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Hi, my name’s Savin, and I live under a Comcast monopoly. Wherein Comcast (literally yesterday, in a matter of supreme irony given Fen’s post) sent a truck over, knocked the telephone pole over at a 45′ angle, and then denied it on customer service for two hours because apparently my internet being out¬†must be a modem problem. While the pole outside is sitting halfway down with a truck-shaped dent in it. Thanks, Comcast, you guys have the best customer service. I’m glad I don’t have any other competitive ISPs in my area! ūüėÄ

Support Net Neutrality.

[Story] Hunter’s Quarry

Savin here! Wrote this a few days ago on a whim, and ended up enjoying myself quite a bit. Hope you do too! Art is by the awesome Arbuz for my D&D game. Not quite the amazon featured here, but close enough.

Content Tags: Fantasy, M/F, Femdom, Amazon, Monsterboy (Catboy), Non-Consensual


The blow came out of nowhere, leaving Nevan reeling with the force of impact. He staggered back, foot catching on one of the arm-thick roots criss-crossing across the forest floor, and fell with a scream. Before he could hit the dirt, though, something yanked hard on the front of his hunting jacket, pulling him back from the brink.

The world reeled for a moment before he could catch his bearing, flailing his arms to the side and scrabbling his feet in the loamy soil.

“You scream like a whelp,” a rough woman’s voice laughed, making Nevan snap his head to the side to see first a hand firmly grasping his jacket, and trace it up to a sun-kissed arm rippling with toned muscle. The arm’s owner towered over him by more than two heads’ height, enough to position a pair of heavy breasts in front of his face, just barely contained by a wrap of leather and chain that seemed to strain with every one of the woman’s deep, even breaths. Her face was half-hidden from view by the shadows of the woods and the mane of flame-red hair that fell down around her shoulders in wild, untamed curls; but he could see her smiling, a smug grin that brought images of feral wolves to his mind, closing in on their prey.

“Best be careful, kitten,” she said, voice low like a growl. “Watch your step in these woods.”

Savin Things

As ever, Savin doesn’t really tell the rest of us what he’s doing on a given day

Savin has been doing Savin things.

Fertility Priestess (Adjatha)LET US BEGIN ZE LIST!!!

  • Most of what I’ve been doing recently has been working on stuff for the Glacial Rift on Uveto: I finished several thousand words worth of room descriptions right before Hanukkah Break, then started writing a unique boss encounter guarding a psionic idol there. Naturally, Adjatha drew a fukeen amazing bust for her, so I then proceeded to make her a repeatable encounter on the Rift. Also did some other minor stuff like new items/random events, a merchant in the middle of the rift, etc.
  • If you want to know specifically what I’ve been doing since I got back from break, it’s mostly been writing the extra repeat stuff and altering existing scenes for the boss encounter. Finished that on… Tuesday? Then had to go do Sickvin things for most of the rest of the week. RIP me.
  • I read/reviewed like a million things that piled up during said break, including but not limited to a pet-play focused ausar girl, a couple of new Syri scene clusters written by pet-play man which may or may not involve pet-play and/or anal heat, a MILF-tastic ship’s captain for Uveto (muh dick), and Couch’s non-Treatment-variant for giving Reaha some Amazonian properties (also muh dick) — it’s only the TF stuff, so I’m still writing the actual content for Amazon Reaha at some point in the hopefully not-too-distant future.
  • Next thing on the docket: I’ve got a bunch of Kaede talk scenes and a new sex scene written for Canadia Station. Probably write one or two more scenes and call that little xpak a wrap. That said, like many of you, I don’t particularly want to grind Kiro for an hour to¬†get to the station so I’ll probably be including some alternative means of access. Whether that’s via the Puppyslut Brigade or something else, I don’t know.

I’ve got a big important doc’s appointment in a couple weeks, so hopefully there’s good news coming down the pipe.

In TiTS-related news that¬†hasn’t been on company time, I’ve recently gone back to work on¬†Adventures in Tainted Space, my homebrewed tabletop RPG set in the TITS universe. You can see me running a playtest adventure for some of the TiTS crew (including Adjatha and SomeKindOfWizard) here.

Pictured: Milodan Fertility Priestess (the boss mentioned above) by Adjabuns!

Wiki Down — NOT ANY MORE

Yes, we know the wiki’s down. It’ll be back shortly. From what I understand,¬†it decided that Gedan was a hacker and¬†bricked itself. ¬†¬Į\_(„ÉĄ)_/¬Į

Shit’s fixed, yo.


Over and Done With

ilaria-clothed-and-preggers-adjathaSup, bras, Savin here.

First, a TiTSwerk update: I finished Reaha’s newest expansion this week. It’s available for reading in my tip-jar patreon if you want. Otherwise, it’ll get coded in when it gets coded — I think Ged-chan’s gonna be busy with the nursery and flooding the game with backed-up pregnancy content before touching the cow, and I’m guessing Fen’s gonna be busy with Vesperia/New Canada/Tanuki Balljob Planet.

Next major project’s going to be a Red Myr-centric quest for Myrellion, which should be a fun combat challenge. Other than that, got a couple of threesomes in the works (including a Reaha/Terensha whorish double-team) in the pipe. Fun times all around.

Second, a personal update:¬†So this Thursday was the last session of my I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Chemo treatment. Talk about draining. But, I feel better now than I have since¬†this anemia shit started, so I guess there’s that. I’m still kind of perpetually exhausted, but now that I’m (almost) off all these awful meds, hopefully I’ll be able to get my sleep schedule back on track and start actually recovering. I don’t even have to go back to the doctor’s for a whole month: that’ll make next week the first since May that I haven’t had needles in me. RIP veins.

Thoroughly-bred¬†bunny baker by Adjatha. Check out Shou’s YCH auction in the post below this one! Till next time! ;3

Missing Savings

So, now that Fen’s back and working, time for productivity reversal! I’ve got several major doctor visits this week,¬†and with any kind of luck, I’ll be able to start on a new medication sometime this week as well. The bad news about that is that said meds take the form of¬†a several-hours-long infusion, done multiple times. In a building with awful-to-nonexistent wifi. So, I’m probably going to be out of commission more often that not this week! Apologies in advance if I don’t respond to messages/look over submission documents/all the other various and sundry things you expect out of your local writemander for a bit.

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for this anemia bullshit I’ve been dealing with since May, cuz life’s¬†been one big barrel of suck since it started.


Pets Aplenty

Sup guys, Savin here once again!Lustomorph 1 (Shou)

Not really much to report on my end specifically — other than that¬†oh boy oh boy Deus Ex is unlocking in a few minutes whooo (I totally didn’t forget all about it until I just “pre-ordered” an hour ago, nope). Between that, D&D, and a real important doctor’s appt. tomorrow, I guess I’m glad Tuesday/Wednesday is my normal weekend.

Nobody in FenCo keeps normal hours. Buncha weirdos, us.

That said, everyone¬†else has been up to some seriously cool stuff. I’m told there’s Some Kind of Wizard that’s been working on some kinda Visual Novel thingy, and that the writing is in its final stages. Holy balls that was fast — more like some kind of machine, the way she turns out the words. I’m jealous.

Geddy’s building up the code front for VNprojekt, of course. And, somewhat more immediate to my interests, is wrapping up the coding on¬†The Kashima Incident, this year’s Halloween adventure. It was supposed to be last years, but we had the fun and sexy Masque and all instead, so now we get to thaw out Terrifying Bodyhorror Tentacle¬†Safe and Mundane¬†Adventures in Space! ūüėÄ

Meanwhile, Shou and Adjatha are¬†crankin’ them busts out, including the rest of the Kashima busts, a Tarratch dude with some amazing-looking armor, and a new Saendra bust that is just…. uuunnffffff. So good. Speaking of which, Totally Fine and Not at all Infested by Space Parasites ausar girl by Shou. Which is totally not for the Kashima Incident. Because that adventure is totally going to be fine and nothing bad will happen to you on it. It’s fine.

Whores, ho!

Reaha Bikini (Moira)Sup Bras, Savin here,

The Zil Callgirl’s pregnancy xpak has been finished. It’ll probably need to wait for the nursery before implementation, but I don’t imagine that’s very far away at this point. Expect some new interactions, a name for her, and repeated breeding action.

What’s next? Well, when I finish off a big thing, I usually cleanse my palette with a couple quick small projects¬†to space things out.¬†I churned out a targeted¬†testicular TF on a lark last night: Nuki Nutbutter, which grants the Nuki Nuts perk without having to become a space-faring trash panda. I’ve got a partially-finished new robotic friend¬†on deck next: Siegwulfe, a tauric companion droid.

Finishing off Reaha’s Cured expansion is the next major project to tackle. Or get back to tackling, anyway. With Fen out of town, I’ll try and pick up the slack on blogposts (and maybe some writing/coding streams) throughout the week.

Reaha fanart by Moira from FenChat.

Milk and Honey

Sup bras! Savin here,Zil Callgirl Pregnant Creampied (Adjatha)

Had myself a six hour code/writing stream: coded in a scene for the PC getting buttfucked by the male naleen, and titfucking Saendra with a tailcock, plus a quest-related hint dialogue for Lieve. Just bouncing all over the galaxy today!

Speaking of Saendra, Adj has been doing the busts for¬†Fools Rush In, aka Saendra’s second quest (the one that’s been in a while — pirates on Tavros, you know). While doing so, I was reminded of a pregnancy xpak for the Zil Callgirl who features therein, started about a year ago by a friend from the old FenChat. It’s got a goodly portion of what needs doing already written, and since Adj was kind enough to do a wonderfully gravid bust for us, I figured I’d do my part and finish the writing.

Also: Reaha. Her Cured expansion is done save for a couple last scenes. Whooo. Nonstop milk and honey for me. :3


the mooest (1)Sup bras,

Surprising literally nobody, the Nursery’s been far and away the most popular vote on the poll. While the poll’s not¬†technically closed yet, I’m already mostly finished with a basic skeleton of the Nursery that should be code-worthy by week’s end. There will be a lot of room for expansion once that’s in, but it should give content authors the framework they need to start producing content for it.

I also recently put together some random events re: Anno appearing at various bars across the galaxy, added new Terensha talk scene that Fenoxo forgot to add to the changelog last time, and roped together edited versions of every Steph Irson episode the PC will be able to buy as on-demand video for later. Busy busy. There’s also that new foursome I wrote which Gedan’s hooked up, ready for next patch. So many puppysluts!¬†The bad news is Geddy’s other shiny game project just went into super ultra crunchmode, so the code front might be a bit slower for the next little while.

Oh, and for those who didn’t catch it: I ran a very… special… two part Pathfinder event about a bunch of bimbo cow-girls going on an adventure (and guest-starring Shou and SomeKindofWizard — read Fen’s last post to see what she’s working on for us!). You can watch their hijinx on my YouTube (and grab the adventure notes off my little tip-jar Patreon <3).

Gift art of Hedrah’s bovine brawler, MooHiMe Alley by DCL.

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