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[Backers] Cleaned-Up TiTS

Hey guys! Fen here with another update on progress for various things in the TiTSworld. Before I get into showing off some rad new stuff in the javascript build (banged out by the ever-lovely Gedan, Leek, and Jacques00), I have a nice little bugfix patch that I’ve thrown together from my efforts to wade through the latest backlogged bugs.

0.8.155 Changelog:

  • If you’ve asked Kiro to keep her nuts all plush and squishy for you, good news: she’ll wait a few more hours before getting annoyed by the size and “resetting.”
  • You can no longer start Paige & Kiro threesomes while lacking in genitals.
  • Some scenes for parasitic tailcocks were able to be accessed by those with non-parasitic tailcocks. This has been fixed.
  • Bhakar now shows in the bust window for his race’s Codex entry.
  • The PC will no longer get a drink with Kally’s special ingredient if they are kui-tan or have the “‘Nuki Nuts” perk. This will now be tracked to be appropriately mentioned when discussing the secret ingredient with Kiro.
  • The male naleen can no longer somehow put both his dicks in your ass while also somehow putting one in your tail. The poor guy only has two to work with!
  • Getting sucked off by a slyveren slavebreaker was skipping the follow-up and actual dick growth the scene was supposed to impart. This has been fixed.
  • Po’s drone has regained its aphrosting attack.
  • Lola’s pool scenes should now properly prioritize penises over hardlight phalluses. Always go for the real deal!
  • A new scene was added to the image pack for sleeping with Anno & Shekka, drawn by the lovely SugarBugTrash and graciously allowed to be included in the game.
  • You can no longer have a threesome with Anno and Kase before Kase heals.
  • Syri will now wait at least 48 hours from when she gives you her panties before skipping town for Uveto. It was pretty weird to run into her, screw, get a gift, and then walk to the bar to discover she somehow snuck off planet… Maybe ausar get a class level in rogue or something?
  • The Holotrap event in KiroQuest has had some of its if-checks cleaned up and corrected.
  • SirensBounty should now assign correct tail flags when TFing a tailgina.
  • The ballSizeMod stat should no longer be initialized at 0. That means saves created before now got to be a lil bit bigger off the hop. I might need to give ballSizeRaw a nudge up…
  • The Easter Jumper’s sexual likes & dislikes should now represent a unanimously positive regard for cum-covered PCs.
  • VKo no longer instantly vaccinates you against all SSTDs when you get one cured, and instead now offers an optional choice after doing so – the price scales up with level.
  • Kaede’s encounters should check more thoroughly to make sure she is available before proccing themselves.
  • Kaede’s “Ride Rocket” scene should now use allow for more in-depth hole selection.
  • The Casstech Z14’s description has been updated to match the tutorial text.
  • Hips will no longer be described as slender just because your character has high muscle tone.
  • Assorted tiny typo fixes, broken parser fixes, and the like.
  • I’m sure one new bug crawled back in before I could close the door… if you spot him, you can post about him on the bug report forums!

Javascript update images below the break, so stick around if you wanna see some absolutely juicy goodness!

[Backers | CoC2] Haus of Beef

And now for a chance to build up your relationship with the sweetest slice of beef in the party. Big ups to Wsan for writing this whole patch across a whole bunch of characters!

0.4.15 Patch Notes:

  • You can now enter Brint/enne’s house in the Khor’minoan Outskirts! This is the first of several planned updates with Brint’s family — for now, it’s just intros, talking, and some quickies with Brint/enne. (By Wsan, obviously)
  • The fluffy naga race has a codex now! (By Wsan)
  • Evelyn and Etheryn now have their own dedicated threesome (Also by Wsan)
  • Corrupted Nihara and Brint’s family all have busts now, by Moira. Lyric also has a combat bust now!

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TiTS Update

TL;DR Edition: Big reorganization complete. Savin/Gedan/Adjatha are all taking up some heavy lifting in the company. I plotted out the entire myrellion peace quest in bullet points, might write it soon since it isn’t smutty. We’ve largely settled on some core parts of how we would like to end the game and wrap up some plot threads. New bugfix pub patch tonight with some bust art updates. IT’S OUT! (You can eyeball the discord announcement channel as well, accessible from the chat link above.)

Full Report: After a post that I can only really describe as necessary TMI, I did a lot of soul searching and finally delegated some of my responsilibies to team members. I had the terrible combination of becoming largely sexually desensitized and then trapping myself in a negative feedback loop about not getting things done and then feeling bad about not getting things done. I had to break that cycle, and I fucking have.

This week I’ve finally blocked out the entirety of the Myrellion peace path. I know every event that needs to happen and the broad strokes of how it will proceed and exactly which NPCs will be touched along the way. The bullet point version takes up two full pages already. Also worked out were more details on mysterious NPCs like the owner of KihaCorp – who I had two full breakdowns of potential options for before changing gears to go with something Adjatha & Savin brought to my attention. Of course, I can’t share those details quite yet without spoilering future works.

One idea I slipped into the doc that I’d like to weave into the game if possible is that Celise saved Victor from an assassination or kidnapping attempt at some point in the past, which further cements why he would go so far as push her along with you on your quest. I don’t mind sharing this one since it’s so small and might not ultimately make it into the game, but it’s a nice connection to think about.

We spent two full hours in meetings today going over all of this. Adjatha is going to be stepping up to help review and make decisions on event submissions as well as ensuring the team’s writing maintains the game’s tone. Savin is going to be managing writing commissions and helping me keep the details of the lore & universe straight. Gedan is more officially being named as the code director & architect – a long overdue promotion since she has basically been doing this already. Together the big three and I will collaboratively maintain forward momentum with TiTS and manage the rest of the staff. (Also they get more $$$!)

My immediate future is going to be in the bug fixing mines. More than five pages of new bugs have piled up since my last proper pass on the forums thanks to the tireless efforts of the community, and I’m going to get them cleared. Next week’s meetings should allow us to refine our focus further, but don’t be fooled into thinking I have nothing of merit to share. Those of you keeping an eye on my twitter will have seen some previews of some of the updates from the javascript team, and I’m going to dig into those next!

The options screen is coming together really quickly, and thanks to the addition of subheadings, it no longer needs to be crowded together on one page!
You can see that some familiar controls are returning as well…
We also have the ability to order the bust artists priority to your whims – or just turn the art off entirely if you prefer to stick to your own imagination. (The blank buttons are a known display issue on chrome that will be fixed soon.)
Custom color schemes are a feature we wanted to have from the get-go, but due to my… unique coding style never got a chance to see the light of day. Now we have it functional in game. It’s possible to turn the entire screen day-glow pink if you want, and a built-in color picker should help those unfamiliar with the hexadecimal color codes when it comes to selecting colors.
Leek has a few more options he intends to wire up, after which he will be moving on to working on the level up screen.

DISCLAIMER: the below screenshot is a mock-up, not a game capture like the above.

Jacques00 is going to be doing some icons for each class to have, and some of the formatting may change, but getting these systems working in game is Leek’s next task. We talked about adding supercripted ‘?’s next to the stats there so you can mouse over and get a better description of what the stats do – I’ll need to get on writing them sooner than later I suspect.

After seeing all of that, you might ask about what Gedan is up to. That’s understandible, but the answers almost entirely land under the hood. For most of the week I couldn’t even open the game because of some changes she made to the preloader screwed with Chrome, and she’s been a busy bee chasing down legacy bugs revealed by the port and making sure that the data structures and organization will be mature enough to avoid us having to make a bunch of knee-jerk save formatting changes once it hits public hands. Also: ships. There’s a whole lot to work on there, and she’s making them work better (or at least more correctly) than ever before.

Did you know that ships were programmed in as NPCs, with the NPC stats mapped to the ship stats? So if you wanted to check a ship’s speed, it might be stored as a piece of data in the “reflexes” field. That shouldn’t be the case going forward and should make touching that content a little less painful.

Whew! This post certainly grew into proportions to rival Tank Kannon, but I’ll wrap it up here. The public patch for TiTS will catch an update tonight (probably into the AM hours…) with some bug fixes and new art, and the changelog is live! Thanks guys. For the first time in a long time, sitting down to TiTS has felt… almost effortless. Really, thanks for sticking with us.

0.8.154 Changelog:

  • New busts: Burt, Doctor Po, the Orgasmender, the Sleep Fapnea Machine, and the Dick Designer.
  • It is no longer possible for ‘tuars without a penis to get locked in Pink’s sex menu. (She’s one of the Love Starz.) It should block you outright from selecting “Sex”.
  • Bimbo Kiro should now appear nude at all times, as she is wont to do.
  • An uncoded variation in one of Ardia’s scenes has been corrected. Previously both variants would display at once with a ‘/’ in the middle.
  • Capacity checks for Kaede have been properly standardized by adding a proper statblock for her. Previously they varied from 250-370 depending on which scene you asked!
  • Some errors with the Inseminator Pro have been fixed.
  • Starchild’s tail-cock scenes should no longer error out at every attempt to describe the scene’s star organ.
  • Several smaller typos and grammatical errors have been fixed, as well as some poorly applied bold and italics in some tooltips.
  • A version with some images embedded in scenes and the ability to zoom in on character art is available, and for now, you still need a stand-alone flash player to play it. We sadly can’t pack it with the .exe wrapper we use due to incompatibilities in the coding techniques.

That’s one page of bug reports down (well, mostly. A few of them I need replies on…) and many more to go… No Patreon/SubscriberStar plug here today. I want to get more done before we resume shilling!


Many moons ago, a person reached out to us through the forums to ask if we’d be okay with them making dildos modelled after characters from our games.

Our answer? An enthusiastic yes.

Back in the early days of CoC1 I used to entertain hopes of a certain big dildo company making one or two for us, though it was never something I actually put my back into making a reality when I was busy pounding out smut for 10 hours a day. Well now, you can obtain your very own Syri, or even Kassyra (yes, the CoC2 boys okayed this too!), to plunder your own IRL holes with. Obviously the more… endowed characters don’t quite size up to their in-game, gut-rending sizes or only the most experienced of anal acrobats would be able to make use of them. After all, shouldn’t everyone have an opportunity to take a ride on Kassyra’s cunt-tamer?

Check out Kinx Labs on Etsy to eyeball their initial run. I’ll be sure to link this post to them so they can see whatever feedback you have.

Full disclaimer: We have not tested these products ourselves in spite of being offered free samples. This is a new company’s first product run. We will receive a portion of the proceeds spent on these products.

TiTS & Fenoxo Update

Hey guys, it’s been a little bit. I wanted to give you a quick update before I step out for the weekend to give you some heads up as to where I’ve been and where we’re going.


  • Jacques00 has been working on getting player character view functional in the game. This little outline hologram will never perfectly display everything, but it should roughly conform to your body attributes to give a quick sense of your character’s shape. It’s been one of the things I’m most excited about.
  • Leek has been banging on the options menu to get that whipped into shape. It’s definitely going to look a lot nicer than our current options menu!
  • Gedan’s been finalizing data storage & ship content in hopes of minimizing the updates we have to do to early adapter’s saves over time.
  • I had to finish up some stuff for my 2020 taxes this week, which ate about a day and half more of my time than I expected.

Me (Fenoxo), TMI edition:

  • I think I need to massively scale back my engagement with smut and porn in general. My libido has been flagging, and IRL lust resets feel so much like work that I haven’t bothered in far too long. With my passion in the gutter, I can hardly pour it into creating things for these games.
  • I’m likely going to step back from my lead development/writing role in TiTS and let someone else take the reigns very soon, then take on a more “producer” style role in addition to continuing to help with coding – probably with a focus on chasing down the bugs.
  • Coming to this decision wasn’t easy. I’ve kept a firm authorial control on my projects up until this point, but there comes a time when you have to realize that YOU are your own worst roadblock, and it’s time to let hornier hands take the wheel.
  • It’s my sincere hope that giving my brain more than a week away from the erotic and arousing will allow me to jump back into the sea of genitalia with fresh hunger, but if it doesn’t, I’m going to find the best people to keep the horny ball rolling forward.
  • I don’t have any regrets about doing this job. Making these games allowed me to learn so much about myself, make so many new friends, and bring joy to so many people. I’m so very far from done.

Thank you.

[Public | CoC2] Goo Cat!

0.4.14 Patch Notes:

  • Hotfix: Nihara’s quest now has her proper loot in it; if you already did the quest, you’ll get it on loading the save.
  • Nihara, an elementally-infused catfolk, can now be found in the Undermountain. She has a quest, pregnancy, and a whole metric load of wet pussy to play with! (Written by TheObserver)
  • More bugfixes!

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • Khor’minos Outskirts now has Rooh the Gate Guard, a group of mino soldiers you can please, a group of furry adventurers, a a group of centaur prostitutes, Ambra the catgirl merchant and Nash the shady Lupine merchant.
  • New night event for bedicked PCs where a certain noble cum-sucker pays a visit.
  • Nelia has a quest to procure fishnets. Tui can get some use out of them!
  • New TFs: Nash’s corrupt TFs
  • New Busts: Rooh, Darius, Centaurs, Adventurers,
  • New CGs: Patting Mai & Kohaku

This month has been a whole lot of Khor’minos by the power of Wsan and Tobs. It won’t be long now before the city proper is unlocked — but there’s still a certain bovine residence that needs to be visited before the Outskirts can be finished…

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[Backers | CoC2] Plenty of CoCk to go Around

A lot of new horsecock-centric content this time courtesy of minos and centaurs — and a little something for Champions getting their own dicks wet thanks to a local noblewoman…

0.4.13 Patch Notes:

  • Khor’minos has a new gate guard, Rooh, you (and Cait) can have some fun with. Along with a lot of his friends! (Written by Wsan)
  • There’s a new dream (or is it…) in the Frost Hound where you might get visited by a certain noble cum-sucker. (Written by Birbs)
  • You can now buy Eubicha a round with Mara — and maybe get involved yourself. (Written by Gardeford)
  • New mini-quest with Nelia for some slutty fishnets. You can also convince Atugia to wear them if you want! (Written by Gardeford)
  • Nash sells a new corrupt Marefolk TF.
  • Critical Hit damage has been nerfed considerably.
  • Blue Balls takes longer to proc.
  • You’ll now be teleported to the Grove at the end of Dryad pregnancy.
  • New busts: Rooh, Darius

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B is doing Halloween stuff, and could use some votes on the new poll.

[Backers | CoC2] Blowing Bulls

Time to add some BEEF to the Outskirts of Khor’minos…

0.4.12 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new group of minotaur soldiers in the Outskirts you can have some fun with — in more ways than one! (Written by Wsan)
  • You can meet a new group of furry adventurers in the Outskirts with a one-time scene. You’ll see more of them later in the city! (Also by Wsan)
  • New busts: Tandi, Sherine, Adventurers (Lessala, Vicky, Yani)
  • New CGs: Patting Mai, Patting Kohaku

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[Backers | TiTS] Shekka Uses the Wall

0.8.153 Changelog:

  • New punishment wall short scenes activated: “Tail Whip”, “Pierced Horsecock”, “Condom Stuffing”, “Butt Chug” (lol), “Pawjob”, “Ball Worship”, “Pussy Pump”, “Hypercock Docking”, “Synth Sheath’d”, “Shekka Visits” (This last one I wrote! -Fen)
  • Kiro (in big ball mode) has her her relief BJ scene added to her proper sex menu.
  • Kally’s data object now has the proper penis type assigned (which should change volume calculations slightly).
  • Kally will now no longer serve ‘nuki PCs her special drink when they meet.
  • Gryvain penises should know have proper knot volumes assigned when setup with the “shiftCock” function.
  • Several dildos that had knots have had their knot volumes properly bumped up.
  • Several dildos that mentioned giving taint in their descriptions now give taint.
  • Fixed a ton of typos, minor logic error in-scenes, and the like thanks to people like SBJ and the other bug reporters.

I’ve got a few more complicating issues to untangle next… as well as another scene or two I’d like to add for your followers making use of you while you’re in the wall. The java port is process is still trundling along as well. At this week’s meeting we went over the list of remaining tasks before we’re comfortable sharing it with you all. In the interest of transparency, I’ll run through some of them here:

  • Level up flow. This means building out the new UI for stat allocation and perks. Jacques00 did some mockups but they aren’t in code at all yet (to my knowledge).
  • Perk display: this one kind of goes hand-in-hand with the level up system and is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Ship/Location storage: these need finalized so that we aren’t stuck juggling bug reports about old saves that used an unfinished system down the road.
  • Proper mail system interface. The java port doesn’t have one yet.
  • Proper ship menus.

If you like the game and like what we’re doing, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! And if not, well, the free builds will still be here.

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