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[Public | TiTS] Spookiween 2: Spoop Harder

I managed to put together the missing Kiro Halloween scene this afternoon, so I thought what better than a last minute Halloween patch?

Image pack updated! (Requires stand-alone flash player!)

0.8.118 & 0.8.119 Changelogs:

  • “Suck Her” added to Kiro’s Halloween scene options when you choose to give her the hat.
  • “Fuck Her” when Kiro is wearing the hat no longer crashes in certain circumstances.
  • The Anno dream sequence should now proc more reliably thanks to Gena138.
  • (0.8.119) Removed the “must have a penis” requirement from the option to put the hat on Kiro.

Next year, I should write a scene to go with this picture instead of haring off on my own…


[Backers | CoC2] Signs of Wickedness

In this patch we have a demon, a serpent (getting her expansion), and a witch. What more could you want on Halloween eve?

0.3.21 Patch Notes:

  • A new demon girl can be found wandering the foothills and both forests in search of fun, and she won’t take no for an answer! (Written by B!)
  • After having sexed the Sleepy Snake and beating Winter City, the snake may just wake up enough to wander into your Frostwood camps! (Written by Wsan!)
  • You can have Ryn make a dildo of ice for you to use on her. (Written by Alypia!)
  • If you mess with River about his identity, his dad will come mess with you. Must have completed Nareva’s debate in the Convocation of Mirrors. Recommend having Cait come with. (Written by TheObserver)
  • Everyone’s favorite redhead witch has some new items to sell, and she’ll throw in a bewitching new outfit for Cait for free. (Written by Balak)
  • New Busts: River and [Spoiler] by bk. Svern & Revised Azzy busts by Moira.
  • New CG: Brienne Missionary sex, by kupocun

Amazing fanart of Viv riding with the full moon, by AnonArts.

Hope you all have a spooky Halloween. Make sure to peek out of your hideaways to check out the full blue moon this year — what a cool coincidence!

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[PUBLIC | TiTS] Fixing Bugs

Don’t ask me why I sat down and fixed a bunch of bugs a day after deciding to take vacation. My brain is a fickle creature not fit to be understood by mere mortals (such as myself!)

0.8.117 Changelog:

  • In Feruze’s second fight, you can now avoid her landing attack by standing up first.
  • You can no longer run from Feruze’s second fight.
  • The subtuner exhibitionism scene now disables if you don’t qualify for any of the encounters.
  • You should now be able to Wander in the Paragon Playground a second time (or third, etc) after enough time has passed.
  • Urbolg’s new “Annoy” scene now has a disabled button with tooltip to give a little direction for unlocking it.
  • Cuddling with Dreg should no longer warp time backwards and break status effects and/or the game.
  • A bunch of typos and smaller bugs got fixed.

No image pack update with this one because there’s a few bug fixes still needing resolved on the bug forum that I want to get handled. Then I’ll get an Image Pack out for the public (and hopefully a backer patch with some new content soon after.)

[PUBLIC | TiTS] Spookween

You ain’t getting nun of this!

Happy Halloween!

I wanted to do a lot more for this patch personally. At a bare minimum, I wanted a gender-agnostic option for the seasonal Kiro content I added and for the accessory you get as a result to have some slightly more robust interactions with your stats. This did not happen. I’ve basically spiraled into depression within 2-3 hours of getting up for the last three days for an assortment of reasons, and I’m probably going to step out for the next week to play some BG3, Hades, etc and generally try to restock on sanity while enduring the tumultuous hellscape that is the year 2020.

All the conventions I’d be vacationing at this year got cancelled. Blech.

Coming Soon: Nonesuch has some content coming down the pipe for backers possibly by this weekend thanks to DrunkZombie. I’ll push out a patch for it as soon as I get the word, “vacation” or no.

The Image Pack is available, though you need a stand-alone flash player to play it. (Edit: the link has been corrected to the proper, 500MB+ file.)

0.8.116 Changelog:

  • New Busts: Dhaal Party Slyveren, Lorelei Nun
  • New Halloween Event: Lorelei’s Nunnery! Find out all about her new faith (written by B, coded by Gena138)
  • New Halloween Event: Kiro dresses up as a firewoman!
  • New Dream: Syri fertility cult, by Doots.
  • New Artpack Image: Anno Face Flattening
  • New Expansion: Thyvara at Camp (at the abandoned campsite on Mhenga)
  • New Dream: Anno facesitting dream, by William and coded by Gena138.
  • New Bad End: Milodan War Lion for short PCs, by Wsan and coded by Gena138.
  • New Urbolg scene: “Annoy” – which results in some spanking content. Written by Wsan, coded by Gena138.
  • New Cheat: “wargiiandbess” to reset the battle for Korgii Hold. Note that this cheat’s name may change next patch.
  • New Jumper Loss Scene: Get Taken for a Ride, by Zandar and coded by Gena138.
  • Lots of Love Starz bugs fixed.
  • Various other fixes.

It should be noted that while some older Wsan-authored content was found and added to the game, he is currently still a CoC2-focused writer. However, Gena138 is being paid for the coding he’s doing.

[Public | CoC2] Specter of the Wyld – Now With Hotfix!

Hope you guys can forgive us for the late public patch, but we’ve got a brand new season-themed (but available year-round) dungeon for you!

0.3.20 Patch Notes:

  • Fixed a major bug where in some cases after doing the new dungeon your party would be totally messed up. Some companions could be de-leveled, the party switcher would crash the game, and your companions weren’t recognized as being in your party even if they were. Any saves that already did the dungeon and were affected with the bug should also be fixed and work properly.
  • Fixed a soft-lock if you tried to open the Vault in the Winter Palace.
  • Cait’s stats have been nerfed slightly because they were slightly higher than intended (a relic of her being the first companion implemented).
  • Fixed a minor bug where the wrong version of character art would show up in the party selector.

0.3.19 Patch Notes:

  • New adventure: Specter of the Wyld! After clearing the Winter City and meeting the palace’s residents again, you’ll be approached on the palace’s steps to help deal with some spooky troubles! Big thanks to TheObserver, Wsan, and SomeKindofWizard for helping to churn out a near-40,000 word dungeon in just a couple weeks in time for Halloween. Hope you guys all enjoy it!

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • You can fully purify or finally finish corrupting the Hornet Hive. Afterwards, wait a day to see the Queen again, and you can meet Liaden in town to help her out.
  • You can take Brint (NOT BRIENNE) to a tower in the Glacial Rift to find a new gear set for the big man.
  • You can now meet up with Eryka after rescuing her for some sexy interactions.
  • New Enemy in Southern Harvest Valley: Mushroom Druidess
  • New Enemy in the Rift: Selkies
  • Atugia has new talks.
  • New Scenes: Imp Hat Defilement, Gwyn’s Pregnancy Examination, Two New Brienne Scenes, Minotaur Guard Blowjob, Berwyn Expansion (Sleep with him, companion talks, missionary sex, and a new dream), Rainbow Cait Dream
  • Sex toys are now key items rather than inventory items

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[Backers | TiTS] Popstars and Spooky Scary Sexytimes!

I hear that futa Paige is going to be Lighterfluid’s next coding project… (Art by Sulcate)

What could be scarier than pop groups and haunted houses?

…the knowledge that there’s a skeleton inside you right now.

0.8.115 Changelog:

  • A massive new encounter was added to the game: The Love Stars. Written by Fr0sty and coded by Gena138, this 200+ page submission allows you to meet and greet a popstar group that SteeleTech has interest in.
  • Poe’s flyTo/landing scripts were adjusted to be more consistent and better handle multiple events (so I probably added new bugs).
  • A new event has been added to Poe A! The Haunted House of Whorrors! Written by Adjatha, this came in too late for last year’s Halloween but not too late for this one! To unlock it, you’ll need to have Poe A unlocked, and for the game to be in the Halloween season. It is a 10% chance of unlocking late at night whenever time passes. Can you find all three endings?
  • Lighterfluid sacrificed his sanity upon the altar of Paige to bring you the ability to select specific genitalia for Paige’s scenes. He’s a talented birb, but if new bugs show up, be sure to report them with quotes, steps to reproduce, and maybe even an attached copy of your save. (Apologies, he actually just built support functions to do that, but hasn’t completed that project yet.)
  • Breed ‘n Brute can now proc off of tailsex.
  • Bizzy’s busts should function properly now.
  • Anno and Beth Carver’s party events have had their requirements corrected.
  • Urethral insertion now counts for losing penile virginity.
  • It is now possible to masturbate with Erra’s panties, finally.
  • Fixed possible crashes when selecting random masturbations with no available masturbations (mostly only a problem for sexless centaurs).
  • Losing to “Friendly” Feruze now also awards the VR item for viewing the “Bad End”.
  • Kaska no longer attempts to disarm the disarmed.
  • Dreg’s nude bust should now display during sex.
  • Other small typo fixes and tweaks that I’ve probably missed.

[Backers | CoC2] Paladin Pounding

This week we’ve got a long-awaiting chance to catch up with a certain ginger paladin of Velun, a new mushy foe, and some new interactions with Tui, imps, and honey-brained Azzy.

0.3.18 Patch Notes:

  • You can finally meet up with Eryka after helping her get to town and enjoy some one-on-one time with the paladin. (Written by Franks)
  • New enemy in southern Harvest Valley: Mushroom Druidess (Written by BubbleLord)
  • After dunking Azzy in the hive’s honey, you can now meet up with her and the queen again for some honey-brained fun. (Edited back together by Skow)
  • Atugia has new talks. (Written by Gardeford)
  • There’s a new victory scene for defeating the imps, and defiling the Imp Lord’s treasured fedora. (By JayBee)
  • Gwyn can now examine EGG-preg and normal preg. (Written by TheObserver)

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Art: Cait getting her vampire on for Halloween, by Moira.

P.S. Please note that this month’s public patch will be later in the month as we prep the Halloween dungeon. It’s mostly finished now, save for some art and me going through and tying everything together. Oh, and scenes for the end boss too. Thanks to the whole team for setting aside their normal work to help churn out a whole lil’ dungeon in a couple of weeks.

[Backers | TiTS] Feroozle My Toozles

Submit, criminal scum.

0.8.114 Changelog:

  • It is now possible to get jumped by Feruze while taking a taxi ride on Dhaal (24 hours after the party. I suspect most of you will see the “friendly” version of the event, but there’s a fairly involved combat fight that’s possible as well. In total there’s two new Feruze scenes (friendly “Truthfinger” and new victory 69) and a massive new bad end featuring some zaika working you over.
  • No matter how you finish Feruze’s encounter, you should receive a VR code to experience the bad-end whenever you like.

Like all projects I write, this took longer than I meant for it to, though in this particular case, the combat routine itself was just complicated as all hell. A three phase fight where your phase one enemy becomes your ally for the second phase and then your enemy again for the third wasn’t something I ever dreamed of doing when TiTS started, but here we are.

It’s meant to be a level 11 or 12 encounter, but given that I’m holding off on level 11 & 12 until the javascript port is workable (because they would need coded in both independently), I’m not too worried about the balance atm (so long as it is winnable).

Still, if you find the fight too hard or too easy on your max leveled characters, let me know.

(PS: the XO biker cop is weak to acid and drug attacks. And watch out for the overpass!)

TiTS Submissions: Opening Again

The submissions form has been updated and is now accepting submissions that expand on existing character content. I plan to close it next weekend for review, so if you have a document (or idea) for doing sexy things to your favorite NPC, now is the time to polish it and drop it in the box.

[PUBLIC | TiTS] Your Invite to the Pants Party

The twins will see you now, [pc.misterMiss] Steele.

References to Anchorman are still topical, right? Right?

0.8.113 Changelog:

  • New Busts: Brothel Twins, Anyxine.
  • Zephyr can no longer impregnate you if she doesn’t know you – this was only an issue at the stocks.
  • Zephyr’s event routing has been re-ordered so that you can properly meet her (and get Big T’s office unlocked) if you managed to get pregnant and skip her introduction somehow.
  • A few small party fixes.
  • The gabilani chemist can no longer put you into heat if you’re infertile or already pregnant, though the attack will still deal lust damage.
  • Josie’s blue ball scene now has a twelve hour cooldown.
  • Jerynn will no longer collar you if you are already wearing a collar. This fixes a bug where you could technically wear multiple collars at once and glitch out Sera’s.

Image pack update here. (Stand-alone flash player required!)

The next backer patch should feature an encounter with Feruze, assuming I can get this scene written tonight, but for now, how about we take a look at what’s new this month?

  • New plot even on Dhaal: High Class Party! Over 50 pages of content where the PC gets to meet a zaibatsu CEO who most reflects his or her preferences, and potentially get a unique reward for doing so – if you can impress the CEO.
  • New location on Dhaal: the Paragon Playground, a high-end brothel.
  • New NPC: Dreghan the big bad Korgonne!
  • New event: Dhaal extrameet content!
  • New event: Brandy dick growth expansion!
  • New scene: Azra mom-dom.
  • New busts: Zaika Peers (3x + Nude variants), XOs (Dhaal cybernetic security gals), Male Zil, Velta.
  • New Dane blowjob image in the image pack, courtesy of SheepPun.
  • New image pack images: Anno & Shekka cum kiss by Octomush and Anno petplay by Neocllex.
  • The gabilani chemist can now be impregnated.
  • A metric fuckload of bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements.
  • Good job team, and thank you backers for allowing us to keep chugging along on this amazing game!

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