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[Backers | CoC2 & TiTS] Another Witch in the Wall

0.2.39 Patch Notes:

  • After completing Lady Evergreen’s quest into the kitsune den, you can now peacefully interact with her asset-thieving daughter, Meira, including several new sex scenes. (By TheObserver, coded by Leykoss)
  • The Spiderfolk TF now grants a spider abdomen, along with some other minor text tweaks. (By BubbleLord)
  • Viv has a new Services option and new items to sell. (By Balak, coded by Leykoss)
  • Quin has had his Companion content beefed up with more sex, camp interactions, and CloisterQuest interactions, plus some new talks. (By BubbleLord)

Quin trying to put the moves on Ivris, by Beekay.

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Hey guys! Fen here to parasitically attach a TiTS patch! (And not be a dick and bump CoC2 right after they made their post.) I’ve got two chunky new scenes, a new quest that makes some TFs available for the first time, and a small batch of fixes!

0.8.063 Changelog:

  • New scene for the milk thief: voluntary milking! Just let her take what she wants. It’ll probably be fun, right? (Written by William)
  • New scene for the raskvel dockmaster, again, by William. Go get your discount! (Coded by Gena138)
  • New Quest: Uveto Quest! (Coded by DrunkZombie)
    • Smug lil shit, ain’t she? Lewder version on Patreon and SubscribeStar!

      This quest doesn’t include any lewd events, but it does provide some combat encounters, items, and fun!

    • The quest unlocks “Crackle Jelly” and is involved in the quest for the Frostwyrm transformation item.
    • Enemies are level 6-10.
    • New item: Depth Suit
    • New Nova upgrade!
  • New busts: Milk Thief (Small), Milk Thief (Medium), and Milk Thief (Large)
  • A medium-small batch of typo and bug fixes.

[Backers | TiTS] Bug Fixes Aplenty

Hey guys! Smaller patch today. It turns out the bug reports have been kind of sliding in the background, so I’ve been punching on them in addition to tagging some of my game improvement projects from the meeting. I also spent some time working over the cybernetics systems that we have planned. Don’t get TOO excited. They’re going to be more like additional accessory slots than options to replace all your limbs with metal – writing scenes is complicated enough without adding even more variants that authors won’t account for.

0.8.062 Changelog:

  • Dodging and evasion have been reworked!
    • The base miss chance is now 5% for PCs and 10% for enemies (was 10% for both).
    • Miss chance is effectively twice as dependent on stats. Before, it was 1% miss chance for every 5 points of advantage you had over enemy reflexes. Now it is 1% per 2.5 points.
    • Evasion is no longer a separate miss roll. It is factored into the above roll.
    • Accuracy now directly counters evasion.
    • Ranged weapons no longer miss more easily than melee.
    • The smuggler ability “Lucky Breaks” now converts 1/3 of evasion into bonus defense (maximum 2 points per character level) to grant some extra survivability.
  • Very high numbers in stat bars are now abbreviated (at 10,000+).
  • PCs with the “Pampered” background now start with more credits.
  • The XP bar now displays (MAX) when you are ready to level.
  • The default shield now begins play with 14 shields.
  • Shield boosters from V-Ko are 25% cheaper.
  • The male naleen’s victory option “Buttfuck” has been renamed to “Catch Anal” for clarity.
  • You should now be able to level up by sleeping in a tent.
  • The bug in the storm lancer that gave no choices on encounter should be fixed.
  • Erika can now take virginities.
  • Fixed an erroneous mention of balls for herms in the VR miniquest during Kiro’s rescue.
  • Ramis now correctly takes virginity during morning sex.
  • The milk thief should now properly remove airtight flags.
  • The milk thief’s stims should work now.
  • Leithan legs/feet should no longer be described as “lizan” unless the individual has less than six legs.
  • Fixed a scene crash in the Doll 17 & 18 encounter.
  • Fixed an error with meeting Kally for crew Kiro.
  • Mitzi’s Vday event should properly give taint.
  • Fixed a parser bug in Jesse.
  • Visiting your baby laquines will no longer allow you to visit them for more than 5 hours. (Very high baby counts could result in 10+ day visits!)
  • You should be able to fly Ellie to the nursery now.

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[Backers] Belated VDay + More

Sorry it took so long to get this patch out. House guests kept me from working till Tuesday, and a few hours of mental instability in the latter half of the evening kept me from doing anything but flipping through Netflix and bitching about how shitty every single movie option was. I did at least bang out most of the ~30 pages of William’s V-Day event.

0.8.060 Changelog:

  • Bianca’s Valentine’s Day event is in! …Except I’m pretty sure the holiday already expired in TiTS, so you’ll need to use the ’tistheseason’ cheat to re-activate it. If you’ve had sex 5 times with her, you should be able to encounter her for a sweet and loving event with chocolate, wine, and plenty of Oral. The event requires her to be on the same planet as you and should trigger on a town square not far from each locale’s spaceport. (Written by: William)
  • Gel Zon can now get you pregnant! The coder on this project (Gena138) is trying out pregnancy coding for the first time, so there may be some bugs and goblins to shake out. Pregnancy fetishists: this is your time to shine! If you notice any strange behavior related to this, please avail yourself of our bug report forums – and attach a copy of your save to help us investigate! (Written by: Maye)
  • Losing to Milodan males while under the effects of Omega Oil have some new scenes – and a bad end! (Written by: Meaty Ochre & Coded by: Gena138)
  • Selling sap to Kelly should now unlock the Synth Sap item, which has been lurking in the code for…. 4 years now. Yeesh!
  • Amber’s appearance screen now properly updates with Throbb usage.

0.8.061 Changelog:

  • By request of her author, Bianca’s V-day event now also requires the time be after 8pm (hour 20) in order to trigger… in addition to her being on the same planet as you and all the other stuff.

Now that the “NEEDS CODED NOW” stuff is handled, I’m gonna go sit on my couch and catch up on some horribly delayed projects needing edits/reviews via laptop.

[Public | CoC2] Orclets

0.2.38 Patch Notes:

  • You can now knock Rags up during her new post-date sex scenes! (Written by TheObserver)
  • Character portraits to appear in-line with their combat text to help pick out who’s doing what to whom in a fight!

New Since Last Public Patch…:

  • You can free Kiyoko and her brood from the orb after dealing with the Kitsune den.
  • New NPCs: Vari the Leothran MILF in the Frostwood, the Drider Oracle in the Foothills.
  • New Scenes: Berwyn Prone Bone, Cait x Ev New Intro, Sugoi vaginal fucks
  • New talks with Cait, Etheryn, and Evergreen. Also a time-sensitive one with the Harem Cats during Hornet Quest.
  • New TF: Spiderfolk

Continued big ups to Leykoss for doing an assload of coding on this patch, and of course to Tobs for a metric floofload of kitsune content over the last few months!

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[Backers | TiTS] *Guitar Riff* AND TWINS!

The twins are quite… meaty. (Art by Adjatha)

0.8.059 Changelog:

  • New enemy encounter in Kiro’s rescue quest: the twins! You can run into these slutted up mega-ausar on the eastern arc of Doctor Po’s freighter. Once you’ve defeated them in battle, they’ll happily provide you with all kinds of fun. Just be careful – they’re loaded with taint! (Written by QuestyRobo, coded by gena138)
  • New bust: the twins!
  • New Amber Scene: Giving Her Throbb. She’ll take up to two doses, but the second one is a doozy! (Appearance screen updates pending text from Wsan.) (Written by Wsan, coded by Leykoss)
  • New Codex entry: Zaika. Unlocked by travelling to Dhaal or encountering the Milk Thief, either or.
  • The Poe A amazon costume’s height limit was reduced to 10′ because I’m tired of arguing about what the height limit is supposed to be because I allowed one exception. Sorry!
  • Fixes for the turning tricks status effect at Beth’s. (By LoriJ)
  • The entire game should now be up to par with the new lustChange functions. It also shouldn’t display changes of ‘0’ any longer. This was edits to hundreds of files, so apologies if some more stuff got broke.
  • More assorted bug fixes.

The milk bar update is coming, I swear. We had a 2.5 hour meeting to nail down some more details of the planet and how the main quest will proceed. We’ve broken up assignments amongst a bunch of us in order to hopefully keep things rolling forward fastish.

UPDATE: Next patch there will be an item they drop that lets you repeat their defeat events :3

[Backers | CoC2] Freedom Long Overdue

It’s finally time to enjoy your fox-wife in the real world. Well, as real as it gets.

0.2.37 Patch Notes:

  • After freeing Kiyoko from her Astral prison, you can now find her in her home and fully interact with her — talk, sex, all the good stuff. (Written by TheObserver, coded by Leykoss)
  • Berwyn has a new scene for pitching him a prone bone! (Written by HugsAlright)
  • Leorah now sells Pink and Blue eggs.

Kiyoko becoming a full-fledged companion coming soon!

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[Public | TiTS] Night of a Million Tiny Code Changes

Adorable fentaur by ToonNik over on public discord!

Hey guys! New month, new public patch! It’s funny. I’ve been talking about how there’s not enough content for this month, but there’s actually quite a meaty slab of delights to hand off to you guys! I made a ton of tiny changes today, so there’s likely some new bugs to be found and reported. If I stirred up anything game-breaking, rest assured I’ll try to get it later tonight or tomorrow afternoon. Enjoy the new content until then!

And have a wonderful weekend. -Fen

0.8.058 Changelog:

  • I pushed a change that should prevent your first travel to Mhenga from having a chance at ship combat. That happening created a bug where the ship would not be accessible to the player. Hopefully it is resolved now.

0.8.057 Changelog:

  • Image Pack updated! Requires standalone flashplayer to use.
  • Character creation now routes you directly to Mhen’ga.
  • The landing pad elevator in Mhen’ga has been simplified for ease of newbie-navigation.
  • New functions for displaying changes to stats like combat damage have been added.
  • Colors for gaining/losing HP, Lust, Energy, and Shields have been added or updated.
  • Almost all items have been updated to display changes to the above stats more clearly.
  • Approximately half the game has been updated for lust changes. There are a LOT of those to find and change, and I can’t just find->replace them all because they are sometimes placed in places that would flow badly, or as part of log messages that aren’t compatible with this system.

Kally lines by Tsuda, colors by Tisinrei.

What’s New This Month?:

  • New item type & slot: Tents! You start with one, and a number have been added to the game. They let you sleep in hazard zones. Enjoy!
  • New Image Pack Images: Bianca Face Sitting, Kally Appearance, and Poster.
  • New Busts: Celise, Giga-Celise, Drink Cows, Myssah, Female Raskvel, Pregnant Female Raskvel, and Warden Kasmiran.
  • New Ship Decoration: Kally’s hiring post, obtainable from the Kui Country Bar & Grill’s bathroom.
  • New Planet: Dhaal! (with massively incomplete street descriptions…)
  • New Locale on Dhaal: Capsule Hotel!
  • New Locale on Dhaal: a Milk Bar! Indulge in delightfully flavored beverages directly from the cow-girl/tap!
  • New Enemy on Dhaal: The Milk Thief! This Zaika wants milk and doesn’t want to take no for an answer!
  • New Enemy on Uveto: Milodan Futazon Scourge! Comes in two varieties too!
  • New Follower: Bimbo Kiro! She doesn’t yet have all her scenes, but they will be coming!
  • New Items: A swath of weapons now populate Kattom’s inventory on Dhaal.
  • VIP service from Walnut & Chestnut (Zheng Shi Tap-Hall Rodenians).
  • A new scene for Slavebreakers on Zheng Shi: “Rut Fuck.”
  • Crew Kiro now has a threesome available with Mitzi. You can start it from either character’s sex menu. Turns out you can make a goblin airtight!
  • Zheng Shi’s mine section should now be soft-lock proof.
  • Fantasize now gives a report on exactly how much lust it generates.
  • The Codex Sidebar’s visibility has been improved.
  • SteeleTech jumpsuits are now available from Vahn and Synphia.
  • HumpHard Inc has been removed from the game and its products distributed to more developed corporations.
  • Big mimbrane nerfs.
  • ReductPro can now be used on more parts.
  • Tons of bugfixes. Seriously.

[Backers | TiTS & CoC2] Night of the Face-Fuckening

I certainly want to work there…

TiTS 0.8.056 Changelog:

  • New scene for Dhaal’s Milk Thief: Facefucking, by Will. This scene has… more variations than I am comfortable trying to enumerate. Suffice to say: there were over 10 pages of orgasm variations alone, including lots of cameo text for unfinished follower. I also chipped in a few nods to some of my own followers. There are a ton of variations for personality types as well. I hope you guys enjoy it!
  • New Item Slot: Tent. This item allows you to safely sleep in “hazard” areas every now and then with better tents allowing more frequent use. All players should automatically have a JoyCo tent by default.
  • New Items: JoyCo Hardlight Tent (VKo), SteeleTech Hardlight Tent (Anno), KihaCorp Tent (Emmy), and Reaper Armaments Tent (Nerrasa).
  • New Image Pack Images – Kally’s bar appearance & Kally’s bar poster. Both have lines by Tsuda and colors by Tisinrei.
  • New decoration: Kally’s bar poster. It can be stolen from the bathroom after a tough aim check. (Decorations are items you can place in your ship, adding their text (and image in the image pack) to your in-ship display.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • New image pack link will be posted for Backers.

Public patch coming Thursday. The milk bar completion will probably land in the backer patch following it.

CoC2 0.2.36 Patch Notes:

  • Kinu now grows up into adulthood after freeing her and her mother from the Orb. There’s a lot of content to go along with it. (By TheObserver, coded by Leykoss)
  • You can now get an extra storage chest from Senja Evergreen after finishing her mother’s quest. Beware: there’s a high cost! (By me, coded by Leykoss)
  • After sex, you can now give Cait a smooch where the sun don’t shine. (By Skow, coded by Leykoss)
  • You can encounter a drunk Hashat out in the wilderness and join her for a drink and a thighjob. Must have met her 5+ times before. (ditto)

Hashat’s bust done by Nik!

Kiyoko Post-Freedom content should be on the docket for next patch. The floofening continues apace!

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