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Tittilicious Thursday

Sock it to me!

I have emerged from the woods after an indeterminate amount of time to bring you this spicy new TiTS patch, harvested from the finest bosomtrees the forest has to offer, seasoned with a sprinking of the thickest, freshest mushroom milk.

0.9.104 Changelog:

  • [Backers] Calia has arrived! The femboy suula can be found around in Sheer Beauty, Mi Amour, and Happy Tails. Written by Fr0sty and coded by Leek.
  • [Backers] Anno can get some “advanced” training. It’s anal training. Look inside your heart of hearts – you know it be true. Written by William and coded by Leek.
  • [Backers] Tanis got an expansion giving him some more loving, and four new ways to be loved… Written by Skom and coded by Leek.
  • [Public] Vermillion is now available!
  • New bust art: Carmelita.
  • New bust art: Calia.
  • New CG: Anno Panties. (If you have her panties, activate a masturbation scene with them). Art by ToonNik.
  • Added framework for additional map animation effects. Soooooon ™! By Jacques00.
  • Deployable turrets can now have a target assigned manually in the special attacks menu. By Jacques00.
  • Nyrea Alpha had their base stats increased slightly and their weapon damage lowered.
  • Pidemmes should generate with slightly more permissive fetishes and slightly less HP defense.
  • The level 2 tainted rusher encounter has 15 less HP.
  • lowercase donkey went under the hood and changed how several NPCs track how they have sex to be more internally consistent.
  • The “Burning” status is now colorized as a “bad” status. Naughty status!
  • The Power Boner cybernetic was tuned more appropriately.
  • The Opal Ring now works as intended when applied to the sack.
  • Fixed a crash involving the drugged korgonne during the siege of Korg’ii Hold event.
  • Fixed several potential combat UI crashes. Thanks, Jacques00!
  • Fixed combat formatting errors in Maike, Crystal Goos, and explosionDodgeBlurb.
  • Several tweaks to keybinds were made, especially for the storage menu. (Jacques00)
  • Numerous typo fixes.


[Backers | CoC2] Summer Breeding

Some of the Mayternity content that didn’t quite make it in finally hit the finish line, and you can now bring a friend to help tame the flames of your pet Hellhound!

0.7.14 Patch Notes:

  • The PC has more options for participating in maternity duty in the Lumian palace! There are currently two new options to choose from:
  • Yolihuali, the colorful harpy cook previously met in Eira’s intro scenes. She’s a comfy mommy who can be bred or hung out with for cooking and baking content. (by Gardeford)
  • Hjorr, the northern mino woman from the palace intros. She’s a powerful dickgirl who can take you to pound town or lead you in some exercises along with some recently-recruited valkyries! (by Gardeford)
  • While both Karithea the Hellhound and Elthara are at your Wayfort concurrently, you can now choose Kari from among the options for bringing a friend to Elthara’s negotiations. This requires that you have a cock, and has branching paths for if both girls are concurrently also gravidly pregnant or not. If neither is pregnant, and you have a virile cock, you can impregnate them together.
  • The threesome between the Hellhound and Agnimitra is now available again once the wolf’s in the Wayfort.
  • Kiyoko’s Let Her Lead scene is now available in the Orb, too.
  • Various fixes by Spotty.
  • New CGs: Katya Missionary (by Nyah) and Fingering (by Varking)

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[TiTS] Carmelita Make My Monster (Dong) Grow

July 4th weekends go great with Fox-taurs! Enjoy~

0.9.103 Changelog:

  • [Backers] Carmelita the fox is now availabe for backers. She’s a fox-taur who can be encountered in various hangars throughout the system, written by Doots and coded by Leek.
  • [Public] Mindstreeeeeaaaaaaaam~
  • Piercings now display in the appearance menu.
  • New piercing location: ballsack.
  • Smuggler Buff! The “Desperation” perk now activates when HP dips below 50%, then stays active. Previously it only worked when HP was below 50%, which resulted in anti-synergy with “Die Another Day.”
  • Tech Specialists can no longer deploy multiple deployable turrets in one fight.
  • Fixed a Sylvie crash.
  • Fixed “hasItemAnywhere” not properly checking ship storage due to a typo.
  • T1-K4’s item is now tagged as “Custom”-tier rarity.
  • T1-K4 no longer counts for a crew bedding space, as a robot.
  • Improved Ero Gas Grenade display.
  • Aphro Gas is now correctly tagged as a hostile status effect.
  • Cleaned up calls to “hasTentacleWings” and converted to the more appropriate “hasBackGenitals”.
  • Fixed a navigation crash in SyriQuest.
  • Lots of fixes for Tika.
  • Some under the hood preparation for rare drops on Phaedra.
  • Fixed a Tessa crash.
  • Lots of small text and grammar tweaks as always.

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