Jojocite (Patreon tip jar) has been doing some designwork establishing a uniform “look” for each of the megacorps. She’s killing it!

Good news, friendos! First off, we had a two hour meeting last night to hammer on some of the details for the next story planet. While we aren’t 100% locked in on things yet, the broad strokes are down, and another meeting is scheduled to polish it up next week. Since Adjatha birthed most of the ideas, I’ve tagged him as the project lead for this one, much as Savin was for Uveto. The core ideas, plot hooks, and potential locations/events he presented to us were next fucking level, IMO. (Seriously, 9+ page document ready to go at meeting time. Bravo!)

Without giving too much away, the planet will be a tidally-locked cyberpunk dystopia with tech largely on-par with the rest of the UGC (aside from lacking warp gate tech). It’s going to be a fun ride.

Speaking of rides, I’ve decided to give Lighterfluid a lift onto the payable part of the team. He’s slogged through some really, really difficult projects with aplomb (and for free), and it’s time he started getting compensated for some of that. Rat’s Raiders likely wouldn’t have made it into the game without his tireless efforts. Both the rodent-eared thieves and Bianca were tremendous projects with a lot going on under the hood, yet here we are with both!

Oh, and I’m trying to teach William how to get at the code directly so he can directly fix typos or make small adjustments as he likes. I really appreciate how determined he’s been to chase quality in his projects lately, even if it meant I spent three or four hours paging through Bianca and making tiny adjustments for him, but Will can handle those soon ™.

What does all this mean? Hopefully it means I’ll be free to do more of my own writing and projects. Aside from having a metric fuckton of characters I’ve written that I want to give crew expansions too (Emmy, Gianna, Kiro, etc), there’s a number of other events I’d still like to pursue (Myrellion peace accord, maybe)…