…sounds like a nickname for a professional “just the tip” player.

In other news, I put some time into the herm-cow Treatment stuff I wanted to do, accidentally bloated the scope, and wrote the bit for growing a penis. Somehow it wound up being like a page long. The plan as it stands now is to have a small selection of positive and negative transformations and perks, like having milk for cum, getting energy from autofellating, randomly autofellating yourself, or having stat penalties if you go without cum for a day or two.

I’m hoping to have that wrapped up in a patch tomorrow for you guys along with some bug fixes and maybe something else.

Oh, and I got most of the SFW version of the VN script turned into me last night. I look forward to reading over it before bed tonight. Oh, and I reviewed some of a quest Nonesuch has planned and left him notes.

FENFEN, AWAYYY (And, I put together another small flash of one of Snao’s transformation sequences while I was waiting on breakfast to finish cooking, if anyone likes enormous herms.)