Fen here with a long overdue public patch. Mostly I’ve just been fixing bugs of late. Producing sensual writing has been… hard lately. I’m not sure how much of this is due to getting older, how much is my medication, and how much is just plain burnout from a decade of churning out magma-hot smut, reading other people’s highly varied smut (for review), and coding smut (both mine and others). All I know that I’m so much slower than I used to be, and I don’t like it any more than you do.

Saying it out loud like that sounds like admitting defeat, and I’m not. This is still the best fucking job on the planet, and I’m hardly the only person involved at this point. Let me drop the patch notes, and I’ll share some WIP screenshots from the javascript build after the break!

0.8.148 Changelog:

  • Image-embedded version updated! You can grab it off Mega, but you’ll need a stand-alone flash player that can handle it’s 600MB+ girth to play with it. What’s different? You can zoom in on most character busts and some scenes come with embedded art. Enjoy!
  • Shekka, Tuuva, and Del all had modifications made to their “give a synthsheath” routines to better handle “first-time” uses (in the event text) and to unlock the Codex entry if needed at the end.
  • Fixed a large number of small bugs in Gianna’s content.
  • Giving Gianna silicone should now give slightly Gianna slightly more confidence, better enabling you to max out her confidence score before recruiting her (or after).
  • Fixed Molli being able to impregnate you when she shouldn’t be able to impregnate you.
  • Fixed some broken parsers in Molli’s bad end.
  • Sera’s “Tainted Love” event has had its odds changed: 0 chance first time they pick up the salary, 2/3s chance thereafter until it activates, 1/4 chance for the repeat after the PC’s gotten it.
  • The Gabilani Chemist should no longer use her weapon while disarmed… unless I missed another check somewhere.
  • The Gabilani Chemist’s oral addiction unlock scene should no longer be repeatable. Silly me, letting you unlock the same perk multiple times!
  • Milodan Futazons should play nicer with “blocked” orifices.
  • The Gabilani Cyborg now has fixed sexual preferences.
  • The Gabilani Cyborg’s lock-on attack now properly increases her accuracy by 30%. (It also displays as an visible icon on the cyborg’s stat pane.)
  • The Gabilani Cyborg’s aimed shot now does a little increased damage.
  • The Gryvain Techie got some tweaks to her AI routine to help her use her abilities at the correct time.
  • Pheromones and the “Sweet Tooth” effect should now both increase tease “to-hit” chance.
  • EMP grenades shouldn’t display damage twice any longer.
  • A few more places properly track you slipping a load into Feruze.
  • Fixed a few incorrect checks in Ardia’s content.
  • All text will no longer become bold if you recruit Gianna with a “Hard” personality type.
  • Typo fixes and minor bugfixes I probably forgot to list because they’re so minor or were committed to the github too stealthily for my big dumb minotaur eyes.

Now if you’re interested in mad code science, eyeball below…

…to the javascript report! Having Leek onboard has really accelerated progress across the board. Savin really wasn’t pulling my leg when he hyped the guy up!

First off, let’s talk about the improved combat flow. We’ve taken to using text message-like wrappers around each “attack” to help keep combat ordered (aligned to the source of the ability. You can see what I’m talking about below, in this image taken from the semi-functional WIP build:

New rounds get a dividing line so you should be able to just scroll back up to look at the last few rounds of combat with ease, and I think we’ve managed to leave a bit more room for character art as well. Leek even developed a tool to help us appropriately crop the source images for the busts for the new resolutions, and if I recall correctly, Jacques00 mentioned maybe starting on that.

Did you know shops are getting overhauled too? Leek shared this lovely piece of a preview of shop interactions, and while it’s still early and a bit rough, you can see how things are starting to come together into a package that looks more like a game and less like a high school coding project.


Gedan’s been working on getting the new map system up and running. Before, rooms were essentially a giant pile of objects that had data points to link to adjacent rooms via a set of string indexes. Gedan was already unhappy with my (admitted terrible) methodology by the time she turned out “The Silence” with Savin, and with the port she’s been happy to rework how the rooms are handled. Of course, the map depends on the rooms, and with the changes that have been made, it’s looking much more feasible to have the map pop out and show rooms more than a handful of spaces away!

At one point a volunteer had contributed code to do that in flash… but trying to load the area map would choke the game for quite some time while it pathed out the room arrangement. I’m told that this very, very early WIP chunks out in a handful of milliseconds.

More fanciness is coming – that image is very early development art and should not be taken as an assurance of what the final feature will be.

That’s all for now. I’m going to try to get a scene where Gianna can teach Olympia some things about being a proper fuckbot written next. <3