Progress report!

  • Shou drew some drones. One of them is hilarious. It looks like a tennis ball with a camera and fireworks taped to it.
  • Adjatha was apparently writing. I didn’t pry for more information on it.
  • Pretty sure Gedan was investigating the issues with the forums some folks had.
  • No idea with Savin. That guy never tells me anything. Then one day I just discover there’s a futa baker sitting in the Trello.
  • I just finished jotting out 1300 words of the Kiro’s sister introduction. I’ve got to do a few short dialogue choices to finish up the initial intro, then I can start chewing into the real meat of the Kira encounter.
  • World of Warcraft hates me.

I’m gonna go chew through editing the VN script some more, then maybe play videogames, surprising literally no one ever.