adjatha_the_uncorkable_object_vs-_the_unquenchable_force_kiro_scyllaHey guys, hope you all had a great weekend. I got some playtime in with a game I’ve heard lots of raving about – yet never given a fair shot: Free Cities. It’s a pretty cool game about running an arcology with legal slavery and managing your stable of harem slaves. For anyone that likes fiddling with dozens of systems and seeing how they all slot together, it’s a fun little romp where you can make a dairy full of hormone-treated cow-girls with milk-production implants that all absolutely adore you.  Or you could be terrible and just break people, but ol’ Fenny doesn’t play that way.

In TiTS-news, Jacques00 coded in a new type of drone that should be pretty fucking amazing. I’m going to have to give it a whirl once the pull request gets merged into the central code repository. Some adjustments for the Inessa expansion were slapped in as well, mostly to make it read a little better – just small stuff, really.

We also had a meeting to discuss the coming visual novel. Jacques00 is going to start doing draft art of the characters while I finish off an editing pass on the script. SomeKindofWizard is working on doing up the sexy stuff for the NSFW version now, I think. Once Jacques00 has the designs roughed out, we’ll start reviewing our options for BG/CG artists so that we can get that ball rolling. While the script has a fair amount of comma splices that I’ve been cleaning out, what I’ve read so far is really good and actually made me laugh out loud while reading over a bit on Tarkus this afternoon.

Have a good evening, bras!

(Scylla + Kiro is some lovely Adjatha art. It’s an older piece, but it checks out.)