This image is the reason why I need to write a threesome for these two!
By FriendlyAlienFriend.

Sundays are usually what I consider to be my day off, but since I’m losing tomorrow to holiday chicanery, I’ve been pounding out some effort most of the evening tonight. Once I write a threesome with Kiro and Mitzi, I’ll consider her base follower slate good to go.

…and options for removing her from crew and re-adding.

0.8.043 Changelog:

  • The Kiro/Kally interactions in Kally’s bar should now be possible with a recruited Kiro.
  • Kiro’s sex menu now includes a “Roleplay” option that allows you to re-experience the scenes you got for saving her.
  • If Kiro is lactating, she can now give a milky titfuck.
  • Ardia’s femininity score was updated to 90, which should prevent messages about you taking “his” virginity.