hana0.6.73 Changelog:

  • The Treatment can now create “Amazons”. Note that odds are best if your character already has high tone or lower femininity.
    • Amazon’s are only “Milky” 50% of the time.
    • Amazons have a 1/3 chance of growing a penis.
    • Amazons grow horns as large as males.
    • Amazon breast growth has a lower cap than basic cow-girls but a much higher minimum.
    • Amazons with a phallus get an extra perk related to it.
  • An experimental time-stamp function has been added to “over time” messages in the log to allow the user to see when certain events occurred (currently only on Treatment messages).
  • A new scene for the Dryad on Mhen’ga has been added.
  • Haley x Ellie voyeurism has been added.
  • A new NPC, Ramis, has been added to the game, I believe in Anon’s Bar. I mistakenly assumed the character was male based on the name in a previous blog post. My apologies. Sadly I still haven’t gotten to give her a spin personally.
  • Some slight reformatting of group combat.
  • Varmint taming for non-bimbos has been added.
  • New busts: Merc, Saendra, Marina, Tarratch
  • There’s probably some more stuff I missed, but there have been so many merges that it’s tough to pick out a decent list of all the changes. Lots of work on the Spoopydungeon from Gedtron the destroyer!

Enjoy it if you aren’t playing WoW or the BF1 open beta. I suspect I’ll be doing a lot of crying while I’m working this week because I’d rather be gaming. (Picture is the new Hana bust, from Adjabutt)