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[Backers] Mrs. Reasner

0.7.17 Changelog:

  • Mrs. Reasner (written by Tacit) has been added to Uveto’s “Freezer”. She’s got a solid chunk of interactions and a bit of a minor quest hook for gathering Savicite in the future – even though I haven’t laid any down yet.
  • Ten ton gym shower sex
  • Some fixes and tweaks. Of note: Bimbo Pexiga saliva harvest fix, Erra sex menu fix, etc.

Progress marches onward! Tomorrow will likely be a Sylvie writing day for me (though I may mix it up, depending on mood), so any new patches will be on the smaller side.

[Backers] MicroPatch

0.7.16 Changelog (0.7.15 two posts down, with lots more content):

  • Appearance screen shouldn’t crash anymore. Whoops.
  • Some typo and bug fixes.

Also see the post below if you want to poke SKoW about VN things! (Pssst… next update will contain Mrs. Reasner)

Sup, Cunts?

Fen Disclaimer: This is obviously actually written by SKoW, not me, despite me posting it.

Hey there! This is Some Kind of Wizard.

Some of you may know me from the myriads of tabletop games I’m involved in, saying Moo a little too often, and probably being an alcoholic. I am also, and more importantly, a writer of fine smuttery. I’m the writer and director for Fenoxo’s first foray into the world of visual novels; Tainted Space: Fenrir.

Most of my writing work is done now, I just get to sit back and watch Jacques00’s wonderful sprites, and Hizzacked’s beautiful CGs roll in. It’s super exciting, and I can’t tell you how pleased I am with them both.

Since it’s long overdue, I’m going to open the floor to answering your questions about the game. And who knows? I may even properly answer most of them.

VN_sleepsTo save getting this question over and over again however I’ll answer it now: It’ll be released on Nutaku and Mangagamer. It’ll be released censored on Steam (With a free “unofficial” patch that will convert it to the uncensored version) (Fen note: presuming we can actually get Steam to let us put it up there). No we’ve got no confirmed release date.

I’m also deep in the smut-mines on some other projects. One of these projects is something I’m doing off of my own back for Patrons. I’ve decided to get in on the whole monthly-smutbucks game, and I require precious fur-gold in order to do things like pay rent, eat, and then if I’m lucky try my best to be not-sober.

As of this post, in each month I will be writing a 5,000 word sex scene (which is worth about $135) for everyone who provides even a single shiny dollar a month. But not only that! Anyone who supports at any tier is also able to vote on just what kind of scene it’ll be. I feel like it’s a good deal, but who knows? If any scenes I write fit the setting I’ll even go through the hell that is bolting parsers to everything so that it can go in TiTS a few months later as a freebie to Fenfen.

And here, have a sneaky crop of the shemale version of our MC having a well-earned nap, drawn by the awesome Hizzy. Shh~

[Backers] Puppersloots As Far As The Eyes Can See


UPDATE: It’s up now. Blame iOS as usual.

0.7.15 Changelog:

  • A new dream for people with Anno on the crew.
  • Kaede can now be found on Canadia Station in Kally’s bar, assuming you’ve met her on New Texas already. She sticks around for 14 days after you meet her there, then books it. Be sure to work the gloryhole once while she’s in station for a one-off scene.
  • PC’s in Omega Oil-induced anal heat have a new interaction with Syri…
  • Appearance screen blurbs for very large butts have been tweaked.
  • New busts: Busky by FubMistress and JayEcho.
  • Various bug fixes and typo corrections.

New week, new content. Enjoy! (Pictured at left, Busky by JayEcho)

Twerking ‘Taurs, Batman!

silestaur_anno_nudeWork continues on Sylvie. I think I have all her non-sex stuff wrapped up, and I’m going to be going to town on her sex stuff next week. I’ve also tossed her up on the event submission forums with some scene ideas that other authors could chip in if they want to help round her out. (Edit: Thanks for the edits I’ve gotten so far. They’re a real help!)

This Anno is one of Silestaur’s, presumably for an animation.

[Backers] Canine Poppers

How has TiTS gone this long without a proper canine transformation? I blame the ausar, but then again, that’s my go-to for blaming. Darned pupper-sloots!

0.7.14 Changelog:

  • New Items in Jade’s inventory, written by Lash Charge: Canine Poppers and Pupper Poppers. The latter adds multiple tails and various other oddities.
  • Pandaneen got slightly more expensive.
  • The Kashima Incident, like Poe A, can now rarely unlock away from the Halloween season.
  • Various tweaks and bug fixes courtesy of Jacques00.

Stay tuned, and as always, thank you for your support, bras!

[Backers] 0.7.13 – Erra

goo_knight_blue0.7.13 Changelog:

  • Erra has been added to the game. She’s an ausar that’s down for a bit of fun in any of the game’s bars. Written by HugsAlright.
  • The ability to drop items is now in the game. Credit to Jacques00.
  • Lots of typo fixes and bugs.
  • Omega oil had a perk added.

Sorry I didn’t get this stuff out sooner. Goo Knight bust by JayEcho (Goo knights are in the deep caves with silly mode).

Savin Things

As ever, Savin doesn’t really tell the rest of us what he’s doing on a given day

Savin has been doing Savin things.

Fertility Priestess (Adjatha)LET US BEGIN ZE LIST!!!

  • Most of what I’ve been doing recently has been working on stuff for the Glacial Rift on Uveto: I finished several thousand words worth of room descriptions right before Hanukkah Break, then started writing a unique boss encounter guarding a psionic idol there. Naturally, Adjatha drew a fukeen amazing bust for her, so I then proceeded to make her a repeatable encounter on the Rift. Also did some other minor stuff like new items/random events, a merchant in the middle of the rift, etc.
  • If you want to know specifically what I’ve been doing since I got back from break, it’s mostly been writing the extra repeat stuff and altering existing scenes for the boss encounter. Finished that on… Tuesday? Then had to go do Sickvin things for most of the rest of the week. RIP me.
  • I read/reviewed like a million things that piled up during said break, including but not limited to a pet-play focused ausar girl, a couple of new Syri scene clusters written by pet-play man which may or may not involve pet-play and/or anal heat, a MILF-tastic ship’s captain for Uveto (muh dick), and Couch’s non-Treatment-variant for giving Reaha some Amazonian properties (also muh dick) — it’s only the TF stuff, so I’m still writing the actual content for Amazon Reaha at some point in the hopefully not-too-distant future.
  • Next thing on the docket: I’ve got a bunch of Kaede talk scenes and a new sex scene written for Canadia Station. Probably write one or two more scenes and call that little xpak a wrap. That said, like many of you, I don’t particularly want to grind Kiro for an hour to get to the station so I’ll probably be including some alternative means of access. Whether that’s via the Puppyslut Brigade or something else, I don’t know.

I’ve got a big important doc’s appointment in a couple weeks, so hopefully there’s good news coming down the pipe.

In TiTS-related news that hasn’t been on company time, I’ve recently gone back to work on Adventures in Tainted Space, my homebrewed tabletop RPG set in the TITS universe. You can see me running a playtest adventure for some of the TiTS crew (including Adjatha and SomeKindOfWizard) here.

Pictured: Milodan Fertility Priestess (the boss mentioned above) by Adjabuns!

Fenoxo Is A Butt

Still chugging through Sylvie’s drunk stories. Only modest progress to report today. Gedan has been busy writing some stuff for Uveto where a different character can rescue you. I hear it’s massively bloated in scope and may wind up having a bad-end for those who click their way into it.

As ever, Savin doesn’t really tell the rest of us what he’s doing on a given day for whatever reason. Adjatha has been working on a rocket pod bust, and Shou has been doing… Shou things, I guess.

I’ll try to slip in an update by the end of the weekend for you lovely backers. Thanks, bras! <3

Work Continues

What’s new? Not a ton. We had a meeting yesterday to have our various team members touch bases (particularly in regards to merchandise for eventual sale at cons and online). I’ve gotten the first WIP of Hizzacked’s work for the VN. It’s about as good as I expected, even if it’s fairly tame.

Sylvie (Moosetaur) work continues:

[*] Room Description Texts
[*] First Time Meeting for Sober/Buzzed/Drunk Sylvie.
[*] Repeat Approach texts
[*] “Chill” Intro
[*] Sober Stories (Mostly done anyway)
[*] Buy Drink Intro
[x] Buzzed Stories
[  ] Buzzed Hug
[  ] Drunk Hug
[x] Sexy Times (Taur dickings done)

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