I’m still working through reviewing Mirrin, but at least I’m well past the 100 page mark. There’s a few factors slowing me down:

  • Dealing with a lot of stress related to trying to buy a house. Turns out that banks hate people with all their bills paid off and no debts, which has me scrambling to provide them with various bill payment paperworks and still trying to get a mortgage approved. (I currently live in a medium-sized apartment and would rather not empty the TiTS bank for my own personal house :P)
  • Tomorrow I am having some dental deep cleaning done which will require a fair amount of pain killers and whatnot.
  • The day after tomorrow I’m having the other half of my dental work done. Supposedly I’m not cavity riddled – there’s just a lot of tartar buildup to deal with around/under the gum line.
    • Protip: get your regular cleanings, folks.

I’m gonna try and do some more reviewing now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t get that far. My nerves are basically shot. Thanks, anxiety, you bitch.