centaur_mare_fullNew update to Fall of Eden after a long delay! Gradually settling into the new job, though it’ll likely be a while until I’m up to the old rate of releases. For now, I’m aiming for monthly at least.

New content contains some new mobs for more powerful players, found in the Hills area. The regular cats also have a new loss scene.

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Full changelog after the break.

Update: New android version is uploaded.

Version 0.4q

  • CK took care of a whole bunch of typos
  • Added a warning message to the save screen
  • Fixed the requirement for Gwendy’s Double Dildo scene. You need a cap of 8 instead of 30, so you might need to work your way up a bit first
  • New mob added to the Highlands: the catboy mage, written by The Observer. Packs a magical punch
  • New mob added to the Highlands: the centauress, written by The Observer. Packs a physical punch
  • The regular felines have a new loss scene if you happen across two of them with cocks. Patreon sponsored and written by a new writer, Tala
  • The cats have had their capacities slightly expanded, should make those with bigger cocks have an easier time to get it on with them
  • I relented and made robes into top-armor slot, so you can now wear pants under your robes