Things sure are getting ahegaoed around here! (Nice edit, Adjatha!)

I refuse to let my lovely backers go two weeks without a fresh build like last month, so I coded a small writing commission I got from Wsan to give two of my favorite (underappreciated) crew-bimbos some extra love.

0.7.230 Changelog:

  • You can now come upon Mitzi and Amber trying out Mitzi’s favorite space-drug together: Soak. Includes three options, including double-dicking both of them at the same time. Requires you to have both characters as crew members, have talked to Mitzi about her favorite drug, and have given Amber at least 3 doses of Dumbfuck. Additionally, this scene can only occur once every 3 days or so.

I also spent some time this afternoon writing a codex for the one sexy enemy that’ll be showing up in Penny’s recruitment quest: Venus Ziltraps! I’ll leave you guys to imagine how those will work for now, but suffice to say, there will definitely be a bad-end. Maybe two.