Renezuo_VKo_LQSince the last public build still had a solid chunk of bugs, I’ve gone ahead and given you guys one more build to try and polish off some of the rough spots before you have to wait again. Sadly, because I’m a big doo-doo brain, I’ve locked a pile of new content behind the backer wall. Gotta pay the bills somehow!

emot-siren0.6.29 & 0.6.30 Changelogs: emot-siren

  • [0.6.30 Only] Vi, a V-Ko droid, has been added to the Gildenmere hospital on Myrellion. She’s written by JimThermic and comes packed with a metric crap-ton of content.
  • [0.6.30 Only] Vi’s shop allows you to buy some new items, including a new shield generator and two fun little outfits for your armor slot.
  • Stat bars should scroll up from 0 properly when starting anew or loading in.
  • Replaced Nevrie’s bust with one by Shou. I THINK a non-nude version should be on its way as well.
  • Properly enabled the Wetraxxel’s nude bust, even though you can barely see any difference.
  • Renamed Codex headings to avoid text clipping.
  • Added a “Robotic”  Races subheader and migrated the two V-Ko codex entries under it. Note to self: add codex for Companion Droids…
  • Kiro should have the proper vagina type.
  • Fixed a potential crash in beard descriptions.
  • Fixed a potential hang-up in Bess’s progression.
  • Cleaned up some ‘}’s that were floating around the text in a few places.
  • Jacques00 did some sorting in the items menu, most notably splitting Key Items into their own sub-tab.
  • Gedan laid the groundwork for the first proper dungeon full of party combat.
  • Varmint wrangling should be fixed.
  • The usual cadre of typo and grammar fixes.
  • Many other tweaks and fixes I was too lazy to hunt down individually.

Art is of V-Ko prime giving a blowjob, drawn by Renezuo.