[Backers | CoC2] Little Killer

This patch has a little something unique — a proper adventure in which you get to play as somebody other than your Champion. Specifically, as Kinu!

0.3.9 Patch Notes:

  • New Event: KinuQuest! Take control of Kinu and protect your home from dastardly villains. Requires you to have done MetalQuest and have an adult Kinu raised up. The event is entirely story; no sex. (Written by TheObserver, coded by Leykoss)
  • New Dream: Demon Cait! (Written by Doots, coded by Leykoss)
  • You can now change your name by asking River to distort time and space, altering everyone’s memories go around asking people to use your new name.

Demon Cait by Sulcate!

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[Backers | CoC2] Insert Title Here

Time for some more elf-loving!

0.3.8 Patch Notes:

  • New(ish) NPC: River, the catboy bard. Can be found in the town square. He allows you to switch your character’s title, such as between Adventurer and Champion of Frost. (Written by TheObserver)
  • New(ish) NPC: Hethia! You can now talk to (and of course, bone down with) Hethia, the elven druidess, after clearing the Winter City. (Written by TheObserver, coded by Leykoss)
  • New scenes for Brint/enne at the Frost Hound, wherein you oil your muscular cow up and get him/her to pose for your amusement. (Written by Wsan)
  • You can now repeat Etheryn’s striptease scenes after doing them in the Winter City. (Coded by Leykoss)
  • New off-hand catalysts added to Ivris’ shop, a new dress for gramma goblin, and changes to birth control medications.
  • There’s a host of filters and sorting methods for powers now, thanks to Leykoss.
  • You can now page-down text by pressing ` and there’s a Codex page with all the keybindings now. Thanks, Balak!

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Alert: Full Steam Ahead!

So in a rather surprising turn of events, Steam has gone ahead and said we can actually list Corruption of Champions II on their storefront. No, really. It’s listed on Steam right now. Had to go through a couple rounds of adding more and more clothing to Kasyrra’s promotional art until they said it was okay, but the game itself is completely unchanged.

Right now the game’s available to be added to wishlists. The actual “release” into Early Access will probably be around the time of the next public patch, if all goes well. Here’s what you get:

  • Game will cost a flat ~$10.
  • It will auto-update with every public patch. NOT BACKERS PATCHES. Those are still for Patreon/Sponsus/Subscribestar backers exclusively. Yes, public updates will still be free here on Fenoxo.com, don’t worry.
  • You get cloud-saving.
  • As soon as Steam will let us, you’ll get trading cards and achievements.

If that sounds like a good investment to you, or you just want to help us meme our way to the Steam front page, adding the game to your wishlists apparently helps a lot with the algorithms and whatnot.

I know Steam’s been allowing lewd games for a while now but whew boy I’m still in a bit of shock that we’re here now. I totally understand if you don’t want to add literally CoC2 to your Steam library, but if you do go ahead and do it: thanks for the support <3

[Public | CoC2] Well Done Foxo

Public patch day!

0.3.7 Patch Notes:

  • New NPC: Rindo, a particularly crispy kitsune (Written by TheObserver, coded by Leykoss)
  • New NPC Pregnancy: Atani! (Written by SomeKindofWizard)
  • Two new Imp night-time events! (Written by Wsan, coded by Leykoss)
  • If you’re Berwyn’s sub, you can worship his cock, potentially several times in a row! (Written by B, coded by Squishy)
  • Cait and Etheryn both have new talks about demons post-Winter City. Atani has new talks after Centaur Dungeon.
  • New Busts: Rindo, Quin (Moira’s version!), Petplay Giant Pupper, Evelyn (updated, but still by Moira)

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • New Dungeon: Centaur Village! Deliver Ahmri to the Marefolk camp to trigger it.
  • New encounter: Byvernia the Bunnygirl Ranger, found in the foothills.
  • New NPC: Keros, found in the Kitsune Den after completing the metal-quest.
  • New item: Buttplug, bought from Gianna’s.
  • New scenes: Topping Kas in the Winter City; Imp Night-Time Encounters (with pregnancy, where applicable); marrying Atani; getting the kunoichi’s “armor”
  • New TFs: Plant-people & Bushel Cocks
  • Tweaks: New in-game cursor

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P.S. Arona Companion is nearly done, except for a Cait threesome and a couple miscellaneous non-sexual interactions with the big orc amazon. Coding should start in the next couple of weeks!

[Backers | CoC2] Buxom Bunny Brawl!

Chibi Kas by bk!

A new bunny-babe graces the game, and there’s some new butt-stuff to enjoy as well!

0.3.6 Patch Notes:

  • New encounter: Byvernia, the bunny-girl ranger! Found in the Foothills. (Written by BubbleLord. Coded by Leykoss)
  • You can now buy a buttplug from Gianna’s caravan, and use it on yourself. (Written by SomeKindofWizard. Coded by Leykoss)
  • You can top Kasyrra (e.g. NOT take her dick when you sex her) during the Winter City post-fight sex. (Written by Wsan. Coded by Leykoss)
  • Another follow-up event for the imp night encounter, which can now lead to pregnancy (as can the Frostwood combat encounter with imps!). (Written by Wsan. Coded by Leykoss)

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[Backers | CoC2] Centaur Dungeon!

It’s finally heeeeeere! Big thanks to Drake and Garde for putting in a lot of extra time to get this out for you guys.

0.3.5 Patch Notes:

  • After delivering Ahmri to the marefolk village, you can continue her quest to save her people from the Corruption! Includes the usual assortment of new bosses, loot, and a new conversation battle. To access the dungeon, just bring Ahmri to the Marefolk Village and leave her in Atani’s care. The two of them will have some ideas on how to solve both their problems before long! (Principle writing by Gardeford. Contributions by SomeKindofWizard and Wsan as well!)
  • After the dungeon, you can engage Atani in mareiage. (Written by SomeKindofWizard)
  • We have a cute new custom cursor instead of the normal mouse cursor. You can disable it in the menu, if you dislike it.
  • Critical bugfixes.

As per usual with our dungeons, post-completion content will be forthcoming in future patches.

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[Backers | CoC2] Bushels of Fun

Keros invites you to take a taste of the divine scepter…

0.3.4 Patch Notes:

  • You can now have sex with a certain divine trickster after he’s made an offer for your soul. You don’t need to have taken him up on it. (Written by TheObserver, coded by Leykoss)
  • New Night Event: Imp! (Written by Wsan, coded by Leykoss)
  • New Event & Item to get the Kunoichi’s “armor.” (Written by BubbleLord, coded by Squishy)
  • New TF: Plant, and the “Bushel Cock” — basically a writhing mass of tentacles that can fulfill any cock-size requirements. (Written by BubbleLord, coded by Leykoss)
  • New Busts: Grettel and Horse Boi, Cait Variant by Nik!

Centaur Dungeon should be within the next couple of patches! 😀

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[Public | CoC2] Elves Ever After

Public drop for the Winter City, and some more post-dungeon elf content besides! 😀

0.3.3 Patch Notes:

  • HOTFIX: Many bugfixes, including a birthing crash. Smite Evil has been nerfed, RIP 1000+ damage crits.
  • You can now meet Elthara again after clearing the Winter City and have some fun! (Written by Wsan, coded by Leek)
  • New Encounter in the Frostwood: a pet-play focused pup! (By HugsAlright, coded by Squishy)
  • Takahiro ACTUALLY has a bunch of events around the arcology this time. (Written by BubbleLord)
  • New Bust: Cat Harem (Pregnant) Clothed vers.

New Since Last Pubby Patch:

  • You can now enter the Winter City, located in the north of the Frostwood! Within the city is the first plot-critical dungeon, the Palace of Ice. Enjoy!
  • New PC Pregnancy: Wyld Elves!
  • You can now knock up: Vari and the the Harem Cats!
  • Lusamine can now be sexed after flirting with her a few times!
  • New Scene: Manticore Wyvern Venom
  • Bunch of combat balance tweaks! Bunches of new Tease Attack text!
  • New Codex: Demons
  • New Perk from raw grotatoes, for goblins with fertile pussies
  • New Busts: Everyone in the Winter City, Drider Oracle, Keros, Cult Evangelist, Tamarind, Pregnant Cat Harem

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[Backers | CoC2] Oh Deer!

Don’t fear the deer.

Edit: It would appear the Takahiro content mentioned in the patch notes earlier did not in fact get added.

0.3.2 Patch Notes:

  • Lusamine can now be sexed after you flirt with her a few times! (Written by BubbleLord)
  • The manticore has a new scene for using wyvern venom. (Written by Strawberry_Tea, coded by Leykoss)
  • A whole buttload of new tease attack text has been added. (Written by BubbleLord, coded by Leykoss)
  • New Codex entry: Demons
  • New sexual perk, gained from raw grotatos if you’re already a goblin and have a fertile puss.
  • New Busts: Tamarind, Pregnant Cat Harem (nude only, for now!), Boomer

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[Backers | CoC2] Mayternity Epilogue

Alright, a bit late to catch the end of May but still loaded with the last of our progeny-bearing. Back to normal smutposting! Hope you’ve all enjoyed, and that those of you without a breeding kink haven’t been too blue-balled what with Winter City and all.

Oh, and there’s a TiTS PUBLIC PATCH out as of last night, too! 

0.3.1 Patch Notes:

  • New PC Pregnancy: Wyld Elf! Can be triggered by Elaril, Fritte, and the nameless horsecock’d elf boi. (Written by HugsAlright, coded by Leek)
  • You can now knock up Vari! Also has special scenes in the forest while pregnant. (Written by Wsan, coded by Leek)
  • You can now knock up the Harem Cats, along with several new scenes. (Written by William, coded by Leek)
  • Clearing the Winter City now gives the perk “Champion’s Resolve,” which increases your maximum Resolve. It should be retroactive on all saves that have already cleared the palace.
  • Brint’s combat powers have been tweaked. Execute is now his encounter power and Frenzy is a 1st level perk. He’s gained the Rend power instead. (Changes are also applicable to Brienne, naturally.)
  • Dual Wielding has been buffed a little. Rend and Dirty Trick cooldowns reduced by 1.
  • New busts: Elthara (Combat), Drider Oracle, Keros, Cult Evangelist (all by Moira).

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