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[Backers | TiTS] Sexena & New Threesomes

For those who have followed Trials in Tainted Space since the very start of it all, back on Offbeatr (an adult-themed Kickstarter that is no longer in operation), we got some hype from the incredible Doxy, an artist of great skill and talent that I was ecstatic to be able to work with. He’s responsible for the design of Zo’dee and went on to like her so much that he spun her off into her own comic.

Now that his latest game (Sexena: Arena Tales) is about to launch on Steam, I’m happy to announce that a familiar CoC1 character may be making an appearance inside it – and that I’ll be working on inserting a Sexena reference encounter into TiTS via one of the VR stations in a future patch! I’ve added a link to their steam store page in the sidebar, so if you’d like to give it a gander, it’s right over there!

Now onto new TiTS things…

0.8.124 Changelog:

  • Sluttified Kiro can now be asked about Anno and the troubled relationship between the tanuki and Anno’s girlfriend (detailed in Savin’s Talon Rogue story. There’s also a sequel if you want to dig into the fiction tab and read “Downtime”.) While I enjoyed the story, I did take some issue with how Kiro was presented relatively to my impressions of her. Now, with this new scene and chain of events, I’ve decided to embrace those events and integrate them into creating some interesting new scenes.
  • After making up with Anno, sluttified Kiro has three new threesomes with the snow-white ausar, one featuring some roaming pet-play and two involving a literal triangle of genitals and mouths.
  • The “Androgyny” perk can now be lost.
  • It should no longer be possible to raise vaginal wetness above a value of 5 with Amazona, its derivatives, or Vanae encounters. The Vanae encounters have been updated to promote further wetness by increasing the girlCumMultiplier instead.
  • Syri’s “love” discussion should now be available for more outcomes of her quest.
  • The Implantation Station on Dhaal should now prevent you from going into debt by buying more than you can afford.
  • Using the “Exgartuan” dildo now generates taint.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed you to use a level up to skip the turret fight on the Stellar Tether.
  • New Busts: Darius and Blue (of the Love Starz)
  • Other small fixes (particularly typos!)
  • Codex stats for Dhaal were added by Gena138.

2020 Doin’ 2020 Things

Hey guys, those who have been with us for a while have probably noticed that Shou hasn’t turned out any new busts for the games in some time. She’s been dealing with a lot of things, and 2020 being what it is, the hits just keep coming. The text below is copied from her discord announcement. I’m told the stream should start around 3pm tomorrow. (Presumably during eastern time.)


Hello my darlings! For those of you who haven’t heard, my dad had his right leg amputated about a week ago. So I’ve been planning to run a donation for him, I’ll be doing a 24 hour-stream tomorrow show-casing some games I like, and just hanging out and even playing some d&d. But the end goal is to try and gather donations for my dad so I can pay to have hand-controls installed into his truck – and maybe on his tractor as well. If you can’t donate, a boost to social would be great too!

I’m personally going to be chucking $500 in the pot. I’ll see you all there!


[Backers | TiTS] Futa Friday… on a Monday!

Nykke rendered by the famous Strype!

First off the CoC2 guys dropped their public patch yesterday! See it below!


And back to TiTS business! I’ve got a decent chunk of content to drop into the hopper for you guys to play with as I continue to work on filling out Kiro’s “bimbo” path to be more comparable to her normal content. In addition, Lighterfluid finished paging through Paige’s content to allow for more individual genital selection. Since this required a lot of complicated work and routing of variables through a multitude of functions, there could be new bugs introduced. Be sure and make sure they get on the bug report forums so that LF can crush them ASAP.

I personally will be taking another tour through the bug reports before my next patch to clean up any major ‘oopsies’ that have been introduced.

Stay strong through 2020, and we’ll keep doing our best to make the year bearable!

0.8.123 Changelog:

  • Futa Paige activated (correctly, this time)!

0.8.122 Changelog:

  • (BROKEN) Paige can now be permanently futa-fied, not just sometimes thanks to ghostly possession! Written by B and coded by Lighterfluid, this should be sure to please fans of girls with a little ‘extra’! (Requires Kiro/Paige threesome be completed.)
  • Normal Paige now allows for more robust selection of player character genitals to interact with.
  • “Bimbo” Kiro can now be gifted Dildos! Just ask her if she’s happy after giving her a Bubble Buddy, and you’ll have the option to load her down with as large a selection of toys as you like. Includes a new sex scene for using them with your choice of two endings!
  • Dhaal has two new “rare” drops: a dildo named “Exgartuan” (that enlarges your assets with every use) and a dildo named “Urta” that makes masculine orgasms messier with every use. Enjoy!
  • Two new image pack images from Strype: one for Verusha and one for Nykke, each visible in their respective appearance screen.
  • Image pack update: the blowjob image for Verusha was updated to a new image more reflective of the contents of the scene, and the scene’s text was changed to have blue lipstick (to better reflect new image). Drawn by Bullifrawg on our discord!

[Public | CoC2] Darker than Dark

Seems your pet orc is in need of milkies, and there’s some new sheep and plant-girl content too!

0.3.24 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new accessibility feature allowing you to flip the game’s UI and text to dark mode, for white text on a dark background.
  • New Scene: Arona Nursing Handjob (by Alypia)
  • New Effigy loss scene (by Birbs)
  • Clementine has a new sexpack (by Strawberry Tea)
  • Balak did many bugfixes.

Dark Mode will default to ON if your OS is set to any kind of dark theme. Please let us know if you use it and how it works for you! Feedback on accessibility features is very important! 😀

New Since Last Patch:

  • New NPC in the Rift: Gweyr. Also, new side-story starring Gweyr. Be warned, it’s tonally very much darker and bloodier than most CoC2 content!
  • New enemy in the Foothills, Old Forest, and Frostwood: Demon Girl! Found only after clearing Winter City.
  • Sleepy Snake can wake up and find your camps in the Frostwood after you clear the Winter City.
  • New Scenes: Ryn Ice Dildo, Mess with River (after Convocation of Mirrors), Get a New Outfit for Cait from Viv, Thank-You Note from Koko, Rindo Expansion, Etheryn Date
  • New Busts: River, Mallach, Svern, Azyrran Revamp, Gweyr, Young Gweyr, Young Sanders, Ghostly Mino Smith, Rift Selkies, Hashat (Moira Vers.). New CG: Brienne Missionary

Art of Cait’s sexy new outfit by Jojocite!

[HOTFIXED] [Backers | CoC2] The Butcher of Hawkethorne

Time for an adventure through the Marches’ wilder past, or if you’re less interested in sword and sorcery, an opportunity to love on your shy kitsune and elf GFs.

0.3.23 Patch Notes:

  • Hotfix for meeting Gweyr soft-locking you.
  • Text fix for River talks.
  • The catgirl you save from a slaver sends you a thank-you note.

0.3.22 Patch Notes:

  • New NPC in the Glacial Rift: Gweyr! You can meet her by exploring the southern half of the Rift, and meeting her opens up a new tile (her home) where you can have a chat. (Written by TheObserver)
  • New adventure: Gweyr’s story. Take the opportunity to play as Gweyr and experience a bit of Hawkethorne’s past for yourself. (Written by TheObserver)
    • Be Warned: This is pretty bloody stuff by the game’s normal standard. If you’re here for a quick fap you might want to come back to it, but it’s really well written. Definitely worth checking out if you don’t mind some dark fantasy adventure.
  • Rindo has a chunk of new content! (Written by TheObserver)
  • You can take Etheryn on a cute date through the Winter City once she’s secured the throne. It’s repeatable, and has some different branches for seeing different parts of the city. (Written by Alypia)
  • New busts: Gweyr, Young Gweyr, Young Sanders, Ghostly Mino Smith, Rift Selkies, Hashat (Moira Vers.)

As always, you can become a backer and support the game’s development on…
… Patreon!
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… or SubscribeStar!

[Backers | TiTS] Bubble Bitchin’

It’s a shame this can’t be seen in game…

0.8.121 Changelog:

  • New Sylvie scene by William, coded by me: Oral Worship. It includes some rimming, but I’m fairly certain I threw a bolded warning in the tooltip if that squicks you out.
  • Bimbo Kiro now has a talk menu with two new scenes – asking her if she’s happy and asking her about the current ship. Right now the happiness is a once only scene that unlocks the next bullet point down the list, but the ship discussion should have some special variants for some of the specific ships (like the Sidewinder).
  • You can now give Kiro a Bubble Buddy.
  • You can now use Kiro’s Bubble Buddy on her or watch her use it.
  • You can now collect Kiro’s excess Bubble Buddy bubbles.
  • I also made some tweaks to Kiro’s approach events so that you can catch her making bubbles (+3 to her stock) or catch her cleaning out old ones once they’ve piled up too high.
  • Bug fixes for the Nasti events, especially the duel and some virility checks.
  • The Halloween event reward “Bimbo Hat” now has some special texts for putting it on and taking it off. Taking it off should be harder with lower willpower but never impossible.
  • New Bust: Ambassador Elyrrin (part of the Dhaal party event).

Futa Paige was originally planned to be included in this patch, but some hiccups are holding her back for now. SOON!

[Backers | TiTS] Nasti, Hypnotic Slyveren Smut, and VOTE!

Lisann’s Rodenian character drawn by Bullifrawg on discord!

First off: If you’re in America and you haven’t yet: GET THEE TO YONDER POLLS TOMORROW. (And keep the political shitposting on twitter, where it belongs. I will nuke comments as needed.)

Back on the content pipeline, we have a couple of treats for all you lovely backers! Bimbo Kiro got some new content thanks to a submission I quite enjoyed. I’ve also sent its author an email to try and commission a bad-end to pair with it in the future, so… fingers crossed.

We also got an event from Nonesuch and coded by DrunkZombie that I trust is pretty solid, knowing the long history of Nonesuch’s excellent writing. I haven’t played it yet, but I intend to tonight or tomorrow to help keep me sane with all the piled-up 2020 stress.

0.8.120 Changelog:

  • Interested in competing with Riya for the right to screw a princess? Head to Anon’s Bar (on Tavros Station) after completing the Zheng Shi probe arc. You’ll need to have a penis, not be sterile, and have at least 10,000 credits on hand. As mentioned, Princess Nasti was written by Nonesuch and coded by the fabulous Drunk Zombie.
    • The contests can be challenging, and losing does involve taking shit from Riya. If that bothers you, I recommend avoiding it.
    • A cheat code to reset the event exists. It’s “nastiness”
  • Standardized “save” (think D&D) difficult class systems have been added to the game to help differentiate between “hard/easy/etc” when implementing somewhat vague prompts from writers. (DrunkZombie ported this from my document into code.)
  • Bimbo Kiro got some new content in the form of inviting you to watch a hypnotic slyveren’s jerk-off-encouragement videos. Written by BobSamade and coded by Fenoxo.

I’m fucking terrible at this “Taking a Vacation” thing, though I did actually manage to play a fuckload of videogames over the weekend without feeling guilty and torturing myself over it, so… success?

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