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[Public | CoC2] Camping!

Fen’s out of the office, which means… nothing, really, I’m just gonna get to leave a CoC2 blog post up on top for a couple of days.

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0.0.14 Patch Notes:

  • New Cait busts, courtesy of DCL
  • Camping! You can buy camping supplies from Leorah in Hawkethorne and set up camps in any wilderness space. Camps remain for a length of time based on the “threat level” of the region — for the foothills, they’re generally permanent. Camps create mini-locations you can enter to sleep and fuck companions. Eventually, you’ll be able to set up your alchemy kit and do other fun things in camp.

Next up, Drake and DCL are working on the inventory and character sheet UI stuff. There’s also a wizardy dogboy as our next piece of sexy content.

[Backers] Gotta Jump!

0.7.184 Changelog:

  • The Jumper’s first bust variant has the clothed version done and has been placeholdered in. Enjoy the bun!
  • A new contributor, William handed me 30 pages of new scenes for the Jumper, which I’ve gone ahead and rolled into the game. Enjoy the new goodies! Three one win options, one with two forks!
  • Some fixes and tweaks

That’s it for me for the week. I’m going to leave you guys in Savin’s capable hands! As mentioned, the Jumper pictured at right was done by our talented Adjatha.

[Backers] Pretty Bee, More Fun With Urbolg and Jumpers

0.7.182 Changelog:

  • Tivf now has a bust (by Adjatha)!
  • Urbolg now has a sex scene for centaurs with feminine anatomy (By Wsan).
  • The player can now induce a bad-end using one of Urbolg’s collars intentionally (By Wsan). It’s a good one!
  • The Bored Jumper has a new victory scene for player characters with feminine anatomy (By Me, Fenoxo).
  • Having a negative evasion statistic now carries penalties. For every overall point of negative evasion, HP damage taken is increased by 3%.

[Public | CoC2] Cait Needs Some Lovin’

More kitty fuckin’ for the kitty gods!

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0.0.13 Patch Notes

  • Cait has a new sex scene, focused on her pussy! Compatible with all sexes. Cumming inside her will net you a new talk option as well.
  • Many, many bugfixes and misc. tweaks. Thanks for pointing ’em out, y’all!

Meanwhile, Drake and DCL are hard at work on the UI for the character sheet and inventory. A camping system is also in the works!

Art of the next enemy we’re adding, Berwyn the trappy dog-boy summoner! Written by HugsAlright, and art’d by DCL. He really needs a hug, if you ask me.

[Public] Fun With Urbolg, Raskboy Redux

Celise and the good captain putting on a camshow by Servik!

0.7.179 Changelog:

  • Two new scenes were added to Urbolg – an oral one and a peanut butter cookie focused bit of fun. The latter has a good bit of variance and a nice extra scene if the PC is also a korgonne. The former was penned by Wsan and the latter by B!
  • New bust: Raskvel Male Group. This replaces the old “cloned” bust completely due to some differences in how they have to be put into code.
  • New Item by Odaous: Thick&Shake. If you like big hips, then it may be the item for you.
  • Several NPC preferences were not being checked against for tease attacks. This has been corrected. Additionally, enemies can now have preferences about furries, scalies, bug-people, sweat, and being covered in other fluids.
  • Many fixes and tweaks, especially regarding the Frostwyrm. (Update: Apparently not enough. The content is unplayable for many. I’ll try and rush out another public patch tomorrow to address the worst of the bugs. Be sure and drop your own issues in the bug reports forum, with an attached save file and steps to reproduce if possible!)
  • [Hotfix] We’ve got a hotfix to fix some repeating text in Urbolg and a Frostwyrm related crash for backers who interacted with her. Give it a bit to compile and get out to the server! (Posted at 7:24 pm Fentral time)
  • [Hotfix] Many of the worst bugs with the Frostwyrm have been addressed. Thank you for your patience!

Whew! Sorry I didn’t get this out sooner. I had to spend a few hours today helping a couple backers get their accounts to link with the blog, and it wound up eating up a fair chunk of my time. (But we did, reddit!) I must say, he new stuff for Urbolg is pretty great. Both Wsan and B did a fabulous job of helping me round out his palette of options.

Sadly, I didn’t have time to get my laquine foe for Zheng Shi into the game yet. She’ll be coming along in short order for backers, once I’m comfortable with the variety of scenes she has. One thing I want to get back to is making sure generic enemies have at least four unique loss scenes and four victory options to keep them interesting for the entire time they’re in rotation. Right now I have something like… two and a quarter loss options. I might be doing them first because they’re more fun.

Now onto the good stuff for the general public – What’s new since the last public patch?

[Public | CoC2] Wingleader and Levels

Hi folks! New CoC2 patch here, getting more of our critical systems (levels, night encounters, and pregnancy) implemented.

EDIT: A bugfix patch has been pushed out. Thanks to everyone reporting issues!

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0.0.12 Patch Notes:

  • It’s now possible to level up! The green Experience bar will flash when full; go sleep at the Frost Hound to level up. The UI for levelling is a placeholder, but mechanically everything’s set up. At level 2 you can select a new active ability, and at level 3 you gain a new class-based perk. Level 3 is the current cap.
  • There are three new recharge-based powers for each class, including some lust-based powers for Black Mages as Charmers. Thieves have a neat aggro-management set of powers; I’m a big fan of that mechanic. Caitriss also has her level-ups implemented, including a unique White Mage power Sun of Jassira that gives her a solid AoE debuff.
  • Combat status effect icons have been implemented, along with an alert on attacks that score a Critical Hit. The “threat gem” in the corner of each character’s card is also functional, growing more red the more likely that character is to be attacked. That should make what’s going on in combat a lot easier to parse!
  • The Harpy Wingleader can now be fought by higher-level players, as part of the normal Thief encounter. She has a powerful new Lust-over-Time ability!
  • After fucking the Wingleader, it’s possible for her to appear in the night for PCs with a cock of applicable size. As long as you don’t toss her out, she can become a recurring night encounter… and possibly fulfill her desires to be bred by the PC! (Yes, that means NPC pregnancy has been implemented as well!)

What’s next down the pipe? The camping system, which allows you to set up semi-permanent sleeping/fucking areas in the wilderness, as well as the character sheet/journal UI, are our next priorities. DCL is also doing up some art for the next enemy encounter: a dogboy summoner-type mage, written by HugsAlright. As for me, I’m finishing up a new set of scenes for Cait focused on her pussy.

This week’s art is a new Cait breast expansion sequence by DCL! Click the pic to watch 🙂
(And yes, this is planned optional content for her.)

[Backers] Dragons and… Honey?

Public patch to come later in the week. <3

0.7.178 Changelog:

  • Zil twins have been added to the game (by HugsAlright). You should be able to track them down hanging around Mhen’ga. Big thanks to Lighterfluid for tackling that one!
  • Uveto’s Frostwyrm has a major expansion with a pretty fucknormous amount of content. Big thanks to B for writing it, Quiet Coyote for coding most of it, and Jacques00 for doing some cleanup work on it.
  • A couple fixes and tweaks.
  • Fenoxo’s strength increased by 2%.

Art of the new Zil by FriendlyAlienFriend, courtesy of a commission by HugsAlright. Sadly, FAF hasn’t gotten back to me about my commission inquiries from last month, so not sure if we’ll be seeing much more TiTS art from that angle for a while.

[Backers] Makin’ Baseball Teams

0.7.176 Changelog:

  • Stella has a small expansion pack written by our local Wsan. Most interesting: a new “Breed” scene where you can (potentially) knock her up!
  • Stella also has a new pregnant sex scene for once she starts showing.
  • Stella also has a new petplay scene that comes with the ability to buy her a collar. Last I saw, Adjatha was whipping up some quick collar modifications, and I’ve logged a requests for a pregnant version of Stella’s busts as well.
  • Fixed a crash when losing to the mining robots on Zheng Shi Station.
  • Urbolg got a spicy new scene!

Art is actually a piece TigerBlack (Stella’s original owner) commissioned from Joelasko.

[Backers] Mining Misadventures with Tivf!

0.7.175 Changelog:

  • New rooms on Zheng Shi: Overseer Maike’s Office, Slave Pens, and a placeholder room that will be the entrance to the mines eventually.
  • New enemy, currently encounterable in the placeholder room: Mining Robot! It always drops at least one gem, but it can drop multiples.
  • New NPC: Tivf, the zil slave. He currently resides in Overseer Maike’s office.
  • New hacking puzzle: Getting in to Overseer Maike’s office takes a bit of work.
  • Two new Kally scenes by QuestyRobo. One is rather easy to find, but the other to have viewed the kui-tan codex entry and get pretty smashed. Oh, and you have to know about her secret ingredient as well. Enjoy!

Fenoxo-taur coding away by MrPink.

[Backers] Urbolg’s Shield & Akane

0.7.173 Changelog:

  • Urbolg now has a few items he sells, a new talk topic, and a rare-rarity shield that can be retrieved from his office after completing the appropriate talk discussion.
  • Akane, by SoAndSo, has been coded in by Lighterfluid. She’s got a pretty long chain of events that lead up to meeting her, starting in Tavros with a stop in Uveto, but if you really like bondagey pain stuff, she’s right up your alley.
  • Shekka can now try the mindwash visor, courtesy of B!


  • I updated the check for the coordinates to Zheng Shi so that more people should be able to get there. Sorry about that!

That’s it for now! Will update this post with some lovely art in a few hours. Art at right is a lovely bunch of sketches of Brandy the mute(ish) cow-girl, who just got an expansion a patch or two back. Much to my shame, I didn’t include this lovely piece with it. FriendlyAlienFriend drew it!

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