Fresh off the presses, I grabbed a rendition of the “Wall Slut” loss scene from Dsan.

0.7.223 Changelog:

  • Ten new dreams from the contest have been added. I’m coding them as I review them, so judging isn’t done yet. I’m not even on the second page!
  • The cool-down for dreaming has been cut in half during the Halloween season.
  • New Dream: Helping a Dullahan. (by Lkynmbr24)
  • New Dream: Some kind of asian-themed monster woman sex with body-doubling. (by Linarahn)
  • New Dream: Being a vampire’s pet, along with a werewolf. (by GothPastel)
  • New Dream: Tentacular Pumpkin Patch. (by H3X)
  • New Dream: Collegiate Goblin Trick or Treaters. (by Gardeford)
  • New Dream: Hands. (by Frogapus)
  • New Dream: Witch’s Kitten. (by ThereWasAnAttempt)
  • New Dream: Demon Sera’s Ship Takeover. (by Hatchford)
  • New Dreams: Cum-monsters Fucking You. (by Foxxling. Only Oral/Anal coded.)

0.7.224 Changelog:

  • Another attempt to fix the end of Event Whorizon!

0.7.225 Changelog:

  • Fixed the parser issues with the “Hands” dream.
  • Fixed the “Hands” dream being stuck at the end.

These all have varied conditions for proccing. Some require you to have a penis, be feminine, or even have certain crew members. Tomorrow I’m going to probably do a hard pass through the bug reports if Jacques00 and Geddy don’t beat me to it. I’m sure the Event Whorizon still has a lot of weird things to be ironed out. Tonight? Tonight I might try to clear up to the second page of entries. Or I might be drunk and recording for a friend’s youtube.