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Worse Than Bess? I’ll Let Geddy Be The Judge

So Gedan has been working on Zeikfried’s alternate crystal goos. They’re… complicated to say the least. It might be a bit before they’re anywhere near presentable, particularly with all the craziness being packed under the hood. There’s something like two main combat encounters that vary behaviors and sex scenes wildly depending on how they’re defeated, including resistance changes mid-fight and special snowflake mechanics out the wazoo.

Somehow I doubt she’ll be up for trying Zeikfried’s female sydians afterward.

I’ve got about 1,000 more words of Emmy chunked out right now, but I want to hit 1,500 before bed. Still kind of a weak day by my standards, but after the write-draught I’ve had, I’ll take what I can get.

Public Build ETA: Sometime around the 5th or 8th. We may get the backers something before then.

Stay radical everybody, and expect my thoughts on Ubisoft’s “The Division” to show up on my youtube channel sometime this weekend.

We Aren’t Dead

The title says it all. I don’t actually have that much to report, though. Gedan and I did some work to get the long overdue credits screen up and working, which meant paging through something like 1,500 form replies from the Offbeatr polls and compiling the results into a single spreadsheet. For Patreon backers, we’re still waiting on Patreon to fix their API setup so we can more easily get the data that we need.

I also wrote a little bit for Emmy, but I hate it and am going to feed it the white-hot furnace that is the delete command, that it might be born anew, rising from the ashes like a phoenix (that doesn’t suck, because who wants a blowjob from a beak?)

Stay chill!


[Backers] 0.6.31 – Dungeon of Dungeontude

echo_silence_layoutHey guys,

I’d like to apologize for this week being kind of dry on the blog post front. I’ve definitely let some of the comm relays drop offline, and frankly, that’s unacceptable. Fortunately, we’ve been busy little raskvel back here. A brain-trust of our best and brightest has been looking over the Phaedra II planning document (formerly called Xandam), and Zeikfried promptly skewered half my ideas. Still, we’re laying some good groundwork there to have an alternate starter planet with a little more plot to it than Mhen’ga.

As an example, one of the ideas involves fighting your way across post-apocalyptic big-rigs driven by aggressive hyena tribals. Yeah, Mad Max and fallout influences will definitely be felt there. No actual writing is done for yet, of course (aside from a few Codices), I’m too busy jamming my face into Emmy’s crotch and hoping that I can find a completed quest somewhere in there. Last night I managed to work out 1,000 words or so of stuff to set up the last stage of her quest. I might be making it slightly more complicated than I originally intended.

Goddamn feature creep.

0.6.31 Changelog:

  • Kara Quest 2 Dungeon should be active. It might be super buggy, but it should also have a pretty solid chunk of new combat for you to play with – as well as some party-ish combat! (Thanks, Gedan!)
  • Lots of new items for the above Dungeon.
  • Some new busts were added to the game, by Shou and JayEcho.
  • Nonesuch’s Sera expansion is added to the game thanks to Jacques00.
  • Figured out how to set up a .swf wrapper to upload to furaffinity to skate around their 10MB restriction for posting public builds there. We may broaden its use in time, but the current version has issues with caching.
  • Tech Disruptor attacks are now AoE (I might revert or play with this one).
  • Overcharge’s multiplier now increases when the PC unlocks multiple attacks in order to keep it competitive.
  • Enhanced Dampeners now actually does something.
  • Shield boost has been tweaked.
  • You shouldn’t be able to start Emmy’s quest unless you learn her name.
  • An incorrectly linked room has been fixed.
  • Assloads of other tweaks and fixes.

Sweet ship art by Echo3DX. Another here :3

Twerk Twerk Twerk

Nothing major to report today. Geddy have chunked away at a party combat dungeon, Jacques00 took a poke at Nonesuch’s Sera expansion, and Savin, Geddy, and I looked over Savin’s proposals for abilities to cover the PC leveling all the way up to 12.

No coding on my end at the moment, but expect to see me tackle Savin’s egg-impregnating sex-toy in the days to come. Backers should definitely have a fruitful patch this week for sure!

FoE – 0.4q

centaur_mare_fullNew update to Fall of Eden after a long delay! Gradually settling into the new job, though it’ll likely be a while until I’m up to the old rate of releases. For now, I’m aiming for monthly at least.

New content contains some new mobs for more powerful players, found in the Hills area. The regular cats also have a new loss scene.

Play it here.
There is an offline version available here.
Check out the Fall of Eden forum.
Fall of Eden source code can be found on Github.
Check out the Android port here. Direct link here.
Report bugs on Github or on the forums.
Fall of Eden has a Patreon.

Full changelog after the break.

Update: New android version is uploaded.

Work & Stuff


Art by DCL

No new patch today! I didn’t get a tremendous amount done today. One thing I’m discovering with cutting out caffeine and alcohol from my diet is just how dependent on them I am. I didn’t drink that much booze, but I typically had at least a beer almost every night. So now that I’m not drinking it at all, I’m finding that I’m sleeping worse, and without caffeine to help prop me up during the day (plus added fatigue from my lack of caffeine), I’m not exactly 100%.

So I mostly just managed to catch up on my communications with team members and spend two hours reviewing the “serious-mode” version of the ganrael that Zeikfried has been cooking up. It’s crazy complicated! I’ll probably try to rough out the sex scenes but let Gedan handle the combat code for them, mostly Z wants some crazy stuff to happen in their fights AND I’m not familiar with any of the new combat workings yet.

Speaking of our local code-dragon, she informs me that one of Savin’s group combat adventures is mostly done. It just needs actual testing and tuning. Hopefully we can bukkake that over our backers faces sometime next week!

Also, I spent some time crapping out some youtube footage I had taken/editing last week onto my channel. One of the videos is below the break if you wanna poke at it. The other should pop up sometime tomorrow afternoon. It was a good mindless task for me to poke at around today.

[Public] 0.6.29 Release & [Backers] 0.6.30 Release!

Renezuo_VKo_LQSince the last public build still had a solid chunk of bugs, I’ve gone ahead and given you guys one more build to try and polish off some of the rough spots before you have to wait again. Sadly, because I’m a big doo-doo brain, I’ve locked a pile of new content behind the backer wall. Gotta pay the bills somehow!

emot-siren0.6.29 & 0.6.30 Changelogs: emot-siren

  • [0.6.30 Only] Vi, a V-Ko droid, has been added to the Gildenmere hospital on Myrellion. She’s written by JimThermic and comes packed with a metric crap-ton of content.
  • [0.6.30 Only] Vi’s shop allows you to buy some new items, including a new shield generator and two fun little outfits for your armor slot.
  • Stat bars should scroll up from 0 properly when starting anew or loading in.
  • Replaced Nevrie’s bust with one by Shou. I THINK a non-nude version should be on its way as well.
  • Properly enabled the Wetraxxel’s nude bust, even though you can barely see any difference.
  • Renamed Codex headings to avoid text clipping.
  • Added a “Robotic”  Races subheader and migrated the two V-Ko codex entries under it. Note to self: add codex for Companion Droids…
  • Kiro should have the proper vagina type.
  • Fixed a potential crash in beard descriptions.
  • Fixed a potential hang-up in Bess’s progression.
  • Cleaned up some ‘}’s that were floating around the text in a few places.
  • Jacques00 did some sorting in the items menu, most notably splitting Key Items into their own sub-tab.
  • Gedan laid the groundwork for the first proper dungeon full of party combat.
  • Varmint wrangling should be fixed.
  • The usual cadre of typo and grammar fixes.
  • Many other tweaks and fixes I was too lazy to hunt down individually.

Art is of V-Ko prime giving a blowjob, drawn by Renezuo.

Steph and Quests

Nevrie Nude (Shou)Savin here! Just a quick status update:

As part of my ongoing efforts to get familiar with updating TiTS’s actual code, I spent a chunk of this morning revising Nevrie’s scenes to support a cool artistic choice Shou made when doing her bust: keratin nubs all along the shaft of her dick. That sounds pretty apropos for a dzaan alpha (and hot as hell) to me! I also coded in a revised Steph Irson path, written a while ago due to popular demand. Basically switches Steph’s New Texas TF to Bovinium (an item made somewhat later in development), so she’s neither forcefully Treated nor a bimbo. This also removes her Live & In Person encounter, though, since that was somewhat predicated on her being Treated.

Big thanks to Geddy for being on hand to walk me through some of this! Speaking of whom, it sounds like a release with KaraQuest 2 might be in the very near future~

There was also a Picarto stream of me updating Kaede’s one on one scenes for next time you bump into her. Should be done with that tonight or tomorrow.

Pictured: Aforementioned new Nevrie bust, by Shoupup.

P.S. I’ve got an oral surgeon consultation tomorrow, so I’ll be out of the office most of the afternoon. Shouldn’t interfere with D&D streams or anything for those interested. I hope. Next Day Edit: That’s sorted. Gonna get teeth yanked on the 11th of next month. Whooo D:


TiTS 0.6.28 is up on the play page.

    • emot-sirenAndroid file loading should finally be fixed. emot-siren
    • Savin added a new scene for Shade. Yes, Savin. He coded it and everystuff.

Public Fixes! 0.6.27! Tainted Space! Trials! Boooooobs!

Righto. I had pretty much nothing to do with this patch (I don’t have a ton of time to look at this stuff on weekends), but I’m told that it should fix some bugs. Also it looks like we have separate android compiles for arm and x86-based android machines now, so I guess that’s cool.

0.6.27 Changelog:

  • Android loading should be fixed. (Thanks, Gedan!)
  • The ‘bot from the Fungal Queen quest should no longer crash the game (we hope).
  • Hopefully no more screen skipping at the end of combat resolution.
  • The pet varmint should actually proc now.
  • Some other fixes and tweaks, courtesy of Jacques00.

Thanks for your patience!

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