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[Backers] A Very Verusha Visit

Verusha the Hyena is a domineering, hermaphroditic hyena mercenary that hangs out in the Mess’s bar when she’s not busy on a mission. She has a good variety of scenes but, including special ones for PCs in rut, heat, or with smaller endowments. Just don’t be too tall when you go to visit her, or expect to have much control over how things go!

I jumped on coding this back-logged character because I’m burning out hard on reviewing submissions. Editing that 150 page waifu is killing me, and I did not get enough sleep to be a good editor today!

0.7.139 Changelog:

  • Doots’s Verusha the hyena mercenary is now available in the bar on Tarkus. She’ll show up in the slot for roaming bar NPCs more than any others.
  • The roaming bar NPC system has been updated so that an NPC will stay in place for 90m to 150m. Note that this is not maintained through save/load cycles.
  • New Item: Hornucopia, written by Gothpastel. Sold by Ceria (unlocked alongside Hornitol), Nevrie, and Dr. Lesssu. It changes the color of horns (mainly mentioned in the appearance screen).
  • A few treatment effects for standard bimbo cows have been added thanks to AHornyPanda.
  • The “Potent” starter perk now causes certain volume-boosting items and effects to work twice as quickly.
  • Made a few tweaks and fixes as a result of playing the game a bunch.
  • A LOT of bug fixes and tweaks, courtesy of Jacques00.

Art is Verusha going to town on what I can only assume is a fluffy purple Steele an OC by the name of Max, by DCLZexon.

[Backers] Down With The Thiccness

That’s going to be it for this weekend! I look forward to to fully polishing off my contributions & plans for Uveto so that I can go to work on the next plot mission or Azra’s next expedition. Or coding some backlogged stuff, I guess as well! <3

0.7.138 Changelog:

  • Anno can now be slipped a pile (10) Huskar Treats in order to get THICC, courtesy of Savin. Most of her sex scenes have been subtly or not-so-subtly tweaked to account for her new figure.
  • A new Adjatha bust for THICC Anno has been added.
  • One of Tuuva’s talk scenes has been adjusted to account for the PC helping her out with her size problem.
  • The timer for getting locked out of Ula has been temporarily removed. In a month or so I’ll be bringing it back (gotta let the next public patch give folks a chance to save her).
  • Somehow bringing your maximum HP into the negatives should now result in a bad end.
  • New item from Maja in silly mode: Miniature Giant Baby Kor’diiak. It serves no purpose.
  • [EDIT/UPDATE]: Jacques00 also coded SoAndSo’s space moth and goat transformation items. The Seer in Gildenmere sells them.
  • Assorted other fixes and tweaks.

THICC Anno bust is by Adjatha.

[Backers] Maja the Animal Tamer

The first part of Gardeford’s Maja character is now in game, though without all the LOODs you guys probably demand. You’ll just have to be patient till he can finish writing them. Also, it occurs to me that I have once more forgotten to put in author credit for this NPC. Sorry Garde, I’ll have it on next patch.

It also looks like someone made a subreddit for my stuff! I’m not involved in any official capacity, but if that’s your jam, give it a subscribe.

0.7.137 Changelog:

  • Korg’ii Hold’s first sub-level now has the map fully out.
  • Korg’ii Hold’s second sub-level has been partly mapped out, including Maja’s stables. Currently only accessible through the southwest stairwell.
  • The PC can rent one animal from Maja’s stables at a time and must return the rented animal before another can be taken. Some make movement take less time, help in combat, or both. Sadly, animals are less reliable than drones.
  • The inventory screen quickly displays your equipped items once more.
  • New bust, Heidrun – pictured at right.
  • Goo armor has some new flavor texts and should be harder to lose.
  • Yappi Strap prices have been adjusted.


PS: I forgot to do this, but I’m going to try and make Ula not disappear from her cave for those that missed her the first time around, and update the event to make it more clear that it is limited time and somewhat important before restoring the time sensitive bit.


[Story] Drunk on Minotaur

This one is a piece I did to go with a recent commission I got. Unfortunately, I totally forget the image had the squirrel-girl with a horse-cock… I might edit in a few paragraphs with that later. Feel free to slam any typos or grammatical issues in my face – I’m still working on editing this one up.

By: Fenoxo
Tags: TiTS, Blowjob, Transformation, Lactation, Mind Control, Futanari, M/F, Cock-Worship, Consent, Big ol’ Horsecock, Hard Fucking, Fen’s OC
V1.1: Gave it an edit pass to clear up some embarrassing typos and add the requisite amount of futa.

Lyko looked at her friends, out on the dance floor, and rolled her eyes, swivelling back to regard her drink – a non-alcoholic cherry bubbler – with a tiny frown. All her life, she had thought herself perfect: from her nicely symmetrical face to her silky-smooth skin to her body’s naturally high metabolism to her class-topping grades; everything added up to indicate that she was destined for greatness, or at the very least, success in her every endeavor. And for a while, that had been true – until her 21st birthday.

The pretty squirrel-girl found out the hard way that she had one long-hidden genetic flaw: an inability to properly process alcohol. A few sips gave her a headache. A glass would earn a splitting migraine. Indulging in a night of drunken merrymaking was impossible for Lyko. She couldn’t take the edge off with the legal intoxicant if she wanted to. There were other options of course: smoking phoscurelle, narcotic patches, or harder stuff, but they were addictive or known to carry certain… negative side effects.

Lyko snorted in disdain. She wasn’t rich enough to get a custom gene-mod, and her particular mutation was too uncommon for a major biotech corp like Xenogen to bother producing a consumer-grade product. She was stuck here, sitting on her bar-stool, sipping at a nothing-drink and watching her three best friends shaking their asses at some handsome-looking college boys on the dance floor: designated pilot for life.

“Hey, are you okay?” The voice was rich, deep, and most surprisingly, sober-sounding.

[PUBLIC RELEASE] Korg’ii Siege

It’s finally here! We’ve had a really productive month, but in addition to that, this patch alone is a pretty solid chunk of content thanks to some writing commissions to help me populate Korg’ii Hold pouring in.

0.7.136 Changelog:

  • Tuuva is completely coded! QuestyRobo’s fluffy little blacksmith is absolutely done, including a small miniquest, affection reward, and a date scene where you can take her to see the stars. Quite a cute little NPC, if I must say!
  • Tuuva can now be given Frostwyrm scales, and after one week will have some very powerful armors in stock for you as a result. Please note that B (Paige’s author), has a huge project that turns the Frostwyrm into a waifu in the backlog awaiting review, so killing her for her scales might be a bad idea if you gotta catch ’em all.
  • A small scene for sleeping in the Nyrean dungeon in the Queen’s Chamber by Stygs has been rolled into the game. Note: Nyrean Royals only!
  • A bust for Poe A, by Crossman, has been added to the game.
  • Night Trap’s “Sleep Fapnea” device has been coded by Jacques00 and should be available from the seer or Luca.
  • New Furry Loincloths should now occupy the correct spot. Note that they may stay bugged in old saves.
  • [Hotfix] Tuuva’s author credits should be correctly appearing.

Gianna buttjob by Waterproof Pidgeon! P.S. He’s gonna do a picture of Shade too. HYPE!

New This Public Patch: Below the Break!

[Backers] Tuuva: Part I

This patch is on the smaller side, focusing largely on QuestyRobo’s new korgonne shopkeeper, Tuuva. Sadly I was unable to get to her more intimate encounters, but the basic functionally for her shop and three weapons should be in. Please note that currently only the southwest stairwell provides access to the Korg’ii hold subfloor until I get a chance to fill in the rest of the rooms. On the upside, I’m getting close to having all the important parts of the map filled in!


0.7.135 Changelog

  • Korg’ii Hold’s lower level has been added (or part of it, anyway)!
  • Tuuva’s smithy, “Earthshapers,” has been added to the game with basic functionality. She has a solid chunk more content that needs to be done for her.
  • Added a new item flag: “Require’s High Physique.” Items with this flag require physique score to be at least 66% of maximum physique in order to use (or to be wearing power armor). Presently only exists on the korgonne greatbow that Tuuva sells.
  • The hostile korgonne NPCs now drop Korgonne Snacks.
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks.

I gotta say, I’m a sucker for Avalanto’s part-leithan Steele. The image links to the source Instagram!

[Backers] Nenne Sexytimes~

0.7.134 Changelog:

  • Nenne’s sex scenes have been added.
  • Nenne will now properly give the PC free items in exchange for lewd activities. Note that every freebie increases the amount of activity required for the next.
  • Some edits to the Bothrioc Diplomacy mission.
  • The number of children you have with Ula is now tracked.
  • Completing the optional “Hard” yoga with Paige now awards a temporary perk that gives a 20% bonus chance to escape grapples.
  • Fenoxo lost 5 lbs.

Art is a WIP of humanized Kiro fucking furry-ized Anno. Drawn by Shou! This was just a personal commission of mine, not indicative of any content coming into the game.

[Backers] Surprise Saturday!

Between Jacques00 and I, we’ve got a pretty solid chunk of content to drop here. Some of it’s relatively untested, so it’ll be up to you, my loyal backers, to tell me when shit lights on fire and explodes. Hopefully it won’t. But if it does, you know where to find me!

0.7.133 Changelog:

  • The Bothrioc Diplomacy mission by Nonesuch has been added to the game by Jacques00. I’m not quite sure how to start this one, so you’ll need to ask one of them!
  • Korgonne should now appear as a race if suitably transformed.
  • Korgonne tongue type has been added to the game.
  • Tongue descriptions have been tweaked. Adjectives have overall been reduced. A few new ones have been added and some unappealing ones removed. Let me know if anything awful jumps out at you!
  • Added some items to Lerris’s TamaniCorp shop on Tavros that can be used to keep orifices from losing their fluid contents. They appear at level 3 and up!
  • New Busts: Egg Trainer, Quaelle, Pregnant Ula, Charles, and the Doctor from character creation.

Quaelle bust by Adjatha. She’s quite lovely!

[Backers] Nenne-nenne-nenne-nenne

Next week I should have a healthy chunk of stuff for Nenne to drop into the game. I might get a small patch to tidy up Korgonne Snacks tomorrow, but if not, look forward to some stuff hitting next week!

0.7.132 Changelog:

  • Healing items have all been put on the same once-per-combat cooldown.
  • B’s Nenne has been partially added to the Korg’ii Hold. Her lewder interactions aren’t yet in place, but a limited selection of inventory has been added.
  • Nenne sells Aphro Daisies (consumable combat lust grenade), a healing poultice (H.P.), and an early version of Korgonne Snacks (Transformation Item).
  • Korgonne Snacks feature a combination of existing canine transformation effects and new, racially-specific bits to achieve the desired look. The following effects are known to be missing: blue tongue and korgonne race detection.
  • Fixed an issue with Ula’s first time meeting assuming the PC has no genitals if they have a blocked vagina… even while they have a penis.

Anno hugging it up by SheepPun!

[Backers] Pregnant Ula!

0.7.131 Changelog:

  • Ula can now be impregnated. UpcastDrake helped lay out the code foundation for me to fill in all the lovely stuff I wrote into, saving me a good bit of time. Thanks dude!
  • The Biothroc Quadomme has been added to Myrellion’s deep caves. Written by Nonesuch, coded by Jacques00.
  • Added a few missing rooms to Korg’ii Hold.
  • Added Shou’s Taivra bust and Adjatha’s Erika bust.

Ula getting bred by JamesAB.

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