The porting process for TiTS is still ongoing, and of course part of the reason that it is taking as long as it is is because we are rebuilding so many systems from scratch to be more robust or graphically prettified – like the mail system which looks pretty nice now – or perks displays, or any number of other subsystems. They’re all coming together great!

This WIP test email courtesy of Jacques00.

For instance, the per-NPC bust-selection system is significantly enhanced and should handle multi-NPC bust displays more gracefully. See the clip from Leek below:

Leveling up, status display, the PC bust display, etc should all be wrapping up now, though I can’t grab a screenshot of the level-up screen since the current WIP build crashed when I tried to bring it up. We are going to have a lot of bugs to shake off still, but I’m hearing good things about Gedan working out the final build process for sharing it with you guys.

There’s not that many more checkboxes to tick off!