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A New Challenger Approaches!

I’m pleased to talk to y’all today about a new project, though not my own. This one comes from Quiette Shy! She graciously hosted me on her podcast way back in the day, and not too long afterward reached out to me about sourcing a writer to assist in creating a visual novel style game. I was able to put her in touch with someone I knew through our communities – I’m too drowned in my own work to help directly. Well, fast forward a couple years. The project slipped out of my awareness for a while. I had all but forgotten about it! Then a private message arrived in my inbox indicating that the very same VN would be releasing on Steam quite soon!

(the image is a link to the steam page)

A science-fiction game featuring adult themes with some anthropomorphic characters sprinkled in? Should I be worried? …Nah. The way I see it, I’m basically the god-father of this soon-to-born VN, and I want to see it succeed in hopes that more will follow!

Check it out, and if it looks like fun, be sure to give it a wishlist.

I have not been compensated in any way for this post and do so out of a genuine desire to see more games in these spaces succeed. Geddit? In these SPACEs? Cause sci-fi? No? I’ll see myself out.


Jobs Blown

Howdie neighborinos! I come bearing gifts! Or at least… a new scene for Azra, by William… and a lot of effort by our coders to run down some of the worst bugs that have been plaguing us of late. My next coding job will be some progression content on Phaedra, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

0.9.056 Changelog:

  • [Public] Azra has a new blowjob scene, by William. Originally it was written such that Azra would surprise you with a bunch of sweat and musk, but that didn’t quite align with my vision of the proper shark-woman less physical job and high hygene standards. I reworked it to the PC to blow her without mention of extra sweat/must, or adjust the lab’s thermostat to get yourself a lil extra to sniff. It doesn’t make a tremendous difference in the overall scene text, but it’s another notch in player agency. In my haste to do all that, I forgot to tag the content for backers-only. My foible is your gain! Written by William, coded by Fenoxo.
  • New image pack scene: Azra getting blown by the PC. The lines are by MrPink and the colors are by Waru-Geli, and the full resolution version of the image is available on our Patreon or SubscribeStar posts.
  • New Bust art: Reaha’s cow-print bikini, by Adjatha. (Lowercase-Donkey)
  • Fixed a handful of modal dialog issues that were probably the primary cause of the “shipMode” crash errors, and possibly some of the inventory and storage issues. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Ramis’ sleep with button options and clarified what the switch button is going to do without needing to look at the tooltip. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a broken call to itemCollect() blowing up using the black market options from Orryx. (Gedan)
  • Fixed another pathway through combat cleanup that wasn’t properly clearing text output before emitting loss scenes. (Gedan)
  • Fixed the tightness of checks around masturbation with toys, where the menu to pick a toy could pull from ship storage whilst onboard the ship, but was requiring a toy to be in the players inventory to enable the toy menu itself. (Gedan)
  • Fixed gooballs not applying the correct color. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Sophora’s rend attack improperly calling applyBleed(). (Gedan)
  • Fixed another way the shower masturbation scene buttons could blow up in rare circumstances. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Mirrin’s DP scene and how it offers selections for genitalia to use, streamlining the process and avoiding invalid index errors. (Gedan)
  • Fixed clarity issues with the save buttons disabled tooltip, making it clearer that it is not possible to save whilst the codex is active. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Kitty Courtesans not actually taking their credits for services rendered. (Gedan)
  • Using the spreadsheets in “panic mode” should no longer bloat saves quite so much. Jacques00 has made improvements that should greatly reduce save file size for those that use them as a place to take notes.
  • Jacques00 grabbed the source PSD for much of the old Gats art and pulled higher resolution variants for use in game.
  • Added an overwrite option for if the user has at least one saved spreadsheet when saving the current spreadsheet. (Jacques00)
  • Dark mode toggle is now a persistent option in spreadsheet mode. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed being unable to remove piercings. (Jacques00)
  • Refinements to the piercing menu for equipping and unequipping. (Jacques00)
  • Added icons for piercing menu filters. (Jacques00)
  • Prettified the Inventory item lists. (Jacques00)
  • Panties and the Bimbo Ray key items will now read better in the key items list. (Jacques00)
  • Added title attributes to inventory set buttons for clarity. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed the Ganger Heavy target selection button. (Lowercase-Donkey)
  • Prevented Bimbo Kiro from showing up in Kally’s bar as a patron that acts like normal Kiro. (Fenoxo)
  • Fixed a number of places where Kiro’s name was hard-coded and not properly dynamic. (Lowercase-Donkey)
  • Extrameet fixes for fast travelling to the milk bar on Dhaal. (Lowercase-Donkey)
  • Prevented codex output from displaying inline bust images outside of the codex display. (Jacques00)
  • Viewing codex entries should now properly clear the menu before displaying the next entry (in case of any extra generated buttons). (Jacques00)
  • Adjusted Korgonne’s Translate button for better navigation. (Jacques00)
  • Grouped some codex bust images instead of having them be a randomized single. (Jacques00)
  • Change sand worm/butt bug image names for clarity. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed the deployable drone disabling your ability to duck under the overpass during the Feruze fight on Dhaal. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed a crash in Steele Biomedical. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed displaying the wrong Syri image based on her coat status. (Jacques00)
  • A metric bug-ton of typo fixes, under the hood adjustments to base systems, and small bug fixes.

[TiTS] This is a title

Fem Tarratch Slaver, Shou

Fem Tarratch Slaver, Shou

Another patch. ANOTHER PATCH!!!

Wanted to get back on the schedule rather than just slipping to Mondays just being the Done Day for a while before something else would come up to shift it again, and I’ve been cranking through a lot of bugs the last couple of days. Makes sense to consolidate and get us both back on the day we’re aiming for and get these fixes outta the door.

I’m gonna keep it short and jump back into the bug mines, but CoC2 also shoved out a bugfix patch just before us, so check that out too!

Hotfixes, builds #2913 and up:

  • Fixed target selection short-circuit when using items that require targets so it no longer crashes (Gedan)
  • Fixed incorrect perk test for myr venom for victory scenes with the Kui-Boss in Malai Quest and one of the WallSluts (Gedan)
  • Fixed the storage inventory UI duplicating held items for the Toy and Valuable categories, rather than showing those categories actually in storage and thus losing items and/or crashing (Gedan)

TiTS 0.9.038 Changelog:

  • BACKER: Tarratch Slavers are now roaming Mhen’ga (Nonesuch & lighterfluid)
  • BACKER: Anno’s off-screen encounter with a Thraggen now has an actual scene rather than being behind closed doors (Professor Poprocks & lighterfluid)
  • PUBLIC: Malai Quest is now available to the public (Doots & Gedan)
  • PUBLIC: Additional Syri x Ardia threesome interactions are now available to the public (Savin & Leek)
  • Fixed Shade weaponswapping crashing (Gedan)
  • Fixed the ability to unequip piercings marked with the NO_REMOVE flag without assistance, which should also fix locked items from being removable in general (Gedan)
  • Fixed the piercings inventory UI not highlighting the currently selected item (Gedan)
  • Fixed the selected item in the trade and drop UI displays not swapping sides when the currently active list is emptied (Gedan)
  • Fixed the selected item in the trade and drop UI displays not properly moving to the next most appropriate item when the currently selected item is fully moved to the other side (Gedan)
  • Fixed displayed keybindings on the piercings inventory UI being off by one index (Gedan)
  • Fixed a few more react class vs className property errors (Gedan)
  • Fixed “Clean Sticky” not being able to execute the correct function and crashing (Gedan)
  • Fixed Frostwyrm type cock descriptors using the generic dragon-type list, in order to remove erroneous additional ‘tapered’ and suchlike prefixes (Gedan)
  • Fixed roomlocks for Uveto that hadn’t accounted for changes made to how the content is executed/missing (Gedan)
  • Fixed a lot of equippable items (almost all armor and apparel) not being marked as non-usable, thus making the “Use” button show up in the inventory UI when the item is in a state that means it can’t be equipped/unequipped (Gedan)
  • Fixed some tarkus room tile descriptions that were using the wrong description or function call, which were probably causing issues with the Tether quest (DrunkZombie)
  • Removed some old serialization properties from the AS3 era that are no longer relevant (Gedan)
  • Made buttons only respond to primary-button clicks when using mouse input, rather than any mouse-button input. This should properly respect operating system settings with regards to what the primary button actually is (Gedan)
  • Fixed sexiness being counted when determining if the player should gain the Energizing Libido perk when using Amazona and also through the Lumi PC Bimbo patch, removing a window of opportunity where the player could gain it and immediately lose it (Gedan)
  • Fixed Catnip moving a correct genital spot value to an incorrect value when it was already the expected value (Gedan)
  • Added additional safety around the item usage target selection so that it cannot crash when not in combat (Gedan)
  • Fixed hasFuckedTrenchWives crash (Gedan & donkey)
  • Fixed items duplicating themselves and not grouping properly in the storage display (Gedan)

[TiTS] Hotfixes Galore~

This weekend has seen a number of hotfixes rolled out to TiTS that I’m going to rattle off, in case one of these was messing with your [] Steele!


  • Feruze’s fight on Dhaal should work again. This one was a doozy requiring me to dig deep into the old flash code and find some custom code that never got ported into Javascript. I was able to play it through to completion on the test save provided with the bug report, so you should be able to as well!
  • Sabrae sells the combat tail again.
  • New parsers were added for dick nipples, because why not, I guess? (nippleCockHead and oneNippleCock, mostly)
  • Kally’s drink menu no longer crashes on selecting a beverage.
  • Extrameet no longer causes a crash when used on Vesperia.
  • The Cheat menu now has the option to force treatment variants.
  • A bunch of broken parser stuff got cleaned up by Leek! <3
  • Flying to Poe A should work better.
  • Fixed some image scaling & cropping issues.
  • Jacques00 did some under the hood work on our custom playing cards. Soon(tm).
  • Fixed being unable to leave Velta.
  • Fixed the zil callgirl bust.
  • Fixed some broken “loadInAss” instances.
  • Fixed sex with Molli crashing.
  • Fixed an incorrect tooltip in Shekka’s content.
  • Fixed the map expansion not working.
  • Fixed Qualle movement calls to prevent possible crashes.
  • The Gabilani Chemist’s preg should be hooked back up.
  • Fixed the zil hornet’s bust.
  • Fixed more crash landing stuff…
  • Fixed Jumper movement calls to use the newer format and hopefully prevent crashes.
  • Fixed the dicknipple type setting in the “goo shift” menu to work properly. (It was forcing gabilani type every time!)
  • Fixed a jumper scene missing its images.
  • Fixed more broken movement calls in Ramis that could cause crashes.
  • Fixed more broken movement calls in the federation quest that could cause crashes.
  • The zil spear is now rare. (Stats unchanged – it was not tagged as the correct rarity.)
  • Amber’s statblock was updated to use TYPE_DEER instead of TYPE_LEITHAN. She existed before TYPE_DEER did!
  • Fixed the rats raiders getting stuck in the combat-UI post-combat.
  • Deleted an unused Sera file. (Don’t worry – it was empty!)
  • Fixed sex with Erra crashing due to trying to move to a non-existent space.
  • “Sam” got a proper creature stat-block in the code.
  • Rivet’s shop should work better.
  • And probably a handful more…


(Pssst! CoC2 got a public update yesterday too!)

Big news! We’re going to open up the javascript version of Trails in Tainted Space for everyone, finally. The plan is to let everyone loose in the fertile jungles of Mhen’ga while our backers get to beat on the rusty junkpile that is Tarkus. Both versions come with all the latest bug-fixes and UI polish, but the backer version has the baked-in knowledge that you made all this possible. <3

I expect to see more planets rolling out before long given the speed with which our newest volunteer coder has been shredding bugs. Just today I merged in a giant pile of code changes for Myrellion. I hope none of the wrong bugs got shredded, but you’ll have to see for yourself once we let you back into Gildenmere…

[PUBLIC & BACKER] TiTS 0.69.420 (#1008) Changelog:

  • [Update 10:08 PM] Gedan fixed an issue with Captain Khorgan that was preventing characters from saving after defeating her in certain scenarios.
  • [Update 10:08 PM] Penny’s recruitment quest should work now. I had to re-add missing busts for the red zil and venus ziltraps. I also had to fix about a dozen different crashes. I haven’t tested her on-ship content yet, so if she crashes… it’s on you.
  • [Update 9:20 PM] New Game should no longer crash. Sorry about that. A comprehensive fix for movement formatting replaced something in the creation routine that went undetected, since us devs are all using saves to test at this point.
  • Gedan fixed a bug that caused the game to crash on iOS. The UI is hardly happy about it, but it shouldn’t explode when you try to open it any more. I would personally hold off on trying to play on iOS for now. -Fen
  • We made some under the hood changes to how images are set up in the code to be more readable and play nicer with git. This should make it easier to add and adjust more images & busts in the future (and fix bugs with any that need fixing!)
    • [Fix Deployed] Known Bug: It appears the image updates broke some things. We’re looking into it.
  • The decorations system was updated with a proper UI for selecting your decoration in a room. I had to change how we were storing unlocked decorations in the code to do this, which has the unfortunate side-effect of losing all your currently unlocked decorations. Not to worry: I’ve taken steps so that when we have the cheat menu setup, you will be able to use it to unlock all the decorations in the game.
    • Psssst. If you really, really want to get back those missing items, you can always pop open your browser’s console and slap some of these in there to jam things into your inventory:
      • pc.inventory.insertItem(new (Serialization.getClassByName(“SteeleTechPoster”))());
      • pc.inventory.insertItem(new (Serialization.getClassByName(“SquirrelGirlPoster”))());
  • An absolute FUCKLOAD of bugs got fixed, both for currently available content and content that has yet to be released. I’m not even going to try to list them individually.

[BACKERS] TiTS 0.69.420 (#1008) Changelog:

  • You can fly to Tarkus now. Try not to junk up the place!

As always, if you like the game and like what we’re doing, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! And if not, well, the free builds will still be here (eventually)!

[Backers | TiTS] Stealth Patching

Did you know I slipped a patch out last night? No? You could be forgiven for missing it since I only mentioned it offhandedly in the discord chat last night. Today, under the light of a new day’s sun, I’m correcting that oversight, and I’m pretty happy to report on at least one of the changes.

Where to play? This link. No, it won’t work if you aren’t logged in.

0.69.420 (#980) Changelog:

  • Decorations are working again! You can decorate four different locations on the ship: the ramp, the bed, the navigation console, and the security console (crew access). Decorations can only hang in one locale at a time. I’m going to continue poking at this system and try to improve the UI for selecting a decoration for a space because right now, there’s nothing to handle having more than 14 available decorations – not a pain point yet but definitely will be. Changes I’m making might wipe out your inventory of unlocked decorations, but if I do that, I’ll be sure to add code for a cheat to unlock them all.
    • Under the hood, a new item type was added: “Decorations”. The relevant items were updated to use it.
  • Mimbranes had duplicate code/functions in two different files. I went through to clean up duplicates and move any functions that might need to happen off of Mhen’ga into a file that is available no matter your present locale, which should prevent issues. However all the touching and moving might have broken some things. Keep an eye out, mim-brains.
  • Apparently New Texas slipped out the door in a previous patch. Please be aware that New Texas is highly experimental and crashy.
  • Re-arming yourself when leaving New Texas should work better.
  • Fixed a panty masturbation bug.
  • Applied some formatting fixes to the codebase as a whole that should nip a bunch of potential crashes in the bud before they can bloom.
  • Fixed a bug with Virection.
  • Fixed Shekka’s greeting screen showing “<br>Shekka” as a title.
  • Ramis’s duplicate file has been removed. I swear I did this once already…
  • T1-K4 got her code cleaned up a bit.
  • The New Texan gym got two small fixes.
  • Some new utility functions for pregnancies were added to the creature data object.
  • Group combat UIs should no longer clip off the bottom of status icons.

As always, if you like the game and like what we’re doing, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! And if not, well, the free builds will still be here (eventually)!

[Backers | TiTS] Fixes + Tease Refinement

Another raft of new fixes is rolling out before I run my test PC to Tarkus. No I don’t want to talk about spending an hour trying to fix something that would take someone more knowledgeable five minutes. Just know that it happened.

Where to play? This link. No, it won’t work if you aren’t logged in.

0.69.420 (#964) Changelog:

  • We’ve replaced the old word-filter cheat with a new, far better suited system. The options menu has a new entry, Language Filtering, that provides two groups of settings.

    Tag filters are specific words that we’re trawling through all of the games content to support; they provide the ability to contextually replace specific words based on your own preferences and somewhat target what the potential replacement will be. Not all of the tag filtering options have been wired up yet, we’re still working on that so expect the rest to come soon.

    At the bottom of the page there is a totally custom word replacement options. Put the word you want to change in the left box, and the word you want to replace it in the right box and boom, that word will globally be replaced across the game as you play. The power is in your hands.
  • The Tease ability is now more responsive to a variety of status effects.
    • You should be allowed to tease while blind now, but it will do 50% of normal damage – mitigated by your exhibitionism score, since an exhibitionist knows how to arouse without something like eye-contact. At 100% exhibitionism, blind teases should be more effective.
    • Stunned opponents now take 25% damage from tease attacks, due to being too stunned to fully perceive them.
    • Paralyzed and tripped targets should take 125% tease damage, due to their more vulnerable (yet aware) positions.
    • Blind PCs teasing blind opponents is not possible.
    • ~80 new tease texts were added to account for these various status situations as well as factors like libido (and exhibitionism for the blind ones).
  • Post-combat should now properly display XP and credits gained again.
  • Cum bubbles should be usable again.
  • Some “next” buttons after item use shouldn’t stick now.
  • Fixed some bugs in Dicksprout.
  • Fixed Galomax “Not a Function” crash.
  • Fixed “low blow” crash.
  • Fixed genital slits vanishing on save & reload.
  • Fixed a crash in Mhenga’s jungle related to day/night.
  • A buttload of other things got fixed, and I’d rather fix more than spend an hour trawling through things to list them all.

As always, if you like the game and like what we’re doing, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! And if not, well, the free builds will still be here (eventually)!

[Backers] Stompin’ on Bugs in TiTS

The bug fixes, they are a-comin! We even picked up a new volunteer coder that has been taking some big chunks out of the bug backlog: lowercase_donkey. I don’t have an ETA for when the javascript version will make its way into the public channel, but I will keep you posted.

Where to play? This link. No, it won’t work if you aren’t logged in.

Javascript Bugfix Changelog #836:

  • A proper UI for dropping items and swapping with a full inventory should be deployed, courtesy of Leek.
  • The Codex’s stats page should be back.
  • Elder Venus Pitchers should be marked on the map once discovered, as it was and should be evermore!
  • The Bulletin Board in Esbeth (Mhen’ga) now has a icon, and when all available quests on it have been seen, it switches to a more faded icon.
  • Other NPC location icons have been updated/improved – not Kattom’s though, because he’s a little weirdo, and the new map system isn’t compatible with the trickery I used for him before.
  • Love Starz require their unlock email to start once more.
  • The “Tripped” tooltip should now correctly state which combat button is replaced with “Stand”.
  • Kelly should be able to purchase Skysap without crashing.
  • Busts can now be expanded out to a medium-large size just like the map, if you prefer. This is a WIP feature.
  • Using dildos anally should no longer crash.
  • Fixed a crash with the heat status effect.
  • Tanis bow training should work now.
  • Cleaned up some for loops in a variety of places to work better in javascript.
  • The Special attack menu in combat should work properly once more. (Not sure if it was broke in the last public patch, but it got broke in the dev channel…)
  • Gathering Uthra Sap should work properly now.
  • Combat names for enemies should now display their full unique identifier in the sidebar (Ex: “Zil Male A”).
  • Birthing psychic tentacle monsters shouldn’t crash any longer.
  • A lot of references to inventory and equipment locations that were not properly translated to the new format have been updated, potentially eliminating a large number of crashes. Thanks, lowercase_donkey!
  • Extrameet works! At least for the dozen or so encounters I swiped through…
  • Fixed a crash in Ramis’s content.
  • Removed placeholder parser markers in Ramis’s content.
  • [AriOrGreen] has been replaced with proper name calls for Green/Ari in the Love Starz.
  • Calls to the non-existent “isMisc()” function have been replaced with proper “isMischievous()” checks, closing a large amount of potential crashes.
  • Syri’s cow-girl scene shouldn’t cause crashes any longer.
  • Syri’s Anno talk should work properly (once we get to Anno…)
  • A lot of calls to the defunct “inCollection” check have been replaced with their proper javascript equivalent, again closing a large number of potential crashes. Thanks again, lowercase_donkey.
  • Jacques00 fixed potential crashes in the appearance mannequin display for those with excesses of things to display.
  • Flahne’s bubble-consuming should work better.
  • Custom V-Ko scenes should work.
  • pc.virility() checks that crashed the game should be properly updated to pc.cumQuality().
  • Fixes to embedded image functionality.

[Backer] TiTS JS Weekend Bugfixes

I’m going to be doing a lot more today (hopefully) and maybe tacking on to this as the night progresses. Here’s what’s coming!

Where to play? This link. No, it won’t work if you aren’t logged in.

Game Version 0.69.420#776 Changes:

  • Genital slit issues have been fixed in: creation, Ruskvel, and Naleen Nip.
  • Feeding your parasitic tailgina should no longer cause a crash.
  • The holo-mannequin has had a few small tweaks and fixes applied by Jacques00.
  • The custom image option for your PC portrait should now have a note that the feature is not yet ready.
  • Default artist priority should remain between all saves.
  • Fixed errors in the “Smut” submenu of “Masturbation.”
  • Fixed fertilized venus pitcher pod birth crashing.
  • Male naleen blowjobs shouldn’t crash any longer.
  • Fixed a crash for teasing with hips while not wearing panties.
  • Fixed a crash in the appearance screen related to fuzzy nuts.
  • Burt’s strange habit of collecting zil paraphernalia should now work properly. Cash in on his obsession once more!
  • Fixed a crash in letting Kiro fuck your pussy when you save her.
  • Fixed Kase’s busts.
  • Some fixes to the combat UI courtesy of Jacques00.
  • Fixed a crash in a secret system :3 (thanks, Jacques00!)
  • Ship fights no longer proc (and crash the game).

Game Version: 0.69.420#783 Changes:

  • Atha’s unlock email no longer crashes the game.
  • Fixed more errors in the “Smut” submenu of “Masturbation.”
  • Atha’s main menu no longer crashes.
  • Atha’s live stream no longer crashes – like 8 different fixes tbh.
  • Kiro’s busts should work again.
  • Fixed a crash in the player object that would rarely occur.
  • Kiro’s sex menu should now work.
  • The movement associated with Kiro’s sex menu and sex scenes should now work.
  • Fixed the movement associated with Kiro’s “Drink Off” event.
  • Fixed a crash in the Gal-Link Fuckmeet.
  • B-dee b-dee b-dee, that’s all for tonight folks!

I hope the folks hanging out in the discord chat enjoyed the free 1-month TiTS-backer codes I was slinging out each time I fixed a bug. More tomorrow (ihope).

[Backers] TiTS-JS Bug Hotfixin’

If you’re wanting to play the test release for backers, see this post for more details.

  • Fixed multiple Vanae crashes.
  • Fixed Static Burst not working. (hasShields() needed adjusted in the creature object.)
  • Fixed a crash when using your first Galomax dose.
  • EasyFit should now work correctly (and no longer crash).
  • Furball should no longer crash.
  • Fixed a tooltip not displaying in the Vanae portions of Mhen’ga’s jungle.
  • Fixed being locked in a loss scene to Naleen if you’re level 1.
  • Fixed venus pitcher pregnancy crash.
  • Fixed Yoma’s date at Burt’s crashing.
  • Fixed the Love Starz square on Tavros being non-visible on the map, and fixed it crashing if you walked in to it.
  • Fixed a crash in the Love Starz’ content, though likely more lurk – and I’m aware their busts aren’t working yet.
  • Fixed some related crashes in future content that aren’t accessible in javascript yet but were ported.
  • Fixed a crash when Shou shows up at the Taxi.
  • Fixed a pregnancy-related appearance screen crash.
  • Fixed the special attack menu making every button execute the last listed button’s attack.
  • Added new Kimber art to the artpack, by Xtatoto, though I’m not sure if that scene is actually accessible yet.
  • Drone attacks should work.
  • isChestCovered fix.
  • Zil TF should be fixed.
  • Blue eggs should be fixed.
  • Dildos should function now, or at least the PuppyKitten one should.
  • Probably some other stuff I missed.

Back to the fixing mines I gooooo~!

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