Hope you guys can forgive us for the late public patch, but we’ve got a brand new season-themed (but available year-round) dungeon for you!

0.3.20 Patch Notes:

  • Fixed a major bug where in some cases after doing the new dungeon your party would be totally messed up. Some companions could be de-leveled, the party switcher would crash the game, and your companions weren’t recognized as being in your party even if they were. Any saves that already did the dungeon and were affected with the bug should also be fixed and work properly.
  • Fixed a soft-lock if you tried to open the Vault in the Winter Palace.
  • Cait’s stats have been nerfed slightly because they were slightly higher than intended (a relic of her being the first companion implemented).
  • Fixed a minor bug where the wrong version of character art would show up in the party selector.

0.3.19 Patch Notes:

  • New adventure: Specter of the Wyld! After clearing the Winter City and meeting the palace’s residents again, you’ll be approached on the palace’s steps to help deal with some spooky troubles! Big thanks to TheObserver, Wsan, and SomeKindofWizard for helping to churn out a near-40,000 word dungeon in just a couple weeks in time for Halloween. Hope you guys all enjoy it!

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • You can fully purify or finally finish corrupting the Hornet Hive. Afterwards, wait a day to see the Queen again, and you can meet Liaden in town to help her out.
  • You can take Brint (NOT BRIENNE) to a tower in the Glacial Rift to find a new gear set for the big man.
  • You can now meet up with Eryka after rescuing her for some sexy interactions.
  • New Enemy in Southern Harvest Valley: Mushroom Druidess
  • New Enemy in the Rift: Selkies
  • Atugia has new talks.
  • New Scenes: Imp Hat Defilement, Gwyn’s Pregnancy Examination, Two New Brienne Scenes, Minotaur Guard Blowjob, Berwyn Expansion (Sleep with him, companion talks, missionary sex, and a new dream), Rainbow Cait Dream
  • Sex toys are now key items rather than inventory items

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