This Aina brought to you by Shou

Hi, Fenny Sprays here, and I’m here to tell you about the exciting new content coming to TiTS in this patch. Like dicks? We’ve got those. Pussies your thing? Knock up Aina with ease. There’s nothing this new patch can’t handle! It even has a new, holiday appropriate event! Too spoopy for me!

0.7.221 Changelog:

  • The Event Whorizon is live! Have fun with it! Big thanks to Savin for writing it and Gedan for slaving over the hot code stove.
  • Male SecOps will now sometimes go for the throat when they win… if you know what I mean. (Written by William)
  • Aina can now be impregnated thanks to the efforts of Gardeford’s writing and DrunkZombie’s coding.
  • It’s now possible to submit to Lund even more than before! Two new scenes by Wsan have been added. They should play in sequence, then randomly select one once you’ve seen them all.

0.7.222 Changelog:

  • Some issues with Event Whorizon should be fixed!

I’m out to hit the gym and put some food in my maw, but tonight I’ll be wading through the dream entries and working on slotting them into the game. Expect a smaller patch tomorrow with a few of them!