Feruze is looking lovely!

I’ve chugged through nearly all of the Halloween content I’ve been presented with for the year, and I have to say: great fucking job, everybody. We got a lot of really nice dreams put into the hopper, and between Savin’s Event Whorizon and Adjatha’s Nunnery Facefuck Massacre (more on that later), this is a pretty significant little drop of content. I’m not quite done yet, though. A few people wrote up some small Halloween costume items that I might add in tomorrow for the public patch release. We’ll see.

Oh, and the day after that, I’ll chunk right into putting out some follower interactions between Mitzi and Amber that Wsan wrote up.

0.7.226 Changelog:

  • New Mindwash visor scenario: Nunnery Facefuck Massacre (by Adjatha). Play a classic horror scenario with a porny twist!
  • New Dream: Hyper Futa Paige by Fenoxo – requires crewmember Paige.
  • New Dream: An Encounter with a Futanari Witch by MistyBirb – requires having a vagina and no penis.
  • New Dream: Dr. Hyena’s Lab by Doots – requires having fucked Verusha.
  • New Dream: Saurmorian Cult by Aullama – requires Saurmorian codex unlocked, genitals of some kind, and that the PC is not pregnant. (Contest Winner)
  • New Dream: Goblin Mad Scientist by Carol J – requires you to have a penis.
  • New Dream: Anno Werewolf by TheGreatAlbert – requires Anno as a crew member and a penis.
  • New Dream: Hello Nurse by Breebee – requires genitals of some kind.
  • New Amber Scenes: Mounting her with Taur equipment by Wsan (coded by DrunkZombie).

0.7.227 Changelog:

  • Event Whorizon SHOULD be able to proc again. The previous fix for people being stuck was incorrectly flagging other characters as having completed the adventure already. So to be clear – the event should proc if your character has genitals and is level 7 or higher. However, if you’ve played that character in the last few patches, they might be tagged as having it complete. There’s no clean way to fix this. I’d recommend grabbing an old or alternate save to experience it if it still refuses to proc. Thanks!

0.7.228 Changelog:

  • Feruze’s nude bust is in the game. Enjoy!

Now without further ado, let’s take a look at our Halloweiner Dreams Contest winner: Aullama! I had a really tough time judging this one. There were at least four entries I waffled back and forth between before settling on this one. In particular, I really enjoyed the Witch’s Kitten, the Goblin Mad Scientist, and the Goblin College Trick or Treaters in addition to Aullama’s, but I had to pick a specific entry to reward with the $100 stack of cash.

But don’t despair – every dream entry I’ve coded counts as “judge’s choice” for collecting your $50. Hit me up via forum PMs with your paypal address so I can dispense your winnings, and I hope to see you guys come back around Christmas for whatever we do then!