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[Backers] Tainted Space 0.6.74

gats_korgonne_titfuckI still have to write a bunch of autofellatio and stuff for the new Treatment version, so this one is just going to have to be bugfixes. Next patch tomorrow, mayhaps (hopefully with content)!

0.6.74 Changelog:

  • Fixed a glitch where synthsheath Penny would not sell Throbb.
  • (Hopefully) Fixed multiple simultaneous sydian births so that they should no longer glitch out (Crossing my fingers on this one). If it works, it should delay the followup births a day.
  • Fixed an issue with c-snakes attacking twice in one turn and mangling their own formatting.
  • Fixed an issue with the Dryad anal scene being stuck grayed out for some characters.
  • Many typo fixes and other corrections.
  • Probably some new bugs we introduced.
  • Fenoxo’s love increased by 50%.

Korgonne titfuck came from pledging to Gats’ Patreon – one of the best investments I’ve made ūüėÄ


I just wrote 4,000 words for the first time in forever. Hermy Treatment options rejoice! (Still more to do. Why didn’t anyone tell me there was no autofellatio fap scene?)

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…sounds like a nickname for a professional “just the tip” player.

In other news, I put some time into the herm-cow Treatment stuff I wanted to do, accidentally bloated the scope, and wrote the bit for growing a penis. Somehow it wound up being like a page long. The plan as it stands now is to have a small selection of positive and negative transformations and perks, like having milk for cum, getting energy from autofellating, randomly autofellating yourself, or having stat penalties if you go without cum for a day or two.

I’m hoping to have that wrapped up in a patch tomorrow for you guys along with some bug fixes and maybe something else.

Oh, and I got most of the SFW version of the VN script turned into me last night. I look forward to reading over it before bed tonight. Oh, and I reviewed some of a quest Nonesuch has planned and left him notes.

FENFEN, AWAYYY (And, I put together another small flash of one of Snao’s transformation sequences¬†while I was waiting on breakfast to finish cooking, if anyone likes enormous herms.)

[Backers] Tainted Space 0.6.73

hana0.6.73 Changelog:

  • The Treatment can now create “Amazons”. Note that odds are best if your character already has high tone or lower femininity.
    • Amazon’s are only “Milky” 50% of the time.
    • Amazons have a 1/3 chance of growing a penis.
    • Amazons grow horns as large as males.
    • Amazon breast growth has a lower cap than basic cow-girls but a much higher minimum.
    • Amazons with a phallus get an extra perk related to it.
  • An experimental time-stamp function has been added to “over time” messages in the log to allow the user to see when certain events occurred (currently only on Treatment messages).
  • A new scene for the Dryad on Mhen’ga has been added.
  • Haley x Ellie voyeurism has been added.
  • A new NPC, Ramis, has been added to the game, I believe in Anon’s Bar. I mistakenly assumed the character was male based on the name in a previous blog post. My apologies. Sadly I still haven’t gotten to give her a spin personally.
  • Some slight reformatting of group combat.
  • Varmint taming for non-bimbos has been added.
  • New busts: Merc, Saendra, Marina, Tarratch
  • There’s probably some more stuff I missed, but there have been so many merges that it’s tough to pick out a decent list of all the changes. Lots of work on the Spoopydungeon from Gedtron the destroyer!

Enjoy it if you aren’t playing WoW or the BF1 open beta. I suspect I’ll be doing a lot of crying while I’m working this week because I’d rather be gaming. (Picture is the new Hana bust, from Adjabutt)

Missing Savings

So, now that Fen’s back and working, time for productivity reversal! I’ve got several major doctor visits this week,¬†and with any kind of luck, I’ll be able to start on a new medication sometime this week as well. The bad news about that is that said meds take the form of¬†a several-hours-long infusion, done multiple times. In a building with awful-to-nonexistent wifi. So, I’m probably going to be out of commission more often that not this week! Apologies in advance if I don’t respond to messages/look over submission documents/all the other various and sundry things you expect out of your local writemander for a bit.

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for this anemia bullshit I’ve been dealing with since May, cuz life’s¬†been one big barrel of suck since it started.


Amazon ETA: Within the Next 24 Hours

dcl_penny_sprite_smI just wrapped up the mental transformation stuff for the Amazon transformation – the first 48 hours. A rough outline of the expected changes and their associated hour of appearance is posted on my twitter for the curious. Tomorrow I should have the time to plow through the physical changes and get a new build posted for you all. Despite a lot of text being similar to other Treatment effects, there are enough small, subtle changes that I’m basically going to be going through and recoding a lot of it. Effort is going to be happening. I might also try to do something I’m going to dub “hermy cow-slut” if I have enough time – basically the normal cow TF mixed with a bit of phallic loving. In theory it should be relatively easy to add in without a ton of work.

Also, I approved some pull requests for things like Ellie x Haley voyeurism and a new female (Edit: turns out Ramis is a girl) NPC by Nonesuch that Jacques00 slipped in. I looked over the former closer than the latter, and I gotta say Wsan knocked that scene out of the park Рjust like Adj & Shou have with some of the new busts.

TL;DR: Next patch will have Amazon Treatment, Haley x Ellie, a new NPC, and probably some older changes that have been banked.

Penny sprite-styled by DCLZexon. There’s an Anno one too, but I’ll leave that for Savin to share sometime!


cropped-sinarra_-_fenimpcubus00_0c.pngSnuggling my fiancee took longer than I thought. Sorry about that! I’ma pound out this Amazon stuff in the next couple days.

Lots of lovely new busts coming out of the art team, and Gedan almost has the Halloween dungeon ready!

Pets Aplenty

Sup guys, Savin here once again!Lustomorph 1 (Shou)

Not really much to report on my end specifically — other than that¬†oh boy oh boy Deus Ex is unlocking in a few minutes whooo (I totally didn’t forget all about it until I just “pre-ordered” an hour ago, nope). Between that, D&D, and a real important doctor’s appt. tomorrow, I guess I’m glad Tuesday/Wednesday is my normal weekend.

Nobody in FenCo keeps normal hours. Buncha weirdos, us.

That said, everyone¬†else has been up to some seriously cool stuff. I’m told there’s Some Kind of Wizard that’s been working on some kinda Visual Novel thingy, and that the writing is in its final stages. Holy balls that was fast — more like some kind of machine, the way she turns out the words. I’m jealous.

Geddy’s building up the code front for VNprojekt, of course. And, somewhat more immediate to my interests, is wrapping up the coding on¬†The Kashima Incident, this year’s Halloween adventure. It was supposed to be last years, but we had the fun and sexy Masque and all instead, so now we get to thaw out Terrifying Bodyhorror Tentacle¬†Safe and Mundane¬†Adventures in Space! ūüėÄ

Meanwhile, Shou and Adjatha are¬†crankin’ them busts out, including the rest of the Kashima busts, a Tarratch dude with some amazing-looking armor, and a new Saendra bust that is just…. uuunnffffff. So good. Speaking of which, Totally Fine and Not at all Infested by Space Parasites ausar girl by Shou. Which is totally not for the Kashima Incident. Because that adventure is totally going to be fine and nothing bad will happen to you on it. It’s fine.

Whores, ho!

Reaha Bikini (Moira)Sup Bras, Savin here,

The Zil Callgirl’s pregnancy xpak has been finished. It’ll probably need to wait for the nursery before implementation, but I don’t imagine that’s very far away at this point. Expect some new interactions, a name for her, and repeated breeding action.

What’s next? Well, when I finish off a big thing, I usually cleanse my palette with a couple quick small projects¬†to space things out.¬†I churned out a targeted¬†testicular TF on a lark last night: Nuki Nutbutter, which grants the Nuki Nuts perk without having to become a space-faring trash panda. I’ve got a partially-finished new robotic friend¬†on deck next: Siegwulfe, a tauric companion droid.

Finishing off Reaha’s Cured expansion is the next major project to tackle. Or get back to tackling, anyway. With Fen out of town, I’ll try and pick up the slack on blogposts (and maybe some writing/coding streams) throughout the week.

Reaha fanart by Moira from FenChat.

Fenoxian Fail

gats_kaede_horse_bukkake_ew_carobWhile I did get through sorting all the texts I wanted to sort today, I did not get into coding everything, and with me going on a trip, coding time will be diminished slightly. That isn’t to say that I don’t plan to slip it out in the next few days – just that I don’t have an exact time-table for its release. The ol’ ball and chain is gonna be keeping me busy with snuggles. (Awww yiss!)

Since I didn’t have time to code all the slamazon stuff, I finally set up Nayna’s probes. At present there are five scattered out in the snow. You can give them to her or sell them to vendors for a pretty penny. Their raw value is set to 5,000 credits at present.

Kaede bukkake courtesy of my Patreon pledge to Gats!

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