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State of the Fen: Big Ouchie [Small Patch Too]

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t had much to share this past week. There’s no way to sugarcoat me landing shoulder-first at some speed above 15 mph and busting myself to hell. I spent most of the last few days laying in bed and barely being able to sleep, let alone sit up without wincing and shaking. My arm became a supernova of pain, shooting out flares of agony at the slightest provocation. My hip caught a road rash, I got a smaller abrasion on my knee, and I peeled some skin off of my right palm. But I’m not dead!

And I’m already on the mend. Every day has been a bit better than the one before it. Yesterday I was the first one I didn’t dread having to get up to use the bathroom. Today marks like the first day I feel truly mobile again – provided I slap on a sling for longer amounts of time spent on my feet. Make no mistake, I’m liable be to be recovering for a while…

…But I’m back, baybee! I’m gonna crank on Dhaal dungeon work right after I tear into this massive communication backlog I’ve allowed to build up.

Small Hotfix Patch Changelog (Big Thanks: Donkey/Gedan/Leek!):

  • New Content: It should now be possible to wander the brothel on Dhaal and proc some exciting new scenes by William!
  • Gedan built up support for pop-up achievements. It should all be turned off for you guys atm so that it doesn’t break anything…
  • Fixed Nessa’s nude “belly” bust.
  • A potential crash in Throbb’s bad end was fixed.
  • Applied a fix for Uthra sap’s menu buttons.
  • Fixed checks in Rat’s Raiders and Evening that were checking against incorrect inventory data.
  • Fixes for masturbating with panties gifted by NPCs with configurable names.
  • Fixes for Anno’s post walkies lap sex.
  • Crew “blurb” display (what shows up when checking the “crew” menu) should perform better.
  • Nastizia shouldn’t appear pregnant on first meeting.
  • Fixes for Breedwell softlocks.
  • Fixed Sylvie’s mount sex having a broken button.
  • Fixed an issue in raskvel pregnancy where content for non-hazard rooms was displaying in hazard rooms (and vice versa!)
  • Misc typo fixes.

[Backers | CoC2] Clean Cows

Time to get cleaned up for a day on the town!

0.4.42 Patch Notes:

  • The Khor’minos baths are now available! You can meet:
    • Tarandra, the wyld elf with a seemingly fate-altering mark
    • Arille, the cowgirl with a penchant for getting what she wants
  • There’s an assortment of new random scenes at your wayfort depending on which NPCs you have there and what decisions you’ve made
  • New Busts: Arille, Tarandra, Masseuses busts
  • New CG: Arille Femdom

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Plenty more on the way for the baths in the next patches 😀

[TiTS] Take a Chance

If you like CoC2, they patched YESTERDAY! Check it out.

With the looming pain of taxes distracted by a check larger than I care to think about, I can devote my brain back to TiTSing around once more! I’ve been building up and writing the rooms for the next major plot dungeon on Dhaal, so that they can be dropped in soon ™. It’s gonna be a good one, IMO. Will has continued churning out plenty of hot smut of course, and the rest of the code team has buried plenty of treats in this patch for everyone!


  • THE GAME GOT HARD. I fixed a bug that caused the game to think “Easy Mode” was on all the time. There are likely to be balance changes that will need made as a result.
  • New NPC: Chance the Faux Cow!
  • New Scene: Kase and Ramis threesome! As long as the player meets Ramis’ preferences and there’s been a blurb or two with her and Kase, it’s now possible to have Kase join in. There are two unique variants to the scene depending on if the player is topping or bottoming for Ramis.
  • New Scene: Crotch worship for Lund! After submitting to Lund and becoming his bitch, the player now has a repeatable crotch worship blowjob scene. Also, Lund’s collar is now equippable at any given time like the Sub-Tuner, Sera’s, Lorelei’s, etc.
  • New Scene: Kase Nursing! A new, small scene with Kase is now available for milky momma PCs to nurse their kitty-boi. Options are available to jerk him off or let him drink himself into a nap.
  • Tweaks for Kelly! After building a relationship with Kelly, you will be able to do things like flirt with her at work. This initially leads to a teasy under table blowjob, but now with this scene you have an option of letting her take the lead.
  • New map icons: door entrance and door exit.
  • Lowercase-Donkey reworked the underpinnings of NPC bust dispays across the game.
  • Improved handling of hyperlinks under the hood and how they are displayed.
  • Improved image compression for public builds.
  • Improved error handling for attempts to move to invalid room indexes.
  • Did work under the hood for a “toasts” style achievement display system. (Good work, Ged!)
  • Plenty of other fixes and new opportunities to slip bugs in for y’all to find!

As always, if you like the game and like what we’re doing, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! And if not, well, the free builds will still be here!

[Public | CoC2] Howling in the Dark

Sorry the patch is a little late. Been busy beavers behind the scenes, though! I’ve been working on a fairly extensive batch of tweaks and revisions to the early game that should be hitting soon, aimed at improving the narrative pacing and coherency, especially if you’re doing a low% of content: new and revised talks with Garth, Etheryn, and Cait, and pushing Dog Days up to a Main Story Quest that gates the Alraune’s garden.

Also been hard at work on Ryn’s next companion quest, which has shaped up to be a pretty stout dungeon. Was something like 50 pages of content before even getting to the dungeon, whoops.

For now though, a new enemy mob and some added cuteness for the wayfort.

0.4.41 Patch Notes:

  • You can now hire maids to work at the wayfort through a small quest. Putting a bunch of oversexed monstergirls in cute maid outfits will probably lewd the place up a little~ (By Skow)
  • New enemy encounter: corrupted lupines! Found in the Old Forest after having reached the Frostwood. (By Jstar) (Coded by Squishy)
  • New Item: Lingering Embers. Bought from Leorah and acquired from a few humanoid enemies as loot. Acts as a quick return to your last waystone (or the Frost Hound, in the early game). Not usable in dungeons.
  • New Busts: Gnoll Princess, Incubus Blackguard, Talsenne

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • New Quest: The Ring of Fate, gained from Calise after completing her previous quest.
  • New Quest: The High Ground, gained from Brother Sanders after finishing Gweyr’s quest line. Has substantial variations for Liaden being in town, and for Dark Knight PCs.
  • New NPC: Kaina, in the Glacial Rift.
  • New Scenes: Kas Suck & Fuck, Brint Kneeling Doggy, Livrea Pussy 69
  • There is a new option for sending error reports. It is OFF by default. There is an AUTO setting that will automatically send error reports when errors happen, or a PROMPT mode which requires you to hit a Report button from the crash screen.

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[TiTS] Hotfixes Galore~

This weekend has seen a number of hotfixes rolled out to TiTS that I’m going to rattle off, in case one of these was messing with your [] Steele!


  • Feruze’s fight on Dhaal should work again. This one was a doozy requiring me to dig deep into the old flash code and find some custom code that never got ported into Javascript. I was able to play it through to completion on the test save provided with the bug report, so you should be able to as well!
  • Sabrae sells the combat tail again.
  • New parsers were added for dick nipples, because why not, I guess? (nippleCockHead and oneNippleCock, mostly)
  • Kally’s drink menu no longer crashes on selecting a beverage.
  • Extrameet no longer causes a crash when used on Vesperia.
  • The Cheat menu now has the option to force treatment variants.
  • A bunch of broken parser stuff got cleaned up by Leek! <3
  • Flying to Poe A should work better.
  • Fixed some image scaling & cropping issues.
  • Jacques00 did some under the hood work on our custom playing cards. Soon(tm).
  • Fixed being unable to leave Velta.
  • Fixed the zil callgirl bust.
  • Fixed some broken “loadInAss” instances.
  • Fixed sex with Molli crashing.
  • Fixed an incorrect tooltip in Shekka’s content.
  • Fixed the map expansion not working.
  • Fixed Qualle movement calls to prevent possible crashes.
  • The Gabilani Chemist’s preg should be hooked back up.
  • Fixed the zil hornet’s bust.
  • Fixed more crash landing stuff…
  • Fixed Jumper movement calls to use the newer format and hopefully prevent crashes.
  • Fixed the dicknipple type setting in the “goo shift” menu to work properly. (It was forcing gabilani type every time!)
  • Fixed a jumper scene missing its images.
  • Fixed more broken movement calls in Ramis that could cause crashes.
  • Fixed more broken movement calls in the federation quest that could cause crashes.
  • The zil spear is now rare. (Stats unchanged – it was not tagged as the correct rarity.)
  • Amber’s statblock was updated to use TYPE_DEER instead of TYPE_LEITHAN. She existed before TYPE_DEER did!
  • Fixed the rats raiders getting stuck in the combat-UI post-combat.
  • Deleted an unused Sera file. (Don’t worry – it was empty!)
  • Fixed sex with Erra crashing due to trying to move to a non-existent space.
  • “Sam” got a proper creature stat-block in the code.
  • Rivet’s shop should work better.
  • And probably a handful more…

[Backers | CoC2] The New Hotness

We’ve got some new scenes, a new fuckbuddy, and a new feature (mostly for our benefit on the dev side) this time.

And Fen just put out a HUGE TiTS patch, so we’ll keep it brief.

0.4.40 Patch Notes:

  • New scenes: Kasyrra Suck & Fuck — accessible from her Dream Palace sex menu; Brint kneeling doggy-style (by Wsan); Livrea Pussy 69 (by Skow)
  • New NPC: Kaina. She can be found in the Glacial Rift and has a small quest attached (and more to follow). (By Skow)
  • There is a new option for sending error reports. It is OFF by default. There is an AUTO setting that will automatically send error reports when errors happen, or a PROMPT mode which requires you to hit a Report button from the crash screen.

If you like what we’re doing, consider supporting us on Patreon or SubscribeStar!

[TiTS] Dhaal’s Dolls


  • [Backers] Dhaal is available!
  • Poe A, Gastigoth, Vesperia, and Zheng Shi are now available for public players.
  • Gedan converted our image backend from using pngs to webp, resulting a near 10x reduction in filesize with negligible loss in image quality.
  • Pre-recruitment Syri got a new scene: face-fucking, by Sqwhyurs.
  • The infinite items cheat should work more often.
  • Fixed a bug with Badger’s silicone tank.
  • Fixed Haley preg not progressing.
  • Fixes for Mirrin’s kids.
  • Fixes for a small libido bug.
  • Fixed a typo in Bess’s menu.
  • Fixed Bianca’s day display in the quest log.
  • Fixed the Wetraxxel bad end not happening.
  • Leek built up some systems for testing for invalid or broken parsers.
  • You can now choose to fight the mining robots in Zheng Shi even if they no longer attack you.
  • Inspect display now shows damage flags.
  • Fixed the “Exit” option appearing on every room of the Phoenix mission.
  • Fixed decorations not showing up at the security consoles (crew access) on your ship.
  • Fixed a crash when giving Pippa hardlight panties.
  • Fixes for Lorelei’s room.
  • Futa Shekka’s bust should now display.
  • Shizuya’s button shouldn’t crash anymore.
  • Fixed giving a SteeleTech suit to Ardia crashing.
  • Fixed a SubTuner crash.
  • Fixed an issue with ship turrets.
  • And yet more fixes…

As always, if you like the game and like what we’re doing, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! And if not, well, the free builds will still be here!

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