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[Backers | TiTS] Introduction to Bad Ends

New day, new patch! With a lot of the rest of the team busy elsewhere, I’ve been cranking on bug reports a lot by myself – with some gracious help by SeriousBlueJewel reporting so many trouble spots, and sometimes even leaving me notes on quick fixes. That sort of knowledgeable help is always appreciated, even if sometimes the bug doesn’t always turn out to be a bug.

0.8.149 Changelog:

  • New bad end for Overqueen Ysolte, by William. Lose to her after raising her lust to 100 to experience it!
  • Tutorial message added: it should now recommend you save the game in Ysolte’s office before fighting her, just in case…
  • Tutorial message added: if you used your survival tent before getting to the tutorial, I made some text changes about somehow skimping by with what little power it has left, to help preserve immersion. I’m not going to bad-end someone by covering them in acid because they used a mechanic before the tutorial for it.
  • New Bust: Anno (non-huskar) by ToonNik
  • New embedded image (only in the embedded images version) for Salacious Sally, the slyveren on Dhaal. It’s drawn by Winemomicorn and is fucking amazing!
  • If you spot Dane in New Texas’s milker barn, he will no longer mention your cousin after he loses his employment with them.
  • The Gryvain Tech has had a missing newline in her post-combat text added.
  • Fixed Molli’s cleaning scene not actually cleaning tall PCs.
  • Dicksprout can no longer be used on non-long tails.;
  • Support functions for matching genital types to race types have been improved to better work with lion-morphs made by Lion-Os.
  • Typos, minor grammar errors, and broken parser calls fixed.
  • Geddy improved our android build delivery to hopefully eliminate the dreaded “Error parsing package” message for most users.

With that out of the way, I’d like to mention my friend Anonymous Man’s latest game: “The Guide to Being Assertive“. A lot of people found their way to my games from the community he built around one of his previous games, “Cursed,” and we’ve been friends ever since. (Damn near a decade at this point!) I played through a demo he passed me the other week with a pretty hefty chonk of initial content and a lot of ambition. Check out the free build if you’re interested, and if you love what you see and want to support him, I’m sure you know how.

Of course, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar as well! I’ll share some fun sketches from Adjatha and news from the Javascript front in a day or two!

[Backers | CoC2] The Most Smoochable Nuki

Before we get started, I’d just like to take a minute to ask that you all send some well-wishes to DCL. Our boy’s laid up in the hospital with a bad case of pneumonia and got us all worried. Get well soon, buddy <3

0.4.2 Patch Notes:

  • Atugia has a BUNCH of new sex scenes and talks! (By Gardeford!)
  • New Undermountain enemy encounter: Kobolds! (By B!)
  • New NPC in the Mallachite Temple: Rune! (By BubbleLord, coded by Squishy!)
  • Senja now has much-expanded interactions if you chose to give her a smooch before! (By me and Tobs)
  • Miko’s old scenes now fully account for her pregnancy. (Thanks, Tobs!)
  • New Busts: Rune and Kobold headshots (by Moira)
  • New CGs: Brint x Atugia by Moira, and Lyric gettin’ fucked by DCL.
  • Map navigation should feel snappier now!

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[Public] Squishin’ Bugs

Fen here with a long overdue public patch. Mostly I’ve just been fixing bugs of late. Producing sensual writing has been… hard lately. I’m not sure how much of this is due to getting older, how much is my medication, and how much is just plain burnout from a decade of churning out magma-hot smut, reading other people’s highly varied smut (for review), and coding smut (both mine and others). All I know that I’m so much slower than I used to be, and I don’t like it any more than you do.

Saying it out loud like that sounds like admitting defeat, and I’m not. This is still the best fucking job on the planet, and I’m hardly the only person involved at this point. Let me drop the patch notes, and I’ll share some WIP screenshots from the javascript build after the break!

0.8.148 Changelog:

  • Image-embedded version updated! You can grab it off Mega, but you’ll need a stand-alone flash player that can handle it’s 600MB+ girth to play with it. What’s different? You can zoom in on most character busts and some scenes come with embedded art. Enjoy!
  • Shekka, Tuuva, and Del all had modifications made to their “give a synthsheath” routines to better handle “first-time” uses (in the event text) and to unlock the Codex entry if needed at the end.
  • Fixed a large number of small bugs in Gianna’s content.
  • Giving Gianna silicone should now give slightly Gianna slightly more confidence, better enabling you to max out her confidence score before recruiting her (or after).
  • Fixed Molli being able to impregnate you when she shouldn’t be able to impregnate you.
  • Fixed some broken parsers in Molli’s bad end.
  • Sera’s “Tainted Love” event has had its odds changed: 0 chance first time they pick up the salary, 2/3s chance thereafter until it activates, 1/4 chance for the repeat after the PC’s gotten it.
  • The Gabilani Chemist should no longer use her weapon while disarmed… unless I missed another check somewhere.
  • The Gabilani Chemist’s oral addiction unlock scene should no longer be repeatable. Silly me, letting you unlock the same perk multiple times!
  • Milodan Futazons should play nicer with “blocked” orifices.
  • The Gabilani Cyborg now has fixed sexual preferences.
  • The Gabilani Cyborg’s lock-on attack now properly increases her accuracy by 30%. (It also displays as an visible icon on the cyborg’s stat pane.)
  • The Gabilani Cyborg’s aimed shot now does a little increased damage.
  • The Gryvain Techie got some tweaks to her AI routine to help her use her abilities at the correct time.
  • Pheromones and the “Sweet Tooth” effect should now both increase tease “to-hit” chance.
  • EMP grenades shouldn’t display damage twice any longer.
  • A few more places properly track you slipping a load into Feruze.
  • Fixed a few incorrect checks in Ardia’s content.
  • All text will no longer become bold if you recruit Gianna with a “Hard” personality type.
  • Typo fixes and minor bugfixes I probably forgot to list because they’re so minor or were committed to the github too stealthily for my big dumb minotaur eyes.

Now if you’re interested in mad code science, eyeball below…

[Public | CoC2] Grandma’s Last Quest

Finally it’s time to put your foot up the collective ass of the Pleasure Cult — and put an end to their machinations in the Glacial Rift!

Check below the break for a list of what’s been added since the last public patch!


  • Bunch of bugfixes, including making sure the Cloister doesn’t disappear 😐

0.4.1 Patch Notes:

  • You can now undertake the final stage of Gwery’s crusade against the cult in the Glacial Rift. Just talk to her again when you’ve finished the previous two quests. Big ups to TheObserver for soloing that whole quest chain. I’d highly recommend bringing plenty of Oil of Oliban to the finale!
  • New Undermountain encounter: Earth Elementals! It’s a big tough wandering miniboss to be sure!
  • New Busts: GQ3’s final boss! Spoilers! Also: Arona Preg Variants (DCL), Leothranized Cait (by BK), Selima Solo busts for Darius’s content, and bigger-titty Zo variants.

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[Backers | CoC2] Khor Aterna!

Captain Fenraus would like to explore a dark, dank hole too.

Okay, finally it’s time to get some forward momentum going again after all that breeding. This week, we’re opening up the next main story area, and there’s plenty more content for it (and other story-related happenings) coming up shortly!

0.4.0 Patch Notes:

  • You can now gain access to the next region of the main story quest — the Undermountain! Whether by invitation as the Champion of Frost or by brute force at any point in the story, you can now get past the Chargers at the gates to Khor’minos and enter the vast subterranean labyrinth between the Foothills and the city of the minotaurs. Do note — you won’t be getting into the city itself just yet!
  • New encounter and bad end: the Khor’minoan Chargers! Mess with the bulls, you get the horn(ie)s.
  • New encounter: Hobgoblins! What happens when you cross goblins with minos? These brutes! (Written by TheObserver)
  • New event: There’s some new imp types down in the depths, and you’re in for a memorable introduction to them — and to the mighty warrior that’s been holding Khor’minos back from the brink of defeat!
  • New mechanic: Fog of War! It’s damned dark in the depths of Khor’minos, and even when light can be found, it’s hard to tell which way is which with a demonic invasion underway! If only you could find some source of light to carry with you…
  • New Busts by Moira: Calise, Hobgoblins

As always, you can become a backer and support the game’s development on…
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[TiTS | Backer] Sploosh.

0.8.147 Changelog:

  • Molli can now be interacted with at Cherry’s Tap-Hall whenever Cherry is busy in her room. The big squishy goo comes with six different talk topics and four sex scenes, as well as a possible bad-end for those with truly titanic loads (36 thousand liters or more).
  • New Gianna scenes: ‘taur service. While it’s one button, the scene is vastly different depending on which set of genitals you direct her to pleasure.
  • New Anno pic in the image pack for huskar Anno in a maid outfit.
  • Azariah can now play with Paige and Kiro assuming you have both onboard!

Update: I wrote this last night but the build deployment choked. Now Geddy has it fixed but my home internet is out, so patreon and SS posts and image pack uploads will have to wait.

[Backers | CoC2] Mayternity Stragglers

And last but not least, we have a few stragglers to catch up on from May:

0.3.49 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new optional Good End if Infrith, Rags, and Hretha are all concurrently pregnant but Arona isn’t.
  • Elthara’s Appearance screen has been updated to account for pregnancy, with a new CG by AnonArts as well!
  • Zuzaan now finally has a pregnant bust.
  • Ryn has a new combat headshot and appearance CG for her queenly garb.

And that’s all, folks! Thanks for boatloads of support from all you new backers during May — hopefully you’ll stick around through June as we launch into our next zone and get the main story rolling again!

As always, you can become a backer and support the game’s development on…
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An incredible comm Alypia got of Ryn wearing the other outfit she finds in the palace, done by the amazing Aeryn.
(don’t worry, freeing Ryn’s still coming eventually™)

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