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[Public | CoC2] Pumpkin Patch

Not really anything particularly Halloween-flavored this time aside from a dream, but we do have a lot of main content progress instead!

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0.0.27 Patch Notes:

  • Alraune Effigies can now be encountered in the Old Forest. They’re a low-level mob that should point you towards an upcoming boss…
  • If you go to sleep, there’s a chance you’ll trigger a bewitching dream (by Balak Knightfang)!
  • There’s an options menu now! You can turn on Silly Mode, adjust font size, and all sorts of fun stuff.
  • The save/load menu has been rebuilt to be less obtuse.
  • Planty of bugfixes and typo corrections. <3

Effigy bust by DCL.

[Backers] This is Amber and Mitzi. This is Them on Soak.

Things sure are getting ahegaoed around here! (Nice edit, Adjatha!)

I refuse to let my lovely backers go two weeks without a fresh build like last month, so I coded a small writing commission I got from Wsan to give two of my favorite (underappreciated) crew-bimbos some extra love.

0.7.230 Changelog:

  • You can now come upon Mitzi and Amber trying out Mitzi’s favorite space-drug together: Soak. Includes three options, including double-dicking both of them at the same time. Requires you to have both characters as crew members, have talked to Mitzi about her favorite drug, and have given Amber at least 3 doses of Dumbfuck. Additionally, this scene can only occur once every 3 days or so.

I also spent some time this afternoon writing a codex for the one sexy enemy that’ll be showing up in Penny’s recruitment quest: Venus Ziltraps! I’ll leave you guys to imagine how those will work for now, but suffice to say, there will definitely be a bad-end. Maybe two.



[PUBLIC] Halloween Dungeon Fun!

Feruze getting plowed by a victorious [NAME REDACTED] Steele! I commissioned this lovely piece from Dsan! Please don’t mind the missing wings; it’s a beautiful picture even without them.

Bethesda deleting my Fallout 76 BETA files hours before it started actually saved you guys a couple of hours of waiting for this one. The big new thing here is a small quest on Mhen’ga to deal with a “Pump-king”.

0.7.229 Changelog:

  • New Quest: Save Esbeth from the terrors of the Pump-King! Check your emails (and the sheriff’s office afterward) to get the ball rolling. Then all you have to do is encounter the “Pump-king” once in the wilds (11pm-1am), then find the dread foe’s ramshackle castle!
  • New holiday item at Inessa’s: A witch’s outfit! Unpacks into a full set of clothing/panties/bra!
  • New bust: Feruze “clothed”. She’s not that clothed.

What’s New This Month?

  • New Halloween dungeon: Event Whorizon (appears while traveling in space).
  • New Mindwash Visor Scenario: Nunnery Facefuck Massacre! Includes a bukkake’s worth of messy mouth-fucking!
  • New rival encounter on Zheng Shi with his new bodyguard, Feruze!
  • A TON of new Halloween-themed dreams.
  • Poe A can now be revisited once a year for non-canon fun!
  • New mounting scene for Amber.
  • New face-fucking scene for Male SecOps.
  • New submitting scenes for Lund.
  • Aina may be impregnated.
  • A bunch of filled-in room descriptions for Zheng Shi.
  • New Busts: Feruze, Akane, Haley, Punk Secop (Male), and Punk SecOP (Female)

So as you can see, you should enjoy the Halloween content right now! There’s a LOT of it. We’ve also got the rival encounter for Zheng Shi done, and next month should bring the penultimate encounter with the pirate boss and the beginnings of the recreation deck – a sort of non-hostile interaction space where you can rub elbows with pirates without having to fight them. Also planned is an “Officer’s Deck” that will serve as a sort of side-quest area for the planet, allowing you to take on the leaders of the other gangs you have yet to face in exchange for more street cred.

Also, backers, please check out the poll! I’ve got two things I want to rush out, and I’d like to know which I should dive on first. <3

(P.S. Backers: tomorrow I’m adding some inter-follower interactions for Mitzi and Amber. It’s gonna be dope.)

[Backers] Halloween Supreme! (And Contest Winners!)

Feruze is looking lovely!

I’ve chugged through nearly all of the Halloween content I’ve been presented with for the year, and I have to say: great fucking job, everybody. We got a lot of really nice dreams put into the hopper, and between Savin’s Event Whorizon and Adjatha’s Nunnery Facefuck Massacre (more on that later), this is a pretty significant little drop of content. I’m not quite done yet, though. A few people wrote up some small Halloween costume items that I might add in tomorrow for the public patch release. We’ll see.

Oh, and the day after that, I’ll chunk right into putting out some follower interactions between Mitzi and Amber that Wsan wrote up.

0.7.226 Changelog:

  • New Mindwash visor scenario: Nunnery Facefuck Massacre (by Adjatha). Play a classic horror scenario with a porny twist!
  • New Dream: Hyper Futa Paige by Fenoxo – requires crewmember Paige.
  • New Dream: An Encounter with a Futanari Witch by MistyBirb – requires having a vagina and no penis.
  • New Dream: Dr. Hyena’s Lab by Doots – requires having fucked Verusha.
  • New Dream: Saurmorian Cult by Aullama – requires Saurmorian codex unlocked, genitals of some kind, and that the PC is not pregnant. (Contest Winner)
  • New Dream: Goblin Mad Scientist by Carol J – requires you to have a penis.
  • New Dream: Anno Werewolf by TheGreatAlbert – requires Anno as a crew member and a penis.
  • New Dream: Hello Nurse by Breebee – requires genitals of some kind.
  • New Amber Scenes: Mounting her with Taur equipment by Wsan (coded by DrunkZombie).

0.7.227 Changelog:

  • Event Whorizon SHOULD be able to proc again. The previous fix for people being stuck was incorrectly flagging other characters as having completed the adventure already. So to be clear – the event should proc if your character has genitals and is level 7 or higher. However, if you’ve played that character in the last few patches, they might be tagged as having it complete. There’s no clean way to fix this. I’d recommend grabbing an old or alternate save to experience it if it still refuses to proc. Thanks!

0.7.228 Changelog:

  • Feruze’s nude bust is in the game. Enjoy!

Now without further ado, let’s take a look at our Halloweiner Dreams Contest winner: Aullama! I had a really tough time judging this one. There were at least four entries I waffled back and forth between before settling on this one. In particular, I really enjoyed the Witch’s Kitten, the Goblin Mad Scientist, and the Goblin College Trick or Treaters in addition to Aullama’s, but I had to pick a specific entry to reward with the $100 stack of cash.

But don’t despair – every dream entry I’ve coded counts as “judge’s choice” for collecting your $50. Hit me up via forum PMs with your paypal address so I can dispense your winnings, and I hope to see you guys come back around Christmas for whatever we do then!


[Backers] I Dream a Spooky Weenie

Fresh off the presses, I grabbed a rendition of the “Wall Slut” loss scene from Dsan.

0.7.223 Changelog:

  • Ten new dreams from the contest have been added. I’m coding them as I review them, so judging isn’t done yet. I’m not even on the second page!
  • The cool-down for dreaming has been cut in half during the Halloween season.
  • New Dream: Helping a Dullahan. (by Lkynmbr24)
  • New Dream: Some kind of asian-themed monster woman sex with body-doubling. (by Linarahn)
  • New Dream: Being a vampire’s pet, along with a werewolf. (by GothPastel)
  • New Dream: Tentacular Pumpkin Patch. (by H3X)
  • New Dream: Collegiate Goblin Trick or Treaters. (by Gardeford)
  • New Dream: Hands. (by Frogapus)
  • New Dream: Witch’s Kitten. (by ThereWasAnAttempt)
  • New Dream: Demon Sera’s Ship Takeover. (by Hatchford)
  • New Dreams: Cum-monsters Fucking You. (by Foxxling. Only Oral/Anal coded.)

0.7.224 Changelog:

  • Another attempt to fix the end of Event Whorizon!

0.7.225 Changelog:

  • Fixed the parser issues with the “Hands” dream.
  • Fixed the “Hands” dream being stuck at the end.

These all have varied conditions for proccing. Some require you to have a penis, be feminine, or even have certain crew members. Tomorrow I’m going to probably do a hard pass through the bug reports if Jacques00 and Geddy don’t beat me to it. I’m sure the Event Whorizon still has a lot of weird things to be ironed out. Tonight? Tonight I might try to clear up to the second page of entries. Or I might be drunk and recording for a friend’s youtube.

[Backers] Pregnant Centaurs… But Wait, There’s More!

This Aina brought to you by Shou

Hi, Fenny Sprays here, and I’m here to tell you about the exciting new content coming to TiTS in this patch. Like dicks? We’ve got those. Pussies your thing? Knock up Aina with ease. There’s nothing this new patch can’t handle! It even has a new, holiday appropriate event! Too spoopy for me!

0.7.221 Changelog:

  • The Event Whorizon is live! Have fun with it! Big thanks to Savin for writing it and Gedan for slaving over the hot code stove.
  • Male SecOps will now sometimes go for the throat when they win… if you know what I mean. (Written by William)
  • Aina can now be impregnated thanks to the efforts of Gardeford’s writing and DrunkZombie’s coding.
  • It’s now possible to submit to Lund even more than before! Two new scenes by Wsan have been added. They should play in sequence, then randomly select one once you’ve seen them all.

0.7.222 Changelog:

  • Some issues with Event Whorizon should be fixed!

I’m out to hit the gym and put some food in my maw, but tonight I’ll be wading through the dream entries and working on slotting them into the game. Expect a smaller patch tomorrow with a few of them!


I can’t resist showing off this beautiful sketch I got from Mr. Pink. Whoops, I showed this off before. Guess we’re stuck with it again!

ITS OVER! Get your entries posted sometime in the next 12 hours if you want to join in! Submissions and rules can be found here:

Bonus Backers 0.7.220 Changelog:

  • The scaffold level’s descriptions are all loaded in. Apologies in advance for any and all typos! (Note the rooms leading up to the rival encounter still need described.)
  • New Busts for Akane thanks to SoAndSo commissioning some on his own from a couple artists.
  • The forgehound is now a one-time fight in a single square on the forge deck. He now drops an upgraded version of the aim eyepiece that has the additional benefit of reducing enemy evasion by 5%.
  • A few typo fixes and the like.

[Backers] Say Hi to Jack/Jill for Me

Adj did a lovely job on our cybercats.

It’s been too long! Before I get into the changelog, a suggestion – save and reload the rival encounter so you can experience all of it. There’s a special loss scene for letting the bodyguard sit on your face. I’d also recommend loading back to before the encounter when you’re done, so that you can hit it with all the proper bust art lined up down the road.

0.7.219 Changelog:

  • Your rival (and his/her bodyguard) can now be encountered in the scaffolds above the forge deck. The scaffolds themselves remain largely unfinished, though the square you encounter them in will be the entrance to the Sidewinder, the pirate’s prototype ship.
  • New Busts: Punk Secops (Male & Female) along with Haley (this is an update & replacement of her original bust by Shou with a newer one).
  • Smugglers will no longer automatically jump up from being tripped if they choose the “wait” action.
  • It is now possible to revisit Poe A once per year for holiday fun, even if doing so is non-canon. Happy Halloweenings!
  • Penises can no longer receive the “voluminous” adjective.
  • The Gryvain Agent’s sex is now properly listed as “Herm” in combat.
  • Jacques00 went ham on cleaning up a bunch of other content bugs as well.

I hooked Mr.Pink up with a custom PC preset named “Pwink” in exchange for some art, and he was nice enough to give permission for me to post the name and a piece of art to use it as a custom PC bust.

Coming Soon:

  • The Event Whorizon, a Halloween adventure from Savin complete with bust art. I’m told Gedan has it mostly coded.
  • Rat’s Raiders by William – a collection of three semi-random mousy enemies with over 200 pages of content. Will is writing up the last scene for them now while Lighterfluid works on programming them.
  • The Shock Hopper and LDC – this pair of NPC’s functions as Zheng Shi’s ultimate boss fight. Savin’s been writing them (with help from Will soon) and came up with some amusing combat attacks for the fight.
  • Aina pregnancy by Gardeford.
  • Polishing up the scaffolds, their room descriptions, and spinning the Forgehound into a one-time, optional miniboss with sweet loot.
  • Whatever unfinished writing project I dive into to try and get caught up!

Long Day in the Code Mines

SIgnirSol did a picture of Shekka that I absolutely love.

I wrote well over two thousand words of huge dicks (too big for vaginas) sliding between big juicy boobs, then spent four hours streaming the code work to implement the latest fight with [rival.Name]’s bodyguard. In my opinion, it’s some of my best writing work since working on the jumpers, though those of you who don’t frequent the discord or my streams are liable to be into a big surprise when I drop the patch tomorrow (nite?).

When the content does drop, I recommend saving before you do it giving it multiple passes to hit all the available scenes, since it’s a one-off encounter that has more to it than Dane’s dick worming up your asshole.


Writing Stuff & Ship Update

Killjoy08 took a more direct approach to getting questions answered by me than most. The short answer is that I didn’t write them and struggle hard enough supporting tail genitals! Still, if anyone wants to write scenes for existing NPCs based around tentacle fucking, I’m game!

I finished writing the traditional penis-based victory scene for the new rival & bodyguard encounter (~3,000 words) and the vagina-based one (~1700 words). Very good day for writing. The first scene definitely spun out a bit longer than I intended it to be. I still want to do one for people that have “too big” endowments (because I’m all about that stuff), after which I’ll be diving into putting the encounter to code.

We also had some discussions about the ship systems which have been sidelined for quite some time as a result of real life being a dick to Gedan and most of the remaining work being UI focused. I made the executive decision (for the moment) to cut the detailed customization and ship part collecting aspect from the systems for now to minimize the amount of UI work that will need to be done in order to push for faster access to obtainable ships – something we really need with Zheng Shi coming to a head.

In place of bespoke customization of parts and rooms, we’re going to have ships come with predefined weapon/equipment loadouts. Later I’d like to have Vahn allow the option to swap them out for some other predefined loadouts in order to maintain some customization until we can get things straightened out on the UI front. For instance, you could have Vahn swap out your CassTech’s loadout so that some of the crew rooms are replaced. Nobody likes building new UIs.

Take all this worth a grain of salt. We had some intense discussion about this during the afternoon, but like all things in development, our goals for the design are liable to change and adjust to the realities of our project.

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