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[TiTS] Infinite Meetings

Jojocite (Patreon tip jar) has been doing some designwork establishing a uniform “look” for each of the megacorps. She’s killing it!

Good news, friendos! First off, we had a two hour meeting last night to hammer on some of the details for the next story planet. While we aren’t 100% locked in on things yet, the broad strokes are down, and another meeting is scheduled to polish it up next week. Since Adjatha birthed most of the ideas, I’ve tagged him as the project lead for this one, much as Savin was for Uveto. The core ideas, plot hooks, and potential locations/events he presented to us were next fucking level, IMO. (Seriously, 9+ page document ready to go at meeting time. Bravo!)

Without giving too much away, the planet will be a tidally-locked cyberpunk dystopia with tech largely on-par with the rest of the UGC (aside from lacking warp gate tech). It’s going to be a fun ride.

Speaking of rides, I’ve decided to give Lighterfluid a lift onto the payable part of the team. He’s slogged through some really, really difficult projects with aplomb (and for free), and it’s time he started getting compensated for some of that. Rat’s Raiders likely wouldn’t have made it into the game without his tireless efforts. Both the rodent-eared thieves and Bianca were tremendous projects with a lot going on under the hood, yet here we are with both!

Oh, and I’m trying to teach William how to get at the code directly so he can directly fix typos or make small adjustments as he likes. I really appreciate how determined he’s been to chase quality in his projects lately, even if it meant I spent three or four hours paging through Bianca and making tiny adjustments for him, but Will can handle those soon ™.

What does all this mean? Hopefully it means I’ll be free to do more of my own writing and projects. Aside from having a metric fuckton of characters I’ve written that I want to give crew expansions too (Emmy, Gianna, Kiro, etc), there’s a number of other events I’d still like to pursue (Myrellion peace accord, maybe)…

[Backers | CoC2 & TiTS] Return of the Horny Hornets & Bianca

Click for animation! (Good job, DCL!)

Also a quest!

0.2.12 Patch Notes:

  • Azyrran, the Hive Knight, as been added to the Old Forest just outside of the Corrupted Garden. Unlike most of her vesparan sisters, she hasn’t been too terribly tainted by the spreading corruption… but she’s still a big, horny hornet in need of some love. (Written by SomeKindofWizard)
  • Brother Sanders offers a new quest that leads you to Harvest Valley searching for a religion relic to upgrade the town church. (Written by TheObserver)
  • Hornet Honey can now be gotten from Azyrran and the hornet enemies in the forest. It’s a small resolve heal + Focus booster.
  • When at camp or in the Frost Hound, you can now masturbate. Y’all have had a perfectly good catgirl this whole time but I guess you wanted options or something I dunno.
  • Speaking of which, Cait now has a blowjob scene (courtesy of BubbleLord).

Look forward to some new Brint/Brienne stuff soon!

As always, you can grab backer access here for all this goodness <3

Shou’s rendition of Chibi-noxo can’t handle Savin’s new bad-end…

Fenoxo here! Since CoC2 just put up a new post, I’m loathe to bump it off immediately like that. Instead, I’ll attach myself to its nethers like some kind parasite.

0.8.017 Changelog:

  • What a cutie!

    Bianca has been added to the game! This foxy MILF is here to bring you some much needed medical attention in the field… and other kinds of attention. Penned by William (and largely coded by Lighterfluid), she is an incredibly complex NPC with a ton of variables spinning about under the hood and so many variations. I spent about 4 hours this afternoon chasing down some of the bugs and typos Will handed back to me, and it’s likely she’s not going to be perfect for a while – please hit up those bug reports if you bump into weirdness.

  • Lots of bug fixes… but I had so many merge conflicts today that some new ones might have gotten introduced. Sorry!


[Backers | CoC2] Ride the Horse. Do it Now.

Despite a couple of computers dying and Drake having an oopsie, we’ve finally got a patch for you guys. Sorry it’s a tad late! Assuming Balak’s computer doesn’t die again, the Hornet Hive Knight should be in next patch, and there’s a chunk of new Brint/Brienne content that’s hot off the presses too.

0.2.11 Patch Notes:

  • New enemy: Hashat the Marefolk Spellhammer! Encountered in South Harvest Valley, this magical pony is anything but little — but she is particularly friendly towards elven ladies. (Written by SomeKindofWizard and Kinathis)
  • New event: you can acquire a special ring from an event in town, accessible after having viewed at least 5 dreams. (Written by Runingman and Wsan)
  • New NPC: Kavi the Northern Minotauress, found in Marefolk Village. (by Gardeford)
  • Shiny new logos done by BuntCake. She completely blew me away with the new hotness!
  • Edit: Oh also Ahmri, the Tainted Witch on the river, and the ghost lupine mooks all have busts now!

Art of Hashat by Arbuz! She’s played by Kinathis (Minerva’s original author!) in my D&D campaign, which you can watch here~

If you wanna support the game and get access to backer patches, donate here!

[Backers | TiTS] Perdita Pens Penis-Packing Pals

This lovely threesome courtesy of Rohezk

Small update today code-wise, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. I got a huge NPC dropped into my lap mostly coded to polish up, so that’ll be on the way for this weekend. I’ve also been working out the details for the boss of Kiro’s recruitment quest and some of the messages you can receive during. There’s still a ton of work to do on that front, but with some of the encounters already written by Wsan, things should move smoothly-ish.

0.8.016 Changelog:

  • New bust: Mitzi’s Valentines Day outfit.
  • New bust: Star Viper Pilot.
  • New feature: Buying Multiple Items from shops at once, as coded by Somebody Else Entirely.
  • The option for in-line notification displays should now prevent the game from eating some of them in certain scenarios (Also by Somebody Else Entirely).
  • Lastly, Canadia Station gets a new resident in the form of Perdita – a half-ausar smut-writer that makes her living on Champeon. This sounds vaguely familiar. She comes with two sex scenes and a massive pile of purchasable smutbooks. Written by SomeKindofWizard.

[Backers | TiTS] SecOp Expansions

Art by Buntcake!

0.8.015 Changelog:

  • William wrote up a new scene for the female SecOp bullying you with her sweet, delicious tits… and then a bad end for her claiming you… and one for the male doing something similar… and also a scene for getting bullied if you’re mouse and bump into the female SecOp. That last one has a 36 hour cooldown.
  • I also made it so the SecOp visor scenes prioritize ones you haven’t seen yet before going into random selection.
  • A new image was added to the image pack (link in the Patreon post) for the scene with the Corona Lord Pyropup. It’s in the win scene for phallus-havers.
  • Bashko’s Syri lingerie pic was added to the image pack as well.
  • The pirate Snake should now properly disembark your ship if you pick her up during your victory choices.
  • Mitzi’s soak scene now has an option for laying claim to her vaginally, courtesy of Skom.


[Public | CoC2] Small Public Updoot

I’m really sorry this was a bit of a light patch. Real rough month for us around here; you guys don’t need excuses. We’ll try to make up for it next month with that horse and hornet content coming up. <3

0.2.10 Patch Notes:

  • New sex scenes: Brienne x Cait Milk Bath and a scene for Magna (both written by TheObserver)
  • New talk options for Brint and Brienne, new Cait talk options.
  • New busts: Nelia and the Jarl.
  • Quality of Life Feature: Unique items are now marked as such, and trying to discard them brings up a prompt to confirm.
  • Assorted bugfixes~

New This Month:

  • New Companion: Brienne. Bring Brint to the hidden caves in South Harvest to start the quest to get her. Make a save beforehand…
  • New dungeon in the foothills, accessible at level 3+ and after having rescued Garret.
  • New NPC: June the Lupine femboy.
  • More storage can be obtained from the Wayfort.
  • Android save/load is fixed, and it’s blocked from working on ancient android versions that broke it up.

Magna, by DCL.

[Backers | TiTS] Late Night Pirates

0.8.014 Changelog:

  • Another pirate encounter has been added to the game. This one can only occur when traveling to Zheng Shi, Uveto, or Myrellion. She’s a Slyveren member of the Star Vipers, though not quite a slavebreaker. Wsan penned her, and now that I’m writing this, I realize I never wired up the blurb for her hopping off the ship in some of the victory options. Next time!
    • Note this encounter is fairly uncommon. Trying to farm it likely won’t be very fun, but I’m unwilling to have pirate ship attacks be too common. Getting jumped that frequently isn’t fun.
  • A new piece of ship equipment was added to the game: Stealth Field Generator. It works much like the smuggler ability. For now, our new NPC is the only person who can make use of it.
  • Some cheat codes got changed. “furfag” got changed to “urta” and “sjw” was swapped to “poison.”
  • Lots of fixes from Jacques00.

Blog post is lazy because it’s 2am, and I slept like ass today. Ciao!

[Backers | TiTS] Back at It

Good news everyone! I finished coding Soak, wrote a new scene, and coded it today. Enjoy!

0.8.013 Changelog:

  • A new transformation drug has been added to the game: Soak! As the name implies, it is largely focused on making your character very, very juicy. Skom did the honors of writing this commission for me!
  • A new bad end is here for Soak, written by Altair! Juicy!
  • Soak can now be purchased from Dr. Badger (Sorry, Doc Badger’s update had a bug) and Mabbs.
  • Bored Jumpers now sometimes drop Soak.
  • Mitzi now has the option to give her Soak, with a new scene for eating her out while she’s on it. I’d like to have another scene or two to go along with it, but I wanted to get back on the workhorse and produce something for you guys quick-ish.

I’ve also gone ahead and posted requests to the main community writers to do scenes for using Soak on generic defeated enemies to allow them to take larger insertions (or just be more of a slip-n-slide of fun). I’m not sure if anyone will take me up on that. I’ll keep you guys posted.



[Public | TiTS] At Long Last

Adjatha’s depiction of a rather… T H I C C “wall slut.”

Small patch today, but them’s the breaks when I get stuck reconfiguring my software with a broken macro and a big Windows update that it won’t shut up about. Don’t even get me started the intel driver I had to futz with on my laptop in order to get it to install. After that I mucked about with the bust backlog, and everything appears to be working great.

The next backer’s patch will likely contain a new transformation drug or ship battle. Soon!

0.8.012 Changelog:

  • New Busts: the “wall sluts” (except Tura) and Fadil.
  • Alex’s rework by BubbleLord is live to hopefully give a little more depth and granularity to a very early-game, basic NPC. Coded by Kitteh6660.
  • A few incorrect ‘source’ images in the codebase have been updated to the correct version.
  • Lots of fixes.

New This Month:

  • You can steal the Sidewinder from Zheng Shi! Keep in mind that in order to do this, you have to ditch your old ship… and deal with some consequences of your actions.
  • New Crew Member: Olympia! (Requires stealing the Sidewinder.)
  • In line with the above, Teyaal has a new ship battle with a sexy new bad end.
  • New NPC: Kiona the jeweler, found in Korg’ii Hold.
  • New(ish) NPC: Nykke has returned with a new backstory.
  • Yoma got an expansion!
  • Synphia’s content is fully fleshed out and complete, including ball-sucking and “deep sucks”.
  • Two new scenes for the Frost dragon.
  • Hostile raskvel females can be mating pressed.
  • Amber has new scenes for “draining” her.
  • New transformation item: Areolove (for those who like unique nipples)!
  • New starter race: Suula (the shark-harpy species).
  • A new option for having log notices appear in-line with current scene text is now available. Please note: In some rare instances this may cause log notices not to display.
  • New Cheat: “sjw”. This converts all usage of the word “shemale” to the less objectionable “dick-girl”.

Psssst. I updated the image pack too. Due to a missing a chunk of submitted code, the Image Pack actually includes a face-sitting scene for Anno (by William) that’s not included in the normal release. It’ll be there in subsequent patches for everyone.

[Backers | CoC2] The Biggest Moo

I hope you like huge milky tiddies and/or cute little femboys, cuz we got both this week. Sorry for missing last week — bit of a down week for us. Definitely not because Fire Emblem: Three Houses came out. It just happened to, that’s all. Also go buy it if you like TRPGS; it’s one of the best in the series.

0.2.9 Patch Notes:

  • A new but optional female companion is available! Find the hidden cave in South Harvest Valley while Brint is in your party and pay attention to the quest. You might want to keep a save before you go in there! (written by Wsan)
  • June, a femboi lupine seeking massive gains (of your cummies) has been added to the gym. (Also written by Wsan. Man hiring that guy was a good idea, good job me. Also, coded by Coolmn.)
  • You can get an extra chunk of storage out of the Ruined Wayfort after the alraune boss. (Coded by AirplanePerson)

Up next: I’m finishing off the last bits and pieces of my salamander-centric project before moving on to the next stage of CaitQuest and the first stages of the Frostwood, our next area. Some more marefolk-related fun and the Harvest Valley centaur dungeon are getting wrapped up — there should be something horsey for next patch, though the quest will take a bit longer! Also, Balak’s coding a small Pupperidge Farm xpak for milking yourself and some other fun, so milky Champs have some relief headed your way too.

We’re actually running a little short on finished content at the moment, so if you happen to have an itch for writing, consider heading over to the forums to check out our submission guidelines! new enemy encounters, sex scenes for existing NPCs, and sexy happenings in the wilderness are relatively easy ways to ease yourself into things.

June likes you. He likes sex. Very nice! (Art by DCL)

As always, you can get backer access here!

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