I can’t resist showing off this beautiful sketch I got from Mr. Pink. Whoops, I showed this off before. Guess we’re stuck with it again!

ITS OVER! Get your entries posted sometime in the next 12 hours if you want to join in! Submissions and rules can be found here: https://forum.fenoxo.com/threads/halloweiner-dreams-contest-entries.15468/

Bonus Backers 0.7.220 Changelog:

  • The scaffold level’s descriptions are all loaded in. Apologies in advance for any and all typos! (Note the rooms leading up to the rival encounter still need described.)
  • New Busts for Akane thanks to SoAndSo commissioning some on his own from a couple artists.
  • The forgehound is now a one-time fight in a single square on the forge deck. He now drops an upgraded version of the aim eyepiece that has the additional benefit of reducing enemy evasion by 5%.
  • A few typo fixes and the like.