Nevrie Nude (Shou)Savin here! Just a quick status update:

As part of my ongoing efforts to get familiar with updating TiTS’s actual code, I spent a chunk of this morning revising Nevrie’s scenes to support a cool artistic choice Shou made when doing her bust: keratin nubs all along the shaft of her dick. That sounds pretty apropos for a dzaan alpha (and hot as hell) to me! I also coded in a revised Steph Irson path, written a while ago due to popular demand. Basically switches Steph’s New Texas TF to Bovinium (an item made somewhat later in development), so she’s neither forcefully Treated nor a bimbo. This also removes her Live & In Person encounter, though, since that was somewhat predicated on her being Treated.

Big thanks to Geddy for being on hand to walk me through some of this! Speaking of whom, it sounds like a release with KaraQuest 2 might be in the very near future~

There was also a Picarto stream of me updating Kaede’s one on one scenes for next time you bump into her. Should be done with that tonight or tomorrow.

Pictured: Aforementioned new Nevrie bust, by Shoupup.

P.S. I’ve got an oral surgeon consultation tomorrow, so I’ll be out of the office most of the afternoon. Shouldn’t interfere with D&D streams or anything for those interested. I hope. Next Day Edit: That’s sorted. Gonna get teeth yanked on the 11th of next month. Whooo D: