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[Backers] Tainted Space 0.7.71 – A Side of Quest

0.7.72 Changelog:

  • Some bugfixes Jacques00 whipped up have been pushed out.

0.7.71 Changelog:

  • Two new busts were added, both for Savin’s latest quest.
  • Savin’s latest sidequest was added to the game. It’s a short and simple mission on Mhen’ga to retrieve the hard drive from a downed Satellite. Comes with one new combat encounter, one new weapon, and a new sex scene.

More work to come tomorrow! (Kaithrit business-guy by Adjatha)

[Backers] Internet? Fuggeddaboutit. RiyaQuest & Entite

Time to wipe the politicking off the front page with some lovely new content for you all.

0.7.70 Changelog:

  • A new shop has been added to the game, written by SoAndSo and coded by UpcastDrake. At present, it offers no new items but some… mind-bending content.
  • Riya has a small but brutally difficult quest available if you want to find out why the brass puts up with her racist shit. Written by Franks, of course.

That’s it from me for the weekend. I think I’m gonna step away from the smutcave till Monday, so don’t expect to hear much from me till then. Ciao!

At right: some lovely fanart by JayfireGrowlithe. Those rasks’ll getcha!

[Backers] Operation Plant Rescue!

0.7.68 Changelog:

  • Azra’s expedition on Mhen’ga is now live. It’s a small quest with two fights geared toward level 3 players.
  • Azra’s “Samples” menu has been added, though only after completing the Mhen’ga quest. It allows interactions with some rescued flowers – utilized reused texts from Holli’s early form in CoC.
  • New busts: Dane (by JayEcho), and Kaska (by Adjatha)
  • Many minor fixes and edits courtesy of Jacques00.

There’s likely plenty of fucky problems in this bunch of combat. It’s my first time coding multiple enemy fights myself (Gedan did all the others), and I can already think of a few edge cases for things I did not test.

(Art is Dane by JayEcho.)

Azra Expedition #1

I did a bunch of coding for Azra’s first expedition today – mostly setting up the Naleen Bros fight and all of Azra’s attacks. I really, really hate combat coding, but I think I have everything laid out properly at this point. It even compiled without error (after having 90+ errors)! Tomorrow (or late tonight) I’ll be trying to test it and make sure everything works well before jumping on the nine-tailed zil fight.

Why is he a nine-tailed zil? Because he has nine parasitic snakes attached to his butt.

Anyhow, that mess should go a little more smoothly. It’s just one enemy to program instead of an ally and two enemies. Have I ever told you guys about my immense distaste for group combats? Not a fan.

Art of Liamme by Chatai.

[Backers] 0.7.64

0.7.64 Changelog:

  • Added some Terensha/Reaha threesomes. Due to the way the introduction is presently written, it’s only there if Reaha hasn’t been freed yet. Accessible from Terensha’s menu.
  • New busts: Saec and Belle.

Probably going to be it from me today! D&D later on Savin’s channel. He’ll probably have a tweet about it show up in the sidebar.

[Backers] Gianna x Anno – 0.7.63

0.7.63 Changelog:

  • New story from HugsAlright: Stolen Goods (posted one post below & linked in the fiction section!) It can drop on Tarkus or Myrellion.
  • New story from QuestyRobo: Tentacle Trouble for Turned-on Tanukis. It can drop on Myrellion.
  • New threesome encounter with crew Anno & Gianna in the barn on New Texas. For male & hermaphrodite PCs. It was the lovely little confluence of being something I wanted to write and a belated birthday gift for Savin.
  • Some fixes for bimbo tech specialists not properly using the calculated “bimbo intelligence” on all skills.
  • Goo Armor exposure settings have been added.
  • Dumbfuck & Sneezing tits should now synergize.
  • Various other small tweaks and fixes.

Art of Gianna and Anno grabbed from one of BarretXIII‘s stream commissions last night. Such great timing!

[Backers] 0.7.62 – Azra Preview + Chrissy Busts

I wrote about 2,000 words of Azra stuff this morning for her first expedition and set up. It’s going to involve fighting a naleen pair in a group fight with her, then fighting a nine cunt-tailed zil while she harvests some flowers. I got about 1/2 of the combat texts for the naleen pair done. I also got some coding done on her, putting her and her talk scenes into the game.

0.7.62 Changelog:

  • A preview of Azra is in game. She’s very limited and only really good for talking at the moment. Let me know what you think about how I have her rigged up!
  • Chrissy has busts from Shou & Adjatha now! Perks of having a submitted character added to the game right around your birthday. Congrats, HugsAlright!

(Chrissy’s Shou bust pictured at right!)

[Public] Surprise, Level 9 Test!

Yeah so I kept poking at this stuff instead of doing other stuff I should do. It’s not 110% tested, so there’s a 20% chance your characters will light on fire and die. You’ve been waaaarrrrrned! (There will be another patch tomorrow to clean up bugs and MAYBE do level 10 if I feel particularly froggy.)

($10 Patreon backers can grab their artpacks now as well – they’re posted over on Patreon!)

0.7.58 Changelog:

  • Level 9 is now achievable!
  • Volley and Weapon Hack are gone, replaced by Charge Weapon (boosted melee damage) and Charge Shield (blind chance when damaged + damage to melee attackers).
  • Many Tech Specialist abilities have received slight tweaks and adjustments for bimbos with the “Fuck Sense” perk.
  • New Item: Frontrack Cream

New Since Last Public Release:

  • New NPCs: Mirrin, Chaurmine (each with quite a solid chunk of content)
  • New Items: Red Pandaneen, 5 new weapons
  • New masturbation options.
  • New dreams.
  • Adjustments and tweaks to Del’s move to Canadia Station. (Also Synthsheath stuff!)
  • Contagious diseases added! (Along with options to prevent/cure them.)
  • New busts: Attica, Teron, Bothrioc Pidemme, Uveto taxi guy (not yet implemented), Jerynn, Beer cowgirl, Whiskey cowgirl, the Bronco, Cythia, Riya, Mrs Reasner, and Walt.
  • Not a bad month, if I say so myself!

Pixel Sera by Crossman (lemme know if you want a link updated in there!)

[Story] Hunter’s Quarry

Savin here! Wrote this a few days ago on a whim, and ended up enjoying myself quite a bit. Hope you do too! Art is by the awesome Arbuz for my D&D game. Not quite the amazon featured here, but close enough.

Content Tags: Fantasy, M/F, Femdom, Amazon, Monsterboy (Catboy), Non-Consensual


The blow came out of nowhere, leaving Nevan reeling with the force of impact. He staggered back, foot catching on one of the arm-thick roots criss-crossing across the forest floor, and fell with a scream. Before he could hit the dirt, though, something yanked hard on the front of his hunting jacket, pulling him back from the brink.

The world reeled for a moment before he could catch his bearing, flailing his arms to the side and scrabbling his feet in the loamy soil.

“You scream like a whelp,” a rough woman’s voice laughed, making Nevan snap his head to the side to see first a hand firmly grasping his jacket, and trace it up to a sun-kissed arm rippling with toned muscle. The arm’s owner towered over him by more than two heads’ height, enough to position a pair of heavy breasts in front of his face, just barely contained by a wrap of leather and chain that seemed to strain with every one of the woman’s deep, even breaths. Her face was half-hidden from view by the shadows of the woods and the mane of flame-red hair that fell down around her shoulders in wild, untamed curls; but he could see her smiling, a smug grin that brought images of feral wolves to his mind, closing in on their prey.

“Best be careful, kitten,” she said, voice low like a growl. “Watch your step in these woods.”

[Backers] Just ‘Mirrin, Bro!

0.7.56 Changelog:

  • New NPC added to the New Texas Gym: Mirrin! She’s packed full of content, so be sure to give her a whirl, especially if you’re a fan of amazons! (Enjoy her training stat boosts while they last. I’m going to come in with a nerf bat later, I think).
  • New Item: Red Pandaneen
  • Apparently Jacques00 coded in a submitted upbringing choice – Slutty. Don’t expect this one to hang around long. It slipped in without proper review.
  • We went ahead and pushed in Pippa’s expansion, but I have not had time to properly review it quite yet, so there’s a possibility that it may be changed, tweaked, or cut if it does not pass muster. TIme has not been cooperative.
  • Various fixes and tweaks.

I’m going to be out of the office for most of the next week, so don’t expect to see much of me till next weekend-ish. I’m sorry I didn’t get all the stuff I wanted in for this patch – there was a whole scene I wrote and some new busts I wanted in, but time did not cooperate.

0.7.57 Changelog:

  • Slutty upbringing is gone. Never should’ve been pushed out. Sorry about that, folks.

At left: Erra, as drawn by VenusFlowerArt!

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