Sorry it took so long to get this patch out. House guests kept me from working till Tuesday, and a few hours of mental instability in the latter half of the evening kept me from doing anything but flipping through Netflix and bitching about how shitty every single movie option was. I did at least bang out most of the ~30 pages of William’s V-Day event.

0.8.060 Changelog:

  • Bianca’s Valentine’s Day event is in! …Except I’m pretty sure the holiday already expired in TiTS, so you’ll need to use the ’tistheseason’ cheat to re-activate it. If you’ve had sex 5 times with her, you should be able to encounter her for a sweet and loving event with chocolate, wine, and plenty of Oral. The event requires her to be on the same planet as you and should trigger on a town square not far from each locale’s spaceport. (Written by: William)
  • Gel Zon can now get you pregnant! The coder on this project (Gena138) is trying out pregnancy coding for the first time, so there may be some bugs and goblins to shake out. Pregnancy fetishists: this is your time to shine! If you notice any strange behavior related to this, please avail yourself of our bug report forums – and attach a copy of your save to help us investigate! (Written by: Maye)
  • Losing to Milodan males while under the effects of Omega Oil have some new scenes – and a bad end! (Written by: Meaty Ochre & Coded by: Gena138)
  • Selling sap to Kelly should now unlock the Synth Sap item, which has been lurking in the code for…. 4 years now. Yeesh!
  • Amber’s appearance screen now properly updates with Throbb usage.

0.8.061 Changelog:

  • By request of her author, Bianca’s V-day event now also requires the time be after 8pm (hour 20) in order to trigger… in addition to her being on the same planet as you and all the other stuff.

Now that the “NEEDS CODED NOW” stuff is handled, I’m gonna go sit on my couch and catch up on some horribly delayed projects needing edits/reviews via laptop.