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[Backers | TiTS] Happy New Year + Bugfixes!

Mister CEO love drawn by Deztyle. Happy year of the rodenian!

I’ve spent 5 hours or so paging through bug fixes and Github pull requests to bring you what should be a bit of polish for the new year! Now to spend the rest of my night working on other stuff (reviewing/editing/writing) and getting drunk from the comfort of my own home.

Fuck, am I lame?

Have a happy New Year’s anyway!

0.8.046 Changelog:

  • New Image Pack Image: Bianca Face Sitting.
  • ReductPro can now be used on more parts, courtesy of SomebodyElseEntirely.
  • Tail genital parts should be more appropriately displayed in the Codex, courtesy of Epyxoid.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause ship repairs to pause for lengthy periods of time in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed Shekka not repairing your ship in transit.
  • Fixed a broken button label in Illustra Po’s barter menu.
  • Fix high volume breaking Lumi’s milking and showing a massive negative number (if you produced more than ~32,000 mLs).
  • Both full service capsule hotel scenes should now display the outro.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Illustria Po to undercharge at < 30 hours of Kiro captivity.
  • Krissy no longer appears at Zheng Shi.
  • Pitching anal to Mirrin no longer cum-soaks the player character.
  • Zaalt can no longer cause permanent damage to aim & reflexes by using his gas grenade multiple times.
  • One of Embry’s holiday scenes had had an orgasm to it. It was missing one.
  • Fixed a variation in Kiro’s reward sex that wasn’t coded. It looked sorta of like this: {blah blah/blah blah}
  • Adjustments to how taking panties on Kimber’s quest were tracked to allow for better reporting in the Codex thanks to InSimpleTermsJordan on github.
  • Typo fixes.
  • More typo fixes with help from Epyxoid on github.
  • More typo fixes with help from “From-Within.”
  • More typo fixes with help from Klorpa on github, though most of it is debug text that you, the player, will never see!
  • Changed how cock volume for double-headed dicks is handled, by Epyxoid.

[Backers | TiTS] Dhaal’s Dolls

The bathtub on legs is my new favorite bust.

I know people have been sick of Kiro stuff, so I wanted to get some forward progress out as well.

Before anyone asks, the next public patch will be at the end of Jan or beginning of February. Happy Holidays, all!

0.8.045 Changelog:

  • It is now possible to land on the next planet: Dhaal. This has shifted the non-story planets down one slot on the list. We’ll probably chunk them into a submenu before long.
  • The capsule hotel on Dhaal is now complete. Expect a comfy place to stay for cheap, or more in-depth service for a price.
  • Basic placeholder taxis have been placed on Dhaal.
  • All content should be considered WIP and subject to change – even the room layout.

Merry Christmas! + Public TiTS Patch 1 Post Down

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a bit of cheer from us to you~ (Brienne/Brint after the break!)

[Public | TiTS] A Murry Christmas

Happy Christmas, Merry Hanuka, Festive New Years, etc!

TamaniCorp wishes you all a fruitful and virile holiday season!

The public patch comes a little early for the holidays! I wanted to do more content stuff, but getting caught up on the bug reports at a lot of time yesterday. Hopefully you all enjoy! And have an image pack as well!

0.8.044 Changelog:

  • New Busts: Arine and Taursuit.
  • You can now talk to Kiro about her ball size and request she hold herself to certain sizes.
  • You can now roleplay taking Kiro’s virginity the first time.
  • You can now kick Kiro off your crew or invite her back.
  • Kiro will now barge onto the Blade if you try to fly it. She will also refuse to leave the crew while the Blade is your current ship.
  • You can now gift Kiro a pair of your panties voluntarily.
  • You can no longer rename the “Blade” since you don’t actually own it.
  • Lots and lots of typo fixes. I went through the bug report forums myself.
  • Reaha’s appearance no longer says “a asshole” sometimes. Yay for correct indefinite articles!
  • Bribing Queen Taivra’s guards with gems no longer assumes the gemstones are native to myrellion. Sadly this doesn’t mean they’ll be bribe-able with Lucinite, just that they don’t say they can find it anywhere.
  • Giving Gene a bellyrub should satisfy him a bit more.
  • Small fixes for the “Puppyslutmas”. If you’ve met Syri but not yet bet her anything, you won’t mistakenly think you were betting with her at the event.
  • Kiro no longer tries to kill an already-dead scientist.
  • Foxfire can no longer set the “lipMod” stat to a negative value.
  • Gabilani panties should no longer have the wrong tooltip display.
  • The “Ditzy Strobe” status effect now correctly reduces intelligence. This error brought to you by a misspelled check for “Ditzi Strobe”.
  • FIxed the milodan temptress referencing the wrong creature during an attack.
  • Updated a Doctor Po attack to correctly handle airtight armor.
  • Doctor Po no longer recovers energy at full energy.
  • Fixed Paige’s clothed bust incorrectly displaying during some sex scenes.
  • Penis growth caused by having sex with Doctor Po has been adjusted for logic and to prevent long decimal strings when reporting the amount grown.
  • Ardia has been granted a proper femininity score.

[Backers] Kiro Follower 99% Done

This image is the reason why I need to write a threesome for these two!
By FriendlyAlienFriend.

Sundays are usually what I consider to be my day off, but since I’m losing tomorrow to holiday chicanery, I’ve been pounding out some effort most of the evening tonight. Once I write a threesome with Kiro and Mitzi, I’ll consider her base follower slate good to go.

…and options for removing her from crew and re-adding.

0.8.043 Changelog:

  • The Kiro/Kally interactions in Kally’s bar should now be possible with a recruited Kiro.
  • Kiro’s sex menu now includes a “Roleplay” option that allows you to re-experience the scenes you got for saving her.
  • If Kiro is lactating, she can now give a milky titfuck.
  • Ardia’s femininity score was updated to 90, which should prevent messages about you taking “his” virginity.

Kiro + Kally Post-Recruitment Content Ready

I had to jump through a lot of hoops, but I think the content SHOULD be all lined up for completing Kiro and Kally’s relationship and events AFTER recruiting. It took a lot of extra checks, small text tweaks, digging through a handful of different files, and ultimately building a whole new bar menu function, but it’s done.

Next patch coming after I finish writing a milky titfuck. (Might be a bit depending on how long it winds up going and how busy this weekend gets with holiday stuff.)

[Backers | TiTS] Smallpatchie

Christmas Penny by Liliruru.

0.8.042 Changelog:

  • A new dream was added for those with unbroken Kiro on their crew. It requires that Kiro and Kally threesomes have occurred and that Kiro has a horse-cock.
  • New scene for Maja by William: “HJ + Ride Her.”
  • New scene for riding Shekka’s optional futa dick, also by William.
  • Some small adjustments were made to eliminate some cringy lip descriptions like “permanently puckered puckers”.

Now to get some more substantive changes made. o7

Where’s Fenoxo?

Not dead. I’ve had some thing pulling me in other directions (and don’t know how long that’ll keep up), but a few things are coming out of it. The VN is rapidly sliding into place thanks to Moira’s artistic hand, Lighterfluid’s coding efforts, and some stuff behind the scenes with the code dragon and I.

I still wrote 2500 words of new dream content for Kiro post-quest and reviewed a bunch of the VN script again so I can bring myself up to speed for making sure we’ll be able to get it on the distribution channels we want to get it on.

I’m hesitant to promise anything about anything until things are shaken out, but I will share as much as I can as soon as I can.

-One stressy boi.

[Public | CoC2] Bunny Bro

Public patch time, with a surprise new Companion that BubbleLord’s been working on for a while now! Still a bit of a work in progress (doesn’t have any camp interactions, for example) but he’s a fun time regardless.

Edit: (12/17 ~11:00 PM): Hotfix is now live with significant bugfixes, as well as some buffs to the Kitsune Den bosses.

0.2.32 Patch Notes:

  • New Companion: Quin the Taeleer Charmer. Recruited from the Frost Hound after rescuing him in Harvest Valley. Just wait about 5 days after asking if he needs help to start his Companion quest. He’s also our first lust-focused combat companion! (Written by BubbleLord and coded by Leykoss!)
  • New PC Pregnancy: Taeleer! (Guess who fathers them!)
  • New Busts: Quin (by DCL), Kitsune Pack (by Moira)

Read below the break for everything new since last public patch (it’s a lot, including two beefy new dungeons!)

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[Backers | CoC2] Brushie Brushie

Brushin’ some bugs out of the last patch’s many, many fluffy tails. Little earlier than we initially intended, so not much in the way of content.

0.2.31 Patch Notes:

  • New Event: Brint & Brienne Christmas (by Wsan)
  • Whenever you bad end, you are now presented with an option to retry from the last point where you had movement control.
  • Evergreen can no longer get your butt pregnant (oops).
  • Several soft-locking issues were resolved in the Kitsune Den.
  • Various balance tweaks to new dungeon and powers.
  • New Busts: Holiday Brint/Brienne, Hatsumomo

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