[Public | CoC2] Camping!

Fen’s out of the office, which means… nothing, really, I’m just gonna get to leave a CoC2 blog post up on top for a couple of days.

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0.0.14 Patch Notes:

  • New Cait busts, courtesy of DCL
  • Camping! You can buy camping supplies from Leorah in Hawkethorne and set up camps in any wilderness space. Camps remain for a length of time based on the “threat level” of the region — for the foothills, they’re generally permanent. Camps create mini-locations you can enter to sleep and fuck companions. Eventually, you’ll be able to set up your alchemy kit and do other fun things in camp.

Next up, Drake and DCL are working on the inventory and character sheet UI stuff. There’s also a wizardy dogboy as our next piece of sexy content.

[Public | CoC2] Cait Needs Some Lovin’

More kitty fuckin’ for the kitty gods!

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0.0.13 Patch Notes

  • Cait has a new sex scene, focused on her pussy! Compatible with all sexes. Cumming inside her will net you a new talk option as well.
  • Many, many bugfixes and misc. tweaks. Thanks for pointing ’em out, y’all!

Meanwhile, Drake and DCL are hard at work on the UI for the character sheet and inventory. A camping system is also in the works!

Art of the next enemy we’re adding, Berwyn the trappy dog-boy summoner! Written by HugsAlright, and art’d by DCL. He really needs a hug, if you ask me.

[Public | CoC2] Wingleader and Levels

Hi folks! New CoC2 patch here, getting more of our critical systems (levels, night encounters, and pregnancy) implemented.

EDIT: A bugfix patch has been pushed out. Thanks to everyone reporting issues!

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0.0.12 Patch Notes:

  • It’s now possible to level up! The green Experience bar will flash when full; go sleep at the Frost Hound to level up. The UI for levelling is a placeholder, but mechanically everything’s set up. At level 2 you can select a new active ability, and at level 3 you gain a new class-based perk. Level 3 is the current cap.
  • There are three new recharge-based powers for each class, including some lust-based powers for Black Mages as Charmers. Thieves have a neat aggro-management set of powers; I’m a big fan of that mechanic. Caitriss also has her level-ups implemented, including a unique White Mage power Sun of Jassira that gives her a solid AoE debuff.
  • Combat status effect icons have been implemented, along with an alert on attacks that score a Critical Hit. The “threat gem” in the corner of each character’s card is also functional, growing more red the more likely that character is to be attacked. That should make what’s going on in combat a lot easier to parse!
  • The Harpy Wingleader can now be fought by higher-level players, as part of the normal Thief encounter. She has a powerful new Lust-over-Time ability!
  • After fucking the Wingleader, it’s possible for her to appear in the night for PCs with a cock of applicable size. As long as you don’t toss her out, she can become a recurring night encounter… and possibly fulfill her desires to be bred by the PC! (Yes, that means NPC pregnancy has been implemented as well!)

What’s next down the pipe? The camping system, which allows you to set up semi-permanent sleeping/fucking areas in the wilderness, as well as the character sheet/journal UI, are our next priorities. DCL is also doing up some art for the next enemy encounter: a dogboy summoner-type mage, written by HugsAlright. As for me, I’m finishing up a new set of scenes for Cait focused on her pussy.

This week’s art is a new Cait breast expansion sequence by DCL! Click the pic to watch 🙂
(And yes, this is planned optional content for her.)

[Public | CoC2] Lusty Wyverns

Continuing the march of implementation! Drake’s added in the Lust Combat subsystem. You can now Tease enemies into submission and Sense their weaknesses — pretty much what you expect from a streamlined version of what appears in TiTS, but I understand it was quite a bit of work hooking all the actual mechanics up under the hood. On the content side, we have a new enemy in the Foothills region: the wild Wyvern girl! She’s a tanky opponent whose hefty scales make her resistant to physical damage, but less so to Lust…

TBA: Adding Lust attacks for Cait and the Harpy Thieves. Cait’s lust attacks will be added alongside a Tactics setting that’ll let you set your companions to different strategies or damage types.

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0.0.11 Patch Notes

  • Added the Lust Combat subsystem. It unlocks after the tutorial.
  • Added the Sense command, and added Likes and Dislikes for certain sexual equipment to the extant enemies as well as Cait.
  • Added the Wyvern girl to the Foothills, complete with sex scenes. Note that her Venom Milking scene does not currently give you the item itself; it is tba.
  • Assorted bug fixes, code refactors, and making saves more efficient. All the images in game were resized and properly cropped/scaled, so that should improve load times a bit!

The wyvern girl’s headshot is by DCL!

[Public | CoC2] Harpies All Over the Shop

New patch of CoC2 is live! Sorry about the dead space, but there was a lot of stuff that had to get put together for this next bit of content — specifically, the entire system for overworld travel and random encounters, plus the first sexable mobs and all that entails.

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0.0.10 Patch Notes

  • The Foothills area is now explorable. It’s east of Hawkethorne; just press the [Exit] button where the path turns. Be sure to recruit Cait again before you go out!
  • There’s a new map system in play in this build, meant to cover long-distance travel rather than room-to-room. Use the X on the map to figure out which way you’re going if you can’t see the lines between locations clearly. Not everything the map system will have is set up now, such as unlocking new locations or finding loot/events while traveling, but it should give you an idea of what to expect from each region.
  • You can now press “M” to bring up/close a much larger version of the map. Useful while exploring!
  • A unique first-time encounter with a later-game boss, the Harpy Matron, introduces the game’s first sexable mobs: the harpy thieves!
  • Harpy thieves can be encountered randomly, and have a suite of win and loss scenes as well as coin drops. Their stats have been slightly nerfed for the early release (due to the current lack of extra companions and levels) and their Lust-based attacks have not yet been implemented so. Soon(tm).
  • Remember that you can get buffs and healing in town!

More content coming as we can roll it out!

Art of the Harpy Matron in all her Jacquesian glory, by DCL.

[CoC2 | Public] Little Bit of Bugfixing

Some bugs got fixed. Thanks to everyone who’s been visiting the Bug Reports forum lately!

Play Here | Support Here, enjoy what’s left of the weekend!

0.0.09a Patch Notes

  • The last line of text is no longer blocked on some devices.
  • Certain Wyld Marks no longer cause crashes.
  • Dickless PCs can’t fuck Cait’s boobs anymore.
  • Other assorted fixes!

Little bitty enemy bust art for a little bitty post. Done by DCL.

[CoC2 | Public] Adopt a Catgirl Today

Hey guys, new CoC2 build is out now. The biggest addition is our first companion, Caitriss the catgirl priestess. You should be able to talk, recruit, and play with (sexually and otherwise) the Priestess of Mallach, god of passion and lust. She’s got one fairly beefy sex scene accessible right now; more of her sex content is gated behind lactation — both hers and the PCs — which isn’t really accessible until TFs and pregnancy start rolling in. For now, enjoy a kitty.

Please note that you still can’t leave Hawkethorne. That’s up next on the agenda. You may also want to replay the tutorial, as you now get EXP and Loot/Money from the fights therein.

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Cait will have a lot more content in the near future, but right now, I wanted to get her core content in so you can recruit and get to know her. The next thing we’re working on is the first combat zone and enemies, so you’ll be glad you have your perky healer along next time.

0.0.09 Patch Notes

  • A new pre-loader has been added, which should smooth out the UI and busts loading in. Enjoy our sexy (temporary) logo.
  • Loot and Experience mechanics have been added.
  • Defeating each of the three encounters in the tutorial grants a piece of equipment in addition to money and Experience.
  • Wyld Elven PCs can now choose a “Mark of the Wyld” during character creation. This is a free transformation including things like ears, horns, and tails.
  • Cait can now be recruited. She’s found at the Frost Hound Tavern at any time after the tutorial. Cait’s current content includes talk scenes, hugs, kisses, gropes, and a sex scene focused on Cait’s breasts. You can boot her out of the party and re-recruit her at your leisure.
  • Many, many bugs have been fixes. Still more to cum. If you find a bug in the new release, please report it on the forum!

Please be aware that the game is aimed at modern phones/OS and Chrome/Firefox. You may experience any number of miscellaneous and sundry issues, including the game just not working, on outdated hardware or non-supported browsers. If you’re on mobile and the game is being cut off, try adding it to your phone’s homescreen through your browser settings.

Art of Cait by Cheshire! You can check out her full clothed/nude versions on her FA page!

Also hey, a very good friend of mine published a book! It’s erotica that fits right in with the milieu of the FenCo games, so go give The Succubus Within a read.

[CoC2 | Public] U.I. Updates, Save in Browser

Hello Champions! Another build-in-progress patch for Corruption of Champions II is here. Drake’s implemented a bunch of UI fixes and improvements. Cliffnotes below. Note that there’s no new content in this patch, so you still can’t leave Hawkethorne after finishing the tutorial. Though there’s still some UI work to be done inside the journal and for merchants, we’re going to backburner that for a bit and start working on some new content for you guys to sink your teeth into. Cait’s recruitment, talks, and a meaty sex scenes focused on this big kitty titties will be first, followed by unlocking the Foothills region and the enemy mobs within.

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0.0.08 Patch Notes

  • The Data menu has been put on the right-hand sidebar, with a baller new U.I. setup for saving. The individual buttons on the left sidebar are gone.
  • Saving to browser and save-to-file are both supported now. Saving should be disabled in conversations and combat across the board.
  • You can upload your own icon for the PC by clicking on your portrait in the sidebar. I recommend a 100×100 pixels image; it needs to be under 30 kbs.
  • Coinage and Corruption are now tracked with their own displays on the main screen. Taking any of Kas’s boons or getting demonic sexual fluids inside you will raise Corruption.
  • There is a new (placeholder) main menu, so you can Load games right off again.
  • Also a bunch of bug fixes. As the new main menu says, if you find any bugs of your own, please report them in the CoC2 section of the forum!

Bust of one of the first enemies, a Harpy Wingleader, by our artsmith DCL.

[CoC2 | Public] Combat Refactor Build

Hey guys! Time for another CoC2 build. This is mostly backend stuff, but it’s going to allow us to start implementing content pretty soon. Specifically, DCL is working on the last of the UI assets and once those are in place, we’ll roll out another build and then start adding the first explorable area.

Play the Game Here | Support Development Here

Please note that, just like the last build, the game’s story content ends after the Kasyrra encounter. You can explore Hawkethorne and talk to the townsfolk (not Cait), but you cannot leave the village yet. We’re finalizing the last bit of content for the game’s first explorable region, the Foothills east of the town, which includes several enemy mobs and locations you can travel to.

0.0.07 Change Log:

  • The game’s combat rules have been rebuilt from the ground up, with some buffs and nerfs to every class. There is documentation up on the forum for those inclined to look into such things. The biggest changes come from Attack Power and Spellpower, and how they scale with abilities. Healing and damage on both sides should be slightly lowered.
  • Combat text has been added for all spells and abilities. No more generic “Your Dirty Trick hits!”
  • The Dancer class has been renamed the Charmer. Same general idea, but adding songs and stories to their repertoire.
  • The Leadership score has been replaced with Presence, which contributes to a Leadership bonus to your companions’ Attack Power and Spell Power. While Tease combat isn’t accessible yet, Presence will be the governing attribute for sexual conflict.

Bust of one of the game’s upcoming companions, Kiyoko, by DCLzexon. Click the pic to see a gif of her various pregnancy and increased-thiccness states. It’s good stuff.

[PUBLIC] Clowns To the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right~

Hey bras, thanks for putting up with my dumb little April Fool’s post below. I do actually have a big announcement some of y’all have been waiting for.

But first, let’s talk for a second.

Fenoxo started working on Trials in Tainted Space in 2013. Since then, you guys have made FenCo pretty much explode: we’ve grown to a six-strong studio, plus all the volunteers, commission writers, and other awesome people who’re out there working with us to make TiTS the best it can be. We’ve grown the community to something like 20,000 forumites and 6,500 backers, plus a great and growing discord community.

So first off, I want to say thank you. You guys have been seriously amazing. Fen’s right to call you guys “bras,” with all the support you’ve given us the last five years.

With that being said, here’s the news:

Corruption of Champions II

No, it wasn’t a joke after all. Corruption of Champions is coming back with a new game that’s in development right now. In fact, you can play the first build of it right here, right now.

Please note that this is a very early build! The combat system isgoing to be completely overhauled over the next few weeks, and the new UI (designed by the very awesome DCLzexon) is in the process of implementation.

I think a lot of you have heard rumors and rumblings about this over the last little while (especially after that Save Export addition to the final encounter in CoC), but there it is. Corruption of Champions returns with a breath of new life: a new lead developer, all new code, a new world, and a new direction… but the same familiar fun you’ve come to expect from a FenCo game.

Now that I’ve said that, let me quell a little panic (or at least, concern) I’m sure a good few of your are feeling. Most importantly, CoC2 Development won’t interfere with TiTS Development. CoC2’s development is being handled by a whole different team: that means that, while the people working on it will of course still be here, and the game will appear on the blog where you’d expect it, CoC2 won’t be taking any funds or development time away from TiTS.

Here’s the lowdown on what to expect:

    • Savin (that’s me!) on lead writing/designing duties. Fenoxo’s involvement with the project will be effectively nonexistent, as he’s still slaving away in the Oxonium mines of Tainted Space.
    • We’re using an all-new code base for CoC2, built in Javascript instead of Flash. We’ve learned a lot — and I mean a lot — from TiTS’ development cycle, and we’ll be improving on previous FenCo games whenever we can. That means faster and more flexible content delivery for you, and a whole lot easier time working on the game for us. Also, because we’re using JS, you can play the game on mobile and browser without much issue.
    • Corruption of Champions II is a true sequel to CoC, with its introduction taking place a few minutes after Lethice’s downfall. You might have noticed that your Champion of Ingnam’s epilogue doesn’t exactly mesh with that, what with dying of old age or going on an endless crusade. That’s because…
    • CoC2 stars an all new cast of characters, including a new Champion, on a new world connected to Mareth through the portals. Lethice may have fallen to the Champion of Ingnam, but the demons’ Corruption is far from extinguished with her defeat.
    • New mechanics! A lot of the nuts and bolts of the game, from combat rules to the new class system to how TFs work, are going to change from CoC and TiTS. The most interesting — and to me, by far the most important — is that CoC2 will support party adventuring. Possibly the most requested feature of CoC and TiTS will be front and center here, with the Champion of Hawkethorne able to bring companions along for fighting, fucking, and everything in between. Pictured above is the game’s first companion, the catgirl white mage Caitriss.

So what’s on the horizon? Well for starters, you’ll be able to play the first builds of the game here. We won’t be doing backer builds like TiTS for the first little while (while we get things like the basic UI and mechanics fleshed out) but if you want to show your support and excitement for the project, you can head over to the shiny new Patreon here. Once again, I’ll remind you that CoC2 and TiTS aren’t connected business-wise: funding for writing and art comes out of my pockets, not Fenoxo’s.

Big things are afoot at FenCo, bras. Thanks again for all your support over the years, and for sticking with us as we open a new chapter for you.

(Fen Note: This is why you promise the rights to a sequel to a friend years and years ago. Because sometimes they gather up some of the top talent in the community and actually do it.)

Be sure to check out the new Forum Section, as well as the Wikis as we get them up and running.

Art of Cait, above, by Cheshire!

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