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Reminder that pubby build is due around October 6th.

0.6.84 Changelog:

  • Siegwulfe should no longer blow up your save file when you try to load.
  • Some of the initial child data tracking for the nursery should also no longer blow up your save file when you try to load.
  • Various fixes and extensions by Jacques.

– Your friendly neighbourhood spess pirate, care of JayEcho.

Save/Load Bugs

Hey all, I know I’m usually AWOL Friday through Sunday, but I wanted to pass on that there’s some save/load bugs, one with Siegewulf and another possible one that Geddy is tracking down.

Word from the dragon is that we can get a bugpatch release, maybe tonight.

Thanks for the patience, bras!

[Backers] Tainted Space 0.6.83 – Betcha Thought Last Patch Was It?

siegwulfe_bimboPublic build will come out on October 6th. If you can’t wait, being a backer is only $5/month!

0.6.83 Changelog:

  • New items merged in from a pull request: Circumscriber and Turtleneck. Gene should sell them.
  • Secret Reaha bust added that only appears in one of the new scenes.
  • New NPC & Shop on New Texas: Busky runs it!
  • Hid a Frost Wyrm on Uveto.
  • New items for the new shop!
  • Reaha got some adjustments so that when she’s whoring, her working texts will reflect that.
  • Various fixes from Jacques.

Siegewulf, enhanced edition again by Jacques00 :3

[BACKERS] Tainted Space 0.6.82

siegwulfeWoohoo! Some new content I bet you guys have been waiting for. Check out the new hotness!

0.6.82 Changelog:

  • Reaha can now be cured of her addiction! There’s still some adjustments and tweaks to be made, and probably tons of bugs, but it should have some lovely new content for the Reaha-lovers out there.
  • Cured Reaha has all sorts of new features, like the ability to give clothes up or give small amounts of transformatives!
  • Some new combat drones can be purchased! Siegewulf, the ultimate in personal defense. These are likely going to receive some massive tuning in the future, so enjoy them before I dig into messing with them. (Dr. Badger has a bimbo version! Level 6+ required!)
  • New busts: Your dad’s lawyer, Xotchi, Siegewulfs, Fenris Drones, Natalie, Tamwolf
  • The back-end for the pregnancy system upgrades for the nursery are in, which may lead to some new bugginess.
  • Probably some bug fixes and more!

Things to expect in the future: some tuning on lust damage I’ve put off for ages, more writing for Kiro’s sister’s bar (I might slot in the rooms sooner rather than later), and reviewing some pull requests with new items!

(Delightful taur-bot by Jacques00!)

Backer Build: TONIGHT

This post will dissolve around the time that it comes out, so don’t leave any comments you want preserved!

I just got the stuff rigged up for giving Reaha outfits to dress up in. She also has three new sex scenes, two of which have options that fork, basically making like… five or something. I have to do some stuff for manually dressing her out of her collection of outfits, then stuff for giving her some transformatives. I can’t promise I’ll get all that other stuff polished up in time, but the talking, sex, and whatnot is mostly done.

Anyway, I need to go get buff. TO ZE GYM.

Reaha Update

I got her introduction stuff all wired up and tested this afternoon, and I’m getting her talk menu properly wired up now. Sex scenes tomorrow, hopefully.

Keepin’ it brief ’cause I need to sleep soon.

Update: (Bedtime nau. And goddamnit quit making me sad, Savin.)reahatalk

Reaha’s Mine Now.

I’ve taken the cow. You won’t be getting her back until I finish Savin’s cured expansion.


That is all.

Over and Done With

ilaria-clothed-and-preggers-adjathaSup, bras, Savin here.

First, a TiTSwerk update: I finished Reaha’s newest expansion this week. It’s available for reading in my tip-jar patreon if you want. Otherwise, it’ll get coded in when it gets coded — I think Ged-chan’s gonna be busy with the nursery and flooding the game with backed-up pregnancy content before touching the cow, and I’m guessing Fen’s gonna be busy with Vesperia/New Canada/Tanuki Balljob Planet.

Next major project’s going to be a Red Myr-centric quest for Myrellion, which should be a fun combat challenge. Other than that, got a couple of threesomes in the works (including a Reaha/Terensha whorish double-team) in the pipe. Fun times all around.

Second, a personal update: So this Thursday was the last session of my I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Chemo treatment. Talk about draining. But, I feel better now than I have since this anemia shit started, so I guess there’s that. I’m still kind of perpetually exhausted, but now that I’m (almost) off all these awful meds, hopefully I’ll be able to get my sleep schedule back on track and start actually recovering. I don’t even have to go back to the doctor’s for a whole month: that’ll make next week the first since May that I haven’t had needles in me. RIP veins.

Thoroughly-bred bunny baker by Adjatha. Check out Shou’s YCH auction in the post below this one! Till next time! ;3

Tuesday Bloops

Progress report!

  • Shou drew some drones. One of them is hilarious. It looks like a tennis ball with a camera and fireworks taped to it.
  • Adjatha was apparently writing. I didn’t pry for more information on it.
  • Pretty sure Gedan was investigating the issues with the forums some folks had.
  • No idea with Savin. That guy never tells me anything. Then one day I just discover there’s a futa baker sitting in the Trello.
  • I just finished jotting out 1300 words of the Kiro’s sister introduction. I’ve got to do a few short dialogue choices to finish up the initial intro, then I can start chewing into the real meat of the Kira encounter.
  • World of Warcraft hates me.

I’m gonna go chew through editing the VN script some more, then maybe play videogames, surprising literally no one ever.

Monday Report

adjatha_the_uncorkable_object_vs-_the_unquenchable_force_kiro_scyllaHey guys, hope you all had a great weekend. I got some playtime in with a game I’ve heard lots of raving about – yet never given a fair shot: Free Cities. It’s a pretty cool game about running an arcology with legal slavery and managing your stable of harem slaves. For anyone that likes fiddling with dozens of systems and seeing how they all slot together, it’s a fun little romp where you can make a dairy full of hormone-treated cow-girls with milk-production implants that all absolutely adore you.  Or you could be terrible and just break people, but ol’ Fenny doesn’t play that way.

In TiTS-news, Jacques00 coded in a new type of drone that should be pretty fucking amazing. I’m going to have to give it a whirl once the pull request gets merged into the central code repository. Some adjustments for the Inessa expansion were slapped in as well, mostly to make it read a little better – just small stuff, really.

We also had a meeting to discuss the coming visual novel. Jacques00 is going to start doing draft art of the characters while I finish off an editing pass on the script. SomeKindofWizard is working on doing up the sexy stuff for the NSFW version now, I think. Once Jacques00 has the designs roughed out, we’ll start reviewing our options for BG/CG artists so that we can get that ball rolling. While the script has a fair amount of comma splices that I’ve been cleaning out, what I’ve read so far is really good and actually made me laugh out loud while reading over a bit on Tarkus this afternoon.

Have a good evening, bras!

(Scylla + Kiro is some lovely Adjatha art. It’s an older piece, but it checks out.)

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