Art by DCL

No new patch today! I didn’t get a tremendous amount done today. One thing I’m discovering with cutting out caffeine and alcohol from my diet is just how dependent on them I am. I didn’t drink that much booze, but I typically had at least a beer almost every night. So now that I’m not drinking it at all, I’m finding that I’m sleeping worse, and without caffeine to help prop me up during the day (plus added fatigue from my lack of caffeine), I’m not exactly 100%.

So I mostly just managed to catch up on my communications with team members and spend two hours reviewing the “serious-mode” version of the ganrael that Zeikfried has been cooking up. It’s crazy complicated! I’ll probably try to rough out the sex scenes but let Gedan handle the combat code for them, mostly Z wants some crazy stuff to happen in their fights AND I’m not familiar with any of the new combat workings yet.

Speaking of our local code-dragon, she informs me that one of Savin’s group combat adventures is mostly done. It just needs actual testing and tuning. Hopefully we can bukkake that over our backers faces sometime next week!

Also, I spent some time crapping out some youtube footage I had taken/editing last week onto my channel. One of the videos is below the break if you wanna poke at it. The other should pop up sometime tomorrow afternoon. It was a good mindless task for me to poke at around today.