Sorry the patch is a little late. Been busy beavers behind the scenes, though! I’ve been working on a fairly extensive batch of tweaks and revisions to the early game that should be hitting soon, aimed at improving the narrative pacing and coherency, especially if you’re doing a low% of content: new and revised talks with Garth, Etheryn, and Cait, and pushing Dog Days up to a Main Story Quest that gates the Alraune’s garden.

Also been hard at work on Ryn’s next companion quest, which has shaped up to be a pretty stout dungeon. Was something like 50 pages of content before even getting to the dungeon, whoops.

For now though, a new enemy mob and some added cuteness for the wayfort.

0.4.41 Patch Notes:

  • You can now hire maids to work at the wayfort through a small quest. Putting a bunch of oversexed monstergirls in cute maid outfits will probably lewd the place up a little~ (By Skow)
  • New enemy encounter: corrupted lupines! Found in the Old Forest after having reached the Frostwood. (By Jstar) (Coded by Squishy)
  • New Item: Lingering Embers. Bought from Leorah and acquired from a few humanoid enemies as loot. Acts as a quick return to your last waystone (or the Frost Hound, in the early game). Not usable in dungeons.
  • New Busts: Gnoll Princess, Incubus Blackguard, Talsenne

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • New Quest: The Ring of Fate, gained from Calise after completing her previous quest.
  • New Quest: The High Ground, gained from Brother Sanders after finishing Gweyr’s quest line. Has substantial variations for Liaden being in town, and for Dark Knight PCs.
  • New NPC: Kaina, in the Glacial Rift.
  • New Scenes: Kas Suck & Fuck, Brint Kneeling Doggy, Livrea Pussy 69
  • There is a new option for sending error reports. It is OFF by default. There is an AUTO setting that will automatically send error reports when errors happen, or a PROMPT mode which requires you to hit a Report button from the crash screen.

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