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[Backers | CoC2] Milking Machine

A big pile of new ass & titty love today, plus a bucketload of balance tweaks and bugfixes!

Meanwhile I’ve just recently passed the roughly halfway mark through writing the next segment of the game’s Main Story Quest! Lot of dialogue left to write (and a few salacious scenes with Khor’minos’s highest nobility) but I’m quite happy with how it’s panned out so far!

0.6.16 Patch Notes:

  • Gianna’s ratfolk buddy Svern now has a milking machine he can let you and your friends use. Accessing it requires the Wayfort first be fully upgraded. The PC, Cait, and Brienne can use it right now! More to come! (By Tobs)
  • Imora & Seastone have new anal sex options: fuck Imora’s butt, fuck Seastone’s butt, or fuck Imora’s butt while Seastone fucks yours. (By Skow)
  • If Zhara’s moved into the Wayfort and you have Brint in your party, you can grab some of the random harpy thieves out of your rafters and use them to show Brint a good time (and double the local harpy population too)!
  • Sanders now has an early-game quest pointing you towards helping Eryka — you haven’t missed anything if you already got her, but it adds a little worldbuilding and bumps her encounter rate while active. Mostly it’s just there to put a big ! on Sanders at the start of the game so people don’t accidentally miss him, which seems to happen more often than you’d think!
  • Sanders also has a new talk about Eryka once she’s rescued.
  • Adjusted damage values for Righteous Fury, Frozen Flower, and Storm Strikes.
  • Kas now has the Geomancy perk, to make her better at bopping you.
  • Raphael’s precise thrust now gives -200 Evasion instead of -100 to further guarantee a hit.
  • Blank Scroll is now a distinct item.
  • Asira Wing’s stats adjusted up.
  • Caranbrot’s shielding effect has been buffed
  • Sanctify’s secondary damage is now properly Crushing.
  • Reaping Blade heals for half damage now and no long has its healing scaled with Spellpower.
  • Corrupt Dawnsword does more damage.
  • Enemies that are immune to Critical Hits now have an icon representing as much. Right now it may be possible to clear that icon using abilities, but this does not remove their crit immunity!
  • Dragon Eve is even harder on Dark Difficulty — she gets an extra action per round after a point!
  • You can now Exit Game from the options menu in the electron build, rather than going to the main menu.
  • A bleeding bold text issuehas been fixed on the Ring of Fate.
  • A bunch of fixes courtesy of Spotty!
  • New Busts: Kalysea, Xadaron, and the Fungal Amalgam (all by Moira)

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Trials in Tainted Staves

New weekend, new patch!

This chunky lil guy comes with a lot of changes resulting from climbing around the inside of the codebase like a monkey on a jungle gym. My personal high points were massively improving deep freeze procs, discovering 20+ misconfigured damage flags on various encounters and items throughout the game, dumping a fat sack of new Adjatha art in, and getting to add a lovely bit of lore to the description for one of the new staff items I added.

I’d like to extend a fond “Thank You” to everyone who posted feedback in the Kineticist feedback thread to help me file down the biggest rough spots.

Hotfix #1:

  • Fixed staves crashing for kineticists when swung. This one was due to me incorrectly trying to add damage to “kinetic” instead of “kinetic.damageValue” because apparently any time I touch damage values, there’s a 50% chance I mess it up the first time. (It’s me, Fen!)
  • Fix PsiNoiseGenerator not being collectible because the collection function wasn’t properly committed. It was in a file I had a half-written, WIP scene in that masked it when I was doing the commit, causing me to miss pushing that essential bit of code. (Goddamnit, Fen!)
  • Fixed tripped enemies targeting themselves while tripped. The combatAI function got some dyslexic arguments slipped into it.

Changelog 0.9.068:

  • [BACKER] Additional slavesuit anal scenes (Will & Leek)

  • [PUBLIC] Femmitch (Wifely & lowercase_donkey)

  • New bust by Jacques00: Slamwulfe.

  • New busts by Adjatha:  Eloise, Neil, Selene, Warboy’s Bike and the Warboy.

  • New common items: Staves! You can pick up a Quarterstaff at Carl’s on Mhen’ga, a “Steelestaff” from Anno on Tarkus (or in your hold if you’ve recruited the alabaster assistant), or a Shieldwall Staff from Emmy on Myrellion. They’re all tagged as psionically attuned – which will grant kineticists a little extra kinetic damage when striking with them. I’m not done yet either – expect more staves and some rare ones to slip in soon. -Fenoxo

  • New rare item: Psinoise Generator. This rare accessory can be found in Zheng Shi’s mines by kineticists. When equipped, it should increased energy recovery by 25%. This was actually in the last patch but unobtainable due to non-final, buggy coding. (Fenoxo)
  • Adjusted the dom siegewulfe collaring lead-up scenes to give hints as to the requirements required for the scene happen and added further details about them to the quest log. (Jacques00)

  • Adjusted isHuman tests to better incorporate the reworked racial scoring system and its primary/secondary scoring to determine humanity-factor. (Jacques00)

  • Adjusted Deep Freeze shatters to trigger with non-melee tagged crushing attacks. (Fenoxo)

  • Adjusted Terran Treats so that certain bodypart flags can be cleared even if you already have the human type-version of a bodypart those flags apply to. (lowercase_donkey)

  • Adjusted changeEnergy() to more accurately display energy change. (Fenoxo)

  • Fixed a crash with the Forgehound’s combat interception. (Gedan)

  • Fixed a few more potential operation errors with the data menu after loading a save on a slower/touch device. (Gedan)

  • Fixed a few potential pathways where some menu buttons might leak over into the game menu. (Gedan)

  • Fixed combat not being properly completed after the Hyrax Raider BDP scene. (Jacques00)

  • Fixed some missing instances of fluid-ingestion and taint in scenes that mention these things are happening. (Jacques00)

  • Fixed instances of Damage Flags not being properly configured on some combat enemies, or more accurately, not being properly configured on their equipment damage values. (Fenoxo)

  • Fixed the new Tripped/Get Up mechanics to apply to hostile NPCs as well as friendlies. (Fenoxo)

  • Fixed a handful of abilities requesting target selection even though they don’t actually require a target. (Fenoxo)

  • Fixed the Siegewolfe renaming button option from its quick little holiday out of the reworked siegewulfe menu. (lowercase_donkey)

  • Fixed the reversed value reporting from some feminization changes. (lowercase_donkey)

  • Fixed some typos in Gianna bust names, effectively disabling them from being used. (lowercase_donkey)

  • Fixed some issues with parser tags and support functions used by frostwyrm content. (lowercase_donkey)

  • Fixed some issues in Overqueen content relating to how it was attempting to use changeEnergy() previous. (Leek)

  • Fixed typos. (Jacques00, lowercase_donkey, Fenoxo)

[TiTS] The Big Bug Haul & Unbalanced Psychosis

Gedan: I got lost deep in the mines digging in to some more of the UI state errors; many of these now are split between ‘Oopsy Woopsy, forgot to update this bit of the code to handle the new way things work’, and not being defensive enough about the realities of software running on real devices. A lot of the crashes don’t really make sense easily at first glance, and it takes a while to figure out what the real cause is – and a lot of them have been things like ‘User clicks button, game takes a bit to do a thing, long enough that user can click something else that I never expected them to be able to click, causing the second thing to overwrite part of the first thing and put things in a weird state.’ Part of why I wanted to move to this way of doing things is because it made it much easier to have a hard-error when things like this happened, closer to the point they were actually caused, making it much simpler to figure out what, exactly, was going wrong. At any rate, another batch of them I hope have been slayed, clearing the brush for the next endless set of buggles to stick they heads above the parapet ready for the chop.

Fenoxo: I need help! We didn’t get to test the Kineticist class as hard as I would have liked, particularly on the high end. To address that, I’m unlocking it this patch, but player beware! There may be crashes. There may be broken abilities. There may be a crushing lack of psi-impacting accessories to equip! The high level abilities might be too weak. The mid-level abilities might be to strong. Please only roll a kineticist if you’re okay with all of that and have the time to provide me with some feedback on them. I intend to work on hotfixing some adjustments for them on Sunday or Monday.


0.9.067 Hotfix #2:

  • Foes do not always get up from trip immediately – the chance now scales with their intelligence and increases every round.
  • Telekinetic Warrior attacks now count as “Crushing” damage.
  • Improved damage scaling on most higher level kineticist abilities:
    • Concussive Augmentation will scaling 50%->75%
    • Goethermal Spike will scaling 50->75% for thermal and kinetic portions.
    • Acid Cloud will scaling 100->125%
    • Mind Crush scaling 100->150%
    • Psychic Slam scaling 50->75%
    • Gravity Crush scaling 100->250%
  • Psychogenic Vim: Improved tooltip, removed activation cost
  • Vitality Siphon: Improved tooltip, removed 1/combat restriction.
  • Vortex Brand: +5% more damage boost. Fixed miss chance modification on psi attacks.
  • Debris Field: Added damage component, added bonus damage to flyers.
  • Fixed Entropy Waves’ tooltip.
  • Fixed some typos.

0.9.067 Hotfix #1:

  • Fixed issues with New Game not properly initializing some UI elements, leading to a crash.
  • Fixed the panic/fullscreen buttons being present when they shouldn’t be.
  • Fixed Korgonne females crashing when being encountered for fightin’

0.9.067 Changelog:

  • [Backers] The Kineticist class can now be created! This psionic character class allows you to start with psionic aptitude and the ability to skewer your foes with pure force, leech away their heat to restore your energy, and more!
    • The kineticist should focus on willpower & intelligence when leveling up. Willpower drives the damage scaling & saving throw difficulty levels, and intelligence powers your to-hit rolls with abilities that can miss.
    • Kineticists should not partake in bimbo content if they wish to be viable – for now. An event to allow low will and/or intelligence kineticists to apply themselves in other ways will be deployed in a future patch.
    • I recommend stocking a weapon with the crushing flag to take advantage of any “Deep Freeze” procs you manage. We need to add some lovely staves with which to break the ice in the future.
    • [Tiny Savin Edit]: There’s a forum thread for feedback on the class! Let us know what you think!
  • [Backer] Slavesuit anal scenes.
  • [Public] Bimbo Siegwulfe content.
  • The “Sundered” condition will now expire if created with a limited duration. (Fenoxo)
  • Added and adjusted a great many map icons on and around Tavros station. (lowercase_donkey & Jacques00)
  • Added some additional utility to functions governing combat attack output, allowing us to group the results of certain things together in a more logical manner, no matter where and when we calculate the various components that constitute an attack and its resolution. (Gedan)
  • Adjusted the Nuki score required to be afflicted by Cum Cascade without explicitly having the relevant perk, as the old trigger number was set based on old racial scoring values and not the newer, higher potential score. (Gedan)
  • Adjusted some Rad penalties applied during puzzle failure on Phaedra. (Gedan)
  • Adjusted the log event when Blue Balls gets removed; if the player also has Nuki Nuts, there’s a very high chance that both Blue Balls and Nuki Nuts event will fire simultaneously, and they both effectively do the same thing. Blue Balls will still be cleared, but Nuki Nuts will be the only event that makes it to the event log to cut down on spammy events. (Gedan)
  • Adjusted Lorelei’s menu to remove allusions that there would be future collar control of the PCs collar here, as it was sketched out long before we settled on having this functionality present as part of the Codex instead. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a great many combat-process interruptions that provided additional options to the player mid-fight. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a handful of card-position and formatting errors with various combat attacks. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a few oversights with modified combat card output handling that should better handle certain formatting tasks. (Gedan)
  • Fixed parser overrides for combat card formatting calls. (Gedan)
  • Fixed errant UI state pushes caused by combat interruptions. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential state corruption issue during save loading by injecting a dialog overlay earlier in the process to block additional inputs during asyncronous data loading. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some missing vendor icons, and others that should have been hidden at various times. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed “Roshan Blue” not being applied to certain XP sources. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed some room linkages that would be better served as locks instead of one-way paths. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed Kanes story process not properly masking out stories that the player has already been told until all stories have been presented. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a crash with setStatusIconShade(). (Jacques00)
  • Fixed various submenus from the masturbate menu from causing UI state stack corruption. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some potential UI state stack corruption from occuring during the ship purchase/trade flow. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some potential UI State stack corruption whilst closing shops. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a potential instant crash under some browsers failing to handle autoplaying media when the dev aid vaporwave mode had been enabled (by removing the vaporwave mode as it was mostly intended as a proof of concept of how best to include animated content). (Gedan)
  • Fixed the spawn rate of Nyrea Betas not being adjusted after certain outcomes with the queen. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed potential navigation issues through various menus with Carrie scenes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed missing Haley nursery content. (DrunkZombie)
  • Fixed a Po bad end crash. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed inconsistencies around all of the rooms on the Tavros ResDeck. (lowercase_donkey & Jacques00)
  • Fixed crashes with the teleport cheat (mainly by removing the Skip To option as it didn’t make any sense for it to be in the Cheat menu considering what it does differently versus Move To) (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed and adjusted many details relating to SSTDs. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed Reaha’s bust configuration so certain states are less likely to overwrite other, more pressing states from being displayed. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed Mhorgen being encounterable in the bar before completing the Dhaal dungeon. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed Ardia’s give-item menu not always returning to the correct parent menu. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed possible errors with the rotate minigame when displaying the tutorial helper trying to reference certain specific cells in the play area. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some scrolling issues when text changes. (Jacques00)
  • Fixed some event log issues with mimbranes causing spamming or invalid log entries. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Synes menu not backing out to the corrent parent version if not immediately accepting the proffered task. (Gedan)
  • Fixed the PC getting statistically buttstuffed during a Syne scene where the PC is stuffing Synes butt. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a vew status effects that should have been hidden from not being hidden. (Gedan)
  • Fixed the crash handler from skipping version update check cooldowns to determine if a new version was available to prompt for an update on the crash screen, unless at least some time had passed. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a crash with Resin Aroma. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a bunch of output formatting for Resin Aroma. (Gedan)
  • Fixed the Reload Game button when the game crashes under electron, so it should now properly actually reload the game. (Gedan)
  • Fixed Mitch using the incorrect busts during some scenes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed an inverted test for Air Tight during the Zaika Hazard Troopers aphro-gas attack. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a bunch of calls using penisRouter that may have been causing issues. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed an oversight in the button gating for some Olympia scenes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed a great many typos. (lowercase_donkey & Jaques00)

[Public | CoC2] Sharks and Ponies

An expansion for Starhome has come in with the tides, and there’s new scenes for a particularly bountiful centauress and the Alraune Effigy. Plus Atugia’s getting more opportunity to flex those muscles!

0.6.15 Patch Notes:

  • The Alraune Effigy has a new set of oral scenes. You can eat her pussy, have your pussy get eaten, or do the ol’ sixty-nine together. (By Dreamer44)
  • There is now an additional choice for taking Atugia to the gym! You can now help her do some bench press with optional sexy times. (By Gardeford)
  • Genova(formerly the corrupt unicorn) has brand new interactions after purifying the centaur village. You can ask her about life in the village and, nurse from her, and also receive a milky titjob. Nova’s nursing scene varies based on how quickly you attempt to repeat it! (By Gardeford)
  • Starhome has 3 new sex scenes in the fuckhouse. (By Skow, coded by Squishy)
  • There’s also a new shark park happy ending! (ditto)
  • A bunch of bugfixes courtesy of Spotty!

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[Backers | CoC2] The Golden Carrot

Happy (halfway through the) year of the rabbit, everyone.

0.6.14 Patch Notes:

  • After clearing the centaur village and breaking her butt-curse, Sariel can offer you a new quest and move into the Marefolk Village. (By Skow)
  • Sariel’s got new and updated scenes in the Marefolk Village.
  • Sariel has a new foursome with Atani’s bodyguards.
  • After Sariel moves in, Atani’ll get a new interest in backdoor adventures with you.
  • You can read books with Ahmri in the Centaur Village. (by Gardeford)
  • There are new hairstyles available from the stylists. (by LeoMax, coded by Squishy)
  • New Busts for Fungus Quest: Lanniere and the Infested Druids (by Moira)
  • New CG: Mara’s Night Event (by AnonArts)

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And hey, the game’s on sale over on Steam right now if you’d like to throw us some bones over there.

[TiTS] Towering Taur Time

Sylvie (Preg), Jacques00

Sylvie (Preg), Jacques00

Smooshed my face into Sentry one more time and stumbled over a few more UI state things that dragged me kicking and screaming to various things that we never got around to fixing up post-AS3, so I chopped into them and figured out a few more crashes and brought back some features we’ve had disabled for a while. The Aliss stuff, now that I’ve figured out a good pattern for how to handle it, will have to be applied to a few other vendors we have around the game that do sorta similar things; I think Busky on New Texas is another candidate for this kinda treatment, but I haven’t looked yet – gotta get da patch out and crack into the rest after.

Fen has been hard at work roping together all of the bits needed for the new class, and it’s coming along by leaps and bounds. The half-complete version that we’ve had chance to play so far is shaping up really well, so a release shouldn’t be too far away.

Back 2 da mines.

0.9.066 Changelog:

  • BACKER: Anyxine standing bone scene, available once you’ve been on a date with the self-same bone-haver. (Savin & Gedan)
  • BACKER: Mome codex entry – Some background about the Tove homeworld. (Frogapus & Leek)
  • BACKER: Paragon Hazard Armor – A new powerarmor source, dropped by Hazard Troopers and available to purchase from Rivet (Leek)
  • BACKER: Mia – A bar encounter on Mhen’ga, bump into another traveller who took a shine to the Vanae… (SheepPun & Leek)
  • PUBLIC: Eloise, located in the Crash Landing on Dhaal. Why not wander over and see what she’s about? Written by Magenta Needle and coded by Leek.
  • PUBLIC: New Penny Scene/Event: Roleplay! Written by William and coded by Leek, this event lets you request Penny jump you for some cop-on-PC roleplay sucky-fucky!
  • Added an additional validation step when loading creatures, allowing for the game to ensure certain datastructures are present that may have been removed via save editing, which would ultimately crash the game without thier presence. (Gedan)
  • Added additional bust art for Sylvie and Siegwulfe. (Jacques)
  • Adjusted the presence of the fullscreen overlay shortcut for various subdisplays. (Jacques)
  • Fixed display issues with double goo busts. (Jacques)
  • Fixed a reversed virginity check, some unparsed output, missing text clears and a crash in mitch scenes. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed unparsed tags in some rats raiders content. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed an incorrectly implemented test for a lumi defeat scene. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed incorrect parser tags in some malai content. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed an incorrectly configured button not properly continuing to the next scene in a cherry’s wall scene, and a similar case in some Paige content. (lowercase_donkey)
  • Fixed the rest and masturbate menus not properly navigating the UI state stack system. (Gedan)
  • Fixed the error handling around the media play calls used to play animated busts/CGs, so that this should no longer trigger a crash under certain browsers where playback is disallowed. (Gedan)
  • Fixed and reimplemented the “Try On” options for Aliss’ store, returning all of them to existence under the Inspect menu. Additionally, the Buy button that is surfaced as part of this will push the item in question into the shopping cart and return to the Shop interface rather than immediately completing a transaction, as well as fixing UI state stack navigation for the Try On scenes, as well as the event triggered via Aliss’ lust. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a handful of pathways where a flag related the farrowquest could potentially be unset or invalid, safely reconfiguring it toward an expected value rather than crashing. (Gedan)
  • Fixed the teleport cheat not triggering a UI state stack navigation to occur, leaving additional states in the stack. (Gedan)
  • Fixed potential crash issues with hasCockType() when it is called with potentially invalid index values. Some of these tweaks have been applied to a handful of other cock-based functions to handle a similar gap in the usual logic we used in the past to ensure these were executed safely. (Gedan)
  • Fixed some old AS3-era UI calls that still existed in the combat code that were no longer nessecery, and were potentially injecting additional states into the UI state stack that didn’t need to exist. (Gedan)
  • Fixed a few potential crashes when leaving the Options menu via certain toggles that would immediately close the display through a non-standard pathway. (Jacques)

A New Challenger Approaches!

I’m pleased to talk to y’all today about a new project, though not my own. This one comes from Quiette Shy! She graciously hosted me on her podcast way back in the day, and not too long afterward reached out to me about sourcing a writer to assist in creating a visual novel style game. I was able to put her in touch with someone I knew through our communities – I’m too drowned in my own work to help directly. Well, fast forward a couple years. The project slipped out of my awareness for a while. I had all but forgotten about it! Then a private message arrived in my inbox indicating that the very same VN would be releasing on Steam quite soon!

(the image is a link to the steam page)

A science-fiction game featuring adult themes with some anthropomorphic characters sprinkled in? Should I be worried? …Nah. The way I see it, I’m basically the god-father of this soon-to-born VN, and I want to see it succeed in hopes that more will follow!

Check it out, and if it looks like fun, be sure to give it a wishlist.

I have not been compensated in any way for this post and do so out of a genuine desire to see more games in these spaces succeed. Geddit? In these SPACEs? Cause sci-fi? No? I’ll see myself out.


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