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TiTS-JS: Crankin’ On

The weekend is over, and you know what that means: I put on the big boots and dropped foot first onto more bugs. We got a lot on the menu today: fixes for main story quests, crash fixes for a dozen+ items, and cleanup on a few busts. I even ran some of the old Gats busts through the waifu2x upscaler to try and squeeze a few more pixels out of them and get them to look better in the larger bust windows TiTS-JS offers.

Expect backers to get access to Myrellion later this week (and the public build to get Tarkus). I trust you’ll find the ant planet sufficiently buggy – no matter which definition you use.

Changelog for Backers & Public:

  • Combat items should now be usable thanks to Leek!
  • After the Stellar Tether, Shekka’s square on the map now displays a “!” to indicate there is a quest event there.
  • Fixed Khorgan’s bust by Adjatha not displaying.
  • Fixed Nessa’s Adjatha busts not displaying.
  • Added the missing male sexbot bust back.
  • Sexbots should now display a bust on approach… though I don’t think I tested this one.
  • Fixed a missing roomlink in Stellar Tether near Captain Khorgan’s battle.
  • Corrected references to Captain Khorgan that did not exist and were causing crashes.
  • Fixed a crash in FizzyFix.
  • Fixed a crash in the Magic Milker.
  • Fixed a crash in Pickmentation.
  • Fixed a crash in Reptilum.
  • Fixed numerous crashes in Soak.
  • Fixed a crash in Turtleneck.
  • Fixed a crash in XhelarfogPlus.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when getting rid of a genital (or genitals) due to an error in how piercings were handled.
  • Fixed a crash in Uthra Sap.
  • Fixed the Hammer Shield.
  • The Panty collection system was converted to use fancier systems than my hard-coded kludges.
  • Fixed a crash when approaching the Raskvel Dockmistress.
  • A lot of potential crashes in the goo player menus were fixed.
  • Missing Anyxine emails restored.
  • Several fixes were made to Shizuya’s Majin (her ship).
  • Jacques00 did some work cleaning up shopkeepers and improving name displays across the game.
  • Fixed IncrementFlag so that it will properly increment an undefined flag to 1 once more.
  • Several crashes related to movement and ship location have been correctly formatted to use the new javascript methods.
  • Gedan pumped a lot of work into improving our automated testing systems so that the game can rapidly create a new character to test new commits entirely on its own!
  • More work was done preparing ship combat to function once more. It isn’t active for you guys yet, but Gedan was able to start a fight without crashing. PROGRESS!
  • A lot of other fixes that aren’t properly documented here because there are so many being jammed in.

As always, if you like the game and like what we’re doing, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! And if not, well, the free builds will still be here (eventually)!

TiTS-JS Update: Just In Kase

Good evening, and good upcoming weekend! As you can see below, we’re still making tons of sweeping changes that introduce whole swathes of bugs and crash even more. Lowercase donkey has been absolutely pounding away at the codebase to knock down the total number of bugs and tracking down systematic things to fix across the game. Meanwhile, I’ve been bouncing between spraying raid into the cracks and doing what I can to keep up with admin tasks like payment errors or tax paperwork.

I don’t want to spoil too much of what the team is up to, but I will say that Savin has been working on the Brightwater version of Dhaal’s probe quest. I’m excited to dig into it.

I may append some hotfixes to this as the night and weekend roll on. If I do, I’ll try to edit the changelog with some bolded “edit:” notes.

Love you guys <3

TiTS Javascript Version Changelog (#1158):

  • Edit (1180+): Improvements were made to Treatment transformation stability.
  • Edit (1180+): Fixed a possible crash in Gobbles the holiday turkey-girl.
  • Edit (1180+): Bess got a possible crash fixed.
  • Edit (1180+): Yancy got a possible crash fixed.
  • Edit (1180+): Siegewulf got an identical twin or two pulled out of the codebase and some additional fixes applied.
  • Edit (1180+): Some under the hood stuff to update saves with newer changes to the save file format.
  • Edit (1180+): Anno’s follower shop should now be set up.
  • Edit (1180+): Piercings are able to be equipped without crashing again! Cocksocks should work too, though they have not been tested yet.
  • Edit (1180+): Fixed a crash with Erra’s collar scene.
  • Edit (1180+): Verusha’s scenes that move the PC to the bar should now move the PC to the bar (and other Tarkus content that moves to that location should also be fixed!)
  • Edit (1180+): Lane should no longer pay or take payment in strange fractional credit values.
  • Edit (1180+): Fixed a crash in the player character’s appearance screen related to attempting to access accessory data incorrectly.
  • Edit (1180+): Ship storage should now report its fullness per category more effectively.
  • Edit (1180+): Fixed crashes related to the “nippleWidthRatioUnlocked” function in: ReductPro, DracoGuard, Lion-Os, Lip Tease, and the milk thief on Dhaal.
  • Edit (1180+): A full screen toggle button has been added to the corner of the main menu.
  • Edit (1180+): More fixes to Goo Armor (Nova) to accurately reference the correct creature object instead of a random Tarkus gray goo.
  • Edit (1163+): Ship combat was re-enabled somehow and crashing you guys hard. It should be turned off again (refresh!)
  • Edit (1163+): Haley’s creature data was never ported over, which meant she was pretty much guaranteed to cause crashes. I’ve resolved that issue but not had time to bang on her content. Interact with Haley at your own risk!
  • Reorganized how crew members are tracked as being recruited so that it’s directly attached to them in the code – anno.isCrew() instead of a random “annoIsCrew()” function floating around somewhere.
  • Kase got a proper stat block to hang his crew checks from, which should also fix some crashes he had elsewhere.
  • The Treatment’s transformation events and associated data has been migrated into the item object instead of left floating in its own file. Ideally there should be no discernable change to you.
  • The “delete save” button was adjusted slightly.
  • Map errors should include more information. This one shouldn’t matter to you guys, since the maps for zones usually work before we ship them out to you.
  • The Masturbation menu now has subcategories to better handle characters with an excessive amount of masturbatory option. “Repeat” and “Random” will still be on the top level to enable quick lust resets without an excess of player input.
  • More work under the hood was done to get ship combat ready.
  • Zil Nigh the Science Bi has been ported to JS (A porn parody for the smut menu.)
  • Fixes for the Dong Designer / Cockbox
  • Fixes for Bianca’s store.
  • Formatting for an absolute butt-ton of buttons has been corrected, solving a ton of potential crashes.
  • I cleaned up a bunch of references to the now-defunct “cockSelect” function and corrected them to use “penisRouter”. This should prevent a number of crashes in Zheng Shi’s content in the future.
  • Fixed the Dong Designer booting you back to ship storage instead of the main interface when leaving.
  • Fixed some Mitzi crashes.
  • Fixed Nym-Foe attack crashes.
  • Fixes for the plantation quest on Mhen’ga.
  • Fixed a crash for goo pc’s.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to skip from creation straight to Tavros.
  • The layered hairstyle no longer breaks hair descriptions.
  • Fixed a crash in Bimbo Penny’s menu.
  • Turning off inline images no longer causes the game to crash when you would encounter one.
  • Fixed a glitch in the randomizer function that would allow it to roll negative values in very specific situations.
  • Lots of cleanup for title text of rooms of characters.
  • Lots of other changes too numerous or inscrutable to note here. Sometimes you look at the list of code changes, and there’s one labelled “fixes” that modifies 100+ things across 36 files, and you know your time would be better spent climbing back into the bug pit.

[Backers | CoC2] Snuggle Time

(There’s a bunch of TiTS patches this week, too!)

Now you can take Daliza to bed, and more conveniently manage who you’re spending your nights with in every sleep-able location.

0.4.31 Patch Notes:

  • After sexing her, you can now find Daliza crashing in your bedroom at the Wayfort when you try and sleep — thus unlocking the ability to sleep with her at the Wayfort as you please!
  • Speaking of which, there’s now a bedmate-choosing UI that lets you pick who you partner with and where (Frost Hound, the Wayfort, and at camp). Dal’s currently the only person who’ll sleep with you at the fort as far as I know, mind you!
  • Khor’minos Main Street has been expanded to include a tavern with a pair of sexable new NPCs, an alchemist and a mage (with several new items), and a minstrel. The salamander dickgirl bar-babe even comes with a new PC pregnancy!

If you like what we’re doing, consider supporting us on Patreon or SubscribeStar!

[Backers & Public] Great Boogity Moogity

Before the changelog, a note from Gedan:

If you’re wondering why there seem to be so many issues lurking around every corner, here is a little insight into what has been happening:

Actionscript3 (The language the game was originally built in) and Javascript are very similar – so similar in fact, that the code almost works entirely with some simple find & replace action to remove Type data. The problem is the bits that don’t work look almost like completely normal Javascript work, so it can be difficult to pick them out without executing them and making them blow up. A couple of months ago I dug into building out an actual automated testing system, and I have a couple of tests written and working but they cover virtually none of the game considering its size – and with so much core functionality to still get working right, it’s difficult to justify spending the time on extending these tests to do much of anything right now. I have a couple ideas that maybe I can pull off over the course of a day or two, but they’d be coming after core systems are done no matter.

What doesn’t work though is “Cyclic Dependencies”, essentially when two different files in our codebase reference each other either directly, or through a chain of other files. In AS3 this didn’t matter, and over time, a lot of functionality was built around the fact that it didn’t matter – we have a lot of system manager classes that manage unique descendent processors, but those descedent processors sometimes need to reach back up to the system manager to execute defaults or shared functions. Whilst this would just work under AS3, now we need to fix it, either through dependency injection or removing the cyclic calls, or crushing all of the cyclic calls into the same file.

Fixing cyclic dependencies lead me down the garden path and resulted in me completely reorganizing all of the game content files. Doing this has allowed me to slice up the games content into blocks, called modules, that can be compiled and loaded independently from each other – the idea here is if we don’t make changes to the Tarkus module during an update, then the Tarkus module doesn’t need to be changed at all, then if you browser has a cached version of that module from the last time you played then it’ll be pulled from there…. There are caveats to the caching, but that’s a conversation for another day! What’s important is the fact that we have modules, not all the modules will be available, and we spent a long time implementing things assuming it just ended up as one fat bundle of code. With modules I’ve been able to turn off the ones that aren’t stable enough yet for play, which in turn hides those planets from the Fly menu – but there may be support functions of various types that are in those modules that needs to be moved around. A lot of them have been caught and shifted, but not all of them.

Javascript has moved on a lot from the days when AS3 was first conceived and it’s added some nice features along the way, things we couldn’t code – or would be extremely annoying to code – under AS3. As an example, the way we handled buttons under AS3 looked a lot like this:

addButton(index, "Button Name", functionToExecute, argumentsWeMightWant, "Tooltip Title", "The bulk body of the tooltip we want displayed.");

Now, most functions didn’t need an argument passed to them, but if we wanted to specify a tooltip on a button like this, we’d have to remember to stuff a none-value in that position. And if we wanted more arguments, we had to stuff things into an array and pass that, which made remembering where things were in the array an annoying task on the recieving end. The solution would have been to use “closures”, but the syntax for doing it in AS3 was unwieldy at best. The same could be said about Javascript, at least, until the Fat Arrow was added:

addButton(index, "Button Name", () => functionToExecute(arguments, we, want), "Tooltip Title", "The bulk body of the tooltip we want displayed.");

A subtle change, but this was a decision I made early. I think in the long run that it’s going to be beneficial to building future content but it means changing EVERY existing addButton call across the entire game, and sometimes the functions on the recieving end to change them from expecting an array stuffed full of arguments to seperate parameters.

The way our map data was structured has bugged me for a long, long time. It was already set in stone pretty much by the time I came on board and I didn’t want to rock the boat without a good reason. The good reasons have been found over time, and whilst the task was going to be monumental to fix the structure that we had used for a couple thousand rooms so far… I bit the bullet and went for it; so much of the games code is already having to be retouched anyway, that throwing the map structure on the pile is just a bit more work again. This has afforded us the ability to performantly display much larger areas of the map – in the past, our little limited 7×5 view was purely constrained by the processing time of updating the display, but now things are fast enough that we could render the whole planet map and use it as an interface to move around if we so desired. I did a little test to satisfy my own curiosity this week and, well…

Made it through all that? Good. This is Fen, and this is the changelog my exhausted brain barfed out.

TiTS-JS Changelog (#1131):

  • Several fixes were applied to how child/birth data is stored. As a result, children stored at the nursery previously had to be reset.
  • The javascript version now has the ability to override what gender the game uses for you, just like the flash one.
  • Work on a “click-to-move” system for the map has been started by Geddy. It’s not available in these releases yet, but a lot of under the hood work was done toward that possible goal.
  • Aliss’s sex menu is no longer automatically unlocked. The tooltip for the disabled button now shows a useful hint for how to unlock it. Aliss’s lust gain when trying on outfits will also be displayed (as well as her current lust). Additionally, after unlocking sex with Aliss, she no longer has a minimum lust requirement.
  • Corrected the formatting on ~80 of Siegwulfe’s button prompts that could potentially cause crashes, though I am aware more bugs remain…
  • Fixed a crash with lapinara pregnancy.
  • Various small UI fixes for inventory systems.
  • Fixed a crash in Bianca’s fingering the PC scene.
  • Fixed a crash in the combat menu with the sense menu.
  • Fixed possible goo armor crash.
  • Fixed possible Ardia crash.
  • Lots of updates and fixes for Amber.
  • Lots of updates and fixes for Mitzi.
  • Corrected “hasCockSock” having its arguments set up in the wrong order.
  • Milk thief crash fixes.
  • Zaika hydra crash fix.
  • Gastigoth crash fix.
  • Two Syri crash fixes.
  • Cleaned up bonus menus in Myrellion so they don’t crash when we release it.
  • Fixed a crash with Erika.
  • A ton of buttons that use the various bodypart routing utility functions have been updated & fixed (58 changed files)
  • Starchild crash fix.
  • [pc.goin] -> [pc.groin]
  • Several fixes for the dong designer.
  • Fixed a duplication issue with strange eggs.
  • Fixes for the maxOutLust utility function.
  • Getting throbb from crew Penny should now unlock the Codex entry for it.
  • Fixed many calls to “loadInCunt” having their arguments in the wrong order.
  • Fixed an Anno crash.
  • Fixed some inventory-related bugs.
  • A bunch more fixes.
  • Even more fixes for unreleased content (Uveto, Myrellion, etc).

As always, if you like the game and like what we’re doing, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! And if not, well, the free builds will still be here (eventually)!

Why So Buggy?

No doubt anyone who has been playing the javascript builds this week has noticed the bugs exploding into more bugs like mini-nukes from Fallout’s infamous “MIRV” launcher. There’s a few reasons beyond “lel they’re bad at coding” I thought you guys might like to hear about:

Have you seen “You’re still in combat, you ninny!“? Well that one has some particularly wild origins. Originally added as a failsafe wayyyyy back in the flash days, it existed to slap us in the face if a fight didn’t have proper resolution performed. We could test it using the function “inCombat()”. InCombat() also pulled double duty in late-game scenes that could be accessed via friendly dialogues OR fights. You might find it strange that something so simple would blow up in such a major way AFTER so much hammering on basic combat tests on Mhen’ga. I did. It turns out reality is just fucking strange sometimes.

Early on during the porting process, inCombat() was set to always return “false” no matter what was happening in the game, just to get that precious, first compile. Hundreds of man-hours later, it was completely forgotten about. New combat subroutines worked fine, and we weren’t into the late-game content that leaned on it for anything yet… until suddenly we noticed it wasn’t working as intended… and fixed it.

Now every save loaded up and screamed about being in combat! Fortunately the error could be cleared off by completing another combat encounter (and I THINK the underlying issue was addressed as well), but that didn’t make it any less annoying for people bumping into it.

Another one? Prettify Minutes.

This bad boy existed in two different places in the code… in two slightly different forms. Sounds like a simple fix, right? Just prune one and move on! Well, not quite. Some content looked for the pruned version and exploded pretty messily when it couldn’t find it. That’s real damn bad for a common utility function that would get looked at any time you opened… your email inbox, for example.

And another one…

We also rolled out updates to how we deploy to better handle applying fixes to both backer & public builds while the content is split on a planetary basis. One of the changes was to stop them from loading content that’s not supposed to be accessible. That’s fine most of the time, but let’s say there’s a character on Uveto who has events that can happen inside Tarkus’s nursery. Now the game’s blowing up every time you step into the nursery because so far as your build of the game can tell, it doesn’t exist.

The solution is for us to clean these up as we find them and relocate events like this to appropriate code chunk. We aren’t in the wild west flash days where every function was sitting out, globally accessible by damn near anything else in the game. And we’re working on cleaning all this up, I promise.

TL;DR: The game works well, but we’re still making aggressive changes to things under the hood that sometimes blow up in a big way. I’d keep writing more stuff, but I have bugs to squish.


Some Notable Bugs Squished

  • Sleeping on the ship no longer crashes.
  • Fixed a few crashes in the maternity area on Tavros Station.
  • Recruiting Yammi no longer crashes.
  • Yammi actually shows up in the follower list once recruited.
  • Fixed a crash when talking to Bianca about work.
  • Fixed crashes when trying to start certain sex scenes with Kase.
  • You can no longer do Yoga with Paige while sore. I did this one because we got a bug report about Sore not vanishing on sleep… because the value had somehow stacked well into the 50’s. Sleeping only clears 3 at a time.
  • VKo’s custom input can no longer be used with old cheats. We have no interest in fighting with those bugs when we have a fancy new cheat menu. (You can get to the new cheat menu by clicking on the top of the “i” in TiTS several times in a row after loading a save, then opening options and selecting the new Cheat submenu.)
  • Removed duplicate function for adjusting soreness values.
  • Improvements to drop menu UI.
  • Added trade menu UI.
  • Fixed a crash with Ovilium I thought I fixed already… but it turns out I had missed changing one important value…
  • You should now be able to delete saves.
  • prettifyMinutes shouldn’t be crashing anything anymore.
  • A fuck of a lot of other fixes and changes. I mostly listed the fixes I tackled myself as well as some of the more easily visible changes from the rest of the team.


(Pssst! CoC2 got a public update yesterday too!)

Big news! We’re going to open up the javascript version of Trails in Tainted Space for everyone, finally. The plan is to let everyone loose in the fertile jungles of Mhen’ga while our backers get to beat on the rusty junkpile that is Tarkus. Both versions come with all the latest bug-fixes and UI polish, but the backer version has the baked-in knowledge that you made all this possible. <3

I expect to see more planets rolling out before long given the speed with which our newest volunteer coder has been shredding bugs. Just today I merged in a giant pile of code changes for Myrellion. I hope none of the wrong bugs got shredded, but you’ll have to see for yourself once we let you back into Gildenmere…

[PUBLIC & BACKER] TiTS 0.69.420 (#1008) Changelog:

  • [Update 10:08 PM] Gedan fixed an issue with Captain Khorgan that was preventing characters from saving after defeating her in certain scenarios.
  • [Update 10:08 PM] Penny’s recruitment quest should work now. I had to re-add missing busts for the red zil and venus ziltraps. I also had to fix about a dozen different crashes. I haven’t tested her on-ship content yet, so if she crashes… it’s on you.
  • [Update 9:20 PM] New Game should no longer crash. Sorry about that. A comprehensive fix for movement formatting replaced something in the creation routine that went undetected, since us devs are all using saves to test at this point.
  • Gedan fixed a bug that caused the game to crash on iOS. The UI is hardly happy about it, but it shouldn’t explode when you try to open it any more. I would personally hold off on trying to play on iOS for now. -Fen
  • We made some under the hood changes to how images are set up in the code to be more readable and play nicer with git. This should make it easier to add and adjust more images & busts in the future (and fix bugs with any that need fixing!)
    • [Fix Deployed] Known Bug: It appears the image updates broke some things. We’re looking into it.
  • The decorations system was updated with a proper UI for selecting your decoration in a room. I had to change how we were storing unlocked decorations in the code to do this, which has the unfortunate side-effect of losing all your currently unlocked decorations. Not to worry: I’ve taken steps so that when we have the cheat menu setup, you will be able to use it to unlock all the decorations in the game.
    • Psssst. If you really, really want to get back those missing items, you can always pop open your browser’s console and slap some of these in there to jam things into your inventory:
      • pc.inventory.insertItem(new (Serialization.getClassByName(“SteeleTechPoster”))());
      • pc.inventory.insertItem(new (Serialization.getClassByName(“SquirrelGirlPoster”))());
  • An absolute FUCKLOAD of bugs got fixed, both for currently available content and content that has yet to be released. I’m not even going to try to list them individually.

[BACKERS] TiTS 0.69.420 (#1008) Changelog:

  • You can fly to Tarkus now. Try not to junk up the place!

As always, if you like the game and like what we’re doing, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! And if not, well, the free builds will still be here (eventually)!

[Public | CoC2] Hey There Daliza

Time to plant that flag in some hard-won ground~

0.4.30 Patch Notes:

  • After renovating the Wayfort, you can get a little unprofessional with your trusty bailiff, Daliza. Obviously, this requires having taken Etheryn up on her offer of baron-hood.
  • Nakano has a new quest for you: it seems Mai needs some fire gems…
  • Loads of bugfixes!

If you like what we’re doing, consider supporting us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! 🙂

[Backers | CoC2] Home Sweet Home

Bit of a small patch as we all finish up from the holidays and get back into the swing of things~

0.4.29 Patch Notes:

  • You can now finish the job of renovating and repairing your Wayfort, and even start sleeping there. Now Daliza will no longer make fun of you for living in squalor.

Speaking of whom, perhaps you’ll be planting your flag in the bailiff soon…

If you like what we’re doing, consider supporting us on Patreon or SubscribeStar!

[Backers | TiTS] Stealth Patching

Did you know I slipped a patch out last night? No? You could be forgiven for missing it since I only mentioned it offhandedly in the discord chat last night. Today, under the light of a new day’s sun, I’m correcting that oversight, and I’m pretty happy to report on at least one of the changes.

Where to play? This link. No, it won’t work if you aren’t logged in.

0.69.420 (#980) Changelog:

  • Decorations are working again! You can decorate four different locations on the ship: the ramp, the bed, the navigation console, and the security console (crew access). Decorations can only hang in one locale at a time. I’m going to continue poking at this system and try to improve the UI for selecting a decoration for a space because right now, there’s nothing to handle having more than 14 available decorations – not a pain point yet but definitely will be. Changes I’m making might wipe out your inventory of unlocked decorations, but if I do that, I’ll be sure to add code for a cheat to unlock them all.
    • Under the hood, a new item type was added: “Decorations”. The relevant items were updated to use it.
  • Mimbranes had duplicate code/functions in two different files. I went through to clean up duplicates and move any functions that might need to happen off of Mhen’ga into a file that is available no matter your present locale, which should prevent issues. However all the touching and moving might have broken some things. Keep an eye out, mim-brains.
  • Apparently New Texas slipped out the door in a previous patch. Please be aware that New Texas is highly experimental and crashy.
  • Re-arming yourself when leaving New Texas should work better.
  • Fixed a panty masturbation bug.
  • Applied some formatting fixes to the codebase as a whole that should nip a bunch of potential crashes in the bud before they can bloom.
  • Fixed a bug with Virection.
  • Fixed Shekka’s greeting screen showing “<br>Shekka” as a title.
  • Ramis’s duplicate file has been removed. I swear I did this once already…
  • T1-K4 got her code cleaned up a bit.
  • The New Texan gym got two small fixes.
  • Some new utility functions for pregnancies were added to the creature data object.
  • Group combat UIs should no longer clip off the bottom of status icons.

As always, if you like the game and like what we’re doing, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! And if not, well, the free builds will still be here (eventually)!

[Backers | TiTS] Fixes + Tease Refinement

Another raft of new fixes is rolling out before I run my test PC to Tarkus. No I don’t want to talk about spending an hour trying to fix something that would take someone more knowledgeable five minutes. Just know that it happened.

Where to play? This link. No, it won’t work if you aren’t logged in.

0.69.420 (#964) Changelog:

  • We’ve replaced the old word-filter cheat with a new, far better suited system. The options menu has a new entry, Language Filtering, that provides two groups of settings.

    Tag filters are specific words that we’re trawling through all of the games content to support; they provide the ability to contextually replace specific words based on your own preferences and somewhat target what the potential replacement will be. Not all of the tag filtering options have been wired up yet, we’re still working on that so expect the rest to come soon.

    At the bottom of the page there is a totally custom word replacement options. Put the word you want to change in the left box, and the word you want to replace it in the right box and boom, that word will globally be replaced across the game as you play. The power is in your hands.
  • The Tease ability is now more responsive to a variety of status effects.
    • You should be allowed to tease while blind now, but it will do 50% of normal damage – mitigated by your exhibitionism score, since an exhibitionist knows how to arouse without something like eye-contact. At 100% exhibitionism, blind teases should be more effective.
    • Stunned opponents now take 25% damage from tease attacks, due to being too stunned to fully perceive them.
    • Paralyzed and tripped targets should take 125% tease damage, due to their more vulnerable (yet aware) positions.
    • Blind PCs teasing blind opponents is not possible.
    • ~80 new tease texts were added to account for these various status situations as well as factors like libido (and exhibitionism for the blind ones).
  • Post-combat should now properly display XP and credits gained again.
  • Cum bubbles should be usable again.
  • Some “next” buttons after item use shouldn’t stick now.
  • Fixed some bugs in Dicksprout.
  • Fixed Galomax “Not a Function” crash.
  • Fixed “low blow” crash.
  • Fixed genital slits vanishing on save & reload.
  • Fixed a crash in Mhenga’s jungle related to day/night.
  • A buttload of other things got fixed, and I’d rather fix more than spend an hour trawling through things to list them all.

As always, if you like the game and like what we’re doing, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! And if not, well, the free builds will still be here (eventually)!

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