Chat Rules

Public Fenchat Rules, Regulations, and Acceptable Behavior

Version 1.06 (now with porn rules!) . Last edit by Fenoxo, 09/14/2021.

General Rules:

  • If you are not 18+, we cannot welcome you here. This server is home to the fan community for adult-oriented games with extremely mature themes. While we may have channels that are not pornographic nature, for the health and safety of everyone involved (especially the team and continued existence of the server), we must kindly request that minors do not come here – and if we determine someone to be a minor, they will be banned immediately with no recourse.
    • If your behavior calls your age into question, you may be requested to furnish proof of age by the moderation team. This means you may be asked to provide a driver’s license (or similar document – birth certificate, passport, etc – if you do not have one).
    • This information should be immediately discarded & deleted after verification to protect user data. Any mod found in violation of this will face the full fury of Fenoxo and any legal mechanisms that can be brought to bear.
  • Racial slurs and racially charged content are not welcome. This even applies if you are the race in question. This is the internet, where anyone can pretend to be anything in order to spout filth and misinformation, and it’s easier for all involved we keep things civil and relatively polite.
    • The lone exception to this rule is fantasy/scifi races. Talk about stumpy dwarves and violent Klingons all you like.
  • Transphobia, homophobia, and their ilk have no place in a game community where gender and sex can flip-flop with a single quaff of a potion. Intentionally misgendering someone or trolling them with offensive terminology will result in immediate disciplinary action. We don’t take kindly to transphobes ’round these parts!
  • No loli or shota content. No sexually charged content related to, depicting, or adjacent to minors (or 1,000 year old beings who look (and/or act) like minors in any fashion). Even disregarding the questionable legalities of loli/shota, it is not the kind of content our devs & mods want to see when interacting with the community, ergo, it will not be tolerated here.
  • No “gore” content. While videogames often rely on violence as an integral gameplay mechanic for plot progression and conflict resolution, we do not wish to glorify sexual violence. As such, sexually-charged content focused on blood, bleeding, bruising, dismemberment, disembowelment, and similar themes is explicitly prohibited. Don’t do it. We don’t like it.
  • No bestiality. This includes “feral” form characters (IE: sapient, speaking dogs). Dragons, as a four legged but mythical (and well-established intelligent beings), are the exception. However, if your dragon looks more like a real life lizard than a fantastical being, you will likely be on the receiving end of disciplinary action from a moderator or developer.
    • Explicit content featuring robots designed to look and act like actual animals “ferals” are also not permitted to be posted.
  • No watersports or scat content. We think it’s icky, personally, and there are other places on the internet for that sort of thing. Please don’t bring it here.
  • No vore. Consuming other people and/or digesting them is completely unwelcome. In general, being surrounded by gooey creatures in non-perilous fashion is, however, acceptable. In cases that may be borderline, respect moderator rulings even if you disagree. One post isn’t worth stirring up a drama shit-nado over.
  • No incest. While I don’t have a problem with some variations of it, it’s a thorny issue with a lot of troublesome wrinkles and I’d rather not get de-listed from Patreon because somebody flooded the discord with a bunch of it.
  • No real life religious debate. While it is impossible to avoid all talk of religion in games with visible gods or eldritch space monstrosities, the moment conversation turns to a debate of real religious convictions, it needs to stop. It does not matter who started it. Engaging in such a debate is unwise and likely to result in disciplinary action.
  • No real life political debate. Again, games like Trials in Tainted Space may have distinct political elements that draw inspiration from real life political movements and schools of thought, but this is not the place for in-depth discussions of the merits of IRL presidents, political parties, conservatism, liberalism, communism, anarchism, or most kinds of “isms.” Political debate will be treated like religious ones. See the rule above for specifics.
  • Do not post NSFW content in non-NSFW channels.
  • If you are unsure about whether you can post something – come back here and re-read the rules! If you still aren’t sure, feel free to ask one of the local moderators for an opinion before posting. Nobody is going to ban you for asking if a certain topic or meme is okay.
  • Speaking of memes: don’t flood with memes. Our server is fairly busy, and walls of animated gifs can be quite disruptive to good community engagement. Do not make more than four image posts per hour. Trials in Tainted Space and Corruption of Champions (I or II) fanart, memes, and in-game assets may be posted up to 7 times in an hour. These two limits are not additive. If you post four random memes, you can get away with posting three more memes specific for our games, no more. This count is done across channels, not on a per-channel basis.
  • Do not intentionally make inflammatory posts or memes.
  • Do not clutter channels with roleplay. If you’d like to roleplay with someone, I recommend using discord’s DM or group chat features.
  • This is a server for English language games and discussion should be kept to English language when possible.
  • Ignorance of the rules does not allow you to break them without consequence. While we may be tolerant of accidental edge cases, blasting out offensive content when you arrive is a good way to score a permanent ban.
  • Your presence here is a privilege, not a right. Discovering a new kind of offense not yet enumerated in these rules does not mean you are free from consequence for abusing it. Your conduct will be dealt with by a staff member, and will likely face significant consequences as a result. Similarly, if you make your quest to be as toxic to the community as possible while staying within the letter of the rules, you may still find yourself removed without appeal.

Voice Chat Rules:

  • No voice spam. This means no blasting constant streams of music or vitriol.
  • If your microphone/system produces significant background noise, you may be asked to utilize push to talk as a measure of courtesy for other users. Refusal (or flagrant failure to comply with this request in the future) is grounds for permanent removal from voice chat functions.
  • Using voice modulation apps to pitch your voice to painfully shrill or incomprehensible rumbles is grounds for removal from voice chat functions.
  • This is a fan community for an English-only game. As such, English is the official language of all voice chats. Using other languages in the presence of non-speakers will result in removal from voice chat.
  • Recording voice chat or streaming it to outside services is against the rules.
    • Note: streaming your screen to the other members of the call within discord itself (using Discord’s screen sharing feature) is totally fine.
    • Violating this rule carries a minimum penalty of a 30 day ban.

Channel Specific Rules:

Exhibition Channels:

  • 18+ like the rest of the server. Do not fuck around with us on this.
  • There are no limits on the quantity of image/video posting in these channels (within reason). Exercise discretion and consider making an album to link in the event you have a very high volume of pictures. Failure to do so may prompt disciplinary action.
  • All image/video posts must be of yourself. Sharing pictures of others, even with permission, is forbidden. Violating this will result in a permanent ban from the exhibitionism channels in addition to any other punitive measures. (Mods: be on the lookout for a “no-exhib” role to assign in the future.
  • Body shaming is forbidden. “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all,” is the rule.
  • Other malicious behavior will not be tolerated, including attempts to emotionally manipulate participants.
  • Keep chatter light and fun. These channels are not for in-depth conversations or lengthy cybersex, though allowances may be made if two posters’ high-intensity flirting comes with exhibitionism material of sufficient quantity. However, should a mod request take it to PMs, do so.
  • Exhibitionism4Fems is a channel for posting by users with feminine attributes – that primarily means CIS-women, trans-women, and feminine-leaning non-binary folks. We are NOT going to get on anyone’s back for not ‘passing’, but if you’re broadly male-presenting (ex: massive beard), you may be asked to move your posts to another channel. Refusal may prompt disciplinary action.
  • Exhibitionism4Masc is the other side of the coin. This is the place for showing off your masculine attributes in style. Transmen and masculine-leaning nonbinary folks are welcome to post here as well.
  • Exhibitionism4All is sort of the wild west of the exhibitionism channels – but only in the sense that anyone of any gender, sex, etc can post pictures of themselves for the internet praise of strangers. Complaints about the current ratio of displayed genders are not welcome here – head to the more specific channels if you cannot handle certain body configurations.
  • Verification: Posters who have shared media of themselves in the exhibitionism chats may request moderation verification. The verification process will involve providing a picture of yourself with details of your discord name present in a way specified by the mods. To avoid photoshops and spoofing, we will employ varying criteria on how the discord information must be included.
  • Verified users may choose to have a “discrete” verified role that does not change their name color or a blatant, pink name with their verified status.
  • Verified users may request a mod remove their verified status. After this, verified status will never be reinstated. The mods do not need to be spending their time constantly adding and removing tags from flighty people. (Sorry!)
  • This information should be immediately discarded & deleted after verification to protect user data. Any mod found in violation of this will face the full fury of Fenoxo and any legal mechanisms that can be brought to bear.

Porn Channels:

  • 18+ like the rest of the server. Do not fuck around with us on this.
  • There are no limits on the quantity of image/video posting in these channels (within reason). Exercise discretion and consider making an album to link in the event you have a very high volume of pictures. Failure to do so may prompt disciplinary action.
  • Do not post banned content. See General Rules for more specifics.
  • The porn channel is for and only for sharing erotica. No other type of image or video may be posted. This includes not sharing; Reaction images, gifs or links to non-erotic content.
  • Discussions may happen in text about posted content, but keep them brief and on the topic of erotica.
  • Do not post yourself here. The exhibitionism channels exist for that purpose.


  • This channel is only for use by those in a voice chat conversation to enhance their discussion with additional links, images, and text. Posts by users outside of the voice call will warrant disciplinary action.
  • Exceptions may be made in situations where a user has to leave voice chat immediately and needs to finish communicating something, or say goodbye. This is entirely up to mod discretion. Do not abuse our goodwill.

More Channels TBD.

Disciplinary Action Guide

For knowing how badly you fucked up – or knowing just how hard to go when you’re a mod.

  • In general, infractions should result in the following escalating flow of action:
    • Warning with potential deletion of offending posts.
    • A kick, which removes you from the server. You can rejoin, but you will be stuck waiting for 10 minutes or so until you can post again.
    • One month ban.
    • Permanent ban.
  • Context matters. Significant time passage between lower grade or “edge case” offenses could result in repeated warns, kicks, or 1 month bans.
  • Clear cut, unrepentant misbehavior warrants jumping up an extra step for the infraction, and in extreme cases, a direct path to a permanent ban.
  • If you feel a decision was made in error, either due to miscommunication or in a heated moment, you may apply your punishment via this form. Private messages to staff and devs will result in being directed to this form.

Moderator Guidelines

  • Moderating… is not fun. It is not glorious. It’s a dirty, awful job that one should only undertake because of a true desire to maintain and uplift the atmosphere of the server as a whole.
  • In judgement-based cases and “edge-cases” where a user is right on the edge of breaking a rule, mods are encouraged to consult the rest of the mod team (and potentially staff depending on the seriousness of the matter) to come to a consensus on how to address this problem. This is also true of the rule on “rule-following-but-toxic-behavior” (see the bottommost general rule for details). Any action in such cases should be clearly justified via posts in modchat or the reason field in bot-based kicks/bans. (For help with the bot, use mod chat.)
  • Being a moderator does not make one a medieval duke or count with a channel as his/her petty fiefdom to lord over in golden-named grandeur. It does not make anyone inherently a better person than anyone else or provide an excuse to parade about things like a “ban count” or “kick count”. Doing so is the antithesis of what a good mod should be.
  • As the public facing authority figures of the server, mods should remember that their behavior is going to be considered synonymous with the server as a whole, almost as much as my (Fenoxo) own. As such, we should endeavor to present the server in a positive, uplifting, and welcoming light. While this server does have some sexual and related crassness, the goal is to make this place as nice of a locale to engage in as possible:
    • Newbies asking common questions shouldn’t be kicked, penalized, or shamed for not knowing where the wiki is, how to start a .swf, or other common questions. Older users engaging in such shaming should be censured for it. Repeat problem-causing users may be disciplined for this toxic behavior.
      • These people are the future of the community and should be welcomed with open arms. Everyone starts somewhere.
    • Blatant favoritism is not okay.
    • Avoid talking down to the server as a whole. I (Fenoxo) have been guilty of this in moments of frustration as well, but it’s something I’ve been endeavoring to get better at for most of my life with actual success. 20 year old Fen was just… awful. Our server members should never be globally denigrated as idiots – or any other similarly hostile term.
  • Moderators may find these golden cuffs quite chafing. They are welcome to log in with an alternate account for more unrestrained posting, but if that account is ever directly tied to your mod account in the public eye, we will either need to ban that account or ask you to step down as a mod (unless of course, that account’s post history is in keeping with the sort of behavior we expect from mods).
  • Any information or material obtained in the process of verifying a user’s age or exhibitionism status should be discarded immediately after verification to minimize risks to users and staff.

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