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[Backers | TiTS] Ardia Steelesuit + Teyaal!

Oops, all balls!

New week, new TiTS patch! This time I don’t have a bunch of juicy stuff from the JS port to spice up the post with, but it’s still coming together. Geddy has been busy tangling with the deployment and loading systems such that I couldn’t even putter around in the dev version of it at meeting time. The progress from the rest of the coding team was similarly low-vis though significant. It’s something of a change-up to be the one who did things that are more visible this week – namely coding some lovely content Savin left me on the backlog!

0.8.157 Changelog:

  • Ardia will now request a better jumpsuit a week or so after recruiting her, and you can give her a SteeleTech jumpsuit to fill that need. Along with the Jumpsuit, she gets a new scene (if she’s dommy enough), and a lot of busts to go with it – 16 different variants to handle things like domminess, ‘nuki nuts, penis type, and the always classic nudity.
  • If you stole the Sidewinder, defeated Teyaal during your return trips to Zheng Shi, and saved her during the final confrontation, you can now encounter her along with her daughter on the recreation deck. This tidy little content bundle offers a smidgen of familial exposition as well as an opportunity to nip back to Teyaal’s office for an in-person check-up with the good doctor. (So what if her doctorate is in engineering?) I just hope to wake up with some Sela scenes to slide in there as well, to provide a nice little capstone for that event.
  • Teyaal can now impregnate the PC using the Gryvain Pregnancy type that was added with FIRST-14.
  • New Ardia art for getting missionary from her, drawn by Rama.
  • New art for losing to Gryvain Techie in FIRST-14 and having your face sat upon. Again, drawn by Rama.
  • Other new busts: Geoff, Daerworm, Daer Wormlings, and the Pumpking

Savin has been working on more main plot stuff for Dhaal in the meantime, and Will assures me that a metric fuckload of writing has gone into a project code-named “Evilbun.” I could tell you more, but then I’d have to jill you.

[Backers | CoC2] More Rina Dates!

The Brinthaus content just keeps coming! 😀

0.4.19 Patch Notes:

  • Rina has 3 new dates! The dates have a lot of variations for whether Brienne partakes, Rina is the domme, and if you have a real cock or not. (Written by Wsan)
  • Nocturna (the leader of the bats in UM that shows up if you beat them a bunch) has a bust, courtesy of Moira.

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Javascript Porting Updoot

The porting process for TiTS is still ongoing, and of course part of the reason that it is taking as long as it is is because we are rebuilding so many systems from scratch to be more robust or graphically prettified – like the mail system which looks pretty nice now – or perks displays, or any number of other subsystems. They’re all coming together great!

This WIP test email courtesy of Jacques00.

For instance, the per-NPC bust-selection system is significantly enhanced and should handle multi-NPC bust displays more gracefully. See the clip from Leek below:

Leveling up, status display, the PC bust display, etc should all be wrapping up now, though I can’t grab a screenshot of the level-up screen since the current WIP build crashed when I tried to bring it up. We are going to have a lot of bugs to shake off still, but I’m hearing good things about Gedan working out the final build process for sharing it with you guys.

There’s not that many more checkboxes to tick off!

[Public] Lorelei’s Halloween~

Happy Spooktober everyone! The ever-lovely B wrote up a sweet Halloween scene for roleplaying with Lorelei, and I got it added to the game post-haste for you to enjoy… on top of the piles of bugs we’ve gotten sorted out in the meantime. I’m happy to say that I’m back to keeping up with the bugs for the most part, and I have two to three projects ready to get slung into code for a backer patch soon ™.

On the Javascript front – I’ll probably share more information about that tomorrow, after getting briefed on it at this afternoon’s team meeting.

Since this is a public patch you can grab the image-embedded version of the game from if you want, though you need a stand-alone flash player capable of opening .swfs. This version of the game has images embedded in select scenes and allows you to zoom the character busts for a better view.

0.8.156 Changelog:

  • Lorelei has a new Halloween event, accessible in her quarters, and it comes with a lovely new bust (pictured at right!) The full resolution version is available for the Patreon & SubscriberStar folks!
  • I whipped up eight new Halloween items that should be on the rare drop table, some decorative, some with high stats. As I’m writing this, it occurs to me that I should have gated the items I stated at level 10 to only drop from higher level encounters, so for now, I guess you can be an overpowered lowbie if you get a lucky drop!
  • Helm of Terror added (Accessory, +evasion/def)
  • Reaper’s Cloak added (Accessory, +crit)
  • Jack-o-lantern Dress added (evasion armor)
  • Light Harness added (+shield and evasion armor)
  • Pumpkin Bra added.
  • Pumpkin Bulge Briefs added.
  • Skeleton Hands Bra added.
  • Spiderweb Panties added.
  • The “Maid Uniform” has had its stats improved to better corrospond to the level it is available at. It is no longer identical in stats to the lower level “Maid Outfit”.
  • the “hasSkirt” check was updated count both kinds of maid outfit as having skirts.
  • Syri can no longer start her Christmas event if you aren’t yet fuckbuddies with her.
  • If you somehow get off Mhen’ga with captive Lah in your inventory, you should no longer be prevented from using the fly menu. This should enable you to go back and turn him in properly. We still have not identified how a player managed to get off Mhen’ga with Lah in their inventory, but we’ll fix that when we figure out how…
  • A previous patch accidentally made Kaede’s first encounters inaccessible. This should be resolved.
  • V-Ko’s vaccination option should no longer be blocked for wealthy PCs.
  • Gianna’s liprating was actually set incorrectly, preventing her lips from reaching the proper minimum size.
  • Doctor Po’s bust should be working this time. I swear!
  • Various typos and small bug fixes unworthy of their own line in the patch notes.

[Public | CoC2] Gytha Returns!

Thanks to community writer Fleep, the elven huntress Gytha’s returned from self-imposed exile, and we’ve got some new RP interactions with Azzy and El!

0.4.18 Patch Notes:

  • Azzy will talk you about her relationship with Liaden right after you wingman for her — or you can tell her you never want to wingman for her to disable it permanently. (Written by Skow)
  • Gytha is back and wants your knots and cummies. After finishing WC there is a chance to encounter her anywhere in the Frostwood. (Written by Fleep)
  • New edge-case interactions for if Brint knocked up Elthara but has since become a woman.
  • New bust: Gytha’s warg now has black fur like it was always supposed to.
  • Some tweaks/fixes for the incubus/succubus TFs and other misc fixes.

New Since Last Public Update:

  • You can now head into Brint’s family home in the Outskirts and meet his family.
  • You can now train with Rina, Brint/enne’s sister, and take her out on a date! Gotta do training 4 times before you can flirt with her. There is a tremendous amount of variation in these scenes, so they’re going to come out a bit slowly.
  • Etheryn/Evelyn have their own threesome now
  • New Codex: Fluffy Nagas
  • New TFs: Hornets, Demon-morphs
  • New Encounters: Batfolk in Undermountain
  • New CGs: Brienne/Rina post-date.
  • New Busts: Corrupted Nihara, Brint’s mom & sister

[Backers | CoC2] Cow Date!

Now to get some quality time with the junior member of Casa Brint.

0.4.17 Patch Notes:

  • You can now train with Rina, Brint/enne’s sister, and take her out on a date! Gotta do training 4 times before you can flirt with her. There is a tremendous amount of variation in these scenes, so they’re going to come out a bit slowly.
  • Two of those variations have a new CG if you also have Brienne!

Another patch will be out in just a few days with more!

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[Backers | CoC2] Bat out of Hell

As of today I’ve just finished reviewing and approving a pretty stonking huge chunk of content all parceled in together: the Wayfort Renovation project and two new(ly romancable, anyway) waifus that go along with that. In addition, today marks the start of the interior of Khor’minos hitting the code block as well — you’ll see that coming out in waves, just like we’ve handled the Outskirts so far, though obviously there’s a lot more to the interior of the metropolis so it’ll be quite a while before we consider Khor’minos “done” in any real sense.

Future plans: more reviewing next week, start writing the next leg of the main questline the week after.

0.4.16 Patch Notes:

  • New encounter in the Undermountain: batfolk muggers! (Written by BubbleLord)
  • New TFs: Hornet (Skow), Succubus & Incubus (Shadefalcon, coded by Squishy)
  • Dual-Wielding has gotten a bit of a buff: you can now crit with your off-hand weapon.
  • New option to disable journal notifications.

Thanks for sticking with us!

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