally leads to vaginal sex. You gotta go to that scene on your own now 😛

New since April 1st Bonus Public Patch:

  • Racial code now works right.
  • Garret has sex in the Frost Hound. His scenes are m/f only.
  • Vaush the orc shaman is in the Foothills.
  • New TF: Gnoll.
  • New Busts for all of GarretQuest.

As always, you can get backer access here if you like what you’re getting~

Art by Lazorchef! I’ve always loved his work and I am so stoked Garde got some for the game!

[Backers | CoC2] Race to the Bottom

Borks and orcs as far as the eye can see~

0.1.16 Patch Notes:

  • New racial code should accurately figure out what you are in the Appearance screen after you TF from your starting race. If it can’t, congratulations, a chimera is you.
  • Garret now has sex scenes in the Frost Hound! There’s still more to be added after this, including some pretty intense submissive content if you like being a big wolfboy’s bottom bitch. (Written by Observer) Edit: Apparently I need to stress this ahead of time, but Garret’s scenes are m/f only.
  • Vaush the orcish shaman can now be encountered in the Foothills (written by Questy).
  • New TF: Gnoll (written by Freed)
  • New Busts: Hethia, Garret, and the Warg from GarretQuest.

As always, if you don’t have backer access yet, you can get it here.

[Backers | TiTS] Flaming Flamers, Batman!

Kiro without her trademark extra anatomy still looks delicious… Pic by venusflowerart.

0.7.276 Changelog:

  • A new enemy can now appear on both levels of Zheng Shi’s forge deck: the Corona Lord flamer, or as we on the dev team refer to her as: firepup. She’s a violent sadomasochist with a bit of a fire fetish, and I personally would not recommend losing to her if you don’t care for being degraded. If you do, well… I guess you’re a bad boy/girl.
    • Written by Wsan
    • Coded by lighterflud
  • Various fixes and tweaks.

At the time of this post, I’m mid-stream. What follows is going to be some work on additional Dane scenes, assuming my brain is up to the task.

(Psssst: $10+ Patreon backers have a new post up with the last two months worth of full rez arts. Enjoy!)


I Hear You Guys

We’ll have ties be ties in blackjack in a patch (later today, hopefully).


  • Blackjack minigame has been updated so that nobody wins or loses on a tie. Wheeeeee~!
  • [Imagepack Only] You no longer need to ask Roo about herself 50 times to unlock talking about her job. It has been set to 5. This’ll be in the normal backer patches moving forward.

Also, the public image pack build is here.

This is the last public update for the month unless something big and game-breaking occurs. Back to backer patches!

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