Drake’s gone through and got the Android saving issues sorted out. Sorry about the delay, it turned out to be more of a bugbear than just updating some software.

The Android download builds (APKs) for the next few updates will remain on the old version of the Android API, but there is now a mechanism in place to persist all your save data to a special file so that when we do finally update, your saves will carry over. You MUST download and play one of these builds with the data backup mechanism in order for your local saves to carry over when we finally do the update to the latest Android API.

A notification will show when you launch the game, make a save, or an autosave is created to let you know that the backup mechanism is working. When we update to the latest Android API, we will let you know and post a disclaimer, as well as have the last version using the old API with the backup mechanism pinned to the downloads page. We also took the opportunity to fix a few issues with the game on mobile in general. As always, to be 100% sure that your saves won’t go anywhere, USE THE SAVE TO FILE FEATURE on the data screen, regardless of how you play.

  • Tooltips should no longer be displayed after clicking a button on a touch screen device.
  • The load screen progress bar should now show up on lower resolution screens.
  • A child with the hellhound should no longer be mentioned when she moves into the wayfort if you haven’t had a child with her.
  • Fixed an italic bleed in Kailani’s talk about Inaya.

As ever when something’s new and experimental, I’d HIGHLY recommend using Save-to-File on any saves you really want to keep, just in case.

The next backer patch will be in a few days, most likely with some content Leek’s been coding while Drake’s been in the Android mines. See you then!