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Teasing Update

I’m working on a bad end for the Feruze fight where you’re taken by some slavers. It’s over 3,000 words thus far, and I haven’t started the body modification yet. It’s gonna be good.

Being ashamed never occurs to you. Shame is an emotion for people. You’re a pet. An object. <b>Owned</b>. If Mistress wants you to stop whining, she’ll train you not to. Your mind melts under the radiance of her divine will.

A scene for having a 69 with Feruze when you win is already finished. I have to do an alternate loss scene for PC’s that Feruze likes after this, then I can start playing with coding and working out the combat routine.

TL;DR: Feruze encounter document is at 12,000 words and 24 pages thus far with more to come. Should have a fair amount of reactivity based on whether you screwed her in the past.

I missed writing really wild bad ends.



Soon, Fenny will be a free elf rutting minotaur.

Coronavirus Update

I won’t be able to work on TiTS as much as I normally do. I don’t talk about it much here, but I am a parent, and with my daughter being off school for the foreseeable future, I’ll be spending more of my weekday time in SFW-mode to help out my ex (who still has to work for the time being).

Stay safe out there.

Patreon API Issues

Hey guys, we appear to be experiencing some issues with Patreons API at the moment. I’m told it’s definitely something on their end. I’ll update when or if I know more (though I’m probably going to bed soon, sooo…)

Almost immediate update:¬†Now I’m told we’ve worked around it. Everything is fine here. Situation normal. How are you?

…it was a boring blog post anyway.

An Addenum [TiTS]

Hey guys, just a heads up that there was more content in the last patch than I let on: William had written some rodenian wallsluts for the game, and you run into them at Cherry’s. DrunkZombie did the honors of coding it.

Minor Systemic Hiccup

Sav here,

Just a quick FYI because several people have mentioned this happening: if you’re a backer and can no longer see the Backer Builds tab on the blog, you’ll need to re-link your Patreon and blog account. Don’t know why, but it seems Patreon had a little hiccup (probably for a few dozen of you) and this fixes it. Sorry for any inconvenience.

CoC2 backers build this weekend. TiTS public build when Fen’s back from GenCon. He’s feeling much better, from what I understand. All the well-wishes were appreciated.


So last night my sinus/ear infection flared back up in the other ear now that I’m out of antibiotics. This time I got put on some steroids (not the muscle-building kind). Hopefully I’ll have my shit together by Gencon this weekend, dodge any con crud, and hit coding Soak hard.

Also I had to reinstall windows last night, lost a few hours work, and I’m not looking forward to figuring out how to set up my coding macros again >.>

I’ll be back in a week with a public patch, hopefully better health, and streaming work on coding Soak.

I fucking hate everything about this month.

Feelin’ Shit.

Might need to go back for stronger antibiotics if I’m not better by the end of the weekend.

Another Day.

3900 words more were written today. I have an alternate orgasm variant with related cum quantity variants to do tomorrow that should eat about 1,000 words of writing, then I can start trying to code the bulk of this mess. I regret to inform you all that the optional ball-worship foreplay will not make the public patch.

Since it’s taking so long, I’m going to send out the public patch once I’m up and ready to go for the day, then finish working on the scene and try to get it coded for a public update in the evening. I’m not 100% promising to have it done tomorrow night, but that’s the current goal.

See you all on the other side of sleep.

I Lived

Back from FWA. Survived both plane trips only to nearly be trampled to death by a vicious wild animal charging out of my gate (ie. my husky was very happy to see me). Fen and DCL are on their way home later on today; Wsan and Shou will probably be AFK a while longer.

Normal operations resume tomorrow. Thanks to all of you who said hi~! Big shout out to the convention staffer at the panel who busted ass to try and get Fen a functional projector from the 21st century. You the real MVP.

Please send thoughts and prayers to all of us as we are all inevitably laid low by furpies the con crud and/or food poisoning.


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